Chapter 1: The Last Deal 01 Warehouse Primary Objective: Fight your way to the Warehouse Secondary Objectives: Take 2 Human Shields, Defeat 26 enemies, Achieve 15% accuracy Objective: Fight your way to the Warehouse Welcome to your first action of the game. You will notice two cops coming from the right area. Stay low (click thumbstick down). Head near the car, and wait for the cops to come out. Kill them with your pistol, pressing the Right Trigger. For better, aim, and I would strongly recommend this, press the right thumbstick down. Just ahead, you will see a gate, and two cops come running out of it. Again, stay behind the car and wait for the cops to come towards you. Take them out, then run over to where they came from. There is a medical kit behind the car, which you can use, or save for later. Crouch through the gate, pressing the left thumbstick. In the next area, you will see an opening in the wooden wall. Shoot the enemy before he sees you, right through that hole. Then "Vault" over the structure pressing the B button. To our right is an alley, with an enemy running out. Kill him, and grab the medical kit in the alley if you need it. Duck over to the cover, and shoot the enemies up north. Around the corner is a medical kit, as well as two enemies. Kill them, then look high above on the balcony. Objective: Power off the electrical fence Head into the next area, where you will see the electrical fence. You cannot open the door now, because you will be electricuted. There is a cop to your left, in the corner, as well as one behind the rusted car. Kill both of them, peeking around the corner, then make a U-turn to another area. There are three cops in this area. To your left is a medical pack, if you need it. Kill the three cops, then head to the building to find a shotgun! Press the red button using the action button (B button). This will turn off the fence, which you can enter now. Objective: Get to your car Take your shotgun out, and lure the two cops as you make your way back to the fence. Shoot them up close (should be one shot kills). There will be three cops in the fence area as well. Lure them to the doorway, then go out in the opening and shoot them for a one shot kill. Once all are dead, head over to the fence, open it with the action button, and grab the medical kit. You can also climb the ladder here to get to the next level. There will be a few cops running your way as you make your way down the catwalk. Just kill them with your shotgun as they come up close to you. Head into the building and you will notice a civilian in the building. There is also a medical hit under the stairs. Grab the hostage (one of your missions) and kill the two cops in the next area. Make you way to the second hostage. Take him, to complete the mission, and kill the rest of the cops in this building. There will be some tazer cops that come rushing into the area. Just use your shotgun to take them out, and grab the medical kit in the corner, once you are finished. Head around the corner to find another cop. You can surprise him with a nice shotgun shot. You will get to a garage door. Grab the key, and use it on the lock to open the door. Then, grab the hostage and take out the two cops that are waiting outiside. There is a medical kit to the right, but do not get it yet. Head to the right, and kill the cops in the next area. I would just run in and shoot them (they are pretty well covered). Then, make your way back to that medical kit to refill your health. As you enter the alleys, you will find four cops running around the next corner. Just kill them one by one, then make your way to another corner. There will be two cops waiting. Peak around the corner and kill one by one. Then, head over to the stairs, make a U-turn and grab the much needed medical kit. Then head back to where you killed the last two cops and into your care to complete the level. 02 Apartment Primary Objective: Get to the apartment (building 4, apt. 25) Secondary Objectives: Cover up 4 tags, Defeat 25 enemies Objective: Get to the apartment (building 4, apt. 25) You only start out with a bat here, so you cannot really compete with the cops to begin with. Instead, wait for the cops to head out of the area. Make your way over to the cop speaking to the civilian at the door. Sneak up, using the crouch walk, then bat him down from behind. Take his gun, and you should be ready to go. Make your way to the right, and over to the bushes. To your left, you will find another cop. If you turn the corner, he will see you, so shoot him in the head right as you turn the corner. Head up the stairs and shoot the cop directly to the north of you. There is also a cop to your left, down the alley. Shoot him from far away, and you should be ready to go. Head back down to ground level, and bat away the window. Jump through, and grab the medical kit if you need it. Head back out and over to where you killed the last cop. Make your way to a small U-turn, with a medical kit to your left. Ignore it, unless you really need it, then head around the corner. There are three cops in this large area. Two are far away, and another will be coming from your right. Also to your right is another medical kit, which you can grab later. Once all are dead, head over to the stairs, then over to the door just to the north. Inside will be a sniper rifle (which will be very useful in a little bit). Head back outside and climb the stairs to get to the apartment. You will get a message from Shaun Calderon: he has your family as hostages. Great... Objective: Get back to your car Your car is where you started the level, so you have to head back. There will be gang members outside, which you can snipe from your window. Also, there is an AK machine gun, which you should grab once you snipe everyone. There are three cops fighting with the gang members, but both are enemies to you. To the northeast of the window is another gang member. Each time you kill one, another will come out from the door nearby. There are about three of them. Grab the AK, then head back down to ground level. If you need a medical kit, you should have some that you left before. Turn the corner and kill the gang member shooting from the window at some unkown location. Then, kill the cop around the next corner. There will be a few more gang members, until you reach those stairs that you used towards the beginning of this level. Head up the stairs and kill the cops that are below, near your car. There might be some gang members in here as well, so watch out. Once everyone is dead, and you enjoy listening to the loud boombox in the room, head down and over to your car to complete the level. 03 Downtown Primary Objective: Rob the Bank Secondary Objectives: Break the 4 ATMs, Complete the level without dieing, Defeat 25 enemies Objective: Rob the Bank So you need money to get your family back. Might as well rob a bank, right? So, to your right is a medical kit, and to your left is where you must go. There will be a cop that waits for you, so just kill him with your sawed off shotgun. The money is in this room, so grab it using the action button, and you will get a cutscene of a bunch of SWAT police breaking into the bank to try to stop you. Objective: Sneak out the back exit This objective is pretty short. But, you must kill all the SWAT police before getting to the exit. Try to lure them over to you and your buddy, then shoot them with your shotgun. If you can get to one side of the counter, you should be able to do this with relative ease. Once they are all dead, you should grab their MP guns, which reload fast, and are really powerful. Head to the right this time (grab the medical kit here if you need it), then head out the back exit. Objective: Escape to your getaway car There is a medical kit to your left, and stairs with two cops coming down, to your right. Kill both cops, and grab the medical kit. Head up the stairs and over to your left. There will be a short cutscene of a sniper. I find this rather funny because the sniper hardly can hit you, as long as you stay moving. Just head to your left, and kill the two groups of cops and SWAT cops. There will be a medical kit in the corner of this large area. Head down the stairs to your right and then watch the cutscene of the four SWAT cops that come running off the ledge. Hide behind the telephone booth. There is a medical kit to your left. Wait until the SWAT cops come towards your booth, then pop out with your shotgun and kill them. Once all four are dead, head over to the building and kill the cop that comes running out. Grab the medical kit that you saw before, if you want, then head into the building. The right is just a dead end, so head left. Turn the corner and a medical kit will be in the room at the end. Instead, head to the left and out of the building. Kill the two SWAT cops that come running from far away. Once you are able to kill those, head back and grab the medical kit. There is also a medical kit in the middle of this area. To your left, you will see 4-5 cops coming out of the area. Kill them, grab the medical kit, then head down the stairs. Go down and to the right and you will complete the mission. Chapter 2:Internal Affair 04 Culdesac Primary Objective: Locate the missing evidence Secondary Objectives: Keep rookie partner alive, Apprehend 5 felons, Achieve 20% accuracy Objective: Locate the missing evidence So, this is the part of the game where you play as the cop. You will have a rooke partner, who actually is pretty decent. He will kill some of the bad guys. There will be a few gang members up ahead, so kill them. The gang members really like to throw pipebombs, or other grenades. Kill them, and retreat for the few medical kits in the corners. Head down the path, and notice the medical kit near the car to your left. There will be about 5-6 gang members that pop out of the corner. There is also another enemy up above in the house window, so watch out. Once all are dead, you will have completed the protect the rookie partner, if he is still alive. Head down the path and notice the gap at the end. There are a few gang members in here, so be stealthy. There is also a medical kit at the end of this alley. In the larger area, there are two gang members up on the balcony. Kill them both with a few shotgun shots from far. To your right is a medical kit, which can be used later. You must go down towards the glass windows. Beware, there are tons of guys in here. Two of them will be obvious right as you enter, so kill them. More will come from the stairs on the left. If you need health, go back to that previous medical kit. Then, head up the stairs to your left, and kill the remaining gang members. Head back down to the first room and into the door on your right, opposite the stairs. Collect the drugs in this room to complete this objective. Objective: Get the evidence to Mendoza's car This time, you must head out the other side of the house. First, kill all of the gang members in the house. The majority of them are at the top, and use your shotgun in case they come from an unknown location. Head towards the door at the back of the main area. Open the door and you will see some gang members coming from ahead. Wait until they are near the door entrance, then pop out and give them a shotgun bullet each. Head out, notice the medical kit to your northwest. Behind you, on the house roof, will be two other gang members, so use a pistol or some long range weapon to kill them. Grab the medical kit, then head out into the streets. Kill the rest of the gang members, as well as the final gang member with the large rocket launcher to complete the level. 05 Club Primary Objective: Find Shaun Calderon Secondary Objectives: Apprehend 4 drug dealers, Achieve 25% Accuracy, Register 8 head shots Objective: Find Shaun Calderon Well, you start right in the club. Head out and kill the two guards that are right in front of you. One of them might be to your left. There is another enemy at the bar, so kill him as well. Instead of going up the stairs to the right, head to the left and go up those stairs. There will probably be two gang members on the dance floor, so watch out for those guys. Objective: Follow Shaun to the rooftops Head up the stairs to get to another bartender. Kill him, as well as the other gang member to the right. Continue around the area, until you reach another stairs. There is an enemy throwing pipebombs at you. Kill him, then head back down and grab the medical kit and ammo under the stairs. Head back up the stairs and you will find a door. Open it with the action button, then throw a pipebomb at the group of gang members ahead. If they all do not die, kill the rest with your gun. Head towards the triangular rooftops, where you will find several enemies at the end. Kill them from a distance, using the sharp points on the roof as cover from their shots. Once all are dead, you will notice shots from the roof to your right. Make your way back, and take the route that leads to that roof. Objective: Get to the subway Make a U-turn and grab the medical kit as well as the ammo. The enemies across the wooden bridge will throw tons of pipebombs at you, so kill them as fast as you can. There are about three of them. Head over there, and around the corner to get to another set of enemies. There is one at a distance who will try to throw a pipebomb at you. Kill him, then head right to get a medical kit, and another enemy to kill. Head over to the metal walk, and you will drop down to the area below. Kill the two gang members down here. To your left is a medical kit if you need it, then head over to the structure to the right. You can vault this area, then climb a ladder. There are a few enemies in front of the cover to the north. Kill them, then use the ladder to the left to get a medical kit above. Then, head all the way down using the ladder, to get to the ground level. You will have to kill a few more gang members, then you can get out to the open streets with the other cops. They will be shooting at several gang members, guarding the subway. Kill all the enemies, then head into the area marked the subway, and you will have beaten this level. 06 Club Primary Objective: Trap Shuan in the subway train Secondary Objectives: Free a cop, Achieve 30% accuracy, Register Defeat 24 enemies Objective: Trap Shuan in the subway train There will be a ticket counter just to the north. There is one gang member in that room, so kill him and take his gun. Then, as you move forward, you will find several gang members coming up from the stairs below. Kill all of them, and grab the medical kit at the back of this room. Then, head down the stairs. Notice the purple dot on your radar screen? This is the cop that you must save, and he is being held by a gang member. Use one of your Tear Gas cans, then head down and shoot the enemy, saving the cop. Kill the rest of the enemies down here. Head to the right to find several civilians as well as gang members. Some of the gang members will take the civilians hostage, but it really doesn't matter to you. If you kill a civilian, nothing really happens. Just kill the gang members the best you can. There is a medical kit just to your left. Head around the corner and you will find a few more gang members. Just kill them with your gun and find the medical kit in the northeast corner. Head into the first subway to get to the next area. There is a medical kit where you start. Head forward through the door, then out the next door. Kill the gang member here. Go to the right and around the corner, you will find another large room with a bridge leading to the other side. Be careful here, because there are no medical kits until you get passed this wall of gang members. Use the Raptor, if you have it. It can really kill these guys quickly, especially with head shots. Once all of them are dead, grab their ammo, and head across the bridge. There is a medical kit to the far left. More gang members will come from the last subway. Kill them, then head over to the subway to get to Shaun, beating the mission. Chapter 3 07 Tijuana Primary Objective: Find Riggs at the "Curtains Club" Secondary Objective: Tag over 4 gang tags Objective: Find Riggs at the "Curtains Club" So, we get to play as Shaun Calderon. There will be tons of enemies out of the window. Shoot them all, and grab the ammo behind the table if you need it. The enemies will start to climb the wall, but just kill them as they come down. There is a medical kit in that area as well. There will be an opening to your left with a medical kit inside. Kill the two enemies just ahead. Also, there are three enemies to your right, which can be taken out in succession. Head over to where those enemies were. Grab the molotovs from the crate up here and kill the four enemies below. You can use the moltovs if you want, or just shoot the enemies as they come. Hop down, then wait for the next two to three enemies, who will come from the alley. Kill them as they enter the area where you are, then head forward. Ignore the medical pack for now, and go up the stairs. There are about six enemies that come from the left. Kill them as they make there way into the area. If they hit you, head back to the previous medical kit and use it. Once you get to the area where you just killed the six enemies, jump down to the area below. There is an ammo box to your right, which you will probably need. Head into the alley where the guards came from. In the next area, you can grab a few grenades and kill the enemies that come from the alley ahead. You will have plenty of cover from the boxes, so if they get close, gun them down. There is a medical kit here, as well. As you make your way out of the maze of boxes, you will be ambushed by a molotov thrower. Kill him in the window, as well. There is one other guard in a window farther out, which can be killed easily. Head towards the next area through the alley. Kill the three guards behind the counter, then make your way towards another alley with two guards farther away. Around the next corner is a sniper rifle, which means enemies far out. Indeed, there are eight enemies, four on each side (left and right). They are high up, so kill each of them. Once all are dead, head forward and then to the right to grab another medical kit. Then, make a U-turn to find more police! Kill the police with your AK, and then grab their nice MPs, which reload SO much faster. Kill the rest of the enemies that come out of the club ahead, and then head into the club to complete the mission. 08 Casino Primary Objective: Find the Security Room Secondary Objectives: Rob 5 cash carts, Defeat 45 enemies, Register 12 headshots Objective: Find the Security Room You will start out in the escalator section of the casino. Of course, you will find plenty of cops right in this area, so you must use the pillers to the left as support. Hide behind them, then pop out and shoot the four cops that will come running towards you. There is also one cop at the top of the escalator, so kill him from far range. Once you head up the escalator, you will find three cops to your left, who can be killed with a few shots. If you look to your right, you will notice a bar with a medical kit behind the door. Continue left and grab the ammo in the right corner, then head left again. There are two elevators to your right, which suddenly open and reveal two cops, one from each elevator. Kill both of them in the head and continue to the next area. As you head forward, you will notice ammo and a medical kit directly in front of you. To your right are three cops. Lure them towards you by shooting, then pop around the corner and kill them. Make a U-turn to get to a new area, with a cop from above throwing pipebombs! This can be very dangerous if you start running, because there is not much health in the next few areas. Kill him as fast as you can, and never stay out in the open. Head forward and hide behind the games while 2 cops patrol towards you. Kill both of them by surprise. This next area is rather hard if you have no health, but you should have been cautious before. There are three cops in the glass windows to your left, so lure them out, and kill them one by one. Once all are dead, head into the glass room. There is nothing in here, so head into the next room, an office room. There are two cops in the back area, and will come towards the aisle of the office. Just kill them as they show themselves. The next hallway will lead you straight to the Security Room, your first objective. Objective: Collect the cash Now that you have the elevator key, you can head into the elevator, and then through a hallway. Watch out, there are four shotgun enemies in this room. Try to peek around the corner with a shotgun and shoot them one by one, with a precision aim. Then, head into the vault and collect the bag, which completes this objective. Objective: Escape with the loot Head down the hall and you will find three cops. Peek around the corners and kill all of them. Then, move to the next room and kill the next three cops. There is a medical kit in the back of this room, which is very helpful. Go into the next room for a battle with 2 more cops, then over to an area where three cops come charging though the door. Just kill them all as they make their way towards you, head into the door, and you will have completed the mission! 09 Penthouse Primary Objective: Find Saragosa and kill hims Secondary Objectives: Register 16 head shots, Defeat 32 enemies Objective: Find Saragosa and kill him Climb up the ladder in front of you and kill the cop with his back towards you. Another cop will immediately run at you, so kill him as he is running. There are 2 medical kits in each corner of the next few turns. When you get to the last turn, simply lure the guards in the back towards you, then kill them with your shotgun. There is one guard who has taken a hostage, so you can either kill him without killing the hostage (meaning you must go up close), or you can kill the hostage by just shooting from far. Head through the small camp, then to the right you will find another enemy. Make your way through the small gate to the right. You will end up in a pool area, with one cop patrolling in front of you. Kill him, then wait for the two other cops to come running from the back. Just take them out from far, or lure them towards you. Head to the second pool area. There is one guard on your right, who can easily be taken out. Then, head into the small structure with a medical kit on the right, and a shower on the left. There will be SEVERAL guards coming through the doors if you can lure them. You can take out about 7-8 guards right in the entrance, which is very helpful in terms of your next objective. Head out and move to the right to find two more cops running towards you. Kill them and make a U-turn to the front of the house that Saragosa owns. There are tons of guards on the top and bottom level. First, from the outside, throw some pipebombs to kill a few upper level guards. Then, lure some lower level guards to the entrance to the house, then shoot them. There is a medical kit through the first window of the house. Head into the house (medical kit in the room on the right). Make your way up to the top of the area and kill the remaining guards. One guard will drop a key to the next room on your left. Head through that door to find three guys with shotguns. You might want to use some Molotovs in that room, just in case. Then, grab the key card that the other guard drops, then head through the next room to find Saragosa. Give him one shot in the face and he is dead. Chapter 4: Liberation 10 Prison Primary Objective: Open door to Cell Block As Secondary Objectives: Protect Lazarus, Defeat 36 enemies Objective: Open door to Cell Block A The first area is a large grid. You will get plenty of support from your fellow inmates, as well as Lazarus, the person whom you are protecting (if you choose to complete that mission). There are two cops, so first grab the key card as well as a police baton on the ground to kill one cop. Then grab his 9mm and kill a second cop. To get out of this area, head east outside the door to get to another riot. This riot contains several helpers on your part, as well as their part. There are about four cops on the ground level, which will still pretty easy to deal with. Head around the corner and grab the medical kit behind the stairs if you need it, then head up the stairs and head back. There will be a few more cops that greet you up here, but once you kill them, you get a MP! This will be your chance to beat some bullies. The next area has a few guards, so I would suggest throwing a pipebomb in the small area to catch the cops on fire, then shoot them down and collect the MP ammo. You should now head left and grab the SWAT sniper for use in a bit. Head back and into the next door (you have not gone through yet). A short cutscene will come up, and snipers are high above. Just snipe them with your new gun, then change weapons and kill the police on the ground. Head around to the next area where you will find two cops in an opening. Peek around the corner and shoot them one by one. Head through. There are three cops in this area, so you can use your shotgun to kill them. This is one large grid, with a few ammo boxes and medical kits in random rooms. In the very back central room, you will find the warden key. Once you grab it, head through the door in the back of this room. Fight against a few more enemies, about 5, within the next two rooms. Head into the green marker which represents the exit of this level. 11 Mall Primary Objective: Find Dr. clothing stores Secondary Objectives: Break into 5 ATM machines, Complete level without dieing Objective: Find Dr. clothing store This is probably the hardest level, because it is sort of long, and pretty difficult. Of course, there is only one more level after this, so it makes good sense. Anyway, head out of the small tunnel and kill the two cops in the large area. There is a medical kit in the far area of this room. Also, grab the shotgun and kill the three cops to your left. Use the peek method, as usual, to kill them. Once you enter a larger area, you will notice the glass above shattering, and SWAT cops above. Use your guns to kill them, but first, focus on the cops on the ground. They will cause the most damage. Once they are dead (2 cops), kill the third cop above. Head left into the book/magazine store. Vault over the rows of books to find a good hiding spot, then pop up and kill the cops. As you head to the next area, you will find a medical kit as well as three cops that will be patrolling around two corners. Head through the metal gate to find more mazes of corners. At each area you will find SWAT cops. They are easy one shot kills if you have the shotgun, so surprise them around the corners and kill them (3 cops). To your left, in the corner, you will find a medical kit. Then, head down the ramp leading to the next area. In here, you will find a bunch of cops, around three, that come charging into the store that you are in. Kill them, and grab the medical kit in the center aisle if you need it. Head out into the larger room, and the glass will shatter again, revealing more SWAT cops. To your left is an ATM machine. Head into the store and kill two more easy cops that patrol the store. Make your way to the back and into the dressing rooms to complete this objective. Objective: It's payback time; kill Mendoza This next area is rather difficult if you don't know where to go. First of all, you will see a cutscene of Mendoza and her police crew guarding the stairs. All you have to do is kill Mendoza and the level is over. So, kill the SWAT members on the middle stairs, but quickly make your way to the top of the area. There are medical kits all around this area, so grab them as you need them. There is also tons of cover areas, so use them. Don't focus so much on killing SWAT team members unless they are getting close to you. Instead, focus on killing Mendoza, the woman with a pistol. Once that is achieved (about 5 shots), you will have completed this level. 12 Hacienda Primary Objective: Serve Shaun some justices Secondary Objectives: Find 5 secret stashes, Defeat 36 enemies Objective: Serve Shaun some justice Ok, this last level is pretty fun. I have to admit, though, the level is not very hard, but the last boss battle with Shaun is rather difficult. Overall, the difficulty of this game is pretty challenging, unless you use Easy, which still poses a difficult final boss. Head into the garden maze to find a few enemies. You will have a SAW machine gun, which is really slow at reloading, but you have plenty of bullets in each clip. Kill all the enemies in the central area, towards the statue. There is ammo on the right path. Make your way to the left to find a new door, with a medical kit and some ammo. Lure some of the enemies outside the next door into the room, then kill them as they enter. This next area is huge, but it makes the SAW more powerful. Hide behind the large central fountain. This will give you good cover from the LAW shooters, which are like Bozookas. Kill the enemies from far away, and when they come running towards you, you will have plenty of time to notice and shoot them in the head. Once all are dead, head right at the back of this area. Move along to the next area, picking up the LAW if you want. Kill the LAW shooter directly to the right and up. There is also a distanced enemy straight ahead. Directly to your left is a medical kit, which you should save until later. Moving right, you will notice a few more of Shaun's gang come attacking you. Just mow them down, and head over to the right to find ammo and a medical kit on the two rocks in this area. The house is obviously right in front of you, so head up the stairs and over to the left. Head through the door into the pool area and kill the enemies running from the right. Pick up a shotgun (you will really want this, trust me). Head right and kill the three enemies in the entertainment room. Behind the counter is a medical kit as well, if you want to use it. Just so you know, when you enter the next room, you cannot return anywhere, so grab ammo and health. In this next room, a bunch of enemies will come down from the upper level and try to kill you. Shoot them for a while. If you need health, grab it straight in front of you. After a while, a LAW shooter will come in. Kill him quickly, then head into the next area. This is the final stretch of the game. Simply run down the hall and you will find ammo and one last medical kit if you need it. Continue to the end of the area to spark another cutscene with Shuan and his crew. There are a few medical kits in this area, which I should point out before continuing. One is in the center fountain, one is in the back lower level, one is in the left upper level, and one is in the corner directly to your right as you start. Now that you have those locations, quickly head to the back of the lower level and kill all the enemies that come chasing you from upstairs. Some will throw pipebombs, so watch out! If you need health, grab one medical kit, but try not to waste your health. After the intitial wave of enemies are dead, simply go towards the fountain and lure some enemies towards the front of the staircase. Try to use your shotgun to kill them. You should be able to kill about 3-4 of them this way. Also, you should have three pipebombs, which are nice if you throw them high into the air. This will usually kill 3-4 enemies upstairs as well. Now, if you need a medical kit before heading upstairs to take on Shaun, grab one. Once you are upstairs, you will notice several pillers on each side of Shaun, so use them to your advantage. Hide from Shaun, then pop out and shoot him. He is about 7-8 hits with the shotgun, so use this strategy to kill any of the remaining men. There is a medical kit on the couch to your left as well, so use that if you need it. It might take you a few tries to beat this guy, but I can assure you, each time you will get better and you will eventually beat Shaun. Once he is dead, you can watch the final cutscenes of the game. Weapons Hanguns 9mm Semi-Auto .357 Cal .44 Auto Raptor Rifles/Shotguns/Automatic Weapons Shotgun Sawed-off Shotgun MP Silenced Sub-Machine Gun AK Assault Rifle SAW Machine Gun Sniper Rifle SWAT Sniper Rifle Bombs Concussion Grenades Flash Grenades Tear Gas Canister Pipe Bomb Molotov Streat Weapons Baseball Bat Tire Iron Baton Knife Stun Gun</p>