Rondo of Swords Walkthrough Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. How to play a. Route Maneuver System b. Set-up before Battle c. Battle 3. Story 4. Walkthrough Through Chapter 20 Path A Path B 5. Characters Descriptions Class Changes Ratings 6. Item list a. Usable Items b. Equip able Items 7. Contact Me 8. Version History 9. Legal Stuff 1. Introduction I picked up Rondo of Swords at Game Stop one day thinking I love Atlus and SRPG’s so I thought I would love this. I was definitely right. Rondo of Swords is a great SRPG. It isn’t like all of the others. Most of the others are all the same but there are some new perks to this game. From the Momentum Counter to the Route Maneuvering System, new things have been added to make Rondo of Swords unique and entertaining. It has a great story and lovable characters to top it off. There are multiple endings that you can obtain depending on the choices you make. I think Rondo of Swords has revolutionized how SRPGs will be played. 2. How to play a. Route Maneuver System This is something new the game is trying. Your units have a designated movement range. You move the unit through other units to perform various actions. If you go through allied units with certain skills it could heal you or raise a stat. When you go through enemy units, it causes you to attack them. Combining these is the key to victory. You could go through an ally that raises attack and then attack an enemy to do more damage. b. Set-up before Battle You will set up by choosing which units you want for the mission. You will send units out on various quests to get items and send them to shop to buy or sell items. You will also send out units with certain items to cause them to class change and grow stronger. You will be able to level up skills from the set up and assign them to your units. Make your choices wisely because some levels are pretty difficult. c. Battle You will use the Route Maneuvering System mentioned above to fight. In battle you will use your various mages, sword fighters, and archers to kill the enemy. If a unit is defeated in battle, he will be available the next battle but with the Hurt status. The Hurt status lowers stats considerably. It takes one battle to get rid of the status. The Momentum Counter, also new, is the number near the bottom of the status screen. Points are gained whenever you attack and use some skills. The higher the number the higher the chance an enemy will attack that specific unit. If you fight a battle and raise some levels and a unit dies don’t worry. You can choose quit and start over from the beginning of the battle but still have your characters at those higher levels. This is a good way to raise your different characters before the next battle. 3. Story It has been over 150 years since the Holy King Altrius drove out the power of Darkness. The continent of Bravord is now ruled by five nations. Specifically: North- The Divine Land of Verona, where they worship Valen, the God of Light. West- The Magic Nation of Almeria, home of the world’s best magicians. South- The Shalem Federated Emirates, a loose gathering of several tribes. East- The Grand Meir Empire, a military nation formed by annexing the neighboring kingdoms. Central Plains- The Kingdom of Bretwalde, established by the Holy King Altrius. In the Royal City of Egvard, capital of the Kingdom of Bretwalde, King Elliot’s people are laying their liege to rest. Fears of an invasion from the belligerent Grand Meir Empire, which has lately been strengthening its military, lead to heightened security for the funeral- but Grand Meir’s forces manage to overrun the Royal City nonetheless. 4. Walkthrough Chapter 1: Escape from Egvard Your New Units: Serdic- lvl 1, Kay- lvl 1, Margus- lvl 1 Enemy Units: 1x lvl 4 Linesman, 5x lvl 4 Infantry Scout, 2x lvl 3 Infantry Scout, 1x lvl 4 Infantry Scout, 3x lvl 10 Armored Knight, Alberich lvl 13 Enemy Reinforcements: After moving out of alley: 5x lvl 13 Armored Knight, 1x lvl 15 Guardian, Clotho lvl 17, Matthias lvl 25, Gauss lvl 25 After moving past house at center: 2x lvl 10 Armored Knight, 4x lvl 10 War Mage, Ernest lvl 15 The battle begins by asking you to retreat to a point directly south. Don’t move that way instead kill the scouts and start to head east by the house. You need to make sure to spread the experience evenly among your units. Now the reinforcements will begin to appear. Don’t panic, you don’t have to kill them all. The Armored Knights near Alberich and Gauss will advance after a turn. The ones near Ernest will not but the Mages near Ernest will. The mages will move back to avoid Kay and his large movement range. Watch out and stay out of their range though. The mages have two spells. One has a range of six squares while the other strikes a diagonal line from the mages in any direction. You need to make sure to use Serdic’s OB to your advantage. This is the most powerful weapon you have and it strikes five squares ahead of Serdic. It will take Serdic killing a few enemies to charge up though. It is possible to kill all enemy units but if this is your first play through I don’t recommend trying. You will have to start over a lot which is frustrating. Instead I think it is better to just run as fast as you can for the escape point. Chapter 2: Bandits of Gareh Your New Units: Appears turn 2: Selmer lvl 5 Enemy Units: 6x lvl 3 Wise Henchmen, 5x lvl 4 Wise Henchmen, 1x lvl 5 Wise Bandit This level is really easy and a good place to use the quit option to raise Serdic and company a few levels. No other reinforcements other then Selmer who is on your side. You can speak to Selmer with Serdic or Margus but even if you don’t speak to him, he will join you after the chapter. You just need to lure the enemies out one by one and crush them. Selmer is an Allied Unit so you don’t control him so he may run out ahead of you. Send Kay to help protect him because being a mage Selmer has really low defense and with his magic and Kay’s movement range you should crush any bandit. Chapter 3: A Kidnapping Enemy Units: 2x lvl 2 Scout, 3x lvl 3 Scout, Jaglat lvl 8 Enemy Reinforcements: Once you reach yellow arrow: Jaglat leaves, 3x lvl 4 Warrior, 2x lvl 3 Attacker, 1x lvl 4 Attacker, 2x lvl 4 Archer, 1x lvl 4 Swordsman, 1x lvl 5 Assailant Begin to advance north towards designated square. Kill all enemies along the way in case you need to escape. These enemies are weak so they should present no problem. Once you get to the square Jaglat retreats and reinforcements arrive. You must decide to retreat or fight. The reinforcements will not move the first turn which will allow you to get a head start running or get into position for a fight. The archers can move and strike so they have a long range and can OHKO Selmer. I position Kay by the backline the first turn they arrive and have him sweep through them killing both archers. If you are going to fight, you will need to take the enemies out quickly before they have a chance to kill one of your units Chapter 4: The Deep Forest Your New Units: Sasha lvl 5 Enemy Units: 2x lvl 3 Archer, 1x lvl 4 Archer, 2x lvl 3 Scout, 3x lvl 4 Scout, 2x lvl 5 Warrior Now if you stood and fought last chapter then Margus, Selmer, and Kay are much higher levels. Use the scouts as easy prey to bring Serdic back up to the level of his troops. The Archers range is six plus their movement range. Everyone but the Archers will advance. The Archers will strike once you are in their range. Remember your highest defense is Margus and Serdic. Let Margus take some blows and bring the enemy close then strike. Sasha is fairly srong and has a good movement range but don’t let her get in the range of multiple enemies. Her defense is low but she should take one hit just not more than one without healing. Use the skills of Margus and Kay to your advantage by running through them to raise stats or be healed. One more thing to remember for whenever you get any new character is to check out the OB to see how it can be used to your advantage. Chapter 5: Reunion Your New Units: Marie lvl 3, Ansom lvl 5 Enemy Units: 2x lvl 4 Scout, 2x lvl 5 Scout, 7x lvl 6 Scouts, 2x lvl 5 Archer, 2x lvl 6 Archer, 1x lvl 5 Warrior, 2x lvl 6 Warrior, 4x lvl7 Attacker, 1x lvl 8 Guardian, Jaglat lvl 8 There are a ton of enemies here and they can come at you from two different ways. I normally send Kay and Sasha towards the right to free Ansom and Marie while the others move slowly holding off the enemy from the other side. You may notice one cell is empty, if you move someone and stop at the bottom left corner of the cell you will get a Coral Amulet. Remember to advance slowly and be cautious especially when near enemies with higher attack like Jaglat and the Guardian. Try to free Ansom and Marie before Jaglat and his Guardian get there because Ansom can do some damage while Marie can heal your units. Remember all you have to do is kill Jaglat so focus your attacks on him. Make sure that you capitalize on killing additional enemies first for experience. Chapter 6: The Red Lion Quests Available: Gathering Herbs Prizes: Moon Dew Moon Weed Rank: 1 star The 10th Smith Rank: 3 star Fool’s Tale Rank: 3 star Hunt for the Monk Rank: 2 star Enemy Units: 5x lvl 6 Infantry Scout, 1x lvl 7 Infantry Scout, 1x lvl 6 Heavy Infantry, 1x lvl 7 Heavy Infantry, 4x lvl 7 Linesman, 1x lvl 8 Linesman, 1x lvl 10 Linesman, 2x lvl 12 Heavy Infantry, Clotho lvl 17 This is the first mission where your units can go on quests. I recommend you send people on the second and third missions. Each second mission is a Smith mission and each third is a Card mission. Try to send the same characters on Card missions three times and in some cases six times for bonuses. You can do others if you have a spare character need the prize items. Some prize items are important like anything with proof in its name is necessary to promote units. You can still raise the people going on quests levels then quit and assign them to the quest. You are supposed to try and keep the civilians safe here. It will be tough with limited people if you choose to do the quests. I recommend you keep Kay for this mission. His huge movement range will be needed. First have him, Serdic, and your other characters quickly take out the nearby scouts while moving north. After a few turns Clotho will say something and her units will advance. Try to attack her before that time. I move Kay up next to the large pack of units and send him through making sure to hit Clotho. I use Serdic’s OB to take out Clotho and then use my remaining units to clean up low HP enemies. You do not have to fight you can retreat but if you kill Clotho you will obtain a Robber’s Proof which will be beneficial later. It will take a lot of leveling up and luck to defeat Clotho and her henchman on your first run through so you may just want to run. Chapter 7: The Wise Bandits Quests Available: Harvest Help Prize: Raka’s Juice, Tiny Bullion Rank: 1 star The 9th Smith Rank: 3 stars Magician’s Tale Rank: 3 stars Archer’s Festival Prize: Hawk Proof Rank: 2 stars Your New Units: Owl lvl 8 Enemy Units: 3x lvl 5 Wise Henchman, 4x lvl 6 Wise Henchmen, 1x lvl 6 Wise Bandit, 3x lvl 7 Wise Bandit, Owl lvl 8 Enemy Reinforcements: After speaking with Owl: 4x lvl 6 Infantry Scout, 7x lvl 7 Infantry Scout, 2x lvl 8 Infantry Scout, 1x lvl 8 Linesman, 1x lvl 6 Armored Knight, 1x lvl 8 Guardian Remember the Quests are optional so if you need more units for the mission then keep them. You need to also remember how beneficial these quests are for your units. Now onto the mission, you will need to first focus on having Marie talk to Owl. Draw him and some of the enemies forward with someone with good defense like Margus. Try to not kill many of the bandits because once you speak to Owl they join your side and the real enemy arrives. The enemy arrives from the south and the west. I let one of my units help Owl’s men take the easier group to the south while Margus holds off the enemies to the west with ZOC with Marie healing him. Serdic works up an OB and moves behind Margus. Margus retreats backwards while Serdic blasts the enemies. This strategy of course means Margus and Marie will not be going on quests. It also means you need to have ZOC with Margus. Chapter 8: Harbor and Pirates Quests Available: Factory Cleanup Prize: Tiny Bullion, Raka’s Juice, Pulpy Juice Rank: 1 star The 8th Smith Rank: 3 stars Priestess’ Tale Rank: 3 stars The Arena King Prize: Battle Proof, Raka’s Juice, Tiny Bullion Rank: 3 stars Enemy Units: 5x lvl 7 Pirate, 6x lvl 8 Pirate, 5x lvl 9 Pirate, 1x lvl 10 Pirate Now it is essential you keep all of the villagers alive. If this means missing out on one of the quests to have a full team, then miss out on one. If you keep all of the villagers alive then you get a bonus stage. It is tough if you have limited people from the quest but it is possible. Owl will probably be a few levels under your other characters so use this level to kill and quit to get him up to par. He has a fairly large movement range so he is essential in this mission just like Kay. They can both attack large groups of pirates easily and can reach the villagers in time. Margus is also a good ally for this mission because you can position him in front of the villagers if he has ZOC the enemy can’t go through him. The enemy seems to focus on the left side of the map. I normally send Margus, Serdic, and a long range attacker like Selmer to the left. I send Kay and Owl to the right and take out the enemy. Their movement range is higher so they may make it to the other side to help out there after they are done. You need to make sure to keep the villagers alive. If not you miss the next mission thus you miss quests and a character. Chapter 9: Pirate Island Quests Available: Piglet Husbandry Prize: Tiny Bullion Rank: 1 star The 7th Smith Rank: 3 stars Empress’ Tale Rank: 3 stars Blind Drunk Sage Prize: Hermit Proof Rank: 2 stars Your New Units: Cotton lvl 6 (after you complete mission) Enemy Units: Archers: 7x lvl 8, 1x lvl 9 Melee Fighters: 6x lvl 7, 5x lvl 8, 3x lvl 9, 1x lvl 10 You will have to use a lot of caution for this stage. If one of the archers gets a shot at one of your lower defense characters like Marie, you are in trouble. The green archers have a range of six while the archers with hats have a range of seven and are more powerful. Move up with Ansom and cautiously pick off the enemy archers while having Marie heal you. Once most archers are killed send in Serdic and the others to clean up the rest. You should have someone like Owl or Kay head for the top left corner and stand next to the crate. This will get you a Bullion. It is great you got this mission because afterwards you get Cotton who is a powerful magic user. Chapter 10: Across the Desert Quests available: Ancient Tomb Dig Prize: Tiny Bullion, Bullion Rank: 1 star The 6th Smith Rank: 3 star Emperor’s Tale Rank: 3 star Pilgrim’s Tour Prize: Chrism Proof Rank: 2 star Your New Unit: Alhambra lvl 8 Enemy Units: 1x lvl 9 Desert Savage, 2x lvl 10 Desert Savage, 6x lvl 11 Desert Savage, 3x lvl 12 Desert Savage, 2x lvl 13 Desert Savage, 1x lvl 13 Chevalier, 1x lvl 15 Mounted Guard Enemy Reinforcements: 3x lvl 10 Desert Savage Okay at this chapter or one in the near future you will need to start sending your units on trials with proofs to promote. This will make them a lot better and some will have new available skills. This level is not very hard. I usually quit a lot because I am trying to raise Cotton and her spells use a lot of MP but are powerful. Whenever you pass the lowest boulder looking object Alhambra and the reinforcements will arrive. You will need to talk to her with Serdic. The mission is over when you escape or kill the savages so you will want to kill the Chevalier and Mounted Guard to the south before then. I send Cotton after I have leveled her up and put her behind the tree to the right. They can’t touch her and she kills them easy. The Chevalier drops a Battle Proof while the Mounted Guard drops a Capt. Proof. Cotton should make short work of them if she has any MP or she can use her OB. Chapter 11: Fatima Fortress Quests Available: World Food Fair Prize: Raka’s Juice, Raka’s Juice Rank: 1 star The 5th Smith Rank: 3 star Hierophant’s Tale Rank: 3 star Wizard’s Keepsake Prize: Thief Proof Rank: 2 star Your New Unit: Rukia lvl 4 (Comes from the north on turn 6 or if you enter fortress) Enemy Units: 2x lvl 10 Heavy Knights, 3x lvl 12 Longbowman, 3x lvl 13 Longbowman, 4x lvl 12 Armored Knight, 1x lvl 10 Infantry Scout, 2x lvl 11 Infantry Scout, 2x lvl 11 Stormtrooper, 1x lvl 13 Stormtrooper, 1x lvl 10 Linesman, 2x lvl 12 Linesman, 1x lvl 13 Linesman, 1x lvl 10 Guardian Enemy Reinforcements: (Arrive south at the end of turn 6 or if you enter fortress) 2x lvl 10 Heavy Knight, 2x lvl 11 Heavy Knight You may be thinking man there are a ton of enemies and there are reinforcements too! Don’t worry though this isn’t that hard of a level if your units are at a good level. I bring along both Selmer and Cotton. I move cautious at first to take out the first two Heavy Knights then I run as fast as I can with Serdic and Ansom towards the entrance in the northeast corner. Have Ansom kill the two archers on the way by standing directly below them. Position Cotton and Selmer right next to the gate without attacking it and kill the Armored Knights. Selmer should also have enough range to kill the closest Longbowman to the left. You have to move quickly with Serdic and Ansom because Rukia is such a low level she will die quickly and you need to have Serdic talk to her first. Leave the other two units other than the ones mentioned above south to take care of the reinforcements whenever they arrive. Just continue killing the enemy slowly until all are dead except those in the room then you open the door and kill the Guardian which ends the level. Chapter 12: The Ark Magicians Available Quests: Witch’s Woods Prize: Pulpy Juice Rank: 2 star The 4th Smith Rank: 2 star Lovers’ Tale Rank: 3 star Magic Trial Prize: Hermit Proof Rank: 4 star Your New Units: Elmer lvl 8 Enemy Units: 4x lvl 10 Magic Soldier, 5x lvl 11 Magic Soldier, 5x lvl 12 Magic Soldier, 5x lvl 13 Magic Soldier, 2x lvl 12 War Mage, 3x lvl 13 War Mage, Ernest lvl 16, Elmer lvl 8 Okay so you must bring along Selmer so he can talk to his brother and recruit him. Bring along every unit that has a lot of movement because they can stay out of range and still be in range to attack. The magic soldiers are fairly powerful and those buildings don’t matter to them. They can be on one side out of your range and pick you off. At the end of the second turn, Ernest and his five War Mages will retreat making the level a little simpler. Try to raise Rukia a little if you want. This is tough because she is such a low level and can be killed so easily. The hardest part of the level is having Elmer stand still and not retreat while not killing Selmer. Selmer will have to go into his range. Put other characters like Serdic and Margus that can take a hit and Elmer will probably attack them. Chapter 13: Thunder Emperor Quests Available: Gargantuan Hive Prize: Peach Nectar Rank: 3 stars The 3rd Smith Rank: 2 stars Chariot’s Tale Rank: 3 stars The Glass Tower Prize: Hawk Proof, Yoichi Medal Rank: 4 stars Your New Units: Arios lvl 15 (Comes out of building in southeast corner at end of third turn, talk to with Serdic) Enemy Units: 3x lvl 12 Infantry Scout, 1x lvl 13 Infantry Scout, 6x lvl 12 Magic Soldier, 2x lvl 13 Magic Soldier, 2x lvl 14 Armored Knight, 3x lvl 13 War Mage, 2x lvl 14 War Mage, 1x lvl 14 Stormtrooper, 1x lvl 13 Mediator, 1x lvl 14 Mediator, Ernest lvl 16 I move most of my units right and take out the guards at Arios door so I can get him. I send Kay or someone else powerful to the bottom left to take care of those mages. I found even if you moved into the two mages at the bottom left range they will not attack you. After a couple of turns the enemy units begin to move towards you. I use Selmer and Cotton to take out some of the scouts coming towards me and use a couple of people with large movement range like Alhambra or Kay to take out the mages as they advance. You may have to put someone who can take a hit in the mages spell range so they will stay still and not run. I moved slowly around the map until I had Ernest left and then killed him. It is not that hard of a fight, but with so many magicians it causes you to slow down and be extremely cautious if you want no one to die. If you have been leveling up Selmer’s White Dust spell then it should have a larger range than the enemy mages if not then you will have to solely rely on the long range attackers. Try using someone that can take hits to keep the mages there and attack them with Cotton or Selmer, even Elmer if you raise him up. Chapter 14: Voice of Darkness Quests Available: Giant Egg Heist Prize: Hero Gem, Dark Fruit Rank: 3 stars The 2nd Smith Rank: 1 star Strength’s Tale Rank: 3 stars Match of Champions Prize: Captain Proof, Bullion, Pulpy Juice Rank: 4 stars Your New Units: Igraine lvl 15 Enemy Units: 6x lvl 16 Ritualist, 2x lvl 17 Mediator, Igraine lvl 15 Enemy Reinforcements: 18x lvl 14 Mediators (Can’t be killed) This is an extremely easy level. All you have to do is run ahead and kill all of the weak mages and speak to Igraine. After that, run very, very fast. The reinforcements can’t be killed so flee. Make use of any moves that will aid you in fleeing like Holy Favor if you are using Marie. There is a Sage Proof behind Igraine on the space against the wall where the three stain glassed windows are in the game. You should attempt to obtain that before speaking to Igraine. It can be done after speaking to Igraine if you use Marie’s Holy Favor. Chapter 15: Mountain Battle Quests Available: Theft of the Tithe Prize: Tiny Bullion, Tiny Bullion Rank: 2 stars The 1st Smith Rank: 1 star Hermit’s Tale Rank: 4 stars Gentleman Thief Prize: Thief Proof, Tiny Bullion Rank: 2 stars Your New Units: Shino lvl 13 (speak to her with Serdic while Marie is alive) Enemy Units: 1x lvl 12 Magician, 1x lvl 13 Magician, 2x lvl 14 Magician, 2x lvl 12 Longbowman, 2x lvl 13 Longbowman, 2x lvl 14 Linesman, 1x lvl 15 Linesman, 1x lvl 16 Linesman, 2x lvl 15 Armored Knight, 1x lvl 12 Heavy Knight, 1x lvl 13 Heavy Knight, 3x lvl 14 Heavy Knight, 3x lvl 15 Heavy Knight, 1x Chevalier lvl 16 The Chevalier and his Knights to the north, Shino and her troop to the south, and the mages on the cliffs between makes this a fun mission. Not as hard as you initially think but is pretty tough to defeat everyone while keeping all of your guys alive. The easiest way to end the mission is retreat by going south and getting Shino. You will need to use a powerful character with a large movement range like Alhambra to take out the archers and use some magic to take out the rest. Once you win the south talk to Shino and choose to retreat or fight. I use Arios and his area damage spell, then I pull him out of range with the Holy Favor spell. Chapter 16: Young Lions Quests Available: Clinical Trial Prize: Dark Fruit, Odd Fruit Rank: 2 stars The 1st Atelier Rank: 3 stars Fortune’s Tale Rank: 4 stars Isle of 30 Coffins Prize: Robber Proof, Tiny Bullion Rank: 3 star Enemy Units: 1x lvl 15 Priest, 1x lvl 16 Priest, 4x lvl 16 Chevalier, 2x lvl 16 Mounted Guard, 2x lvl 16 Linesman, 4x lvl 15 Abbey Cavalier, 5x lvl 16 Abbey Cavalier, Ernest lvl 18, Alberich lvl 18 This level is too tough to kill everyone and keep all of your people alive. You will need to aim to kill one of the Grands and fast. I move Kay, Ansom and Serdic south towards Alberich. I leave the rest to slow down the enemies to the north. I lured the knights into my range and then killed Alberich. You get the South Medal which adds 10 attack and takes away 20 defense. Ernest is a lot easier to kill. Just focus on the units to the north and use Ansom or a mage with a long range like Igraine to pick Ernest off. He gives you the Lazuli Ring which adds 6 magic. Chapter 17: Winter Storm Quests Available: Prospector Jim Prize: Tiny Bullion Rank: 1 star The 2nd Atelier Rank: 3 stars Justice’s Tale Rank: 4 stars Thief’s Farewell Prize: Robber Proof, Thief Proof, Bullion Rank: 4 stars Your New Unit: Aegil lvl 10 Enemy Units: 2x lvl 15 White Cap, 2x lvl 15 Devotee, 4x lvl 16 Devotee, 6x lvl 15 Abbey Knight, 4x lvl 17 Abby Knight, 6x lvl 16 Abbey Cavalier, 2x lvl 18 Devotee Archer,2x lvl 17 Convert, 2x lvl 18 Faith Knight, 2x lvl 17 Faith Knight Enemy Reinforcements: 4x lvl 17 Faith Cavalier, 2x lvl 18 Holy Cavalier This stage is not that hard. The snow makes it a little slower but it is still fairly easy. You must bring Marie along to get Aegil. I would bring Ansom along too because he can easily one shot the mages and archers from afar. Move Serdic towards the open door to the right. You just have to take it slow. You will just have to take it one street by one street, all the way up to the doors of the cathedral. I often use Arios or Cotton with their area damage and then pull them back with Holy Favor. Once you get past the second street reinforcements will arrive. This is when you make a mad dash for the door. Once Serdic reaches the door the level is over. I use this level to raise some of my magic users that may be behind because I can put them in the snow where the melee units can’t get to them but they can still attack. Chapter 18: Free Verona Quests Available: None Your New Units: Yumiluna lvl 15, Simon lvl 17 Enemy Units: 8x lvl 18 Abbey Knight, 2x lvl 18 Red Cap, 4x lvl 17 Red Cap, 4x lvl 16 Devotee Archer, 4x lvl 20 Armored Knight, 2x lvl 20 Arch Bishop, Uther lvl 21 Enemy Reinforcements: 2x lvl 18 Abbey Knight, 2x lvl 19 Abbey Knight This battle basically has two parts to it. The first part is a mad dash to the cell that holds Simon and Yumiluna. You need to move quick so they don’t get killed. I like to use long range spells to take out the enemies. Some of the enemies like the Abbey Knights can’t get you through the walls. Move quickly because after a few turns the reinforcements appear in the middle hallway. The second part is the battle with Uther. You will have to take out an Armored Knight on either side to get to him. In that room, there are more Armored Knights and the Arch Bishops with light spells. Uther has a light spell that will damage you. Clear out the room and get one good hit on Uther to reclaim Verona. Make sure to get Yumiluna and Simon in time because this unlocks the next mission and Serdic must speak to Yumiluna. Chapter 19: Underground Prison Quests Available: None Your New Units: Izuna lvl 16 Enemy Units: Sorry guys forgot to record this I will get it on my next play through. This battle is an extra battle you get if you have Yumiluna talk with Serdic last chapter. It is a little like last chapter where you must go and free a prisoner. Alberich must be freed. If you are choosing Path A speak to him with Serdic, while Path B you need to speak to him with Yumiluna. You should talk to Izuna with Shino to obtain her. This is basically like last chapter pretty easy. You should pick off the enemies from afar using long range spells and using characters with a large movement range. Chapter 20: Fated Hour Quests Available: None Enemy Units: Marie lvl 20 This is where you decide to go Path A or Path B. If you kill Marie you will go down the Path B side and become the Cold Emperor, while you will have to wait 4 turns to choose Path A. Pick wisely because this alters the story dramatically. ---------------Path A--------------------- (coming soon) ---------------Path B--------------------- (coming soon) 5. Characters Serdic: Description: Rescued by the true Crown Prince Serdic, he looks eerily similar to the prince. He served as a body double that no one else knew of. The true prince passed on his sword and his title when he was killed during the invasion of the capital. This Serdic is raising a force to fight the Grand Meir and take back Bretwalde. Promotions: Ch. 20 kill Marie ----- Cold Emperor Ch. 20 wait 4 turns ----- Arch Paladin Rating: 9.5/10 I believe the Cold Emperor deserves a 10 and Arch Paladin a 9. The addition of ZOC for the Cold Emperor makes Serdic essential for your plans for success. If you go the Arch Paladin route he is still good but not quite as good. Kay: Description: The younger, and I think more responsible, one of the pair of Knights of Bretwalde that escape with Serdic. He is brave and sometimes acts too quickly but his heart is in the right place. Promotions: 2 Battle Proofs and 1 Captain Proof ----- Templer 2 Battle Proofs, 1 Captain Proof and Alonso Seal ----- Paladin Rating: 6/10 He is great as a guy that has a huge movement range to start and decent attack. He is replaced later by people that can obtain the ability sprint and move farther. He will be valuable early and not useful late. Margus: Description: He is the other knight that escaped with Serdic. He is supposed to be a mentor to Kay and yet he seems to spend half his time flirting with girls that are ten years younger than him. Promotions: 2 Battle Proof and 1 Captain Proof ----- Phalanx 2 Battle Proof, 1 Captain Proof and Aegis Seal ----- Royal Aegis Rating: 7/10 He is your primary defense early on and he learns ZOC. His movement range is extremely small which makes it hard to retreat or attack for him. I feel if you take Path B then Serdic with ZOC is a ton better but if you are going Path A then he may still be useful. Selmer: Description: He was sent by his master Arios to help Serdic. He uses Ice Magic and has a twin brother. He comes from Almeria which is the city of magic users. He may be young but he has a lot of potential. Promotions: 2 Hermit Proofs and Sage Proof ----- Warlock 2 Hermit Proofs, Sage Proof and Hioh Seal ----- Rune Master Rating: 6.5/10 This guy is really under rated. His magic may not be as high as then a few of the other magic users but it is close enough. His defense is weak but he can be easily protected. The White Dust spell at its highest level has a range of eight which is pretty large. With a range like that and a little extra effort to protect him, he is okay. Sasha: Description: A loyal retainer of Ansom. She is an expert with the sword and will battle anyone that crosses Ansom. She has deep feelings for Ansom but does not really show them for fear they would be inappropriate. Promotions: 2 Battle Proofs and 1 Captain Proof ----- Sword Master 2 Battle Proofs, 1 Captain Proof and Aisu Seal ----- Blade Master Rating: 7/10 She starts out with a decent movement range and pretty high attack. Her defense is average but her HP is horrendous. She can move far and kill a lot but when she finds herself all alone and takes a hit she is done. Her OB is pretty good though. Overall she is a decent melee fighter. Marie: Description: Crown Prince Serdic’s sister is a kindhearted girl that was raised at a monastery in Verona. She has become a great healer because of that. Promotions: None Rating: 9/10 If you are going Path B do not use her. Otherwise you will probably need to use her. She is an incredible healer and has a great spell that will teleport characters to her so they are brought out of danger. She has low defense and HP so don’t let her get hit. Ansom: Description: Ansom is a childhood friend of Serdic. He is son of Emir Darsin and with his death now is ruler of the Shalem Federation. He is a confident, willful man. Promotions: 2 Hawk Proofs and 1 Hunter Proof ----- Hawk Eye 2 Hawk Proofs, 1 Hunter Proof and Palta Seal ----- Strike Ranger Rating: 10/10 Ansom is incredible. Archers are REALLY broken on this game. They can move and then strike. Ansom’s movement range grows larger on promotion so he becomes a threat to almost everything on the map. His OB is awesome too. Owl: Description: Owl was top dog of the Wise Bandits, who called themselves the gentlemen thieves. He is arrogant and seems to fall for Marie. Promotion: 2 Thief Proofs and 1 Robber Proof ----- Cutpurse 2 Thief Proofs, 1 Robber Proof and Dark Seal ----- Strider Rating: 6/10 I like Owl as a person but not as a unit in the army. He can move long distances with is Sprint skill, but his attack is really low. He gets too far ahead because of that movement range and his defense is crap so he gets killed. Cotton Description: A witch that Serdic found traveling near in Bravord. She is looking for something but apparently lost her memory so she doesn’t know what she is looking for. Promotion: None Rating: 10/10 Cotton is one of the best magic users in the game. Her magic is extremely high and her spells really pack a punch. She rides her broom and has a huge movement range that will take her anywhere. She is a machine. She can take a hit from a spell and then OHKO the other mage. Don’t let her get hit by a melee fighter though. Alhambra: Description: She is a beastwoman from a tribe that had their bodies altered to become the perfect fighters. She doesn’t like her body and wants to find a way to change it. Promotion: 2 Thief Proofs and 1 Robber Proof ----- Treasure Hunter 2 Thief Proofs, 1 Robber Proof and Rose Seal ----- Edel Raven Rating: 8/10 She is an okay fighter. Her strong points are her high attack and movement range. Her weak points are her low defense and a crappy OB. She is one of the better large movement range fighters. Rukia: Description: A thief Serdic found in a fortress. She decides to travel with him and the army to try to get Spanta, the Holy Blade, from Serdic. Promotion: 2 Thief Proofs and 1 Robber Proof ----- Lost Hiker 3 Thief Proofs and 3 Robber Proofs ----- Shadow Thief Rating: 1/10 Yes, Rukia is that bad. Her movement range is high but that doesn’t make her useful. Her attack is extremely low as well as her defense and HP. She is a hassle to raise as well because she comes so underleveled. Selmer: Description: This is Selmer’s twin brother. This is the rude, funnier brother. He uses thunder magic and is easy to anger. He respects his master Arios above anyone else. Promotion: 2 Hermit Proofs and 1 Sage Proof ----- Warlock 2 Hermit Proofs, 1 Sage Proof and Raikoh Seal ----- Rune Master Rating: 7/10 He is slightly better than his brother. His magic is higher so his spells are stronger. They have less of a spell range though. What tips the scale in his favor is the fact he has a higher movement range so he can get himself out of trouble easier. Arios: Description: He is really weird and really smart. He is the teacher of Elmer and Selmer and they both respect him. Promotion: None 2 Hermit Proofs, 1 Sage Proof and Heretic Seal ----- Rune Master Rating: 8/10 His magic is higher than the twins. He has a limited movement range like Selmer but I like his spells better. I allow him to be surrounded by enemies then I use Ignite Lore. I pull him away with Marie after that. Igraine: Description: Igraine is a member of the Order of Anrah. She is very friendly towards Serdic and uses Dark Magic. Promotion: None 2 Hermit Proofs, 1 Sage Proof, and Anrah Seal ----- Rune Master Rating: 9/10 Her magic will be close to Arios’ magic. She uses better spells though. Her Dark spells have a huge spell range. Her movement range is better than Arios as well. Shino: Description: She is a ninja from a different nation (and game). She travels with Izuna and thinks of the other ninja as a little sister. She may be hard on her at times but she cares. Promotion: None Rating: 8/10 Shino is an okay fighter. She can move and strike at long range a little like Ansom but is not as strong as him. She is still strong enough to do some damage though. She can use some magic but it is not as strong as the other mages. Her defense is pretty low. Aegil: Description: Aegil is the Pope of Verona. Serdic does not know at first and believes she is a simple nun. She is very serious about her role as a religious leader. Promotion: 2 Chism Proofs and 1 Vow Proof ----- High Priest 2 Chism Proofs, 1 Vow Proof and Virgin Seal ----- Cardinal Lord Rating: 8.5/10 She comes at a low level at that point in the game. She can easily be raised but it takes a little effort and she really isn’t better than Marie. Her magic is about the same if not slightly less. Her movement range is higher though so she can run when she is in trouble. You may want to raise her or Yumiluna if you are going to go Path B. Yumiluna: Description: She is a priestess of Verona found in the Pope’s company. She has a terrible memory. Promotion: None 2 Chism Proofs, 1 Vow Proof and Sacred Seal ----- Cardinal Lord Rating: 8.5/10 She is not as much of a hassle raising and promoting as Aegil. She does not really have the potential that Aegil has. I have found that Yumiluna might actually have higher magic but like Marie her movement range is limited making her an easy target at times. Simon: Description: Simon is a very dedicated knight of Verona. He is honorable and virtuous. He likes to listen to Marie’s stories. Promotion: None 2 Battle Proofs, 1 Captain Proof and Moret Seal ----- Chevalier Rating: (more characters and ratings on the way) 6. Items a. Usable Items Raka’s Juice ----- Slightly restores HP Pulpy Juice ----- Restores HP Akasha Juice ----- Moderately restores HP Amrita ----- Fully restores HP Moon Weed ----- Slightly restores MP Moon Dew ----- Restores MP Peach Nectar ----- Moderately restores MP Hamao Water ----- Greatly restores MP Soma Droplet ----- Fully restores MP Odd Fruit ----- Slightly reduces MC gauge Dark Fruit ----- Reduces MC gauge Taboo Fruit ----- Moderately reduces MC gauge Blessed Gum ----- Slightly increases MC gauge Holy Gum ----- Increases MC gauge Fighter Gem ----- Slightly increases OverBreak gauge Hero Gem ----- Increases OverBreak gauge Champion Gem ----- Moderately increases OverBreak gauge b. Equip able Items Amber Amulet ----- Increases Def by 2 Azure Amulet ----- Increases Def by 3 Ebon Amulet ----- Increases Def by 5 Moon Amulet ----- Increases Def by 7 Jade Amulet ----- Increases Def by 9 Coral Amulet ----- Increases Def by 11 Pure Amulet ----- Increases Def by 14 Empire Amulet ----- Increases Def by 19 Cobalt Ring ----- Increases Mag by 2 Navy Ring ----- Increases Mag by 4 Lazuli Ring ----- Increases Mag by 6 Copper Ring ----- Increases Att by 2 Iris Ring ----- Slightly increases maximum MP Aster Ring ----- Greatly increases maximum MP Mango Ring ----- Increases maximum HP Silver Ring ----- Slightly increases visibility on the field Ceramic Ring ----- Increases Mov by 1 while reducing Def by 20 South Medal ----- Increases Att by 10 while reducing Def by 20 Alert Medal ----- Prevents Dazed status effect Cherub Medal ----- Accelerates recovery from status ailments Cold Medal ----- Slightly reduces Ice damage Ice Medal ----- Reduces Ice damage Heat Medal ----- Slightly reduces Fire damage Flame Medal ----- Reduces Fire damage Lone Medal ----- Slightly reduces Thunder damage Hawkeye Medal ----- Slightly increases accuracy Dragon Medal ----- Increases accuracy Angel Medal ----- Restores HP each turn (Hope to find out some more items, email me if you wish to help in this section) 7. Contact Me If you find a problem or want to help out at all contact me. 8. Version History Version 0.5 - 6-22-08 - Have started guide. Still need to finish write up for both paths and a little more in character portion. Still need to complete item list. Hope to do this in a couple weeks. I plan to do Path B first and complete the characters section. I hope to add a couple more sections such as a skill section to show which skills are learned by who and what they do. 9. Legal Stuff This guide can not be used other than for private use and sites I have given permission to host it. Email me if you want to use the guide on another site and I will give permission but email me please. Please do not copy any of this information and use it as your own. Credit: Me - Writing the guide Gfaqs - Hosting the guide Atlus - For bringing this game to the US</p>