_____________________________________________________________________________ Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Xbox 360 Version 1.00 By: Pazapp Last modified on: 7/30/2008 This guide is Copyright 2008 Zach Pilgrim. _____________________________________________________________________________ _______________ Version History _______________ 7/30/2008 - Version 1.00: Main info added. _________________ Table of Contents _________________ 1 - Basics A. - Gameplay B. - Controls C. - Geoms 2 - The Ships A. - The Players B. - The Enemies Classic Enemies New Enemies 3 - Modes A. - Deadline B. - King C. - Evolved D. - Pacifism E. - Waves F. - Sequence 3 - Achievements 4 - F.A.Q. 5 - Credits 6 - Contact Me _____________________________________________________________________________ 1 - Basics _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________ A. - Gameplay _____________ The main objective of Geometry Wars is to survive an onslaught of as many enemies as you can handle. For the first 3 seconds into a life, your craft is protected by a shield. After that, if anything touches your craft, you lose a life, and the screen is cleared of all enemies (Geoms will stay on the screen however). For more info, go to the respective section of each game. _____________ B. - Controls _____________ The default controls are the same as in Retro Evolved 1 (referred to from now on as RE1): LT/RT - Bomb Left Stick - Movement Right Stick - Firing Of course, these can be changed - the bumpers can deploy bombs and the sticks can be switched or changed to any combination you want. Note that not all functions will work in some modes. I'll explain in their respective sections. __________ C. - Geoms __________ First seen in Galaxies, Geoms are the small items left behind by destroyed enemies. There are two types of Geoms: Type - Geoms Diamond - 1 Triangle - 2 For each Geom you collect, your score multiplier increases by the above amount until it maxes out at x???. _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. - The Ships _____________________________________________________________________________ Note that these pictures are only approximations of how the ships look. They're just getting the point across. ________________ A. - The Players ________________ Player 1 / \ / \ /\ /\ / \ / \ \ \ / / \ V / \ / \ / \ / V -------------- Player 2 (Not sure if this is it; this was Galaxies' craft) /\ __ / \ __ \ \\ // / \_\\//_/ /\ -------------- Player 3 ??? -------------- Player 4 ??? ________________ B. - The Enemies ________________ For most enemies, the name says it all. Note that the look of the enemies have changed somewhat since RE1 but are still similar enough to use old pictures to describe them. _______________ Classic Enemies _______________ __ \ | /| _\|/_| | /|\ |/ |_\ - Wanderer: These aren't a threat unless there's a bunch of them. -------------- /\ //\\ \\// \/ - Grunt: Same as the Wanderer. -------------- ____ | /\ | |/ \| |\ /| |_\/_| - Weaver: These guys move fast enough to not only to close in on you quickly, but also to evade your bullets! The best strategy for these is to back them into a corner. -------------- ____ |\ /| __ | \/ | |\/| | /\ | |/\| |/__\| -- - Spinners/Tiny Spinners: Like the Weavers, Spinners move fast, but they don't evade. Instead, they split into two Tiny Splitters when hit. -------------- O (Imagine as big as above pictures) - Gravity Well: These change colors now! Anyway, these guys move slow, but they take multiple hits to defeat. When hit, they'll suck up anything nearby while repelling your bullets. If too many enemies are sucked up... -------------- o (Actual size) - Proton: ...These guys will show up. Protons come in large packs, and they move FAST. Shoot them down quick or use a bomb before they hit you. -------------- |>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>O - Snake: They're long, they move in a zigzag, and only the head can be hit to kill it. They always appear in packs. ___________ New Enemies ___________ Since I don't yet know the names, I'll make my own up and put them in ()'s. ___ | | --+- | | L+-- | | --- (Wanderer2): These seem to be a mix between the Wanderer and the Flipper from Galaxies; they slowly flip-flop around without chasing your ship. -------------- ^ / \ / \ / _|_ \ \/ | \/ (Dart2): I'm assuming these were in PGR4's Waves. These enemies fly on a straight path from one side of the screen to the other. -------------- C) (Repulsor2): These chase after you quite fast. Like the old Repulsor, you have to shoot it in the back (the blue side). -------------- _ | | - (Mayfly2): Don't really know much on this one, but I've seen it in Evolved and Sequence. -------------- OOOO OOOOOO OO.OOO OOOO (Gas Cloud): I've only seen this one in Sequence. A small core surrounded by gas. To destroy it, shoot the gas to disintegrate it and make a path to the core. -------------- O \ \ \ \ O Gate: Okay, this isn't really an enemy, but you can die if you touch the yellow ends. Your shots bounce off of these, and running through them kills nearby enemies. -------------- O (WAY bigger than this) Zone: Again, not really an enemy, but this is the only area you can shoot within in King mode. A blue Zone is an inactive one. Once you touch a Zone, it turns green and then eventually turns red. Once red, the Zone shrinks until it disappears. A new blue Zone will appear while the red Zone shrinks. There will always be three Zones on the grid at a time. I noticed the music changes when you're inside of a Zone... _____________________________________________________________________________ 3 - Modes _____________________________________________________________________________ I'll explain each mode in detail as I get to it. Until then, I'll just show the rules for each mode. Note that the games are unlocked in the following order: Deadline > King > Evolved > Pacifism > Waves > Sequence _____________ A. - Deadline _____________ How to unlock: Already open when you start the game. Rules: - Score as much as you can in three minutes - Avoid the deadly enemy shapes - Collect geoms to increase your score multiplier Thoughts: If you've played Pac-Man C.E., you know (almost) exactly how this mode works. Think of this as a timed version of evolved mode. You have an infinite number of lives, and a bonus bomb is gained for every 100,000 points. Each Geom you collect will increase your multiplier for the rest of the round. Million Point strategy: Just keep moving, shooting and collecting Geoms. If you can reach a 200x multiplier, you should end up reaching the target. _________ B. - King _________ NOTE: Bombs are disabled in this mode. How to unlock: Play Deadline a couple of times to unlock this mode. The progress meter is score related, but really you only have to play a few times (it unlocked for me after three rounds). Rules: - You may only fire from inside of a zone. - Enemies cannot enter the zones. - Zones decay over time; wait too long and you may be caught out in the open. Thoughts: Now this is interesting. You only get one life and you can only fire within a zone. Not too tough until the Snakes show up. Million Point Strategy: Let the enemies come close to you before you enter a Zone to ensure you hit them. When the coast is clear, grab any Geoms you can while heading to the next Zone. You'll probably get the Magpie achievement (500 Geoms) in the process. ____________ C. - Evolved ____________ How to unlock: Play through King mode a few times. Rules: - You start with 4 lives and 3 bombs. - You will lose a life for hitting an enemy. - Score 100,000 points for an extra life and bomb. The next bonus is awarded at 10x the value of the previous. Thoughts: Interesting that this is mode #3. Anyway, take RE1, update the graphics, and add in Geoms and you've got Evolved mode. Million Point Strategy: At least this is easier than the Survived 1,000,000 achievement on RE1! Take the strategy for Deadline and make this change: Time is no longer a factor, but lives are. _____________ D. - Pacifism _____________ NOTE: Though it should be obvious, bombs and firing are disabled in Pacifism. How to unlock: Play through Evolved mode a few times. Rules: - Your ship has no weapons. - Crossing a gate will destroy all enemies. - Avoid the yellow gate ends; they're deadly. Thoughts: This mode takes an achievement from RE1 and puts it into overdrive. You'll only see Grunts. A LOT of Grunts. The only way to harm enemies is by crossing through a nearby gate, but that can only do so much. Million Point Strategy: RUN!!! Seriously, just run through the gates and hope for the best. __________ E. - Waves __________ NOTE: Bombs are disabled in this mode. How to unlock: Play through Pacifism a few times. Rules: - Enemies attack in formation horizontally and vertically. Thoughts: This mode comes from the minigame in PGR4 and is where the two new enemies come from. Only the (Dart2)'s appear at first, but the others will appear eventually. Million Point Strategy: You should know the drill by now. Just be careful about the grid-wide formations. _____________ F. - Sequence _____________ How to unlock: Play through Waves a few times. Rules: - There are 20 set levels to overcome. - You have 30 seconds to complete each level. - Losing a life will move you on to the next level. Thoughts: Each stage has the same set of enemies when you reach it. You advance to the next stage by either shooting all enemies, running out of time, or dying. This mode has enemies that (as far as I know) aren't seen in the other modes. Million Point Strategy: Same as always. Don't be afraid to use a bomb when necessary _____________________________________________________________________________ 5 - Achievements _____________________________________________________________________________ 1: Unlocked All Modes (25) - Unlock all game modes. Simple enough; look at each mode for how to unlock it. -------------- 2: Magpie (15) - Collect 500 geoms in a single game. If you're good enough, you'll get this in King mode (maybe even in Deadline...) -------------- 3: Millionaire (15) - Score at least 1,000,000 points in all single player modes. Look in each section for strategies. -------------- 4: Phobia (15) - Score 1,000 points in Waves without collecting any Geoms. Just don't get near the enemies when you shoot them and you'll get this one. -------------- 5: Slalom (15) - Chain together 5 gates in 5 seconds, crossing at least one gate every second. This is easy enough to get in Pacifism since a lot of gates will appear. -------------- 6: Surf (15) - Dodge 8 lines of enemies in Waves without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies. Pacifism meets Waves. Once you reach wave 4 a progress meter will appear. -------------- 7: Treaty (15) - Activate 30 zones in King without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies. Just keep moving so you don't get too overwhelmed by enemies. If you can earn the Pacifism achievement in Retro Evolved 1, you can get this. -------------- 8: Rebound (15) - Destroy 75 enemies in a game of Deadline using bullets bounced off of gates. Note that this has to be done in a single round. A progress meter will appear at the bottom of the screen as you hit the enemies. -------------- 9: Wax On (15) - Rub your ship along all four arena walls in Pacifism. Can you say tough? You have to touch EVERY SINGLE SPOT on all four walls. After touching about 10% of the walls, a progress meter will appear at the bottom of the screen, and the areas you have touched will turn green. -------------- 10: Wax Off (15) - Perform the Wax On achievement twice in a single game, don't forget to breathe. Simple in theory, impossible in practice. Once you've done Wax On, the green areas turn red. Get rid of the red to get this achievement. -------------- 11: Game Over (15) - Reach the end of Sequence. Just make it through level 20 of Sequence to get this achievement. -------------- 12: Smile (25) - 2, 4, 11, 15, 17, 18 and 19. In Sequence, there are 20 levels mapped out as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ...If you focus on the levels mentioned in the description, you get... - O - O - - - - - - O - - - O - O O O - ...Fail these levels (whether by dying or running out of time), and ONLY these levels, for the achievement. _____________________________________________________________________________ 5 - F.A.Q. _____________________________________________________________________________ Okay, I haven't gotten many questions yet so I'll add this one myself. Q: I have a question that's not here. What do I do? A: See "7 - Contact Me" to find out where to send the question. _____________________________________________________________________________ 6 - Credits _____________________________________________________________________________ Me - for having the time/patience to write this. You - for having the time/patience to read this. Microsoft - for making the console that plays the game. Activision - for publishing the game. Bizarre Creations - For making the game. Cloud_Vs_Sephi - For pointing out the details on Smile. Want your name here (or should it be here)? Give me some info and I'll gladly put it here. _____________________________________________________________________________ 7 - Contact Me _____________________________________________________________________________ Questions? Comments? Know someting I don't about the game? Let me know! (This is only my second FAQ, after all.) I could always use help in adding information. Send an email to either gardevoir2040@gmail.com or gallade2040@gmail.com if you have anything to say. Make sure to put "Geometry Wars 2" or something like that in the subject so I know what you're talking about. Especially email me if you know the following: - Anything that has "???" - Any strategies for modes or achievements. - Any possible mistakes I've made in the guide. Remember, don't be a freeloader... contribute! -EOF ...Oh yeah, one more thing... ___________ Legal Stuff ___________ This guide was made and is owned by me, Zach Pilgrim (aka Pazapp, MCPAC, Gardevoir2040, or Gallade2040). Any descriptions typed here was my original ideas (other than what was actually in the game). You can print this out for your own needs, just don't sell it. Ask me if you want to put this on your site; I'll more than likely say yes, just give me credit. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. 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