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Truth be told it almost did not get finished because Windows Update restarted this computer and in the process deleted a large amount of work! Unfortunately for me, my determination to finish this FAQ forced me to restart writing it... My Pokemon Ranch is similar to Pokemon Box except that it operates on the Nintendo Wii and stores Pokemon from the fourth generation games Diamond, Pearl and likely the future release Platinum. MPR was released on June 9, 2008 as a WiiWare launch title for the cost of 1,000 Wii Points (aka 1,000 pennies or 10 US dollars). WiiWare can be accessed from the Wii Shop Channel. This game builds on the Pokemon Box experience by adding some new features! * Stored Pokemon roam and can be watched in an enclosed 3-D farm environment. * Interactivity with stored Pokemon (grabbing, taking pictures, toys, etc.) * Nintendo Miis can be placed in the Ranch & dressed up in cowboy/girl attire. 1,000 Pokemon can be stored in your Ranch and in reaching maximum capacity you will be awarded a special prize - more on that later... <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Vizv |=====================/ Visual Version \=====================| Vizv | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> I've also assembled a visual version of this guide which features screens of such things as the toys, events, and more! It encompasses everything that has been assembled here, including the Credits to all of those who have helped, broken into numberous sections. The visual version can be found at... http://pldh.net/guides/ranch/index /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | CTRL |=======================\ Controls /=========================| CTRL | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Controlling MPR with your WiiMote is relatively straight forward. Please note: * You may use the Nunchuck controller for improved camera angles when Free Mode is available. * The Classic controller has no functionality for MPR. In keeping with the labels found on your WiiMote, the control scheme for MPR works as follows... <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | WiMCTRL |=================/ WiiMote Controls \=================| WiMCTRL | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Button - Action | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | (A) - Select / Deselect. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | |B| - Go back / Previous Menu. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | (+) - Zoom in. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | (-) - Zoom out. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | (1) - Take a picture. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | (2) - Blow the horn / Call attention. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | ^ [Up] - Scrolls up 1 place in a list of names of Pokemon in the| | Ranch for fast viewing. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | > [Right] - Scrolls down 5 places in a list of names of Pokemon in | | Ranch for fast viewing. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | v [Down] - Scrolls down 1 place in a list of names of Pokemon in | | the Ranch for fast viewing. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | < [Left] - Scrolls up 5 places in a list of names of Pokemon in | | the Ranch for fast viewing. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | (A) + [B] - With Free Mode active you can grab Pokemon and move | | them. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [B] + drag - By holding down [B] an arrow will become visible. By | | moving the WiiMote you can traverse your Ranch quickly| \__________________________________________________________________________/ <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | NunCTRL |================/ Nunchuck Controls \=================| NunCTRL | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Button - Action | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | (C) - Take a picture. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [Z] - Does nothing. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Analog ctrl - Moves the camera angle, while stationary, up, down, or | | rotates around the Pokemon / Mii that is in focus. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [Z] + Analog - Pressing these two at the same time allows for a | | smoother zoom. | \__________________________________________________________________________/ /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | Basc |========================\ Basics /==========================| Basc | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Within the Basics section I will briefly explain the menus, their navigation, and the general features of the game. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | TeMu |========================/ The Menu \========================| TeMu | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> MPR's menu is aligned to the left and right sides of your screen. The options are as follows... |---------------------------------------------------------------| | Wii Menu | SCREEN | Auto Mode / *Free Mode* | | Connect to DS | SCREEN | Deposit / Details | | BBS | SCREEN | Album | | Options | SCREEN | Take Picture | | Help | SCREEN | Look This Way | |---------------------------------------------------------------| *Free Mode* = Becomes available when Ranch level is 5. ** See the section "Ranch Levels" for more. The Options are explained indepth below... [Wii Menu] - By selecting this option MPR will save and return you to the Wii's homepage. [Connect to DS] - By selecting this option you will begin the Deposit/Withdraw process. [BBS] - By selecting this option you will be taken to the BBS sub-menu. - Pokemon Wanted - view the current Pokemon Hayley would like you to bring to the Ranch. - You can scroll left/right to view the Wanted Pokemon. - You can scroll down to view the Requests that you have already met. - Ranch Info - view the stats of your Ranch. - Here you can see the name of your Ranch, the name of the species with the biggest population, the level, Max Pokemon stored, Max Miis that stay there, No. of Pkmn stored, and how many more deposits you need for the next level. [Options] - By selecting this option you will be taken to a menu for options... - Bring Mii - select this to view pages for adding more of the Miis that are saved to your Wii. - Look at My Ranch! - select this and you will have the opportunity to turn On/Off interactivity with other Ranches. This includes exchanging pictures with friends that have your Wii code. - Guest - select this to turn Guest On/Off. When on, using WiiConnect24, it is possible for unexpected guests to visit your Ranch. They will ask if you want to see their Ranch as a member of Club Look-See. Be sure WiiConnect24 is turned on for this feature to work. [Help] - By selecting this option you will be taken to a Help menu which explains the things that this FAQ explains and builds on. [Free Mode] - Once available the focus on Pokemon/Mii's can be removed. Select this to enter Free Mode. [Deposit / Details] - Selecting this option will show you what trainer has deposited x number of Pokemon and also who that Pokemon's caretaker is. - At the top of the screen, when this option has been selected, you can toggle the current Trainer and in so doing view a Parade of that trainer's stored Pokemon. - The options for Trainer Toggling are: - All - Favorites (available when Ranch reaches level 8) - Haley - Your Trainer - Names of the remaining 7 possible depositors. - By selecting the Mii under "Caretaker" you can change the Mii assigned as the caretaker of Pokemon associated with the respective Depositing Trainer on that row. [Album] - By seleting this option you will be able to view and manage the photos that have been taken. You can: - Exit - Scroll left/right - Save to an SD card - Delete the pictures on the SD card - Post the current photo on your Wii Message Board - Secure the photo to prevent accidental deletions - Delete the current photo - Dates, Times, and the location of the Photo are all displayed. [Take Picture] - Select this option to take a picture. - In the bottom-right corner of the camera icon is a number denoting how many more photos you can take before you run out of room (max photos is 20). [Look this Way] - Select this option and a horn will sound which calls attention to the Pokemon in the immediate area. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | BasMo |========================/ Modes \=========================| BasMo | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> MPR has two different Modes for viewing. The default is Auto Mode. Once your Ranch reaches level 4, Free Mode will become available. The differences are described below... [Auto Mode] The view is focused on a single Pokemon/Mii constantly. Use the D-pad to scroll through the Pokemon/Miis in the Ranch to view a different one. [Free Mode] Once available you can... 1) Use the Nunchuck for better photos and angles. 2) Grab and move Pokemon using (A) + [B] 3) Scroll using [B] + drag. 4) (+) Zoom in. 5) (-) Zoom out. [Focus Lock] While not officially a "Mode" Focus Lock acts as one. By clicking on a Pokemon or a Mii with the (A) button you will set Focus Lock on the selected creature. With this feature on your view will follow the selected creature around. This is not unlike Auto Mode. To turn Focus Lock off simply hit (A) on the selected creature again. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | WBBS |===========================/ BBS \==========================| WBBS | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> BBS stands for Bulletin Board System. The purpose of the BBS is to check on what Pokemon Hayley would like for you to bring into the Ranch and what of those requests you've currently fulfilled. Hayley's requests are entirely random. If your National Dex is not complete she will start by having you search for those Pokemon, though which one is still completely random. BBS also allows you to check Ranch Info which will let you see... 1) Your Ranch name - which is the name of the Wii associated with the Ranch file. 2) The greatest number of same species Pokemon found in your Ranch is noted as follows... ~ Full of Unown ~ If you have more than one species with the same number, this is chosen randomly. 2) The current level of your Ranch. 3) Maximum number of Pokemon you can currently store. 4) Maximum number of Miis that can explore there. 5) How many Pokemon are currently stored there. 6) How many more deposits you need for the next level. Once you are in the BBS menu and are looking at the Wanted Pokemon you can click the poster and view information on how to obtain that Pokemon, including a map of Sinnoh that highlights where it can be found. You'll also see a date, that date denotes when the request will be dropped and she will make a new request. You have 10 days from the posting of the request to bring the Pokemon in. At least for me it seems Hayley will offer you a trade for one of the Pokemon she has a Wanted poster up for every fourth fulfilled request. The only real reason to even pay attention to bringing in the stuff that Hayley wants is for the trades she will eventually offer; if you don't care for the trades then pay no attention to when this happens... I also recommend NOT using Pokemon you want to keep when fulfilling the Wanted requests because of the possibility that she will want to trade for it... <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Pixx |=========================/ Pictures \=======================| Pixx | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> You can take pictures of the Pokemon roaming the Ranch from the start of the game but with Free Mode's added features its best to get the Ranch to level 4 before doing so, though in reality it doesn't make a huge difference. MPR allows a maximum of 20 pictures to be taken and saved within the game. You can save pictures to an SD card and move them to a computer and save more that way as well as share them on message boards. When viewing the album you can "Secure" a picture to prevent accidental deletions. If you have filled your album and not all pictures are secured then pictures will be overwritten if you continue to take more pictures. There is also the ability to "Post to Wii Message Board" which allows you to send a photo to the Message Board for viewing. From there you can send the picture to any of the friend's who you have added Wii codes for. Additionally, using the Photo Channel, its possible to "Post" the picture from the message board to the Wii Menu as the image for the Photo Channel. The MPR album allows for the deletion of stored photos and also those saved on an SD card. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Favz |=========================/ Favorites \======================| Favz | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> After your Ranch reaches level 10 the Favorites option will be made available. With Favorites active, while hovering over a Pokemon so that its name appears, you can click on a circle that becomes a crown. This means that Pokemon has been chosen as a favorite. The whole purpose of this is so that you can make the Ranch population only your selected favorites. To do this simply go to Deposit/Details and, in the green box in the top 1/3 of the screen, click until Favorites appears. Also, by clicking the flag in the upper-right corner in Deposit/Details, you can start a parade that only includes marked favorites. To remove this status simply click on the crown and the Pokemon will no longer be marked as a favorite. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Viztz |========================/ Visitors \======================| Viztz | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> It is possible for your Ranch to have visitors. When this happens a person will appear on your Ranch and invite you to go and see their's. By saying "Yes" you will be taken to that person's Ranch. This can be either a member of CLS (Club Look-See, which is explained later) or a friend with which you have exchanged Wii codes with. WiiConnect24 must be enabled for this to work. A visiting friend works a tad bit differently than when a member of CLS visits. A friend will bring 1 Pokemon from their Ranch (this Pokémon merely stands in the background, nothing else), a picture that they have taken, and then ask if you want to visit there Ranch! Select yes and it will work exactly the same as a CLS visit. Know that you can see the stats of any Ranch you visit by selecting BBS from the menu when in that Ranch. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | HaPo |====================\ Hayley's Pokemon /====================| HaPo | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Hayley will bring her own Pokemon to the Ranch, 1 species a day, with a max of 5 Pokemon being brought in a day of a single species. The Pokemon she brings are completely random. Before leaving the Ranch for the first time of the day, she will give you a hint and ask if you would like to see that Pokemon come to the Ranch. If you select "No" she will make another offer. When declining this second offer she will bring a Pokemon of her choice and you won't get to read the hint. You still see the painfully obvious "blackout" picture that is shown when you accept one of the first two offers. Once your Ranch reaches level 20 Hayley's Pokemon stop counting toward the general population and once your Pokemon are great enough in number that hers no longer have room, she will remove her Pokemon from the Ranch's general roam area and place them in the barn which she expands at level 20. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | DeWi |==================\ Deposit & Withdrawl /===================| DeWi | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Depositing Pokemon is the main aspect of MPR, however, you can play this game without depositing Pokemon or having Diamond/Pearl to connect with MPR; though the game experience is, obviously, greatly hindered and I wouldn't recommend playing it that way... To be clear it is possible to deposit Pokemon from up to 8 different games into the Ranch. The only restriction is that those Pokemon may only be withdrawn by their depositor. That depositor may NOT restart their game. Doing so will strand those Pokemon on the Ranch forever. To connect to your DS you select the second option on the left-hand side of the menu. The game will save and then give you an important "Warning!" message I'm going to mention here because of its relevance... !!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! DO NOT restart your DS Pokemon game until you have withdrawn all Pokemon you wish to save from your Ranch! MPR only works with THAT save file! Once you delete your DS save file the Pokemon still in the Ranch that were deposited by that game are stuck there until you delete the Ranch save file and they're gone forever! Why it was done this way, I have no idea but in my opinion it greatly detracts from the sole purpose of having a storage facility... I digress. 1) From there you will be prompted to turn on your DS. 2) Select on the title screen and you will be taken to the menu. 3) Wait for the option "CONNECT TO Wii" to appear on the DS menu. 4) Select "CONNECT TO Wii" 5) You'll see the warning I gave above, hit (A) on your DS. 6) A menu will appear with the following options... - Deposit Pokemon to the Ranch - Withdraw Pokemon from the Ranch - Save - See ya! 7) Scroll to the desired operation and hit (A) on your DS. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | DePo |===================/ Depositing Pokemon \===================| DePo | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> _____________ \* DS View */ ----------- If you've chosen to deposit you will be taken into the boxes on your DS. You can scroll through these just as you would in the PC. By hitting (Y) the hand for selection will turn orange and allow for quick depositing. By hitting (Y) again the hand will return to white and you have the option to - Deposit - Summary (see the same info you do in the games' PC) - Mark (as in the game the Marks are the shapes you can turn on/off) - Cancel Marking is relevant to MPR. You can organize your MPR boxes based on the Mark you've given to Pokemon so if you like to have things organized Marking is one thing to consider utilizing, assuming you haven't already. At the bottom of your box you have the option to "Deposit All" or "Cancel." Deposit all will deposit all of the Pokemon in the active Box... ______________ \* Wii View */ ------------ When depositing Pokemon to Ranch your TV screen will first show a balloon with film reels and a projector on the bottom. It will fly over your Ranch and project the Pokemon that are stored in the current box you are viewing on the DS onto the grass of your Ranch. Once you have chosen to deposit a Pokemon to Ranch it will popup and take the 3-D/origami shape that Pokemon have in Ranch. The projector-balloon will be pink if the depositing game is the Pearl version and blue if the depositing game is the Diamond version. * In the top-left corner of the screen you can exit the Deposit operation. * In the top-right corner of the screen it will say the OT of the DS game. * Scrolling across the top 1/3 of your screen are the current Wanted Pokemon. * In the bottom-right corner of the screen it will tell you how many Pokemon you have deposited as a part of the total allowed for your current level. For example - 50/50 * In the bottom-left corner of the mode is "Deposit." <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | WiPo |==================/ Withdrawing Pokemon \===================| WiPo | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> _____________ \* DS View */ ----------- If you've chosen to withdraw Pokemon on the DS you will be taken to the boxes that currently hold Pokemon within the Ranch. The boxes on the DS appear Grassy with the title box having a rainbow. The box names on Ranch appear as "Ranch xx" where x denotes a 0-9 number. The maximum box capacity is 30, the same on the Diamond/Pearl games. The options for operating within the box are simple. Once you have selected a Pokemon with the hand (again, use (Y) to toggle between the orange/white hand for fast withdrawing) you will be given two options... 1) Withdraw 2) Cancel In addition you have the following options on the lower screen of your DS that allow for reorganization of the Ranch Boxes... ---------------------- -------- Sort -------- ---------------------- Deposited ---------------------- ------- Refine ------- ---------------------- Name - Type Move - Ability Nature - Mark You can use your DS stylus to navigate these menus and choose a different way to organize the boxes within Ranch. When you are all finished select "Save," and when that is complete select "See ya!" The DS will power-off once you press (A) on the DS one final time. ______________ \* Wii View */ ------------ Like with depositing the Wii screen appears the same, except that the boxes you are viewing hold Ranch Pokemon and as a result they appear in their 3-D/ origami shape. When they are withdrawn to the DS the projector-ballon will only project the image of that Pokemon on the ground. * In the bottom-left corner the mode is "Withdraw." When you are all finished the projector-balloon will fly away and the game will save. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | RaLs |=====================\ Ranch Levels /=======================| RaLs | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Your Ranch has levels that it can reach which are determined by the current population of your Ranch. By meeting population requirements you will unlock several things. Unlocked via Level... 1) More storage space. 2) New maximum capacity for toys. 3) New maximum capacity for Miis. 4) Special Pokemon that Hayley will trade with you. 5) Free Mode. 6) Favorites. Below are the various Levels and their respective information. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> |Level Requirement Max Storage New Space Max Toys Max Miis| <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | 01 Starting Level. 20 15 1 5 | | 02 7 Deposited. 25 5 1 5 | | 03 10 Deposited. 30 5 1 5 | | 04 15 Deposited. 40 10 1 10 | | 05* 20 Deposited. 50 10 1 10 | | 06 30 Deposited. 60 10 1 10 | | 07 40 Deposited. 80 20 1 10 | | 08 50 Deposited. 100 20 2 15 | | 09 60 Deposited. 150 50 2 15 | | 10* 80 Deposited. 200 50 2 15 | | 11 100 Deposited. 250 50 3 20 | | 12 120 Deposited. 300 50 3 20 | | 13 150 Deposited. 350 50 3 20 | | 14 200 Deposited. 400 50 3 20 | | 15* 250 Deposited. 500 100 4 20 | | 16 300 Deposited. 600 100 4 20 | | 17 350 Deposited. 700 100 4 20 | | 18 400 Deposited. 800 100 4 20 | | 19 450 Deposited. 900 100 4 20 | | 20*^ 500 Deposited. 1000 100 5 20 | | 21 600 Deposited. 1000 0 5 20 | | 22 700 Deposited. 1000 0 5 20 | | 23 800 Deposited. 1000 0 5 20 | | 24 900 Deposited. 1000 0 5 20 | | 25* 999 Deposited. 1000 0 6 20 | \__________________________________________________________________________/ ********* * NOTES * ********* 05* = Free Mode is now available. 10* = Favorites is now available. 15* = Phione is now available for trade. 20* = Hayley's Pokemon no longer count toward the population. 20^ = Pokemon Pallet toy can now be found in toy boxes. 25* = Mew is now available for trade. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | Trds |========================\ Trades /==========================| Trds | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Sometimes, when you bring in a Wanted Pokemon, Hayley will offer to trade you that Pokemon for one of hers. There are 20 Pokemon available for trade in this manner and all of them have preset levels, natures, moves, genders, as well as hold items. The trades are random so there is no way of knowing if she will ask to trade for one of your favorite/well trained Pokemon! I recommend only using Pokemon that you don't care for when handling the Wanted Pokemon requests to prevent putting yourself in a tough situation. That is assuming you are the kind of person that wants to collect all of Hayley's trades. Otherwise you can simply decline the trade and go about your business. Assuming she does want to trade for one of the Pokemon you want to keep it is ok to tell her no. Eventually she will offer that Pokemon for trade further on down the line. Below are the 20 trades Hayley will randomly request, ordered by National Dex number... All have the same OT / trainer ID info... OT: Hayley Trainer ID: 01000 ID: 025 Monster@Item: Pikachu @ Shuca Berry Type: Electric Gender: Male Level: 22 Nature: Jolly Moves: Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, Flash, Double Team ID: 037 Monster@Item: Vulpix @ Fire Stone Type: Fire Gender: Male Level: 30 Nature: Naive Moves: Energy Ball, Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Safeguard ID: 077 Monster@Item: Ponyta @ Passho Berry Type: Fire Gender: Male Level: 16 Nature: Naughty Moves: Take Down, Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember ID: 108 Monster@Item: Lickitung @ TM44 [Rest] Type: Normal Gender: Male Level: 40 Nature: Naive Moves: Solarbeam, Defense Curl, Swords Dance, Rollout ID: 114 Monster@Item: Tangela @ Coba Berry Type: Grass Gender: Female Level: 1 Nature: Naughty Moves: Leaf Storm, Power Whip, Sleep Powder, Ancientpower ID: 133 Monster@Item: Eevee @ Haban Berry Type: Normal Gender: Male Level: 30 Nature: Hardy Moves: Natural Gift, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball ID: 142 Monster@Item: Aerodactyl @ Kasib Berry Type: Rock / Flying Gender: Male Level: 50 Nature: Jolly Moves: Natural Gift, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace ID: 193 Monster@Item: Yanma @ Charti Berry Type: Bug / Flying Gender: Male Level: 45 Nature: Naughty Moves: Silver Wind, Hypnosis, Ancientpower, Dream Eater ID: 241 Monster@Item: Milktank @ MooMoo Milk Type: Normal Gender: Female Level: 48 Nature: Calm Moves: Milk Drink, Heal Bell, Shadow Ball, Hammer Arm ID: 285 Monster@Item: Shroomish @ Kebia Berry Type: Grass Gender: Male Level: 45 Nature: Jolly Moves: Seed Bomb, Spore, False Swipe, Stun Spore ID: 320 Monster@Item: Wailmer @ Tanga Berry Type: Water Gender: Male Level: 45 Nature: Lax Moves: Rest, Water Spout, Amnesia, Ice Beam ID: 360 Monster@Item: Wynaut @ Colbur Berry Type: Psychic Gender: Male Level: 1 Nature: Relaxed Moves: Charm, Splash, Encore ID: 397 Monster@Item: Staravia @ Yache Berry Type: Normal / Flying Gender: Male Level: 23 Nature: Jolly Moves: Roost, Wing Attack, Endeavor, Whirlwind ID: 415 Monster@Item: Combee @ Occa Berry Type: Bug / Flying Gender: Female Level: 20 Nature: Lax Moves: Sweet Scent, Gust ID: 417 Monster@Item: Pachirisu @ Chilan Berry Type: Electric Gender: Female Level: 10 Nature: Naive Moves: Grass Knot, Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack ID: 422 Monster@Item: Shellos @ Rindo Berry Type: Water Gender: Male Level: 25 Nature: Relaxed Moves: Natural Gift, Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Double Team ID: 427 Monster@Item: Buneary @ Chople Berry Type: Normal Gender: Female Level: 16 Nature: Mild Moves: Charm, Foresight, Drain Punch, Quick Attack ID: 453 Monster@Item: Croagunk @ Payapa Berry Type: Poison Gender: Male Level: 31 Nature: Naughty Moves: Astonish, Swagger, Mud Bomb, Sucker Punch ID: 456 Monster@Item: Finneon @ Wacan Berry Type: Water Gender: Female Level: 35 Nature: Mild Moves: Attract, Water Pulse, Safeguard, Aqua Ring ID: 459 Monster@Item: Snover @ Babiri Berry Type: Grass / Ice Gender: Male Level: 41 Nature: Relaxed Moves: Woodhammer, Ice Shard, Ingrain, Blizzard /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | SPkmn |===================\ Special Pokemon /====================| SPkmn | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Like in Box, you can also get Special Pokemon. In MPR there are 2 of these Pokemon and to get them you must meet a requirement before Hayley gives you the chance to trade away for them. Just like with the BBS trades the OT / trainer ID info is exactly the same. Both have... OT: Hayley Trainer ID: 01000 Level: 50 Nature: Random No hold item. ID: 151 Monster: Mew Type: Psychic Moves: Synthesis, Return, Hypnosis, Teleport Requirement: Reach Ranch level 25. Trade: Egg (any egg!) ID: 489 Monster: Phione Type: Water Moves: Grass Knot, Rain Dance, Rest, Surf Requirement: Reach Ranch level 15. Trade: Leafeon /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | Evts |========================\ Events /==========================| Evts | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ In your Ranch, as you meet certain requirements with the Pokemon population, events will occur. These are nothing more than good photo opportunities of your Pokemon interacting with eachother. An event will occur once every 15 minutes, in congress with the day/night cycle that occurs in your Ranch. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | ## Name Suspected Requirement | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | 01 Attention Deposit at least 1 Pokemon. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 02 ZigZag Parade Deposit at least 25 Zigzagoon. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 03 Dash Deposit: Bulbasaur, Meowth, Munchlax, | | Pikachu, Teddiursa & Torchic for this | | Pokemon Dash themed event. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 04 Air Parade Deposit at least 11 Flying type Pokemon or | | Pokemon that levitate above the Ranch. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 05 Totem Pole Deposit at least 5 Pokemon. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 06 Hip-Hop Deposit at least 20 Cleffa. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 07 Pikachu Party Deposit at least 20 Pikachu. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 08 Circle Dance Deposit at least 20 Pokemon of the same | | species. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 09 Ring Dance Deposit at least 20 Pokemon of the same | | type. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 10 ZigZag Dance Deposit at least 20 Zigzagoon. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 11 Slow Waltz Deposit at least 10 Volbeat & 10 Illumise. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 12 Do the Wave Deposit 25, 36, or 100 Plusle & Minun. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 13 Chorus Deposit several members of the Igglybuff, | | Jigglypuff and/or Wigglytuff family. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 14 Carousel Deposit a total of 40 of the following: | | Ponyta/Rapidash/Stantler/Girafarig. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 15 Clock Appears to occur every hour on the hour. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 16 Keyboard Deposit all of the Unown. | \__________________________________________________________________________/ /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | Dztr |======================\ Disasters /=========================| Dztr | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ There are 4 disasters you can cause with your WiiMote by doing various quick motions with it. As far as recreating them on-command goes, its been rather difficult to find something with 100% consistency, but the following descriptions can be helpful in getting one to occur. It is entirely possible these are randomly generated but a few of us have had some success with recreating these events over a dozen times in a row once perfecting the following techniques... 1) Earthquake - Hold the WiiMote vertical and give it a quick & short "wand-like" left-right snap. The ground will shake and everyone in the Ranch will fall over. This is not unlike Trampoline but there is a difference - with Earthquake Pokemon & Miis will fall over. 2) Explosion - Hold the WiiMote vertical and give it a quick & short "wand-like" up-down snap. This has consistently, seemingly at least, recreated the disaster. Explosion is not unlike Tornado but there is a difference - with Explosion Pokemon are blown away from the immediate area leaving an open ring. 3) Tornado - Hold the WiiMote horizontal and give it a quick & short "wand-like" left-right snap. This has consistently, at least seemingly, recreated this disaster. Tornado is not unlike Explosion but there is a difference - with Tornado the Pokemon are swept up in the air in a twister! 4) Trampoline - Hold the WiiMote horizontal and give it an up to down & vice versa motion to get in everyone the Ranch to bounce up off of the ground. This is not unlike Earthquake but there is a difference - with Trampoline Pokemon do not fall over/on their head. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | Sprkl |=====================\ Sparkles /========================| Sprkl | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ In your Ranch you may notice that some of your Pokemon, upon close inspection, are surrounded by a sparkling aura. Many people at GameFAQs.com (noted in the Credits) were able to research and confirm several causes for the occurence of the aura and what the different colored auras relate to. If your Pokemon meets any of the following criterion it should sparkle with the named hue; otherwise your Pokemon should not sparkle. Supposing you have a Pokemon that has a hue and does not meet the following criterion please contact me. Level 100 - Red/Orange *Fateful Encounter - Blue/Green Level 100/Fateful Encounter - Red/Orange/Blue/Green *Note: These auras are reproduced with high consistency but are not at a 100% occurence rate. Which is to say, "Not always." Fateful Encounter includes Pokemon that have been purified in XD/Colosseum, obtained at an event, hatched Manaphy eggs, or are from "Lovely Place." Without confirmation, but subject to suspicion, the following criterion have been, until possible future update, ruled out as a cause for the sparkling aura... - Max Happiness - Max IV (in at least 1 stat) - EV trained - With Ribbon /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | Tyz |==========================\ Toys /============================| Tyz | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ New toys are delivered to the Ranch every day. The number delivered depends on the level of your Ranch, as does the amount of toys you can keep. Check the Ranch Levels section above for that info. Note that the only way you'll have a single toy on the Ranch for more than a day is if that toy is delivered more than one day in a row. For instance, when you reach level 11 there will be 3 toys delivered every day starting the day you reach that level. As a result the toys from the previous day disappear. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Name Function | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Attracter When a Mii picks it up Pokemon come running!| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Balloons When touched the balloons will take someone | | for a ride high in the sky! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Bon Fire Pokemon gather round and take it easy! Watch| | out for Water Pokemon though! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Bounce Back Ball Pokemon can roll and bounce on this ball. | | Watchout for when it hits other Pokemon! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Burst Ball If someone touches it they'll be launched | | far away! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Challenger When approached by a Pokemon the challenge | | is on! Who will prevail? Challenger or | | Pokemon? | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Fountain Water shoots out and Pokemon can sit on it | | while it happens! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Leader Flag When held by a Mii other Pokemon will start | | a march behind the Leader! Sometimes they | | won't and the Mii will get discouraged ;_; | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Parade Drum A Mii may pick this drum up, march around | | while banging it, and have Pokemon fall in- | | line behind it! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Pitfall Appears to be a small mound but watch | | out when you step on it! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Poke Bell Mii's may pick this bell up and ring it! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Poke Cushion A small cushion. A Mii may put it on their | | head and and allow a Pokemon to sit on the | | cushion while its atop their head! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Poke Microphone When touched by a Pokemon you will hear its | | call come through your WiiMote's speaker! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Poke Pendulum A pendulum that will hypnotize someone if | | they stare at it too long! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Poke Rocket Shoots Pokemon high into the sky! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Pokemon Pallet When approached the first Pokemon to see it | | will have its outline made by all the | | Pokemon in the Ranch! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Round Rock A sturdy rock that will temporarily flatten | | Pokemon if they aren't fast enough! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Slippery Peel Just an ordinary used banana peel. Don't | | step on it! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Snowman Stay away or you'll get Frozen! Watch out | | for Fire Pokemon though! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Spin Ride Pokemon will get on and go for spin. They'd | | better not stay on too long, though... | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Spring Stand Allows Pokemon to jump on it and fly in the | | air. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Stinky Ball Stay away from this ball or you may make a | | big stink! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Training Bag Pokemon will use their attacks on this toy! | \__________________________________________________________________________/ /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | CLkSe |===================\ Club Look-See /======================| CLkSe | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ To meet the members of this club select... Options > Guest > On. Be sure that you also have WiiConnect24 set to "On" in your Wii settings as well. If Guest is set to "On" members of Club Look-See might visit your Ranch and allow you to go see theirs! CLS members tend to have names and appearances that relate them to the inhabitants of their Ranch, ironically... CLS has two mottos; they go as follows... 1) "Ranch! That's something you should be picky about!" 2) "Ranch! That's something you should show off to as many people as you can!" At least in my and a few others' experience, CLS members tend to appear the second time you visit your Ranch in a single day. I will attempt to document all of the members of CLS. If you find that you have met a member not found here email me the info respective to the following chart and I'll accredit you with the find! My email can be found at the very top or bottom of this FAQ. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | ## Name Ranch Name Population Inhabitants | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | 01 Bobbie Bidoof Ranch 120 Bidoof, Bibarel | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 02 Mirabel Milk Cow Ranch 40 Miltank | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 03 Tanner Wild Bull Ranch 60 Tauros | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 04 Maggie Magnemite Ranch 51 Magnemite, Magneton, | | Magnezone | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 05 Wanda Wobbuffet Ranch 25 Wynaut, Wobbuffet | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 06 Maribel Wool Ranch 60 Mareep, Flaaffy, | | Ampharos | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 07 Dugan Underground Ranch 110 Diglett, Dugtrio | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 08 Pikabo Pikachu Ranch 35 Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | The following are displayed as direct translations without having yet | | been met in the English version... | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 09 Neita Mystery Ranch 15 Cresselia, Lunatone, | | Solrock, Natu, Xatu | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 10 Rin Tiny Ranch 6 Caterpie, Magnemite, | | Chingling, Starly, | | Kricketot, Cherubi | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 11 Mukuto Pride Ranch 50 Bonsly, Happiny, | | Chancey, Mime Jr., | | Kricketune, Pichu, | | Pikachu, Staravia, | | Roselia | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 12 Tamako Egg Ranch 29 Egg, Exeggcute, Togepi,| | Happiny, Chancey, | | Blissey | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 13 Tono Slithery Ranch 301 Poliwag, Poliwhirl, | | Poliwrath, Politoed | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 14 Muruko Pink Ranch 47 Cleffa, Clefairy, | | Clefable, Igglybuff, | | Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff,| | Smoochum, Cherubi, | | Happiny | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 15 Gureta Poison Jab Ranch 130 Beedrill, Tentacool, | | Tentacruel, Nidoran(m),| | Nidorino, Qwilfish, | | Seviper, Croagunk, | | Toxicroak | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 16 Daino Rock Ranch 520 Geodude, Graveler, | | Golem, Onix, Sudowoodo,| | Nosepass, Probopass | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 17 Kokoro Bug Ranch 226 Weedle, Kakuna, | | Beedrill, Scyther, | | Pinsir, Heracross, | | Wurmple, Silcoon, | | Beautifly, Kricketot, | | Kricketune, Combee, | | Vespiquen | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 18 Cheriko Loving Touch Ranch 22 Pikachu, Clefairy, | | Jigglypuff, Psyduck, | | Torchic, Skitty, | | Shroomish, Pachirisu, | | Buneary, Drifloon, | | Happiny | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 19 Yowao Horror Ranch 136 Gastly, Haunter, | | Gengar, Duskull, | | Dusclops, Dusknoir, | | Shuppet, Banette, | | Mismagius, Spiritomb | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 20 Madame Burmy Ranch 35 Burmy (All Cloaks), | | Wormadam (All Cloaks), | | Mothim | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 21 Mariko Tropical Ranch 120 Exeggutor, Sunkern, | | Sunflora, Ludicolo, | | Tropius, Cherubi | \__________________________________________________________________________/ *NOTE - There are at least 17 more CLS members known but the information on them is scarce and as such, at this point, isn't worth documenting. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | PkmnBe |=================\ Pokemon Behavior /===================| PkmnBe | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Aside from interacting with eachother in the various Events Pokemon may also play with Toys. But that's not all. As with the Training Bag toy, with which Pokémon launch attacks at, Pokémon may use their attacks on eachother or your Miis! The attack a Pokémon uses depends on its type. A dual-type Pokemon can use an attack from its first or second type. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Type Move Description | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Bug Leech Life The target is hit by an aura and then | | flattened. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Dark Dark Pulse A black cloud entombs the target. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Dragon Twister The target is overwhelmed by a small, white,| | twister. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Electric Thunderbolt A thunderbolt is launched from the sky | | paralyzing the target. The target is slowed | | and periodically stops as sparks run across | | its body. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Fighting Close Combat The opponent is attacked with fists at | | blinding speed. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Fire Flamethrower The opponent is burned and will frantically | | run out to cool off the burn. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Flying Sky Attack The user glows orange and quickly swoops | | down to attack the target. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Ghost Scary Face The target flinches and is momentarily | | unable to move. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Grass Razor Leaf Several leafs are launched at the target. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Ground Earthquake All sorrounding Pokémon and Miis are | | toppled over. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Ice Icy Wind The target is frozen in a block of ice after| | being entombed in a cloud of snowflakes. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Normal Quick Attack A Pokémon will charge at the opponent| | and then hit. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Poison Poison Gas The target is infliced with Poison, which | | slows them down and makes them temporarily | | ill. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Psychic Hypnosis The target is temporarily put to sleep. If | | the attack fails the target is momentarily | | confused. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Rock Rock Slide Several rocks tumble from the sky and land | | on the target. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Steel Metal Claw The target is hit with a Metal Claw. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Water Bubblebeam Bubbles are shot out at the target which | | float away. | \__________________________________________________________________________/ A Pokemon's behavior, it seems, actually depends on its nature. For example a Lonely Pokemon may actually seperate itself from the crowd. On the other hand an Adamant Pokemon may attack others more frequently. Pokemon in your Ranch will tend to gather in groups based on their type. You may find large gatherings of Grass type Pokemon in certain sections of your Ranch. Further, Pokémon of the same species and/or evolutionary line will stick closer together within their respective type groups. Keep in mind, natures are still in-play and this isn't always the case. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | MiiBe |====================\ Mii Behavior /======================| MiiBe | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Like the Pokemon in your Ranch Mii's have many actions that they will do. Unlike Pokemon there are no attributes connected to natures, gender, etc... Following is a list of the simple Mii actions because everybody loves a list. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Action Description | <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> | Dancing Mii's will start to dance and Pokemon will too! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Fallen Just like you, Mii's are klutz's and trip over | | absolutely nothing! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Feeding Pokemon are fed what look like PokeBlocks. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Fence Repair Even if it looks fine, that fence needs mending! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Love Mii's may express love for a Pokemon with a floating | | heart. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Piggy-back Ride Your Mii will get taken on a ride on a Pokemon! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | PokeCall Pokemon are ordered to stand in a straight-line. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Race Mii's may have a race with other Pokemon! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Running Scared Sometimes a Mii will be afraid of a Pokemon and run! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Sit-Down While resting Pokemon may jump over the Mii's head. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Sky-Ride A Pokemon may pick a Mii up and fly it over the Ranch.| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Strike-A-Pose If you watch a Mii long enough it may strike a pose! | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Yawn/Sleep Life on the Ranch is hard... | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | *** The following behaviors are the result of status effects given by ***| | Pokemon attacks directed at your Miis... | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Burned The hair on a Mii will smoke when the Mii has been | | burned by a fire-type attack. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Frozen Your Mii will be temporarily frozen in a block of ice.| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Shocked The Mii will flash, revealing its bones, and be | | temporarily stunned. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Poisoned A Mii will be ill, momentarily. | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Sleep Same as Yawn/Sleep above but instead induced. | \__________________________________________________________________________/ /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | FrQ |==========================\ FAQs /============================| FrQ | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Q: Can I deposit Pokemon from more than 1 game? A: You can deposit Pokemon from up to 8 game paks. There is a restriction that only permits a Pokemon to be withdrawn by the depositing game pak. If that game pak is restarted those Pokemon are forever trapped at the Ranch. Q: What happens if I erase the MPR save file? A: All of the Pokemon that were on the Ranch at that time are forever gone. Q: How can I change the name of my Ranch? A: The name of your Ranch is the same as the name of your Wii. Change your Wii's name via the Wii settings menu. Q: My Pokemon won't transfer! A: As a fail-safe you are not allowed to transfer a Pokemon to the Ranch if it is the only remaining Pokemon in your game that knows the HM move that the Pokemon you are trying to transfer has. To transfer that Pokemon teach the HM to a Pokemon you do not wish to transfer. Q: I can only deposit ## of Pokemon, why?!? A: Your Ranch level prevents you from adding more until it is expanded the next day. This process can be sped up by changing the date on your Wii to the next day. Q: Can I change the time/date to speed the process up? A: Yes. Do so in the Wii Settings menu. Q: What happens if I set time backward after skipping ahead? A: The "wanted" Pokemon are removed. Q: Can I play without music? A: Yes. When the game starts hold [B] + v (down on the D-pad). Q: Can I clone in this game? A: No. At least no glitch for doing so has been uncovered. However, a cheat device will permit this. By creating a backup save of your DS save file, depositing Pokemon on that cart to your Ranch and then reloading the backup save, those deposited Pokemon will be in your Diamond/Pearl game/s as well as your Ranch. There are other cheat methods that can be used. Q: Can eggs be deposited? A: Yes. They even move around! Q: Do eggs count towards the population of my Ranch? A: Yes. Q: Where did my toys go?!?!?! A: New toys are brought to the Ranch everyday. Not to worry, its likely you will get that toy back. Q: Can I keep my toys? A: No. Q: Can I view the details of my Pokemon? A: Yes. Start a parade. The details are visible as the Pokemon passes. Q: Do shiny Pokemon still have different appearances? A: Yes. Q: Are gender differences visible? A: Yes. Female Wobbuffet does, in-fact, still have on lipstick. Q: Is this game good? A: If you have to ask you probably won't care for it. Q: Does this game have fighting in it? A: No. It is a storage game. That is all. Q: Will my Pokemon evolve if sent to this game? A: No. No evolution occurs in this game. Q: Ones ift i onlee haz 999 pokemons? wat kan hapen? A: FAQs on the board bothering you? If you've got a FAQ that you think should be included here, email me! You'll be credited with the submission. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | VHis |====================\ Version History /=====================| VHis | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ ____________ <<<==============================\/ V. 0.1 \/=============================>>> <<<==================/\ June 09 to June 11, 2008 /\==================>>> <<<------------------------------>>> 01> Made FAQ skeleton and fleshed out an anticipated 98% of the contents. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 02> The following sections were written: Introduction, Controls, Basics, Hayley's Pokemon, Deposits & Withdrawls, Ranch Levels, Trades, Special Pokemon, Events, Sparkles, Toys, Club Look-See, FAQ, and The End with 23 subsections. ____________ <<<==============================\/ V. 0.2 \/=============================>>> <<<==================/\ June 12 to June 13, 2008 /\==================>>> <<<------------------------------>>> 01> Corrected a few alignment errors with a few of the table borders. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 02> Created a section for Disasters as it just didn't fit well with Events. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 03> Corrected an error with the Deposit/Withdraw FAQ. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 04> Changed the Answer on Cloning from, Don't know, to simply, No. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 05> Added Mirabel, Tanner & Maggie to the CLS section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 06> Added Dash & Chorus to the Events section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 07> As result of the many corrections and contributions several additions to to the Credits section were made. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 08> Added 2 websites to the Copyrights section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 09> Version History's format was terrible, so I fixed that... <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 10> Tablized the Controls section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 11> Made changes to the Deposit/Withdraw section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 12> Corrected several spelling mistakes. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 13> Rephrased the description for the Air Parade Event to prevent confusion. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 14> Added what trades Hayley wants to make for Phione and Mew. ____________ <<<==============================\/ V. 0.3 \/=============================>>> <<<==================/\ June 14 to June 16, 2008 /\==================>>> <<<------------------------------>>> 01> Added the toys: Stinky Ball, Spin Ride & Bounce Back Ball to the Toys section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 02> Corrected the misspelling of Miltank in the CLS section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 03> Added Neoseeker.com, GamersHell.com & TheGameReviews.com to the Copyrights section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 04> Added a quick description in the FAQ section on how to clone with a cheat device. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 05> Bibarel were added to the Bidoof Ranch. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 06> Corrected an error in the BBS section regarding Ranch name associations. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 07> Added CLS members #5, 6, 7 & 8. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 08> As a result of the many corrections and contributions many people were added to the Credits section. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 09> Added a Visitors subsection to Basics to give a more indepth explanation for visitors to the Ranch. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 10> Updated the Sparkles section to reflect the result of the research performed by several people. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 11> Added some more FAQs. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 12> The Events section was completed. ____________ <<<==============================\/ V. 0.4 \/=============================>>> <<<==================/\ June 17 to June 18, 2008 /\==================>>> <<<------------------------------>>> 01> There was an empty spot in the credits which needed to be fixed because a person was being credited but had no note and there were several others that earned mention there... <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 02> Added a note about the Pokemon Pallet toy being unlocked at level 20. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 03> Fixed several spelling errors. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 04> Visual Version subsection was added. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 05> Version History section was moved to below the FAQ section becacuse it just took up too much space. ____________ <<<==============================\/ V. 0.5 \/=============================>>> <<<==================/\ June 19 to June 23, 2008 /\==================>>> <<<------------------------------>>> 01> Assumed final run-through for spelling errors and grammar mistakes. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 02> Assumed final run-through for factual errors and misinformation. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 03> Added the translations for CLS Members #09-21. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 04> Added a section for Pokemon behavior. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 05> Added a section for Mii behavior. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 06> Updated the Credits section. ____________ <<<==============================\/ V. 0.6 \/=============================>>> <<<==================/\ June 24 to June 26, 2008 /\==================>>> <<<------------------------------>>> 01> Corrected an error regarding the projector-balloon's color. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 02> Removed the Toy Poke Ball from that list as it was reported as a toy but hasn't been encountered yet. In addition the description was similar to Poke Bell and as a result I deduced it was mistake by the person that reported it. <<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> 03> Updated the Credits section. /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ | ThEd |========================\ The End /=========================| ThEd | /----------------------------------------------------------------------------\ \----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Well thanks for checking out my first FAQ! I hope it was informative and all that jazz. Following are the Credits for this FAQ, which make note of all of those who have helped in making additions to or correcting errors in the FAQ. Please note that in some instances more than 1 person is accredited for the same thing... This is because I recieve a lot of email regarding the FAQ and get many replies pointing out the same thing. As a rule of thumb I will add others to the same addition/correction UNTIL an update has been made to the FAQ. A special thanks goes out to all of the following... _______________ \* [Credits] */ ------------- - The person/s at http://www9.atwiki.jp/pokefarm/ for their initial research I don't know you/r name/s but seriously, THANKS! ---- The following 2 accredidations are made with the above website in mind. ---- naomi_hazuki143, tiakalla & Cat333Pokemon - Uncovering, translating and confirming all events in the Events section. ---- naomi_hazuki143, homerowed & twitchydj - Uncovering and translating CLS Members 9 through 37. - ReggieStephens, SS3 Son Goku & Dragonmaster - Bringing attention to the error concerning Withdrawl & Deposits being limited to only 1 game. - WindWaker & SS3 Son Goku - Uncovered CLS Member No. 02, Mirabel. - SS3 Son Goku - Uncovered CLS Member No. 03, Tanner. - 1337ROX - Uncovered Event 03: Dash. - Teej @ PLDH.net - Help and research for countless things. - FridgeBeard - Your Ranch Level cheat was instrumental! - Boseiju, for answering SHOCK7's question regarding viewing details. - Sasami, dakota_2, Copygoo/Aipomlover9, Crysoberyl & ryustrike24 - Uncovering the Stinky Ball toy. - Tight-Knots - Correcting the spelling error, "Milktank," in CLS section. - The Jay Mann - Correction to the FAQ on cloning, with regards to a cheat device. - Scy - Corrected an error in the BBS regarding the Ranch name and its association with the Wii. Additionally noted that Bibarel are also found in the Bidoof Ranch. - rini124 - Also noted that Bibarel are found within Bidoof Ranch. - dakota_2, Drybowser98, jimmyjam899 & SS3 Son Goku - Uncovering CLS members #5 & 6. - dakota_2 - Uncovering CLS member #7. - dakota_2 & jimmyjam899 - Uncovering CLS member #8. - Proto - Uncovering the Spin Ride toy. - firepkmnmaster - Provided Tanner's Ranch population. - DannyJS1 & chumpatumpa - Uncovering the Bounce Back Ball toy. - mootoast, royalsong, hathejoker, ssbmrocks & Tight-Knots - Discussing the various moves a specific type may use. - Flitterbie - Correcting the Ring Dance requirement. - KoalaKristy, zommbie, vs_seeker, weworshipwii, Teej and VARIOUS OTHERS - researching the cause of the Sparkles. - ryustrike24 - I forgot GameSpot.com in the credits?!?! - SS3 Son Goku - CLS Member #06 name correction from Mirabel to Maribel. - Dark Mousy, Zaruki, Nanabobo, Ultimarosa321, PokeMerc, mtg3, royalsong, Mouse_among_men - Helping out with Mii behaviors. - Deane - The projector balloon's color is dictated by the connected game, not the trainer's gender. - GAME FREAK inc., Creatures inc. & Nintendo - Thanks for giving us great games to waste away our time with! - ...Mommy? ____________________________ \* [Corrections/Contribs] */ -------------------------- Corrections and Contributions are not only welcome but wanted! If you have an error that you've found please let me know! Check Below for contact info! I'd by more than happy to accredit you for finding and correcting the error, besides, my Credits section needs help! If you have any of the following data not found within this FAQ PLEASE feel free to use the contact information found below to help improve this FAQ! I'm looking for any additional info regarding... 1) Club Look-See - Met a visitor that isn't on the list? Let me know the name of the visitor, their Ranch name, how many pokemon they had and what species for credit in this FAQ. 2) Cloning - Submit a confirmed method, I'll test it, and if it works you'll get your name slapped down here. (Regarding a glitch, not hacking... lol). 3) FAQs not already here - Let's alleviate annoying questions by answering them here! (Even though there isn't a board around that doesn't still get flooded with ridiculous questions... It can't hurt...) _______________ \* [Contact] */ ------------- You can contact me regarding this guide... I'll not be opening the email if the subject does not contain something pertaining to this game, though, and don't expect a response if you've asked a question that has been answered in the FAQ itself... !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! >> EMAIL: dr_nza@hotmail.com << !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! ** Sometimes I'm on MSN for a fast chat but don't count it, if I'm not on just shoot me the email =) ___________________ \* [Copyrights] */ ----------------- This FAQ can currently only be hosted on the following websites... - GameFAQs.com - GameSpot.com - CheatCC.com - PLDH.net - Neoseeker.com - GamersHell.com - TheGameReviews.com If you find this FAQ elsewhere please report it to me! Hosting it elsewhere is copyright infringement and, as there is no way around it, plagiarism! /* EoFAQ */</p>