FAQ/Walkthru for Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. by Doug Elder, aka AchtungNight Foreword: Welcome to my latest FAQ. This is for Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. In this game, you are a young graffiti artist seeking to leave your mark on the 1984-esque city of New Radius. I really liked this game a lot, though it took a while for me to save up the money to afford it and then complete it. As with all my FAQs, this one was written while playing the game- which is truly the best way to write a walkthru IMO. I hope this FAQ helps you play the game and you enjoy the read. If you play the game, please remember not to copy it in real life. Vandalizing, destroying, or defacing public, commercial, or private property in the manner depicted in the game is illegal in most jurisdictions and always has the potential to make people upset, so it may not be a good idea. Unless of course you draw a interesting or inspiring picture of some kind. Then it's art, not vandalism. That's my opinion. Before we start, a few disclaimers. First, this FAQ was written for the PS2 version of the game. All herein may or may not apply to other versions. The game is rated M for Mature- no impressionable children or close-minded A-Dolts here please. :) Second, this FAQ contains SPOILERS. You are warned. Third, this FAQ is my property and may only be posted on GameFAQs and any other site that requests my permission first via email (it will be granted, don't worry, you have but to ask). All feedback, questions, and so on should be emailed to DougElder21@yahoo.com. Fourth, I do not use game cheats other than Gameshark devices when I play. Therefore I know nothing about cheats for the game. Please don't ask me. You can send all other questions and contributions of additional content (which are vastly appreciated) to me at DougElder21@yahoo.com. Fifth, I am not going to review the game herein other than to say that I really liked it and enjoy playing it. Good points include the awesome graphics, terrific soundtrack, wonderful voice acting, classic gameplay, and well-written story. There are a few bad points, but if you play with an open mind they won't matter that much. Read the reviews for the game to find out about some of them. Sixth, this FAQ is mainly for the game story, not for the bonuses- though I did try to cover as much of those as I could within the main walkthru. If you want to know about the game's extra features, check them out for yourself. You may also want to check out the Limited Edition for a lot of behind-the-scenes on the game- I missed that unfortunately, so I don't know what's on there. Good stuff, I've heard. :) Finally, let me give a shout-out to all the people who have brought joy and inspiration to my life, especially Lisa and Ben. You two helped me find this game and cheered me on while I completed it and then wrote this document. For that I will be forever grateful. Thanks to the folks at Atari, the Collective, Foundation9, and Ecko United for making a cool game and to CJayC and company for putting up GameFAQs (first site to feature this walkthru) and to all the fans for keeping this industry alive. Thanks also to all real-life graffiti artists, who have made their hobby such an interesting thing. One last quick note- being a middle class white kid from the suburbs of Texas, I really don't know much about grafitti or hip-hop culture other than what the media has told me and the fruits of my lifelong healthy interest in them. Therefore if I get stuff wrong in here or offend people, I apologize in advance. Feel free to correct me constructively via email. I am trying my best to remain neutral and satirical- I really appreciate all the positive aspects of these cultures, and that is the main reason I wrote this FAQ. Hopefully y'all will forgive the stuff I get wrong or portray poorly and not hate me. If you don't, well, I must warn you- like Trane, I practice jeet kune do. :) That said, let us begin. ****** Contents: 1. Dedication and Version History. 2. Game Story and Cast. 3. Explanation of Basic Controls. 4. Items Listing. 5. The Missions- Walkthru. 6. Final Thoughts. ****** 1. Dedication and Version History. I dedicate this game to any person out there who has turned graffiti into an interesting thing by using it to broadcast a message. This includes every real-life graffiti artist who appeared in the game and any painter, cartoonist, sculptor, inker, tracer, colorist, animator, or artist out there period. Special mention to my favorite graffiti artists who did not appear in the game- El Barto, Jenny (call her for a good time at 867-5309), Evelyn from The Shape of Things, and Michelangelo. Let me also give a shout-out to all the people who have painted murals in my fair hometown, the great city of Austin, TX. Keep up the good work, y'all. Note- it does not include anybody who makes graffiti just to do vandalism or makes graffiti that is not appreciated by the average observer. That sort of graffiti is just plain uncool. I do not encourage or condone any form of it. Just my opinion, okay? 6/17/06 Version 1.0- Complete game walkthru, with just about all the bonuses and secrets included. Enjoy, y'all! 7/11/06 Version 2.0- Updated to reflect additional bonuses discovered upon replay. Also fixed spelling error (thanks Myles Jennings!). 8/23/06 Version 3.0- Final version. All the bonuses I could find and confirm in the game are in this one. If you had the skill to get more, I welcome you to do so and write your own tips on acquiring them. I regret not being able to do it myself. Thanks much to all who emailed me additional content and error corrections (I kept no record of the names). 10/2/06 3.1- Confirmed one additional bonus thanks to Smallz and his emails. Appreciate you, friend. 10/7/06 3.5- Thanks to Smallz, several more bonuses were confirmed and added. Thanks, man. 2. Game Story and Cast. In the game, you are a young street kid looking to become a legendary graffiti artist. To do this, you will have to learn from the best talents in the world. Thankfully many of them have come to train you in your home city, the great metropolis known as New Radius. This vast urban ghetto has long been a center of the graffiti industry. It also contains a high level of crime and poverty, but that comes with the territory, so you best get used to it. Unfortunately for you, the city is being run by a new mayor who is looking to seriously clean things up in the style of George Orwell's 1984. If you have not read that classic novel, do so. It will make your life more interesting, I guarentee. Basically, the city now has security cameras all over the place and Gestapo troopers prowling around looking to savagely beat down anybody who tries to rebel. That includes you of course. :) Your eventual purpose in the game is to launch a campaign of not-so-quiet desperation against the Mayor and his associates. It will not be an easy task, but hey, nothing worth it ever is, right? Best of luck, man. You will need it. A healthy level of skill in stealth, combat, acrobatics, and painting will also be helpful. So will street cred. Cast: Here are the characters in the game. The Good Guys- Coltrane "Trane" Crowley: This is you, dude. You are a resourceful street kid who happens to have a natural athletic ability, skilled martial arts know-how, and a sixth sense for danger and drama. Your goal in life is to follow in your father's footsteps by becoming a graffiti legend. Your old man suffered a mysterious death before you hit puberty, so you also want to uncover the truth and avenge him. In the beginning, you have to flee your home to follow your dreams. The streets will be unforgiving, as is their nature. You start out as a toy, but your skills quickly develop, and by the end of the game, you are a legend. Your techniques and tools become mature and varied, and your art is as classical as anything in history. You gather friends and start your own gang, the Still Free Crew (great name!). You also make a lot of enemies, but hey, them's the breaks. :) Trane is voiced by Talib Kweli, a well-known black rapper/actor who is also the CEO of Blacksmith Music. Kudos to Talib for his great acting and to Marc Ecko and all the game's writers for some of the most awesome character development I have ever seen in a video game (mind you, this is coming from a fan of Final Fantasy and MGS). Tina: This gal is the game's hot chick, a doll who comes to greatly respect and admire Trane over the course of the game. So Trane hopes anyway. At the start of the game, she's with a loser jerk, but by the end her taste improves- again, so Trane hopes. :) She is voiced by Rosario Dawson, an amazing actress who has starred in such films as Josie & the Pussycats, Rent, The Rundown, and Sin City. Decoy: A veteran graffiti artist who mentors Trane once our hero comes to his attention. Decoy has been on the streets a long time and knows their secrets. He also knows some of the truth about Trane's father. Veteran TV actor Sean Squire lends his voice to this role. RL Graffiti Legends: Over 50 real-life graffiti masters make cameos in the game to help Trane out. They include Cope2, who teaches you about tagging the subway system; Futura, who introduces you to your black book (portfolio for the uninitiated); Sheperd "Obey" Fairey, who teaches you about wheatpasting and graffiti in advertising (you may be familiar with his Andre the Giant sticker); SEEN, who teaches you to make large pieces; SMITH, who teaches you about high places and sneaking; and TKid, who shows you how to do murals. There are also many others who appear via their art and influence alone. I'll list them in the walkthru. All artists voice themselves. Kry1: After being saved from a beatdown early on in the game, this kid becomes Trane's unofficial sidekick. He cheers our hero on throughout the game and backs him up on occasion. Giovanni Ribsi, a character actor known for his work in TV and film, provides the voice. White Mike: This big albino isn't much of a writer, but he does become a friend to Trane and provide some much-needed physical support. He is easy to bug and hard to miss. Great black comedian Charlie Murphy provides the voice. Karen Light: The numero uno reporter of New Radius and the game's other hot chick besides Tina. For all your news needs, Look to the Light! :) She provides an unbiased exposure of Trane's quest to the city and will be a good friend to you. Brittany Murphy, an actress known for her work in Sin City, King of the Hill, and and numerous teen dramas, voices Karen. Stake: This dude leads the Wrong Way Assassins, a street gang that is known for tagging the highways and skyscrapers of the city. He will be a friend to Trane by the time you meet. His gang dresses in black and are known for their ninja tactics. Hip-hop MC RZA is the voice. Grandma Celia: Another veteran of stage and screen, Eileen Galindo, voices Trane's grandmother, who has raised him since his father died. Like Tina, she spends most of the game worrying about our hero. The Bad Guys- Vandals of New Radius: This is the biggest gang in town, also known as the VaNR. They are known for wearing orange and blue, revering the local basketball team the Stunners (especially #33, Van D'Allister), and putting tags all over the place. They are very protective of their territory and will serve as Trane's first opponents as he tries to make his mark on the city. They come in various skins, but two types predominate. The first is Punks, who are basic fighters, and the second is Brutes, who are big bruiser types. Trane will have to take on many of both in early levels. Gabe: This boy leads the Vandals of New Radius. He is a veteran tagger who develops a semi-friendly rivalry with Trane. They're foes, then friends. What happens after that? Well, play the game, okay? :) Gabe is also Tina's boyfriend- uh oh. He is voiced by hip-hop star Michael Berrin. Dip: This preppie dude is Gabe's numero uno enforcer and a serious subway bomber. He also knows how to use a belt in some very painful ways. Voiced by Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, another bigtime hip-hop star. Spleen: Gabe's numero dos enforcer, a tough Dominican who uses a machete and mutts to hurt people. Jeff Garcia voices this clown. Mayor Miguel Sung: The mayor of New Radius and your main opponent. This guy is very corrupt and anti-graffiti. He dedicates himself to reviving and rebuilding New Radius, but truly he just wants power. He is responsible for all the Gestapo troopers on the streets, the security cameras watching your every move, and the death of Trane's father. Truly a nasty man. Great character actor George Hamilton is voicing this mook. Shanna Ray: The Mayor's personal troubleshooter. One heck of a lethal lady. Voiced by Manao DeMuth. Sung Agents: These black-suited thugs carry pistols and will shoot at Trane with them. Be cautious- they are accurate and highly trained. They also know martial arts and employ them against you. The CCK: These guys are Sung's police goombahs and will be Trane's most frequent nemeses. They come in two colors- orange and the stronger silver. They wield both nighsticks and high-powered rifles. CCK will also shoot at you from spotlight towers and helicopters- these can't be taken out. Beware of them in any form, and fight back with your skills in stealth, graffiti, and martial arts. Chief Will Hunt: The head of the CCK. Voiced by Adam West, a great character actor best known for playing Batman in the 1960s. The Vandal Squad: A special unit of the CCK specifically targeting graffiti artists. They wield stun batons and are known for disguising themselves as homeless people. Aunt Beth: A notorious drag queen member of Vandal Squad who is known for her creative tactics. She is voiced by Andy Dick, a great comedian and actor. Workmen, Janitors, and Security Guards: These guys are trying to build, clean up, and generally maintain what you're trying to "deface," so naturally they're your enemies. They will come after you using the tools of their trades as improvised weapons. Watch out! Dogs: Vicious guardian beasts trained to attack the unsuspecting. Kick them down, Trane! Butchers: These guys staff the meat-packing plant that is the hideout for the VaNR gang. They will be among Trane's foes when he infiltrates that area. Dom: The foreman of the butchers. Civilians: These include businesspeople, bums, and other average citizens of New Radius who will not interfere directly in your quest but serve mainly as background. Be aware that they may call the CCK if they see you committing crimes. Otherwise they serve mostly as comic relief characters. The Ugly Guys: I think I've already covered plenty of those. :) 3. Explanation of Basic Controls. This game gets honorable mention for mixing together a variety of styles. Combat, platform, sneaking, navigation, and a suprisingly unique graffiti system. All are both challenging and easy to learn fast. The game does most of the teaching for you, so I will only cover a few basic tips for each aspect here. Combat- The game uses a martial arts system that includes punches, kicks, throws, blocks, and spin dodge maneuvers. You are strongly encouraged to become familiar with them all. Most of them come from Jeet Kune Do, an excellent freeform school of martial arts founded by Bruce Lee and practiced by many great fighters. Special tactics you want to make frequent use of include combos, sneak attacks, and improvised weapons- which can be thrown or swung. You also have a skills meter with which you can add more power to your blows. I'll cover this in greater detail as we get into the walkthru. Platform- The game encourages you to place your marks in hard-to-reach places, so you'll be doing a lot of jumping, shimmying, climbing and general acrobatics. Be on the lookout for places where you can employ these skills in the urban environment. You will use them to get bonuses and to progress. Sneaking- You don't want to be seen vandalizing the city, right? Therefore you will need to use some stealth. Make use of shadows to put your marks up and take down the enemy. Hold L1 for Sneak Mode. Almost any enemy in the game can be sneaked around if you're good enough- I tend to prefer combat, but that's just me. There's no radar, but you can still do nice stuff with sneaking. Read the walkthru or play the game to find out what. Navigation- Trane can look around the city in first-person view and spot places to put his art. Look for orange Xs (main objective Primary Graffiti Spots), blue Xs (Bonus Spots), and white Xs (Freeform Challenge spots). Trane can also spot security camera viewcones, enemies, and climbable objects. Hit L2 to enter this mode. Use it often to find the places you need to hit. Graffiti- This is easy to do, yet very challenging. Hold R1 to enter graffiti mode. You can then use a variety of tools- spray paint, etchers, rollers, wheat paste, posters, and all sorts of other cool stuff. The game creates the shapes for you, you just have to fill them in with the buttons and left analog stick. Be sure to watch where you're painting- you want to fill in enough color so you see a good picture but you also want to avoid drips- those annoying spots that appear when you put too much paint on a certain area. You get bonuses for size (Go Big), putting graffiti over rival taggers' graffiti (Go Over), applying it quickly (Time), applying it without messing up (No Drips), and applying it in high places (Heaven Spot). Being stealthy when you do it is also a good idea, as you are very vulnerable when putting your mark up and if enemies see you they will come after you. Also be aware that you can use your tools in combat as well as graffiti-making. A paint roller makes a decent club, spray paint blinds enemies, and there are other great tactics too. I'll cover some of them in the walkthru. Practice Graffiti a lot and become familiar with all the methods- every one has different yet similar controls. The Game Score- This is also known as Rep, and will be built up as you complete objectives and collect bonuses. You will get a rank on a list that includes Toy, Tagger, Writer, Bomber, Artist, Legend, and eventually All-City King. I'm not going to list all the ranks here, as it was too time-consuming, but they do make the game more worth it. :) 4. Items Listing. Graffiti Gear- This will be given to you as you progress through the game. It includes spray paint, posters, rollers, glue, and etching devices. Note that your ammo for each is limitless. This is good, because you use it all so much. :) Soda- This is your Life-Restorer. Health in a can. One can, one bar back on your meter. Pick up a Six-Pack to fully recharge your life. Bonus Markers- These include red Ecko symbols and silver ipods. Collect them for bonus rep and to unlock extra tunes on the soundtrack. There's also fanny packs (which add bars to Skills or Health meters) and Gold Montana Spray Cans (which add extra paint pressure). Another bonus you can get is the digital camera icon- activate these to get extra pages in your Black Book. Weapons: These include boards, pipes, trash can lids, basketballs, and all sorts of other improvised tools for taking down your foes. Be on the lookout for them and use them well. Some weapons may be found by smashing objects in the environment. Be aware that nearly all weapons will break eventually, so wisely place your swings. 5. The Missions- Walkthru. Okay, let's turn the game on. You are Trane, an aspiring young graffiti artist sickened by the tyranny of his local city government and looking to live out his dreams. Right now you are a lone wolf, with nary a friend in the world and not much of a life expectancy. But you will show your doubters. You will become a graffiti legend, like your father before you. You will also learn the truth about your father's death and pay back his killers. Not only that, you will bring down the evil despot who controls New Radius. Good enough for you? :) The game's opening demos and menu will bring on the basic feel. Be aware that an auto-save and checkpoint system with unlimited continues is in effect, so you don't need to worry about saving. You can also skip cutscenes- sometimes you should but mostly you shouldn't if you want to get the complete story. The opening menus are unique in that they resemble a subway station. Go ahead and select New Game or Load Game, then pick your file, and enter the car to open your main listing of options. Now the first multi-option menu pops up. Visit the Options menu first and be sure to turn on subtitles for a full gaming experience and make whatever other adjustments you prefer to the controls, audio, gameplay, etc. Be aware you can put in some codes as cheats here- again, I am not covering those, but you can easily find them on the Net if you know where to look. They may even be on the same site where you found this walkthru. Next, check out the stats listing and the unlocks. The latter are some extra features that open when you get a high enough score. They include concept art, new graffiti batches and combat moves, and some excellent bonus beatdown levels that you can do two player co-op on (one arena to start, play as Trane or Gabe, more will be added later). Play these out at your leisure as they open up. You can also view some in-game movies and behind the scenes stuff here. I won't say much about them- explore for yourself, okay? :) Also available is the Black Book, Trane's portfolio. Here you can look at his many graffiti pieces- including murals (spraycan concept art), roll-ups (paint roller graffiti), throw-ups (more spray art, big bombers mostly), wheat-pastes (ads attached with glue), and wildstyles (original etchings and bonus spray art). You can also see freeform stuff- stickers, marker tags, aerosol tags, stencils, and posters. As you progress through the game you can also add legendary graffiti souvenirs and info on artists to the bonus "Legends" section. You can view the game credits here too. Okay, enough playing around. Let's start the revolution. *Missions* Act I: "Before They Were Silver, We Were Gold" This is an obvious reference to the present and past of New Radius. In the past, the city was a haven for graf artists but now it is a tight security community and dangerous place for them. Silver is the present, Gold the past and (one hopes) the future. In this act we are introduced to the game's basic story and main characters. We get to see some of the history of graffiti art and start contributing to that history ourselves. We also get trained hard and fast on all the various forms of gameplay. It's a great series of intro levels. Chapter 1: "Welcome to New Radius" Intro to the city, taking place in the ghetto. See Trane dream and get ready to fulfill his visions. Location #1: "Grandma Celia's" Each level covers a different neighborhood of the city. I will go through the level start to finish covering as much as I can. If I miss something (and I very well may) please let me know via email. Your content will be added and you will be credited, I guarentee it. I will close each level with a listing of all bonuses so you may tally what you got. You are encouraged to replay the level if you miss something. (+ indicates I got all bonuses, -# is number I missed.) Be aware that you can select graffiti from your Black Book at the start of each mission and access options from the Pause Menu. You can also check your stats from the Pause Menu to see how you're stacking up on collecting bonuses (note- only Legends and Secrets will not reset when you replay a level). The first level opens with a cutscene of Trane leaving his boyhood home to pursue his fantasy of becoming a graffiti artist. His grandma, Celia, is not pleased. She's worried he'll end up dead and infamous like his father. But she lets him go anyway since he's determined. You also get a bird's eye view of people protesting the Mayor's new campaign of peace, love, and Gestapo tactics. Listen to the comments and watch the scene. Then start the action. Most of your controls don't function just yet, but they will be activated as you progress. Be aware that the civilians around you at the beginning are not dangerous. I will cover enemies as you come to them. To begin, head along the balcony and keep your eyes peeled. You have three meters on top of the screen. Red is Health and you want to keep it high. Blue is Skills and will slowly regenerate when not in use. It adds power to your punches and kicks and is consumed by attacking. Orange is Rep and fills up as you gather the level's points. When it gets close to full, you are close to completion. Keep watch on these. Note in your inventory you have an etching marker and some stencils, neither of which are really useable yet. Get used to moving and jumping about. You will soon spot your first enemy- a VaNR Punk tagging the wall. You also get your first objective- Find a Way Out of the Apartment Complex. Easy enough. :) You can stencil your name on the walls just about anywhere if you want (enter Graffiti Mode and put it down) but only doing it in key spots will earn you rep. I will point out those spots, don't worry. For now, follow the VaNR punk up and along the pipe, getting some shimmying and climbing tutorials in the process. When you get over the pile of debris, you have your first violent encounter- there's no avoiding this, sorry. Trane now has good cause to hate the VaNRs, so let's tag our first piece. Simply approach the indicated wall and go through the tagging tutorial. All you have to do here is enter Graffiti Mode and press a button to put your name down over the VaNR Punk's tag. Easy breezy, no time limit, no drip potential. It only gets worse from here on. :( Freeform Challenge complete. Let's follow that Punk now. Note the soda can beside the door he went through. Grab that to recharge your health. You will meet two VaNR Punks in the courtyard- the dude you followed, and a friend of his. Follow the on-screen instructions to get over the railings and down to meet the first Punk. The second one flees for now. You get a combat tutorial on blocking, punching, and kicking. Be aware that the Punk can both hit you with his fists and throw rocks at you, so you will want to be on your guard. The Bum who's also in this area is harmless, but you will want to stay clear of his burning trash barrel. Pay attention to the on-screen tips on using combos and power moves to break blocks, bust out of grapples, and keep enemies on their toes. Take the Punk out once you have the chance (his life meter appears above his head and will become vulnerable once you complete the tutorials). Be careful of grapples and enemy combos- hit the foe hard repeatedly to break these. Also keep dodging, and stay near the Soda so you can grab it if necessary. At the end of the fight, the CCK starts buzzing the area in a chopper looking to enact a curfew. Trane will of course be violating that. :) Let's look around this area. First jump up to the level above where the Punk was tagging and grab the Ipod Secret. See that pipe the other Punk ran up? Climb it, ignoring the spotlights and PA broadcasts. They're not a danger this first time you face them. You get some more tips on using ledges to ascend, and when you reach the top, a crouching tutorial. Hold L1 to crouch and move down the alley. You just beat the level. If you got most of the level's Rep, you should now have your first Unlock move, the Roll Kick Insult. Check your Unlocks List for how to use this move- we'll get a tutorial on Insults soon. Primary Graffiti- 0 Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 1 + Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 1 + Location #2: "Trane's Hood" Trane continues to chase after the VaNR Punk who assaulted him, heading out of his apartment building and into his home turf. The enemy starts to come out in force now, and we get more skills too. Be on your toes, grasshopper! You get a tutorial on descent now, and on doing freeform while hanging on ledges. Yes, it is possible! :) Head down to the ground and listen to the conversations. You will climb on pipes and, as you near the bottom, ivy. When you reach the big pipe near the ground, jump down and grab the Ipod, then climb back up the pipe and jump over the fence to grab the telephone pole across from you. See the ivy-covered wall to the right of this pole? Turn around and jump to it, then climb up to the niche in the wall here. You'll find the area's second Secret- an Ecko Rhino. Drop out of the niche to ground level when you're done. You are now in the common garden. A harmless Bum and our quarry are waiting. The latter continues to flee. Be aware you can climb up the pole behind you to get back over the fence (no need to do this, just FYI). Head up the wall after the Punk, staying clear of the burning trash barrels. If you get caught on fire, use the roll button to put out the flames and grab the soda if necessary. You get more tips on moving in the environment and surmounting obstacles. Keep following the on-screen instructions and go the way the Punk went. You soon get a scene where you see several VaNR punks (not your quarry, don't worry) being busted by the CCK. Stay clear of these guys- they will try to arrest you! For now, it's easy to avoid them. Sneak over to that van of theirs. This vehicle is the level's Freeform Challenge. Tag it with 8 Stencils to earn Rep. You can do this easily without getting spotted. Be aware that Stencils placed on top of each other don't count- all 8 must be in different spots. Move the left analog stick up and down, and move back and forth to alter your site of placement. You can get all 8 marks on the same side- I recommend this. You also get tips on changing your marks' sizes and colors (not necessary but fun!) and using inventory. Stay out of sight and work quickly, my good man. The CCK Guard here (only one on your side of the fence, the others are not an issue) won't move unless provoked, so as long as you stay away from him and keep quiet, you're cool. If the CCK Guard does come after you, beat him down the same way you handled the Punk earlier. Just watch out for his nightstick (which you can't get after beating him :P) and arrest grapples (again, rapid hits get you free). You may not be able to kill him at this stage, so keep your distance and be quiet (crouch to move). When you're done stenciling, grab the Bolt Cutters beside the van. The Bolt Cutters are a useful tool for breaking open any chained gates in Trane's path. You get a tutorial on using them. Note- each pair can only be used within its respective level. Cut through the chain on the gate and follow the fleeing Punk. The CCK Guard will not follow you through the gate, so if you're having trouble with him, get away quick. When you jump down into the courtyard, another Punk comes after you. Time to learn some new moves. Follow the tutorials on grappling and pummeling held enemies. Next you learn how to throw enemies into walls (VERY useful) and use insult moves to stun foes (punch and kick both available, do punch to end the lesson). A second Punk joins the fight after the tutorial. Take these clowns out using all your skills mastered so far. I recommend moving around a lot, employing throws, and concentrating on each foe one at a time. When they're both down, grab the soda and approach the sewer grate. Follow the tutorial to open it and head inside. Level completed. Primary Graffiti- 0 Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 1 + Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 2 + Location #3: "The Pool Yard" Ok, time to enter the area of your hood where the most artists hang out. The pool is long drained, and the area's gone to seed, but there's a lot of graffiti to look at. Just about every legend in the city has something on display here. You can copy some of it and add your own. Learn from the old masters. :) Unfortunately, this area is also where you meet the game's first boss, White Mike. Yeah, he becomes your friend later, but right now he is a danger to Trane. He's tagging the yard, Trane doesn't like his style, they trade insults, and then it is on! Thankfully, Mike's actually pretty easy to beat. Break out of his unavoidable opening grapple (tutorial) and then pummel him like you have previous foes. Pay attention to the evasion tutorial- you will want to quickly master this skill. You also learn about lock-on and using weapons. The latter are excellent for pounding foes. One club and two six-packs are here to help you. You can get three more clubs by breaking the benches. Avoid Mike's grapples and charges, keep whaling on him till he falls. Now you get his Spray Paint and learn to use Intuition (aka Tag Vision). Look at new areas in this mode whenever possible and be alert for orange, blue, and white Xs. Those are where you want to tag. Orange Xs must be completed to finish the mission, while blue and white are extra. Get them all for serious Rep. Approach the graffiti Mike drew and enter Graffiti Mode. Time for a spraying tutorial. Hit your mark, avoid drips, and work quickly but well. This is a matter of personal skill, so I'm going to give tips more than tell you how to do it. For now you only have the narrow spray option. Most areas take two to three coats to get the marker right- watch the fades and if you see the paint start to smear quickly move on before you get a drip. Also stay inside the lines as much as possible, work in zigzag patterns, and watch your can pressure. Stop spraying and shake the can when the meter runs low. A good tactic to use is shaking the can while moving to unsprayed areas of the pattern. The marks you make are quite funny, so pay attention to them. Trane also often gives tips when you mess up. You don't have to hit every spot- just keep tagging undripped areas until the game automatically signals completion. Remember- you get bonuses for size, going over rivals' pieces, tagging in dangerous spots, tagging quickly, and avoiding drips. After making your first tag, approach the next indicated tag across the way. You now learn how to switch pieces and sizes in spray mode. Remember- white pieces work on the wall, red ones don't. Size your piece appropriately (there is a bonus for big tags!), then spray it down, son. This one is more challenging, as you have a time limit to get the speed bonus. Watch the fades and work quickly, man. :) Now for the next tag. This one is a Freeform Challenge- put 10 Aerosol tags on the center wall. No time limit, easy as before. Just remember to cover a wide area. When you're done, head through the hole in the fence and enter the main Pool Yard. Trane will scan the area for likely spots- use Tag Vision to see these. Take out the VaNR Punk who comes after you almost immediately, then start exploring. First, let's head to Trane's right. Get the white X on the big white marker first. This is a Freeform Challenge in which you must put 6 Aerosol tags on the wall. Again, no time limit, so just watch your placement and you'll be fine. A Bonus Graffiti (BG) mark is to the left of this Challenge- take care of that next using all the skills you have mastered. There's another BG to the left of this one, get it too. When you're close to a wall, you can see the pattern Trane wants to lay down. Pay attention! Take out the second VaNR Punk tagging the wall to the left. Remember to vary your punches and kicks- the AI does pick up on you! Tag the two spots on this wall- one is Bonus and one is Primary Graffiti (PG). Also pick up the Ipod. Now cross the pool yard to the other end. Another VaNR Punk will be after you en route, so KO his ass. Kick him when he's down! Grab the Ipod next to the central fountain. See that yellow marker to the right of the fence you came in through? There's another white X on it- Freeform Challenge! Put 6 Aerosol Tags on the wall as you've done before. Now move over to the orange X and tag this wall. Grab the Soda Can if you need it. After you finish tagging, you get a cutscene in which Trane eyes the smaller "Legends Pool" area and decides to put some paint down in there. Hop the fence and enter the Pool. Trane automatically targets the ugliest marker on the wall. Put your tag over it. Time for another cutscene. Ok, trouble. It seems that tag you just went over belongs to Gabe, the leader of the VaNR. Gabe has heard about you messing on his turf and is coming to meet you. He now ambushes you with serious backup- his enforcers Dip and Spleen and some VaNR Brutes. Trane is overwhelmed, pummeled, humiliated, and his gear is taken. Not good! Even worse, veteran Graffiti master Decoy and Gabe's cute gal pal Tina witness the whole thing. Does this count as a first impression? :( Afterwards, the VaNRs leave. Decoy approaches the injured Trane, treats his wounds, and gives him some new tools (spray and a stencil). He also advises Trane to give up his quest, but Trane's pride is injured now. He can't do that. On to the next mission. Unlocks: Beatdown Arena 2. Primary Graffiti- 4 + Bonus Graffiti- 4 + Freeform Challenges- 3 + Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 2 + Location #4: "Storefront Row" Decoy told Trane to stay away from the abandoned art school in his neighborhood- it's a VaNR hangout. Trane is too pissed to be smart, so that's where he's going. On the way, we'll tag some pieces in the local mini-mall. The level opens with a quick scene where Trane sees Karen Light on video (giving a report on the recent crackdown in Trane's hood), encounters Tina (who's still pissy and doubtful of his ability), and then meets his first RL Graf Legend- Futura. This guy will tag your Black Book and give you tips on hunting down Legend Pieces for Bonus Rep. Nice. Ok, time to survey the area. Art school's behind the fence, 3 Roll-Up Doors to tag before we can head in. Unfortunately we got a Security Camera, a Security Guard, and a VaNR Punk watching them. Walk around the area first and try not to attract attention. Use your Tag Vision to spot the places you need to hit and the Security Camera's vision cone. Be careful of cars on the street- they don't move that fast and stop frequently, but if one hits you, it does hurt! Let's deal with that Punk first- time for your sneak attack tutorial. Crouch and creep up behind him while he's spraying and then hit the jump and punch buttons together to knock him out with your paint can. Nice. If he spots you, beat him down quickly and be aware that pedestrians nearby may scream for the cops- this summons two Security Guards wielding flashlights. If they show up, run or give them a whupping. Once the area's clear, go over the VaNR tag, taking care to avoid pedestrian attention. Also pick up the Ipod nearby and the Six-Pack if necessary. Next up- the piece guarded by a Camera. Stay out of the vision cone- if you're seen the screen switches to the camera view and you'll want to stop tagging and move quickly before it locks in on you and summons two more Security Guards (this takes about 5 seconds). They're easy to beat compared to the CCK, but still bothersome. Tag your piece and move on. Note that you can climb the Girders here- let's do that next. Some bonuses are up here. First there's a Freeform Challenge: put 10 Aerosol marks on the elevated train tracks. No time limit, easy as pie. Head back down and move on down the street. You'll find another Security Guard on patrol. You'll also see Crown Icons appear in Tag View on several pieces of graffiti in the area- those are the marks of the Legends Futura told you about. Look for the digital camera icon to photograph these pieces and add them to your Black Book (follow the tutorial). The history of their artists is very interesting- it's amazing how well this game was researched and how many Graf Artists have somehow hit the big time today. :) Legends available here include CES (above the store awning), Ghost (on the underside of the subway tracks), SP One (top of the school, look back by the first Roll-Up Door), and West (near SP One, other side of the street). Stand in the camera icon near each and click away to add them to your Black Book. You should have 5 when you're done, counting Futura. Respect! Ok, more sneaking tips now. Use cover in the environment and get around that Guard or kick his ass. I prefer the latter- hard to sneak without radar. But MGS fans should have a blast. Moving targets are vulnerable to sneak attacks- you just have to be extra cautious. Now let's check the area. The white delivery trucks host your second and third Freeform Challenge- put 8 Aerosol Tags on each truck. Hit them wherever there's space, then keep searching. Head over to the elevated train tracks by the fence and climb up there. You can find 2 Bonus Graffiti marks that you should tag on the tracks facing the school. Hit them, then come back to the Roll-Up Door and tag it. Trane will now spot a VaNR Punk on the b-ball court inside the art school grounds- he's your next target. Follow the tutorial to open the sliding gate and enter the school parking lot. Checkpoint! Don't head for the b-ball court just yet. First go after the duo of Punks tagging the front of the school. You want to knock these guys out quickly. Follow the sneaking tutorial, beat them, then grab the Ipod. Now tag the 5 BG spots in this area. Remember to choose your marks wisely- always lay down the biggest least complicated piece you can. Variety is good, but can control is more important. After all tags are in place, move on to the b-ball court. You get a tutorial on throwing weapons here. Grab the basketball and knock out that punk! Once he's down, snap a photo of Graf Legend Cycle (b-ball court wall). After that, Go Over the 3 VaNR pieces on the walls here. Two are Bonus, one is Primary. Trane's next goal- get inside the school somehow. Climb the pipe on the b-ball court- your destination is the open window. On the way tag the last BG spot (Go Over the VaNR tag) and get a Heaven Spot bonus. Now shimmy around the ledges and climb up the second pipe to the window. That's it for this level. Unlocks: Concept Art Gallery 1, Power Knuckle Buster (extra Punch power move, check the Unlock List to see how to use it), and Beat Down character White Mike. Primary Graffiti- 4 + Bonus Graffiti- 10 + Freeform Challenges- 3 + Legend Photos- 6 + Secrets- 2 + Location #5: "Abandoned Art School" The abandoned art school would make a great new home for Trane. Unfortunately, the VaNRs don't see it that way. :( Let's chase 'em out of here! The Bums are no problem- just stay clear of their burning trash barrels as before. If you can lure an enemy near one and knock him into it, that will do some heavy damage. Let him run around burning as long as possible to keep up the pain. In the first room, you'll find a Gold Montana Spray Can (GMSC) near the Bums. Pick this up for added can pressure. Next hit the BG mark on the wall. Lay down a big piece- you're automatically given more time and Rep for doing so. Just remember to select the tag before you start spraying. Snap a photo of Legend MARE139 at the top of the steps. Put 4 Aerosol Tags on the orange doors next to the Legend for a Freeform Challenge. Now head through the doors, crouch to get through the hole in the wall, and enter the next room. Two VaNR Punks are here, one wielding a club. Take 'em out by any means necessary- I recommend going after the guy with the weapon first. Sneak attacks are highly recommended. There are also clubs and Soda in the room if you need it. Be sure to break all the furniture in the room you can during the fight- there's a Secret Ipod under a desk. When the Punks are down, tag the spot one of them was going over (PG). After you do, another Punk breaks through the wall wielding a pipe. Grab a club and take care of him. Hit the BG Spot on the wall behind you. After that, pick up a club and hop through the hole the Punk made. Ok, now you're in the bathroom. 3 Punks ambush you almost immediately. Hit them into the sinks and stalls for extra damage. Get the Soda, then tag the PG Spot on the wall. This summons another Punk- take care of him! A buddy of his rushes in with a club- pummel him repeatedly to disarm him, then scoop it up and turn the tables! Remember to block and dodge as often as you can. After the Punks are down, leave the bathroom. Legend Duro can be photographed on the wall here. You spot the VaNR Brute who took your bag a couple levels back running away from you. Before heading after him, check under the stairs for Graf Legend Chino, a Freeform Challenge (put 9 Aerosol Tags on the wall across from Chino), Soda, and a club. Grab the latter- you'll need it. There's also 2 BG Spots you should hit here. Note- the game mostly selects your pieces for you, but you can change them up before you start spraying if you want something bigger, easier, etc. Remember- red marks will not fit on the target wall! When you're ready, enter the classroom. Boss time! VaNR Brutes are bigger and tougher than Punks. They can take and deal out more damage. Occasionally they will use grapples, but mostly they inflict punishing combos. Be ready to dodge each. I recommend striking back with grapples and insults- Brutes move slower than Punks, so they're vulnerable to these. The room here also holds many objects that can become weapons and do extra damage if your foe is knocked into them (shelves, sinks, and so on). Be sure to grab the Ipod. The big paint cans make great bludgeons and the Six-Pack helps if you get hurt. Just use all your combat skills, stay on your toes, and pummel the Brute. When he's down, Trane interrogates him and learns that the VaNRs are planning a major subway bombing campaign. Sounds like we better get down there and do something about it. In preperation for his journey, Trane gets cleaned up, grabs a lot of supplies, and dons a new uniform. "Still Free"- nice ring to that. :) He also shaves his head and takes on a new more kick-ass persona. Taxi Driver homage! :) Level finished. Unlocks: Graffiti Batch 1. New Tag Patterns Available in Black Book. Primary Graffiti- 2 + Bonus Graffiti- 4 + Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 3 + Secrets- 2 + Chapter 2: "Going Underground" Heading into the subway system, Trane seeks to leave his mark on the underground of New Radius, learn more graffiti skills, and take his revenge on the VaNR. He also starts to meet greater numbers of opponents. Practice your combat skills in the Beatdown Arenas if you need to- in particular work on dodging and comboing foes. Remember, you have two goals here- fight the VaNR and humiliate them by hijacking their bombing campaign with your own tags. Both should be accomplished. Location #1: "The Subway Tunnels" Set up your Black Book before starting this mission if you want to try out your new unlocked patterns. The tunnels you start in are mostly abandoned and not that dangerous, but still provide many traps for the unwary. It's a natural home for the graf artist- tons of shadows and gleaming metal surfaces begging to be tagged. Going down... First, go through the short hall and down the ladder. You end up in a room with two bums and a PG spot. Head down the hall first to find a Gold Montona Spray Can at the dead end. There's also a Freeform Challenge on the wall directly across from the sewer grate- put 6 Aerosol tags anywhere on the wall. After doing both of these, return and tag over the orange VaNR piece. You can Go Big, so do so. After completing this objective, return to the sewer grate and open it. Head through the vent. You hear two Workmen talking- uh oh, looks like we have new enemies. Jump up to the ledge and climb to find a room with a VaNR Punk doing graffiti. He works for Dip, who you now learn is a bigtime subway artist. Trane of course decides to tag over his pieces. First, though, you better sneak up on the Punk and take him out. There's a club in the room if you need it. After the Punk's down, go over his piece (BG). Next, approach the CCK poster on the wall for a tutorial on Wall Jumping. Practice this very useful skill! Use it here to reach the pipe on the opposite wall, which you should then climb up. You soon find a Dip Piece, so Go Over it (PG Mark). Farther down the pipe is a Freeform Challenge- Put 8 Stencil tags on the wall. Drop from the pipe now and use your Tag Vision to spot another BG mark on a high ledge. Jump up there and tag over it! You should jump to the high ledge near the grate that's the room's exit first- from there it's easy to reach the pipe under the BG mark. Go Big with this one and have fun! When the mark is complete, jump back to the room's exit and open the grate. Head through the vent to find another room with one of Gabe's pieces and 2 VaNR Punks. Jump down and beat the heck out of them. The trash can lid in the room works well as both a club and a shield. There's also a board and a bat for those who want weapons. A third Punk joins the fight in the middle- kick his ass too! Now go into Tag Vision. There's a BG mark on the wall the VaNR were tagging and another directly across from it. Hit both! Exploring the room fully turns up an Ipod in the far corner- break the pallet hiding it and snatch that secret up! Soda is nearby also. Note the camera icon next to the first two BG marks- hit it to photograph Graf Legend BAN2. The room's posters offer a Freeform Challenge- your first timed one! Become familiar with the room's layout before attempting this. You need to tag all four posters in the room with your aerosol spray and poster within the time limit (45 seconds). I recommend using the same tag every time and moving quick. Start with the one marked with a white X, then move to the exit tagging as you go. These Challenges are easy for now. Note that as long as you tag on the same wall as the poster it counts. Only tag over the poster if that's your style (it's also the speedy thing to do). The final thing to do in the room is climb up either grating on the bottom level and Go Over Gabe's tag. This is another funny one. Finally, return to the far end near where you found the Ipod and open the grate. One last note on this room- do not go down the pit. That's lethal. Through this next vent you'll spot another VaNR Punk doing some tagging before he gets busted by 2 members of Vandal Squad. You gotta get around or fight these guys in the next room. Note those blankets the jerks were wearing- from now on any Bum you see in one of those should be suspect. It's a cheap disguise, but effective. Vandal Squad boys can be dodged with stealth, but it's more satisfying to pummel them. They can be difficult fighters, using lots of combos and stun batons to knock you down. If you see one using a stun baton to block, wait till he lowers it before hitting him. They can also throw rocks at you from a distance and charge you, so be careful. I recommend heavy dodging and repeated combos against them- only grapple if the fight's one on one. The boards and trash can lid here make nice weapons. There's burning barrels to throw enemies into and Soda in the room as well. After taking care of the two VS boys, grab the Ipod in the open and then tag over the BG mark across from it. You can photograph Graf Legend DAZE from atop one of the homeless shanties. The exit can be reached via jump from atop the same shanty- see that hole above the pipe? Leap over and pull yourself through. End of level. Unlocks- Taunt Insult. A kick, punch combo insult move. Nice. Primary Graffiti- 3 + Bonus Graffiti- 5 + Freeform Challenges- 3 + Legend Photos- 2 + Secrets- 2 + Location #2: "The Lay-Up" Moving on through the subway, Trane finds a yard where trains are stored and maintained. You will start to encounter Workmen here, and also trains to dodge. This is the longest level yet in the game. In the first room there are two of Dip's Pieces to Go Over. Be careful as you explore- stay off the tracks if they start vibrating and red lights flash. You may want to observe the trains for a while to get their timing down- though it is somewhat infrequent, it does exist. Getting hit by a train is instant death and we don't want that, so stay off the tracks as much as possible. Your first objective in this room should be to beat down the Workman near you. These guys are about as good fighters as VaNR Punks, except they block and power-punch more, so they shouldn't give much trouble. Throw him into an oncoming train for extra fun. Weapons and power moves do the best damage. There's another Workman patrolling across the tracks- take care of him too. Now let's get to tagging! First hit the BG Mark under the room's entrance. Another BG Mark is on the wall nearby. You can photograph Graf Legend REAS from the ledge above it. There's a Freeform Challenge on the central pillars- put down a tag on each side of them all. This is easy to do if you have good coordination- just be careful of the trains. No time limit on this one, so feel free to vary your marks' placement and type. Next, hit the BG Mark on the far wall next to Dip's first piece. Tag over that PG piece afterwards. Now use Wall Jumping to access the beams above the room, starting on the side with the BG Mark near Dip's first tag. Walk around up here to find nooks with Soda and an Ipod. You get a tutorial for walking carefully on and jumping between Beams. Head through the corridor off the nook with the Ipod to find Graf Legend QUIK on the wall. Snap a photo. Return to Dip's tag now and jump to the beams above it. On this network of beams you can find a Secret Skills Bar Increase (blue fanny pack). Cross back to the starting point and jump to access the beams that end in the wall with the other Dip tag (PG Mark). We need to go over that one! After you're done, return to the other side of the tracks and hop up to where you photographed Graf Legend REAS. The grate here is the room's exit. Open it. Trane has spotted Cope2, a very famous subway Graf Artist. We need to reach him for a little on-hands lesson. Head through the marked vent by the DAZE photo and back across the beams- Cope2 is in the nook where you found a single Soda can earlier. He gives Trane some good tips and a lot of cautions about the subway's dangers. Don't worry about the third rail- it doesn't appear in this game. You now have 3 new PG spots to hit in the tunnels. These spots will be tough due to the oncoming trains. Hit them intermittently and don't worry too much about time- staying alive is more important than Rep. Use the alcoves in the tunnels to dodge trains. I recommend you hit the spots in the order you pass them, letting a train go by each right before you start tagging. Paint until the track you're on starts vibrating, then get clear quick! Return when it's safe and complete the job. It should take about 2-3 trips to finish each piece, depending on your skill. After finishing the first, grab the Gold Montana Spray Can in the alcove on the way to the second. Stop in each alcove you pass and look around in Tag Vision to locate the next spot. The second is in the tunnel opposite the first (alcove located right across from it for your convienence), and the third is in the same tunnel as the first one (near the opposite end). Remember to wait for the tunnels to clear of trains before you move. Note that the Workmen reappear if you get killed and have to continue, so you may need to beat them again. The collected bonuses reset to the point of your last Checkpoint (which right now is after meeting Cope2). After the tunnels are painted, you'll find Cope2 waiting for you near the 3rd tag. Hop up on the platform and chat with him. Impressed, Cope2 gives you directions to the main Layup Yard area. Checkpoint! Ok, now let's get up there (nothing on the bottom floor of this new room but Soda). Look for a pipe to climb on the other side of the room. Go up it, shimmy across the thin wall ledge (stay up as much as you can to dodge trains), and at the end leap over to the ledge with the grate. There's a beam above the grate, so jump up and grab it. Shimmy across the tracks, changing sides when necessary. At the end, approach the Ecko symbol on the left. Touch it to recover a Secret. Now drop down onto the thin ledge just below the beam on this side of the tracks. There's a Freeform Challenge here- put 6 tags on the wall in under a minute. You can use markers, stickers, or aerosol- change equipped tool using the inventory (R2). When you're done, return to and open the Grate Cope2 pointed out. Head through this vent and Trane will reflect on the Layup Yard area. Workmen patrolling, two trains to tag. Ok, this looks easy enough. Note that there is a new type of Workman here- the Armed Workman. These guys carry a big wrench for pummeling young punks like yourself. Other than that, they're not much different from normal Workmen. Just hit them harder and faster- you can't block the wrench. No more trains speeding around here, so you can move at your leisure. Take out the pair of Workmen near the entrance first. Work on one at a time, use combos, and move quickly. There's a paint can nearby that makes a great club. Now check out the area. You should easily spot the two trains you need to bomb. Hop up on the one at the front and lay down some paint- hitting both sides is necessary. Afterwards, loook around the yard, hopping up onto and using the tops of the trains when necessary. On the ledge near where you came in (atop the stairs) there is a red fanny pack (Secret Health Bar Increase)- grab this. In an alcove between the cars of the front train you can find the work of Graf Legend CRASH- photograph it. There's an Ipod in the area behind the train at the room's rear- get that. Soda and weapons can be found also. When you're done, return to the train at the rear and tag it on the side with the PG Mark. Trane now spots a fellow street kid being attacked by 3 VaNR Punks, one armed with a bat. Let's go help him out! Return to the area where you found the Ipod. Enter this fight and work fast, hitting the armed Punks ASAP. The kid will assist you, but he's not that great a fighter and he needs to live. Let him distract the enemy, but Trane will be doing most of the damage. After the Punks are all down, the kid thanks you, introduces himself as Kry1, and asks if he can join your crew. Trane snaps that he has no crew. Kry1's disappointed, but still wants to give you something in return for saving his life. He provides directions to a hideout Dip has in the subway nearby. Thanks, man! Unlocks- Beat Down Arena 3, Beat Down Character Dip. Primary Graffiti- 8 + Bonus Graffiti- 3 + Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 4 + Secrets- 5 + Location #3: "Subway Ride" Trane now hops a subway train to Dip's Hideout. Note- this level is tough and may take several tries. It is straightforward and short, but still difficult. Basically, you're on the outside of a moving train and you have to survive till it reaches the end of the line. Not only that, you have to lay down some tags on the train walls before time runs out- 6 in all, 3 Primary and 3 Bonus. You have a time limit of 2 minutes and 45 seconds to paint these tags while dodging all the obstacles the subway throws at you. This is not easy to do and will take all your skill. Ready? You get a mandatory tutorial on how to dodge subway obstacles. Hop down to the sides of the train to avoid top lights, hop to the top to avoid side lights, and duck if on top when white lights appear. The latter come in great numbers, so they can be very bothersome. There's no Soda on this level, so you just have one life bar to manage. Get off the starting train car ASAP- there's nothing to do here. The sides of each of the first three cars have the marks you need to lay down- a BG and a PG on alternating sides as you move forward. You do not need to jump between cars- just use the left analog stick for movement. Concentrate on the PG Marks, only get the Bonuses if you have time. You will need to tag in spurts, keeping an eye out for obstacles and dodging them as you work. I didn't bother to note the exact placement of the obstacles, they came at me too fast, but doing this level over several times may help you get their pattern. Be aware that the control scheme is somewhat messed up here due to the moving train. You will need to practice moving around quickly. Stay on the sides of the train tagging as much as you can. Note- you will need to finish tagging before the timer reaches 25 seconds. At that point the train approaches a low tunnel and you'll get a tutorial on jumping to the train on the other track to survive. This train has no tag marks, but it is still a lifesaver. Hop to it, wait for the starting train to pass through the tunnel, then hop back. You will have no more time to tag, so I hope all your PG Marks are down. If not, you will have to replay the level until they are. Best of luck, mano. The other train comes on the same side as the last BG Mark, so you may want to make that one your final stop. Move right, left, left, right, right, left on the three cars for the best pattern. None of the spots are Go Bigs, so that helps. Watch the main timer over each piece's timer, shake the can when moving, and work fast. You may want to replay this level later to get all the bonuses. Unlock: Power Handstand Kick. Cool, a new kick power move. :) Primary Graffiti- 3 + Bonus Graffiti- 3 + Freeform Challenges- 0 Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 0 Location #4: "Dip's Hideout" This level is a straight-up boss fight, no more. Be aware that Dip is tough for players who aren't big on combat- practice as much as you can in the Beatdown Arenas before taking him on. His weapon of choice is a belt- the buckle adds power to his punch combos early on and can seriously pound Trane. Items in the room include a single 6-Pack, two Ipods, and boards. The latter items can only be gotten by busting up the scaffolding, so do that ASAP. Knock Dip into it for extra fun. He can knock Trane into it too. :( Some tips on Dip- like any good boss, he has more health than average enemies. He hits harder too. You want to seriously practice dodging- the finisher punches backed up by his belt buckle cannot be blocked (he pauses before unleashing them, so get ready to dodge). Do not bother with grapples- Dip easily breaks out. If you have the proper timing, though, you can inflict some damage with these moves. Insults and power moves can help too, but again you have to be quick and work with good timing. Concentrate on staying alive and looking for an opening, then take advantage and hit hard! When Dip gets to 3/4 health, he starts using his belt in a new way- like a whip. You can still block everything but the power moves, though. Dip has a new power move too- he can now entangle Trane with the belt and knock him off his feet, then deliver a whupping. Jump or dodge to get out of the way of this. Dip lets the belt out before doing it, so you can see it coming. You can use the Wall Attacks the game tells you about, but the timing may be difficult. Keep on your toes and continue to pummel the boss, especially when he's down or leaves himself open between punches. The level finishes when he falls. Cutscene now- Trane interrogates Dip and learns the location of the VaNR's main hideout. Bombing it would seriously embarrass them. :) Primary Graffiti- 0 Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 0 Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 2 + Chapter 3: "Who's Got Beef?" Trane infiltrates the VaNR's home turf looking to strike back at them. This is a dangerous game, but a fun one. :) Note- from here on the game gets more platform-intensive. Be on the lookout for climbable objects! There are also deadlier enemies waiting for your ass. Location #1: "Gabe's Hood" Hmm, looks like another gangsta's paradise. These streets are full of roving VaNR and other jerks, making for another long level. First objective- tag over the 3 PG spots in the first area. There's lots of bonuses too. First, take out the VaNR Brute tagging the wall. You can do this easily with a sneak attack. Look around for a bat, a 6-Pack, and a tutorial on moving dumpsters. Ok, now let's get the tags. The BG Mark the Brute was tagging over is the first stop- choose your piece and hit it well. Note that Trane has now gotten in enough practice to learn a new painting skill- the wide-angle spray. Use this to paint areas faster, but beware. It uses up can pressure faster, and Drips can start faster with it too. I suggest practicing a lot, using wide angle in the beginning and then smoothing the edges out with narrow. Move around a lot when spraying, shaking and watching for Drips. Look around in Tag Vision after you hit this mark- you'll spot the PG Marks above you. You can hit these in any order, but I found this one works best. First, use Wall Jumps and the ivy to climb to the mark above the BG Mark you just went over. Hit this mark and then jump back down. Move the dumpster closer to the mark directly across from it. Jump to the top of the dumpster, then to the ledge under the mark. Tag away. You can Go Big with this one. Finally, climb the pipe in the area to reach the other patch of ivy. Ascend to the 3rd PG Mark, ducking to shimmy under the AC Unit in your way. Get to the mark, then spray over it. An old man protests, but oh well. :) Two VaNRs armed with clubs just opened the next area. Hop down, grab the bat, and walk through. Take out the Punk and Brute in this new area, preferably with sneak attacks. Fight hard if you have to, but be aware that with backup nearby either will call for help. Getting spotted by one easily alerts them both. Work fast, dodging often and using combos. The weapons hit hard but soon break, so use them well. Above all, hit fast and often. Tag over the BG Spots on their marks after the area is clear. Then use the telephone pole to hop up to the pipe across from it and reach a third BG spot on the ledge. Trane takes note of two more Gabe pieces to tag over on a nearby subway overpass. Two Punks and two Brutes are nearby. Hit the BG Spot on your ledge first, then jump down. You get a tip on landing silently. Hit the patrolling Punk first, preferably with a sneak attack. Now go after the tagging Punk and the two Brutes near him, gathering Soda and weapons as necessary. Let's explore next. Close to where you entered the level, you can snap a picture of the work of Graf Legend KAWS. In the Brutes' area you can find a Gold Montana Spray Can. Go Over the area where the Punk was tagging (BG Spot). You should be good enough with the wide angle spray by now to use it exclusively- as long as you get some paint on every area of the mark you don't have to make everything solid. After you're done with the BG Mark, ascend to the two PG Marks on the elevated tracks using the girders. Tag each. Then return to the Ivy outside the Brutes' area, scale it, and then use the ledges to access the balconies. Hop the rail and leap between them, then jump over and get to the next Ivy patch. Climb to the ledge and hit the BG Mark here. Use the ledges to circle the building, hopping between levels as necessary. You'll find another BG Mark on the far side. Hit it, then return to the area where you can change levels. Drop to the pipe and descend- don't go down anywhere else or you will die. Cutscene now- Trane and Kry1 discuss infliltrating the Meat Packing Plant. Kry1 tells you a way to get in and then proposes he and Trane form the "Still Free Crew." Trane is okay with this. He also notes 4 Gabe tags to hit in the street nearby. This next part can be frustrating. The CCK are out in force patrolling the street and they can quickly overwhelm you if you're spotted. All these Guards (maximum of three in the area at a time) have nightsticks, radios to call for backup, and pellet guns to shoot you with from a distance. Move steathily and fast. They will keep respawning if you take them down, so work around them as much as possible. They use lots of grapples and combos if they come after you- strike back with the same. There's a rather difficult Freeform Challenge offered by the two Meat Trucks- put 10 tags on each within 2 minutes. You will have to run around a lot to do this, alerting the CCK to one side of the truck and then moving to hit the other. Practice hard, put your tags close together but not overlapping too much. Now let's further explore the area, dodging the patrols. You can photograph Graf Legend PEAK in the area with the wrecked cars under the elevated train tracks. There's also an Ipod. Climb the tracks over the street to access Gabe's first mark. You may need to weave back and forth a lot when tagging over this one to dodge enemy pellets. Use wide-angle and paint quick but precise. The second PG Spot you should hit is on the street near a Security Camera. Dodge its view- you don't want to be jumped by CCK. You can hide on the ledges above the awnings if you like. Access the one left of the PG Spot you just tagged to find Soda and access to the ledges running along the hotel's wall. Jump up and down along these, avoiding the spotlight tracking you. A CCK Gunner is using it and he will shoot at Trane with heavy machine gun fire if he spots our hero. Get into the alley beside the plant- here you can photograph Graf Legend BLUE. Return to the street. Hop over the small fence near the hotel to find the level's second Freeform Challenge. Hit the Roll-Up Door with 10 tags in 40 seconds. Work fast, changing placement and moving along the wall. Hop back over when you're done. Cross the street and climb over the chain link fence opposite. Hop up on the AC Unit in this alley, climb the pipe, then walk along the ledge. You soon find a rooftop area with 2 VaNR Punks. Hop up there and take care of them- throwing them off the building is a good method. Hit the BG Spot on the wall, get the Soda, then go through the open window. Grab the board in here and use it to beat down another lurking Punk. Take his 6-Pack and Ipod. Hop through the window near the Ipod to find yourself on a balcony. Ascend to the ledge and tag over the PG Spot here. Return to the rooftop with the last BG Spot. From here, walk off the edge and then drop to the next lowest ledge. Shimmy around to the final PG Spot and Go Over Gabe's mark. Trane will now spot SMITH, another Graf Legend, in the area. Let's go visit him. Use the telephone pole nearby to hop back into the alley where you found BLUE's tag. Climb and shimmy around the building, dodging the spotlight. At the far end of the ledge network you will meet SMITH. You are given a new task- bomb the front of the hotel building. First photograph Graf Legend NOXER from this area. Also grab the Ipod near the vents. Then return to the ledge network. Ok, this is the tough part. Tag all three PG Spots on the building, working around the spotlight- getting caught in it will kill you quickly. Use wide spray, be fast and precise. Change ledges whenever necessary and concentrate on one spot at a time. I recommend moving top to bottom. The CCK may notice you when you get to the lowest letter and start tossing pellets. When SFC is spelled out on the front of the building, you have finished all you need to do here. Unlocks: Concept Art Gallery 2, Beatdown Arena 4, Graffiti Batch 2, Paint Can Insult- with this move you can equip aeresol paint and temporarily blind enemies with the spray- check the Unlocks List for info on how to do this. The sucky part is if you're hit in the middle of the combo you have to equip the paint can again before resuming it, so be quick on your fingers, Trane. Primary Graffiti- 12 + Bonus Graffiti- 8 + Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 5 + Secrets- 3 + Location #2: "Meat Packing Plant" Trane now enters the VaNR's base. First you have to work your way through the sections of the plant staffed by enemy Butchers. These guys are about like the Workmen you met earlier, except they don't power hit as often and they use sharp hooks instead of big wrenches. Sneak around and pummel them, Trane! The climax of this level is very platform-intensive. To begin, head through the offices and climb down the ladder to the factory floor. This first area has 3 PG Spots to tag and several bonuses. There are Butchers patrolling- trap them in the freezers if you're sneaky enough. It's more fun to knock them out, though, so you can get the many bonuses inside the freezers. You can open the freezers' sliding doors like the gate of the art school a while back. There are four Butchers in total in this room, two armed and two unarmed. Take care of them, using the many weapons and Soda cans scattered about as necessary, then search the area. I'll point out things starting where you drop in. The first closed freezer has a PG Mark- open it and tag! There's a BG Mark on the wall next to the freezer- get it next. The next freezer down contains a BG Mark and a Gold Montana Spray Can. There's another PG Mark farther along the wall. There's another BG Mark at the far end of the room with a PG Mark next to it. Tag all of these. Uh oh, the CCK are here. Sneak by or beat down the Guard who just came in and then go through the big doors he opened. Two more Guards appear- take care of them. Then hit the BG Spot next to the doors. There's an Ipod in the Security Room. Watch the camera in this area- you want to move quickly if you get caught in it. There's another BG Spot to hit on the wall by the Security Room. Tag it, then open the grate and head through the vent. 2 more PG Spots to tag are in this next area. An Armed Butcher and 2 CCK Guards are lurking around the bottom level of this storage room. Take them out or sneak around carefully. There are many bonuses here. First, there's a BG Spot on the side of the open truck at the far end. Inside the truck are a bat and some Soda. Return to the entrance to spot a Freeform Challenge on the left wall. Put 12 tags on the wall in 3 minutes- easy if the enemy isn't around to bug you! There's another Freeform Challenge in the room too- tag everyone of the small pillars with a Stencil. No time limit for this, so be systematic and have fun. Next objective- hop on top of the open truck using the crates to its right and spray over the PG Mark here. Remember- if you get a red tag at first, resize your mark until it's appropriate. Now for the platforming. Jump onto the crates near the room's entrance and leap to the pipe close to them. Paint over the BG Mark here. Then sidestep to the right, around the corner, and ascend up the network of pipes using jumps and the single AC Unit. Jump to the AC Units to the right of the single one and you can get an Ipod next to a BG Mark. Jump back to the single AC Unit and then to the pipe above it and you'll find another BG Mark. Tag it, then keep moving until you reach the balcony. There's a CCK Gunman here. These guys carry rifles and can shoot or slap at you with them. They don't use grapples. Treat them like Brutes- hit hard with repeated combos and don't let up. You may also be able to sneak around them- this guy is avoidable if you're patient and tricky enough. Too bad Trane can't use his weapon. There's a 6-Pack in the shed for when the fight's over. If the guy spots you and you want to run, go ahead- just get to where he can't see you and stay there to make him lose interest. Shimmy back up the pipe and continue left along the ledge. Pull yourself up when you come to the PG Spot and mark it! See that fatso who just popped in? That's Dom, the plant boss. Return to the balcony where you met the CCK Gunman, and take care of that guy if you haven't already. Use a sneak attack if you like. Now drop off the ledge on the other side. Jump to the crates, then to the narrow beam. Jump to the next two beams to Trane's right, then head to the left and jump to the tall stack of crates for a Secret Skills Bar Increase. Return to the beam and head right, then jump to the railing, then pull yourself over. Time to fight Dom. He's not hard at all- just watch out for his grapples and be fast on your feet. Dodge his charges and get the weapons and Soda in the room behind him if you need them. I recommend throwing Dom through the opening in the railing for a cool instant kill. When he's down, you have finished the level. Unlocks: Beat Down Character- Trane Act 1 Outfit, Power Axe Dunk (new cool punch combo). Primary Graffiti- 5 + Bonus Graffiti- 10 (-1) Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 3 + Location #3: "VaNR Chill Space" The unused section of the plant is run-down and home to numerous VaNR squatters. No, they will not be happy you whacked their landlord. :( Gabe is absent from the hideout at the moment. His lieutenant, Spleen, is around, though, and will make Trane's life miserable soon. 4 PG Spots in the first big room, 4 VaNR Punks also. Drop down from the ledge, then hop over to the first tagger on the crates to your right. Kick his ass, then paint over his tag (PG Mark). There's an Ipod on the pipe above this ledge- hop up and grab it. Next, hop to the crates in the center of the room and get the Gold Montana Spray Can. From here you can leap to the pipe above the PEEK tag and paint over a second PG Spot. After that, drop to the floor and sneak around, beating down the other 3 Punks in the room. Weapons and Soda are there to help you. Careful- one Punk has a bat. Under the PG Spot you just painted is another PG Spot. Hit it, then look around in Tag Vision. There's a BG Spot by the exit grate to your left- tag it next. There's another BG Mark left of this one- look for the orange VaNR tag and Go Over it. A 3rd BG Spot is on the wall to the right of the last PG Spot. Your next task should be to find the two sets of double doors in the room and break them open with kick combos. Behind one set is an Ecko Symbol (Secret) and behind the other is the work of Graf Legend SONICOO2, which you should photograph. There's also Soda and weapons. Back in the main room, jump atop the crates in the center and then to the network of pipes you can see on the wall above the BG Spots you tagged recently. Work your way to the top of this network to find the last PG Spot in this room. There's also a Red Fanny Pack (Secret Health Bar Increase)- which will be very useful. Return to ground level and open the exit grate, then get a club and head through the vent. 4 more PG Spots to hit in this room. There's also scattered clubs and 4 VaNR Punks- take out these guys ASAP. Now search the room for an Ipod, a photo of Graf Legend WEN, soda, and a Freeform Challenge- hit the blue double doors with 10 Stencils in under a minute. Easy. Now head through the vent to the right of the one where you entered the room. In this nook you can photograph the work of Graf Legend AIRBORN. Get the Bolt Cutters atop the crates and then Go Over the VaNR piece here (PG Spot). Return to the room you just left. Leap atop the machinery to the right of the vents and you'll find your second PG Spot. Tag it, then jump to the pipe hanging down on the left. Climb up that pipe, shimmy around it, and jump to the ledge left of you. Here's another PG Spot. After tagging this piece, head to the right of the ledge and you can leap to the last PG Spot's ledge and tag it. You can see the level's other Freeform Challenge on a high wall to your left- unfortunately I was not able to get up there and confirm the large amount of information I got on it (three people told me it's an untimed challenge, put 12 tags on the walls adjacent to the mark, which you can access through well-timed wall jumps). :( Oh well, tagging over the PG Spots is all you need to do. Spleen has just released 2 vicious guard Dogs into the area. Hop back to the ground and attack them with kick combos or a club for serious damage. Be ready to dodge- these things can bite and grapple you. Note- the Dogs cannot die (due to SPCA whining, I guess) so depleting their life bars will only drive them off. You still want to do that, right? When the area's clear, pop the chain on the gate with your Bolt Cutters and exit this level. Unlocks: Beat Down Arena 5, Concept Art Gallery 3, Boot to Face Insult move (this one does serious damage- master it ASAP!). Primary Graffiti- 8 + Bonus Graffiti- 3 + Freeform Challenges- 2 (-1) Legend Photos- 3 + Secrets- 4 + Location #4: "Gabe's Hideout" This level is both a graffiti challenge and a boss battle. Trane enters the inner sanctum of the VaNR leader. Search the upper level first, you'll find a Gold Montana Spray Can and an Ipod. Tag over all 6 of the BG Spots on the upper wall- great funny marks here! When you're done, drop down into the center area. Trane should do some setting up here before tagging the PG Spot. Break the shelves to drop the Soda and paint cans to the floor for easy accessibility. Also smash the trophy case and grab the second Ipod. Note that the trophies can be used as clubs. Arrange the weapons (trophies, paint cans, basketballs) in the room in a manner where you can get to them quickly. Then and only then should you Go Over the PG Spot. As soon as you tag it, Spleen and Tina enter the area. The former is surprised to see you and immediately calls in his dogs again. Grab a trophy and wail on them until they run off. Spleen then leaps down to attack with a machete. Tina cringes as she observes. Spleen hits about as hard as Dip, but his blows are easier to dodge if you've been practicing. Grab your weapons and pummel him. Throughout the fight he whistles to summon his dogs- drive them off quickly whenever they appear. Use Insults on Spleen for extra damage, but don't bother with grapples- he will hit you if you try. Spleen can unleash some nasty combos and throw Trane around- there are 2 6-Packs if you need them. Knock Spleen into the room's furniture and keep dodging. The fact that there are more weapons here makes this fight easier than the last major boss battle. After it's over, a frightened Tina directs Trane to the exit. Hmm, she seems to be gaining some respect for our hero now. :) You have also unlocked Beatdown Character Dom. Primary Graffiti- 1 + Bonus Graffiti- 6 + Freeform Challenges- 0 Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 2 + Chapter 4: "The Ghost Yard" Guided by Decoy, Trane enters the staging area for Mayor Sung's new silver trains, which are supposedly immune to graffiti. Time to prove the Mayor wrong and get some serious Rep. Location #1: "Yard Entrance" This level starts off with a long cutscene. The Mayor has started to notice Trane's handiwork and he is concerned. He creates a new CCK unit- the elite Silver Guard- to go after the city's Graf Artists. Kry1 also brings a new member into the SFC- White Mike. Don't worry, he's your bud now. Kry1, Trane, and Mike exchange pleasantries. Then Decoy stops by and tells our hero about some new silver subway trains that Sung's had made which are supposedly graffiti-proof. Yeah right! Time to show up the regime, fool. On the way to the yard where the trains are, Trane notices that some of his crew's pieces have been stenciled over by Gabe. Not nice! Decoy expresses disgust over Trane's continued beef with the VaNR, then leaves him to enter the Ghost Yard on his own. Thanks for the directions, old man. :) Okay, first area. There's a Gold Montana Spray Can directly behind your starting position. Now let's clear the area of enemies. A VaNR Punk and VaNR Brute are spraying and another one of each is patrolling. Take them out with sneak attacks if you can. Use the weapons in the area, and be ready to dodge- they can quickly gang up on you. After they're all down, use Tag Vision to search the area for bonuses. There's a Freeform Challenge on the government propoganda posters (tag all four within 1 minute starting with the one near the starting point). The truck in this area offers a BG Spot on one side and a PG Spot on the other. There's another BG Spot on the wall facing the truck's PG side. You get a tutorial for using the paint roller when you do the truck- this new tool spreads paint just like a can- wide or narrow- but is different on control. Practice and get used to it. There's Soda on top of the truck. Tag over the VaNR's pieces next- both are BG Spots. Now return to your starting position. Use a Wall Jump by the green poster here to grab the awning. Then jump to the pipe above that. Climb up and shimmy along the wall. Then drop to the roof, climb atop an AC Unit, and jump to the next pipe you see that runs under the billboard. Walk along this pipe until you reach the billboard, which is a PG Spot. Drop back to the roof and head through the hole in the green fence. You will land in an area atop the awning that is otherwise inaccessible. Pick up the Secret Health Bar Increase and then tag over the Gabe Mark (funny BG Spot). Return to the ground and climb through the broken window. Graf Legend EASE can be photographed near the entrance to this building. Use Tag Vision to spot the 3 BG Marks on the walls. Lay them down, then head through the open grate. In this alley you can find 2 harmless Bums, weapons, a 6-Pack, and an Ipod. Pick up the latter, then scan the area in Tag Vision. Hit the BG Spot next to the delivery truck, then the PG Spot on the truck itself. There's a Freeform Challenge on the Roll-Up Door on the other side of the truck- put 10 tags on the door in 1 minute. After finishing this, jump atop the truck, climb the pipes, and you can access the fourth PG Spot you need to hit. As soon as you tag it, though, you got trouble. The CCK are raiding the area now. Trane decides to bomb their van before leaving. Okay, fine, whatever. Drop back to the alley and get ready to take on 2 members of Vandal Squad. Quick combos work well. Grab a weapon and sneak back to the starting area. Any VaNR you didn't deal with before, plus one extra Punk, are here now in combat with 3 CCK Guards. Use the distraction to sneak over to the CCK van and bomb it, or deal with the enemy if you have to- preferably after the VaNR has softened them up. They don't respawn here. After tagging the truck, return to the alley, pop open the grate, and exit the level. Unlocks: 25% Extra Weapon Damage, Graffiti Batch 3. Primary Graffiti- 5 + Bonus Graffiti- 9 + Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 1 + Secrets- 2 + Location #2: "Interior Ghost Yard" Ok, now we're in the Ghost Train Yard. Long level with lots of bonuses here. Start by climbing over the fence and looking around in Tag Vision. You can find a Freeform Challenge on the Dip Piece by the lone bum to your left. Put 14 Posters on the wall in 1:00. By the two Bums on the other side of the alley you can find Bolt Cutters and a photo spot for Graf Legend FUZZ ONE. Use the Cutters to open the next gate. 2 Trains and a Billboard to hit here. Silver CCK Guards are patrolling around. These guys are about like regular Orange CCK Guards, except with more health. They're also a bit faster and hit harder, so stay on your toes. Expect lots of combos and return them with the same. There are spotlights tracking the area for machine guns- stay out of the light, Carol Anne! :) Sneak around the area to begin, until you are fully familiar with the layout. The Guards don't respawn, so knock them out if you want. If the alarm goes off, it will stop after you kill the Guards and stay out of sight for a while. Try luring the Guards into the spotlight with you- the machine gun fire can hurt them. After they're down, you're free to roam around as long as you stay out of the spotlights. 2 Guards are in the first area and should be dropped or snuck around. Graf Legend KEL 139 can be photographed from the steps on the far right of the area. There's a Gold Montana Spray Can near there and a 6-Pack too. Hop up on the side of the first train car on the left that's not facing the wall- there's a BG Spot. Climb to the the top of this car and jump across to the next three cars, then down between the trains and pillar on the far left in the middle of the area. You'll find a Secret Skills Bar Increase. There's another BG Mark on the bare concrete wall to the right of the pillar- be careful of the spotlight when tagging it. Jump atop the train on the far right to find a photo spot for Graf Legend PSYCHO (Spleen is based on this serious RL prick). Back on the ground you can find another BG Spot on the side of the second train on the left facing the first train you need to hit. Tag that mark and the PG Spot on the first train, then enter the back yard area. Watch those spotlights! The first train on your left in this area (third up from the entrance ladder) has a BG Spot on the side facing the way you came in. There's a CCk Guard patrolling around too- sneak around him or take him out. The last train on the left has BG Spots front and rear. There's a Freeform Challenge on the big doors marked 3 and 4- hit them with 6 Stencils each in under 1:20. Beware the spotlights while you're doing this. Look atop the train cars here for a Graf Legend Photo (EWOK) and between them for another (MIN ONE). The back of the train MIN ONE tagged has a BG Spot. The other train in this area has a PG Spot facing MIN ONE's mark. Tag it, then climb the girder nearby and walk across the narrow beam. Jump to the ladder, ascend to the billboard, and tag the third PG Spot here. After you're done, drop back down and open the indicated gate with your Bolt Cutters. Through here you find another part of the yard and Decoy. He tells you to seek out his mentor, SEEN, for some new training. See the pile of wood in this area. Climb up there and jump to the ladder. You'll find a BG Spot to paint on the billboard here. There's also a Secret Ipod. Get these bonuses and drop back to the ground. Use the girder and beam to get over the next wall. 2 Workmen patrol below you- both are armed with wrenches. Sneak by them or take them out. Hit the lower wall nearby with 12 Aerosol or Marker tags in under 1:10 (Freeform Challenge). You have to crouch to do all this, so it may be different than what you're used to. Get over the next wall using another girder and beam setup. Trane now meets SEEN, who teaches him how to paint a subway car top-to-bottom and warns him about the buffer machine inside the train maintenance area. Ok, now let's scan this area. There's 2 Secrets here- an Ecko symbol on a garage door and an Ipod behind some stacked lumber. Climb another lumber stack to photograph Graf Legend KET's work. Get all this, then climb atop the shiny silver train to enter the next part of the level. Ok, now we're inside the buffer machine. Trane needs to get through here. No guards, but if we get splashed by the chemicals, it's over. Note the four BG Spots on the walls- you may want to hit those before leaving. First challenge here is some moving platforms- jump to them as they travel up and down. Next jump to the narrow beam and walk across it, then jump to the brown pipe hanging down and turn around to face Trane's back to the next beam. Jump to this one. From here you can jump to the network of pipes on either side of the wall to access BG Spots. You can also tag the 6 windows on each side with Marker Tags (Freeform Challenge, 1:00 time limit). 2 BG Spots and one Freeform on each side- jump from the high left pipe to get back to the beam after completing each. There's also an Ipod on the left high pipe in the corner. When you're done gathering all this, hop back to the beam you left and proceed along it to the end. Jump to the final brown pipe, turn around, and then jump atop the waiting silver train. Level Completed! Unlocks: Beat Down Arena 6, Concept Art Gallery 4. Primary Graffiti- 3 + Bonus Graffiti- 12 + Freeform Challenges- 5 + Legend Photos- 7 + Secrets- 5 + Location #3: "Lights Out" Okay, time for another paint the train within the time limit challenge. This one is a bit easier than the last- fewer obstacles and only one tag to worry about. The tag's a big one, though. It's on the first car, so get there ASAP. Drop down to the left side, move along, and you should spot it almost immediately. Start spraying! I recommend the wide angle exclusively be used here- you've only got 3 minutes and it's a big tag. There's no time limit on the tag itself, but watch those drips, Trane! Move right to left spraying every area. You should get it about half done by the 1:35 mark, at which time you have to jump to the other train to get around a low tunnel. Climb to the top, over to the right, quickly jump, wait for the train you were on to pass through the tunnel, then return to it and your mark. Finish the tagging, moving as necessary to avoid obstacles. While spraying you're safe from all but the side lights. Keep moving back and forth to get everything. When you're done, that's the end of the level. Cutscene now. Trane has tagged the Silver Subway, and thousands of people are noticing thanks to Karen Light's exclusive report. Mayor Sung is concerned even more now, and puts a big hit out on Trane with Chief Hunt. This could be trouble. You should have unlocked everything on the list up to the Paint Roller Insult move by now. Check the Unlock List for how to do this one- it smacks the enemy something nasty and you don't even need to equip the roller to do it! Primary Graffiti- 1 + Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 0 Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 0 Chapter 5: "Still Fake Crew? Trane and Gabe are set at odds by a mysterious and nasty plot. They must settle their differences and strike back at the true enemy. Location #1: "New Radius Tunnel" Trane is really coming up in the world now. His tagging in the Ghost Yard got some serious attention. First off, Graf Legend TKid shows up. He praises your work and teaches you some new techniques (his Legend Photo goes into your Black Book). Next, Trane heads back to the art school to confer with White Mike and Kry1. The VaNR leadership is here too. Surprisingly, they're not out for blood this time. Instead they're shaking Trane's hand, applauding his tagging of the Silver Subway, and apologizing for hating him before now. All except Gabe, that is. The boss of the VaNRs is still mad at Trane for tagging over his pieces and vice versa. Serious words are exchanged. Then Decoy steps in and offers to help the boys calm down by referring a graffiti duel between them. Okay, sounds like a plan. :) Trane and Gabe must now race to paint murals on the walls above the New Radius Tunnel. You will be dangling from a rope all through this level and must finish your giant mural before Gabe finishes his. This is the biggest and funniest tag in the game so far. It is also the toughest to paint. You must finish before Gabe finishes, and get less than 5 Drips. Fail to meet either condition, game over. You better have mastered all your techniques! This level may take several tries, so don't lose heart and keep practicing. Here are some tips: - Move around a lot when spraying and shaking. Zigzag! - Use the wide angle spray whenever possible. Be sure to hit the pattern intermittenly: spray one area and then quickly move on to the next when you see Drips start to form. Zigzag, cover wide areas, and use narrow spray in short spurts to even things out. Shake the can while moving. - Watch your paint! If you see a drip start to appear, stop spraying immediately. Shift to another area and pay attention to Trane's warnings. Ignore the insults shouted at you throughout the level from the audience- Gabe also gets his share of these. - Gabe's tactics are as follows: Use narrow spray exclusively, shake can only while moving, work in logical horizontal pattern bottom to top, go over everything twice. Spot the strengths and weaknesses? :) You can beat his plan with wide spray, zigzags, frequent shaking, and excellent can control. Stay in Graffiti Mode the entire time and pause to shake the can whenever necessary. Keep an eye on Gabe, but mostly look to your own pattern. Don't be afraid to leave areas slightly faded: as long as you know where they are and can move quickly to get them, you'll do fine. - Time Limit for this level is about 5 minutes. Don't rush it, take your time, watch the Drips! All you have to do to win is finish your mural before Gabe completes his. It's easy once you get in enough practice. Pace yourself. - Cutscenes occur at three key moments in the level. First, whenever Trane or Gabe gets about 25% of the mural done, one of their lieutenants will step up and heckle. If Trane's in the lead, White Mike picks on Gabe. Otherwise, Spleen picks on Trane. When 75% of the mural is completed, more heckling occurs, this time from Kry1 or Dip. Note who does the heckling so you know where you stand, but pay little attention. If you follow my tips, you should get Trane's crew both times. The third event occurs when someone gets halfway done. Karen Light spots the battle from her newscopter and flies in to get some footage. She also mentions the CCK are on the way. Uh oh! I recommend you watch these cutscenes the first time they play and then skip them on repeat trips. They aren't really necessary to watch and Gabe will keep spraying during the cutscenes while Trane is forced to stay motionless. Do not let your rival take a big lead! Once Trane beats Gabe, the VaNR leader finally gives him a little respect. Decoy is also proud of our hero. Unfortunately, the enemy is closing in on the tunnel, and they quickly surround the area. Many good young artists are taken into custody, and Kry1 and Spleen suffer serious beat-downs. Trane and Gabe manage to escape, running for the amusment park near the old pier. That's it for this level. Primary Graffiti- 1 + Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 0 Legend Photos- 1 + Secrets- 0 Location #2: "Amusement Pier" Running from the CCK, Trane finds himself in the rundown New Radius amusement park. Long closed by bad economics, this area is crawling with seedy Bums and CCK goons looking for squatters. Several Graffiti Spots in the area beckon Trane, in particular the water tower. Trane also told Gabe to meet him in the park, so he goes looking for his rival. Unfortunately, many dangers are lying in wait. In the first area, jump over the water to the dock and climb up. Cross the pier, then scale the fence and enter the concession area. 2 Vandal Squad members are patrolling, and a third is disguised as a Bum. If he spots you doing graffiti or going after his friends, he'll jump into action. Whale on these guys and watch out for their stun batons- the charge attack they may follow a slam up with is pretty nasty. Hit them in the head with the boards, paint cans, and milk crates in the area for serious damage- break all the trash bags by jumping into them to find everything. You may also want to move around a lot, isolate your foes, and when necessary grab Soda. After the area's clear, let's go searching. There's a Gold Montana Spray Can in the alley immediately right of the entry gate. Jump up and down on the trash bags in the opposite alley to find a Secret Skills Bar Increase. Head down the row of stands to the right and hop over the first counter to find a Secret Health Bar Increase. There's an Ecko Symbol Secret behind the next counter. You can photograph Graf Legend VEEKER at the end of the row. Head back to the main area along the wall and tag over the 3 BG Spots you pass. The central booth in the main area offers a Freeform Challenge- place a Poster on each side of the booth within 20 seconds. There's another BG Spot on the Roll-Up door to the left of the booth- look for the green Cuba mark and paint over it. Break the pallets next to the nearby shanty for an Ipod. Finally hit the central wall's PG Spot. The red door in the right alley is open now- go head through it. You'll find yourself near the bottom of the water tower. 2 disguised Vandal Squad members await- beat them up before you do anything else. Knock them into the burning trash barrel for serious hurt. Now search the area to find another alley with shanties in it. There's a Freeform Challenge on the Roll-Up Door here- put down 12 tags in 60 seconds. Under the water tower there are 3 BG Spots to tag. Hit them, then start climbing. Jump to the first inside beam, hop up the next three above it, then leap to the central column. Climb up this column to the top, drop down onto the second floor platform, jump off either side to the hanging girder, and ascend to the next level. Jump back to the central column when you reach the top of the girder, climb up into the water tower's empty interior, and hop onto the floor. There's a photo spot here for Graf Legend DELTA. Go through the door now and you'll find yourself on the outer catwalk. Another Legend Photo (DUEL) can be taken here. There are also 5 PG Spots- lay some paint down, grasshopper! You'll be using the roller, so I hope you know how to control it. Vandal Squad members show up while you're tagging- one after you get two letters and then another after you get two more. Pause in your tagging to beat them down- throwing them off the tower is very satisfying. Retreat into the interior of the tower and fight there if you're worried about taking a fall yourself. You can also run around the tower and sneak up behind the Vandal Squad guys, as they will pause to look around for Trane if they don't initially spot him. If you move fast and quiet enough, you won't be detected, then you can get behind them and do a sneak attack 1-hit kill. :) After you complete the blockbuster, Trane spots Gabe on the ground near the Ferris Wheel. Let's go meet him, eh? Ok, time to get back downstairs. Make your way down the reverse of the way you came up. Jumping off the tower is too lethal to contemplate- be careful as you descend that a fall doesn't happen. When you reach the ground, look behind the burning trash barrel Vandal Squad was guarding earlier and pick up the Bolt Cutters. 2 more VS goons are walking around- defeat or avoid them. Use your Cutters to open the gate and head through to meet Gabe. Oh no, someone else found him first! It's Aunt Beth, and she needs some serious discipline. You'll be partnered up with Gabe for this boss battle- protect your partner. He can fight as well as you can, but Trane will probably be doing most of the damage. Gabe has a long life bar, but can die, so don't use him as a distraction for Beth too often. At the start of the fight, Beth is armed with dual stun batons and can unleash some devestating combos and knockdown attacks. Dodge these and hit her with your own combos and power moves (mix things up and stay mobile). Beth moves remarkably fast for her size, so move faster. If you see her cross the sticks in front of her chest, do not attack or you will be shocked. If you see her about to slam them onto the wet ground, jump to avoid taking damage. Weapons and Soda are in the area- break the objects and make use of what you find. You can find the level's last Secret (an Ipod) behind the shack in this area. Keep up the pressure on Beth, attacking her from behind or the flank whenever you can. If Gabe's hitting her or vice versa, that is also a good time to strike. If you see her pause to take a breath after a combo, strike then too. Her attacks are random in pattern, so keep on your toes and move away or change tactics if she starts blocking. When you drop the crazy bitch to half Health, you'll get a cutscene. Beth took some damage, but she's still up! She's dropped her batons now, so Trane and Gabe both have some excellent weapons. Beth can still unleash nasty combos with her fists, though. She also uses a spray can and a lighter as a crude flamethrower- take note of this move and be ready to duck and roll if it hits Trane. Your baton will not break, so keep whaling on Beth with it- especially when she's down. Gabe will continue to fight alongside you. When Beth's life is depleted, the two rivals unite and zap her together. Ding Dong, no more bitch! :) On her body, Trane finds stencils of the type that he thought Gabe was putting over his pieces. Looks like someone's been messing up the works on the street, yo! Trane and Gabe now call a truce, and decide to work together as artists. That's the end of that chapter. Unlocks: Beat Down Character Decoy, Graffiti Batch 4, Power Flying Kick (this is another good move, check the Unlock List for how to do it and practice!). Primary Graffiti- 6 + Bonus Graffiti- 7 + Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 3 + Secrets- 5 + Act II: "It All Falls Down" Ok, in this act things develop and start to get interesting. We'll learn more about Trane's past, and take on some new areas of the city. Eventually it builds to a thrilling conclusion as we down the villains and live the revolution. Chapter 6: "Kids Think they're Bulletproof" Trane and Gabe seek to bomb some highly visible and dangerous areas of New Radius. Work with your partner, take on the foes. This chapter is more platform-intensive than any previous chapter. Location #1: "New Radius Freeway" Cutscene. Karen Light reports on the situation as it stands now and an increased crackdown on Graf Artists. Gabe, Trane, Mike, and Kry1 (he escaped the CCK, phew!) watch from the art school and vow to keep up the fight. Tina is also present- she's worried about them. Gabe and Trane then head out to go bomb. Their first high-profile target- the city expressway. Ok, new challenge now. Gabe shows you how to play Dodge Car. The vehicles here are speeding and will not slow down for anything- if they hit you, you die. Watch the pattern carefully and move when there's an opening. Frogger fans should get some nostalgia here. :) If a car's about to hit you, try jumping- it might work. Pause between lanes and cross two at a time. On the other side of the highway a Janitor will be coming after you with a roller mop. Beat his ass, throwing him into traffic if you want and staying out yourself. Janitors are real easy to beat as long as you've mastered dodging and combos. After you down the mophead, tag over the two BG Spots on the wall he was attempting to eradicate. You can also take a shot of Graf Legend TRIM's work. Follow Gabe up the pipe when ready. Move to the far right of the pipe network first- you'll find another BG Spot. Tag it, then head back left and climb up to meet Gabe in the construction area. Trane reveals that he took Beth's lighter as a trophy, so we can now do her Flamethrower move. Use this- it works well, especially when you keep the pressure on. It's your best method for heavily damaging enemies from a distance when no other weapons are around. Practice. :) Gabe now wants to tag the highway signs, so he runs on. Before following him, search this area. There's a Janitor and an Armed Workman at work- grab the weapons and take care of them. There's a Gold Montana Spray Can by the cement mixer. There are two BG Spots in the area- one is the patch the Janitor was rubbing out. To access the other, approach the exposed steel beam near the edge. Trane will tie his rope off and leap down. Head along the wall until the mark appears, then Go Big and tag it. Climb back up and check the green Revive, Rebuild, Renew posters for a Freeform Challenge. Hit the wall with as many of your own Posters as you can in 30 seconds. This one's easy. Follow Gabe up the orange scaffolding after you're done. You now meet Shepherd Fairey, aka Obey. He applauds your style and gives you the tools of Wheat-Pasting. He also points out a billboard and suggests Trane tag it. Thanks, man! Proceed along the narrow ledge to the right, past Gabe's tag. You'll meet another Armed Workman who's distracted using a jackhammer. Take him out with a sneak attack. You can also throw him over the side of the freeway if he gets cranky. Head across the narrow beams to your right to meet up with Gabe. Do not skip this next cutscene- Gabe may fall to his death if you do and that's game over, man. The signs you need to tag are now marked with PG Spots. First, though, beat down that Armed Workman rushing to say howdy. Next, break the table in the area for a Secret Ipod. Then follow Gabe, jumping to the pole. Shimmy up it first and jump to the rear catwalk of the highway sign accessible here. Hop over the sign to the front and tag the PG Spot. Hop back over the sign and return to the pole you just climbed. Now slide down it and you'll land on the back of the next highway sign. Hop over to the front catwalk and tag the sign (PG Spot). Hop back over to the rear catwalk and jump to the billboard Obey told you about. Enter Graffiti Mode and you get a Wheat-Pasting tutorial. Follow it and lay down some posters- this is the easiest graffiti method in the game once you know how it works. After the posters are up, jump and climb over the billboard, then slide down the ladder on the back. You can get a photo of Graf Legend JA's work to your right. You can see the final sign you need to tag nearby. Jump to that sign's front catwalk and lay some paint down. Jump back to the area under the billboard using the pipes to your right after you're finished. See the fence here? There's more traffic behind it and if you walk against traffic a little bit in that area you can find a Secret Skills Bar Increase. I didn't bother getting it myself though- too dangerous! When you're ready to proceed, go over to where Gabe is. Follow him down onto the Ivy and across to the next highway section. Grab the Bolt Cutters in this area, then take a photo of the Obey posters (Graf Legend). Drop down to the pipes on the far right and you can shimmy over to another 2 BG Spots on the freeway wall. Next cut open the chained gate back near Gabe. Climb the pipe here and you'll find yourself far above on the side of the highway. Shimmy along the ledge up here to the left and you can find 2 Ipods and 2 BG Spots. Return now to where Gabe is and tag the big PG Spot on the wall next to what he laid down. Once you finish, the CCK show up. You got a big rumble now- stay on your toes and use all the skills you've mastered. The area is full of Soda and weapons, so use them. Work with Gabe and keep him alive, employing similar tactics to those you used in the Beth fight. The first two waves of foes consists of 2 Vandal Squad members each. After you take out the third VS goon, 2 more run in. Beat them all up. After you do so, Gabe runs off and a helicopter drops off two more VS Goons. Finish these, then climb the girder and follow Gabe across the freeway, jumping between lampposts and then sliding down the girder on the other side. In this new area, snap a photo of Graf Legend JEST's work. Then jump onto the last sign where Gabe is to complete the level. Cutscene. Trane and Gabe tag the last sign and our hero saves his enemy's life. Nice. You should have by now unlocked Beat Down Arena 7 and Concept Art Gallery 5. Primary Graffiti- 5 + Bonus Graffiti- 9 + Freeform Challenges- 2 (-1) Legend Photos- 4 + Secrets- 4 + Location #2: "Tramnet Safecars Tower" Trane and Gabe reach their next target, the Tramnet Safecars Tower. On the way, they meet Stake and his Wrong Way Assassins. They have a pass from Decoy, so they are given free reign to be in the rival gang's turf. Moving on, they soon reach the tower. There's a Janitor to beat up in the first area. Knock him out and take his broom- you can use this weapon. An Armed Workman may also come after you- beat him down as well. The photo spot here gives you Graf Legend VEN. There's also a Gold Montana Spray Can. Enter the building and you'll find a Freeform Challenge- tag every poster in the hall within 25 seconds. The four are close together, so this is easy to do. Look behind the open door for an Ipod. Back outside, climb the accessible pipe for a BG Spot. Move the dumpster to access the opposite pipe and climb up. Gabe will now enter the tower through the lobby while Trane more steathily goes in through the open vent. Next challenge- the elevator shaft. You're climbing a chain here and you don't want the elevator to smack you, so turn into alcoves whenever possible. You should only need to dodge the elevator twice. You now need to sneak around the Workmen in the hall, who can and will try to call the CCK on the intercoms if they see you. Use sneak or quick combo attacks to take them out before that happens- there's only one wave of CCK on each level but it's still bothersome. The Freeform Challenge here is to put posters on the two generators on each of this and the next two floors within 3 minutes- skilled talents only! On the first floor you have one Workman smoking on the balcony and another patrolling around. The emergency response team consists of a CCK Gunman. You should head onto the balcony to access the next floor. You can take a photo of Graf Legend YMI Crew's work here. The pipe opposite leads you up to the next level. Shimmy to the ledge at the top and first head left to find an Ecko Symbol Secret. Now head right and around to the open window. Wait for the 2 patrolling Workmen to move away before you climb up and enter. Another CCK Gunman responds if they hit the alarm. Knock foes out the windows for extra fun- just be sure it doesn't happen to you. A helicopter may also show up and start spotlighting for machine gun fire- be careful of this. Stay out of sight until the alarm stops after all foes are dead. There's a BG Spot on the wall here. To access the next floor, climb out the open vent and then scale the grating on the side of the building. Again, shimmy around the ledge and watch the 2 Workmen and 1 CCK Gunman on the next floor. Another Gunman shows up if the alarm is hit. The helicopter does too. Hop through the open window when it's clear and get around the opposition. There's a Secret Health Bar Increase on this floor. Climb up the pipe at the back of the elevator to proceed. Now you're on the top floor of the tower. A Gunman is patrolling- drop down behind him and take him out. Stealth is best- you remember to hold L1 to land silently, right? After he's down, get the Soda and Ipod. Stay away from the hovering helicopter. Your task now is to damage the Neon Sign on the front of the tower. Drop down on the side with the turning gears, scale the scaffolding, and from top to bottom punch out the letters A, E, A, R, and S. Do not punch out any other letters- that's game over. Stay out of the spotlight too. Climb back up when you're done and climb the pipe on the wall in front of you. Shimmy around the ledge to the number 4 and climb up onto the tower roof. Take out or avoid the Gunman. Head to the left and step down the ledge once the helicopter's moved away. You'll find more Neon letters to kick out now- hit the M and then the T at the end of the word. Look at what the tower says now! :) Head back to the roof and down the ladder in the other opening to reach the top of a tram car and end the level. Primary Graffiti- 0 Bonus Graffiti- 2 + Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 2 + Secrets- 4 + Location #3: "Going For A Tram Ride" Trane now rides and targets the four tram cars circling above New Radius. No time limit to make your marks here, but it's still dangerous. I really enjoyed the music on this level, I must say. :) You start the level on top of Tram Car 1. You can hit the cars in any order you like, just remember which ones you've done already (all have the numbers 1-4 on them, so this is easy). You need to spray a mural on the side of all four cars to complete the level. Move around on them just like you did on the subway trains, staying on the side and spraying whenever possible. There are no lights to knock you off the cars, but there are still dangers in this level. That CCK helicpoter that bugged you earlier is still around and will be trying to spotlight you. So will the guards manning the tower turrets. Don't let the lights hit you- the turrets and chopper will shoot at Trane. CCK Guards may also jump from the towers onto the tram cars to come after you. If one shows up, stay on the side where they can't get to you. They may walk right off the car as they try! Stay in the center of the top of the car if you must fight a Guard and try to throw him off the tram ASAP without falling off yourself. As for the spotlights, just keep moving and stay in the shadows as much as you can. You will need to use the spotlight towers to jump between cars. Hop onto a tower when it's close and then wait for your next target tram car to pass before jumping to it. The big towers at either end of the tramway are best for this. CCK Gunmen protect these towers- you may want to take care of them, but they do respawn periodically, so be careful. You can knock foes into the sparking gears for heavy damage or into the void for instant kill. These towers also have Soda on them. After you finish painting the first two cars, Gabe shows up to admire your work and you get a Checkpoint. Hit all four cars to complete the level. The bonuses I've found here as follows: On the big tower with undamaged neon letters- a Gold Montana Spray Can by the elevator and an Ipod atop the last T in the TRAMNET neon sign (jump off the roof to get to it). The other secret can be found on the spotlight tower nearest the tower whose letters you damaged last level. Jump onto this tower when the car nears it, then drop to its lowest ledge and shimmy around until you reach a pipe going down the tower. Slide down this pipe and you'll find a wide ledge at the bottom. A Gunman comes down on a lift and brings the Ipod with him. Careful fighting in this small area. You can get out the same way you got in. The Freeform Challenge is to bomb all four of the green posters on the center spotlight towers within 3 minutes. I recommend this challenge only to experienced platformers- it is tough to pull off with the spotlights and moving trams and difficult jumps and all the other hazards. You can get it, though, if your timing and patience is up to the task. The cars slow when nearing the towers, so this makes things somewhat easier. Hop to the sides of the towers when possible, tag, then hop back to the tram cars when they get close. After you finish painting the fourth car's mural, you get a cutscene where Gabe and Trane meet up on the roof of the damaged corner tower. Then Karen Light shows up and they give her an exclusive interview (masked of course), applauding their art and telling off the Mayor. Nice. :) Primary Graffiti- 4 Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 1 + Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 2 + Chapter 7: "Blind Justice" Trane busts into the CCK's headquarters in search of information on his father's death and the Mayor's secrets. Not your easiest stealth mission. The final challenge at the end is tough too. Location #1: "Exterior CCK HQ" We begin with a cutscene where Trane talks with Decoy about the graffiti they've both been doing. Decoy reveals that he knew Trane's father in the joint and thinks Mayor Sung may have had something to do with the old man's death. Lots of nasty Twin Peaks dream sequence homages in this part. :( Trane and Gabe discuss things, then Trane decides to find out what he can by burglarizing the CCK Headquarters Building. And on that note... Level begins. You're inside the perimeter fence, but still outside the HQ Building. First objective is to get to the roof. Head along the building wall avoiding spotlights and staying quiet. If you're detected, the alarms will go off and security gates will seal off access to higher floors temporarily. You will have to take out a responding team of CCK Gunmen, plus any Guards in the area you're in, to get them to reopen. Either that or hide long enough for response to leave. The first floor courtyard only has one Gunman on its response team- however he respawns whenever you're spotted, so you will have to beat him down again and again. There's also a patrolling Orange CCK Guard, who you should take out with a sneak attack. Beware the Security Cameras- if one spots you, response is automatic. There's a Gold Montana Spray Can in the far corner. Ascend the network of pipes in the center courtyard, using Wall Jumps and avoiding the camera viewcones. You can access a BG Mark on the wall to the left by shimmying along the highest pipe. Climb through the open window when the gate's open. On this balcony you can find 2 Silver CCK Guards patrolling. Take them out. The response teams consist of two Gunmen each. Use the nooks to hide and avoid the cameras. I recommend clearing this area of foes so you can get all the bonuses. Sneaking around is possible too, but difficult. The far left booth has a bat, Soda, and a Photo Spot for Graf Legend PINK. There's an Ipod in the corner next to it. The posters of Mayor Sung throughout the hall offer a Freeform Challenge- tag all 3 within 1 minute. You can find 3 other Freeform Challenges on the security booths- put tags on their windows (4 per booth, 30 second timer). Climb the first vertical pipe in the hallway (near the entrance) and shimmy along the ledge to access 2 BG Spots. You can also use this network of ledges to hide from the Guards (response teams go away if you're out of sight long enough). There's a 6-Pack in the hall before you round the corner and another vertical pipe near the window. Climb this one and search the ledge network to find 2 more BG Spots. When you're ready, head for the open window near this pipe and climb out onto another pipe network on the side of the building. Drop to the ground here and explore this area to find a Secret Skills Bar Increase. There's also a 6-Pack. Return to the pipes via the trash can below them nearby. Head to the far right of these pipes to find another BG Spot on the building corner. Tag it, then head to the top of the network and climb onto the roof. Checkpoint, no more response teams to worry about. A Silver Guard, Orange Guard, and Gunman are patrolling up here. Sneak around and knock them out quickly. You can find a BG Mark on either side of the two generator pens- hit all four. Get the Bolt Cutters among the AC Units in the center. There's also a club and a 6-Pack in the area. To hit the 2 PG Marks on the front of the building, climb the ladder on the tower and then drop down using your rope. Rappel down and hit the spots, then climb back up. Use your Cutters to break open the chained gate. Descend the network of pipes and gratings behind the gate to find yourself in the motor pool. 3 Orange Guards and 2 Gunmen are on patrol- take them out by any means necessary. You can be sneaky or do a big brawl- there's plenty of Soda to help you out if you know where it is. Back them into corners and combo between dodges. Jump to the van roofs for good hiding spots. There's an Ipod in one corner and 2 BG Mark on another corner's walls- look around in Tag Vision. Hit the four yellow posters with Aerosol Stencils within 45 seconds to win a Freeform Challenge. Finally, hit the 5 PG Marks on the CCK vans. Trane now spots an open window through which he can enter the building. Go to where you tagged the last 2 BG Marks, jump up on the trash can next to the building, and then hop up to the network of pipes. Ascend to and through the open window, avoiding the spotlights. Level finished. By now you should have gained almost every bonus you can unlock on the rewards list through scoring- including with this level's completion Beatdown Arena 8, Beatdown Character Aunt Beth, and Concept Art Gallery 6. Primary Graffiti- 7 + Bonus Graffiti- 12 + Freeform Challenges- 5 + Legend Photos- 1 + Secrets- 3 + Location #2: "Interior CCK HQ" Ok, now we're inside the CCK Building. Let's find that file room, shall we? :) Wait, first we got to do something else. Our friend Stake, leader of the Wrong Way Assassins, is being beaten in an interrogation room adjoining the room you just entered. Break the one-way mirror, then hop in quickly and attack the Orange and Silver Guards pummeling him. Stake will help you, but he's wounded and not as good a fighter as Trane. Protect him as you would any ally- it's game over if he dies. Note that the Guards on this level are unmasked, but this doesn't change their stats any that I saw. Remember that you can toss them into the furniture for extra damage. If you want to get the enemy away from Stake, try knocking them through the one-way mirror you just shattered. Neither Stake nore the Guards can enter the room any other way. Trane can then hop in after them and finish them off. Careful- they can still attack through the open window. Once you finish this fight, you get a cutscene. Stake says Trane has a death wish, while Trane vows to continue his crusade by laying down paint inside CCK HQ and on their helicopters. Ooh, we are in trouble... Stake takes the wise path and escapes, while Trane continues into the fortress. Let's gather bonuses now. There's a Gold Montana Spray Can in the observation room. A BG Mark you can hit is on the interrogation room wall. You may notice a Freeform Challenge also, but don't start it just yet. For now, take note of the police officer photo and remember what it looks like. Head into the hall now and get a Guard's attention. There are five CCK Guards patrolling the area- two Silver and three Orange. You can sneak around and take them all out if you like, but I found it easier to fight them all at once. Make hit-and-run attacks, dodging frequently and using combos. Isolate them using the various rooms in the hall- especially the trick I mentioned earlier with the interrogation room window. You should be good enough at combat by now to manage this without losing too much health. If you can, take out a Guard or two with sneak attacks before the big fight starts- just be sure to avoid the cameras. When all are dead, explore the halls and collect any soda that is necessary. Do not enter the Lobby just yet. Four of the five rooms (Interrogation, Conference Rooms 1 and 2, Storage, and Captain's Office) has a policeman photo on the wall in it. Once you know where they all are, tag them all within 3 minutes to win the level's first Freeform Challenge. Without Guards to dodge, this is easily accomplished. 2 BG Marks are in the hallway- use Tag Vision to spot them. Don't worry about the cameras now- with all the Guards down there's no one for them to summon should you get spotted. You should have already searched Interrogation. In Conference Room 1, there is a BG Mark on the back wall. Hit the markerboard in here for another Freeform Challenge- hit the one in the other Conference Room within thirty seconds. Again, easy without Guards to dodge. Conference Room 2 also has an Ipod and a BG Mark in it. Storage is empty of bonuses. In the Captain's Office there is another BG Mark. Exit to the Lobby when you're done collecting all that you can. Now we need to find the Intel Room. First, tag the wall between the Lobby's two entrances (BG Mark). Now use Wall Jumping to get onto the ceiling beams. Explore the area up here to find another BG Mark on the opposite wall- easily accessed from either side of the center hanging posters. On this beam look for a pipe going down and descend to the bottom. Then shimmy to the right and descend the next pipe. You're now on the building's first floor. 3 Security Guards are in the hall. An Orange CCK Guard will answer the alarm. Take all these guys out- they're not that strong fighters compared to the experience you should have gained by now. After the battle, hit the BG Mark on the lobby wall under the CCK Seal whose PG Mark you need to hit. There's another BG Mark on the wall to the right, so hit it too. One of the guardrooms has a 6-Pack and Ipod. Climb the beam on the side of this room to find a Freeform Challenge on the blue panels above the room- hit all 12 blue panels above both booths within 1:10 starting with the second from the left. When you're done, shimmy over to the seal and tag its PG Mark. Then return to the floor and push the flashing button in the security room without items (dodge button). You're now on the Shooting Range. The targets here offer a Freeform Challenge- tag them all within 45 seconds. Again work left to right. Now enter the Intel Room. You have a fight on your hands with an Orange CCK Guard, a Silver CCK Guard, and a Security Guard. Cinch! These CCK Guards lack nighsticks, but still fight in the same manner as their brothers. I recommend luring them out of the room one at a time and beating each one down. That way you can sneak attack the last guy. When all are dead, approach the markerboard in the room. Trane will take a photo and realize just how much he underestimated the CCK. Be sure you hit the BG Mark on the wall opposite the markerboard before you continue with your next objective. Check out the room's pillars. Wall-Jump to the one on the right of the markerboard, climb up, twist around and jump to the one on the left. Now climb this one and then jump to the one on the right. Climb to the top, then jump off onto the room's upper balcony. 4 more BG Spots to paint here- use Tag Vision. Hit them, then jump up and grab the open vent in the room. Crawl through. You'll find the last BG Mark of the level. Hit it, then walk to the doors and go through. Gabe's here, tagging up Chief Hunt's office. He's disguised in a CCK Uniform- why didn't we think of that? :) Trane goes off to bomb Hunt's chopper while Gabe heads out. Then just as Trane leaps out the window Gabe raises his hands. What the... Primary Graffiti- 1 + Bonus Graffiti- 16 + Freeform Challenges- 4 + Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 2 + Location #3: "Hunt's Helipad" You've probably unlocked Graffiti Batch 6 by now, so choose it with the Black Book if you want before starting this mission. Our task here is to tag Hunt's chopper, and new designs may be a nice idea. Sneak through the first area- there are two Silver Guards you may want to get the drop on. Scattered around are 2 pipes, Soda, and an Ipod. You can also snap a photo of Graf Legend ZEBSTER. Hit the four small CCK symbols with Posters with 30 seconds to win a Freeform Challenge. After that, climb up the grating on the back of the pillar in the center and jump to the network of pipes. Shimmy along the lower horizontal pipe and you can find and tag all of the level's 5 BG Marks. Now ascend the vertical pipe and you'll see a chopper landing. That's our target. There's a PG Spot on either side of the chopper and you have four minutes to hit both. Because you're using Etching Cream and not paint, this counts as a Freeform Challenge, not ordinary PG. As soon as you finish, the level is complete. Climb over the fence, then run to the chopper and lay down some cream. The opposition here is a new enemy- a trio of Sung Agents. As long as you keep your distance from them, they won't be much of a problem. If you must take them on, stay close and use repeated combos. Each carries a pistol with which he can both slap and shoot at you. There are clubs in the area to help out and Soda too. The Agents respawn even if beat down, and you have limited time, so it may be better to avoid them. Mainly be quick and concentrate on your etching. When you've hit both sides of the chopper, Hunt automatically takes off. That's it for this mission. Note- you can find the level's last two bonuses in the helipad area. Get them if you have time. First is an Ecko Symbol Secret on the side of one of the small structures surrounding the helipad. You can also poster over the 8 CCK symbols on the sides of the four small structures (Freeform Challenge) before tagging the chopper. This takes time, though, and the Agents make it difficult. Mainly concentrate on doing what you need to do (tag the chopper's sides within 4 minutes) to win. Primary Graffiti-0 Bonus Graffiti- 5 + Freeform Challenges- 3 + Legend Photos- 1 + Secrets- 2 + Chapter 8: "Smoke out the Rats" Trane returns to his hideout, only to find bad news waiting. He must now run for his life as he finds all he has built collapsing around him. It only gets worse from here on... Location #1: "SFC Hideout" Trane has made it home, don't ask me how. He confers with Tina, Mike, and Kry1 while wondering where Gabe got to. Then a news report comes on- Celia's apartment building is on fire! It seems the CCK went there looking for Trane. Then all of a sudden the art school bursts into flame as well. Trane's friends run, while he stays behind to rescue his Black Book. You must now make your way out of the burning art school. No time limit, thank God. Just stay away from flames and spotlights. Open windows too, like the one in this room. Follow the path to escape- it's pretty straightforward, with only a few turns and some ducking- basically it's the reverse of the way you got into the school's big classroom way back when. When you reach the restroom, though, things start to change. Grab the Ipod, then jump to and grab the edge of the big hole in the wall over the sinks. Pull yourself up and over. Shimmy along the ledge on this side and then jump to the other restroom partition. Pull yourself up and over this partition, then the next. Go through the hall until you reach the marked Freeform Challenge- slap 3 stickers over the pit in 30 seconds. They can all be in the same area, it's okay. Just do it fast before the floor falls from under you. I didn't even bother after the first attempt- I was too concerned with making it out. Do a running jump over the pit and land on the other side. Now walk on the narrow beam in the center of the next pit out to the end. Jump to the next narrow beam, walk a short distance, then turn left, hop up, and grab the orange pipe. Shimmy along it to the other side of the debris pile and drop to the floor. You witness the death of an SFC soldier. Jump to the hole in the wall by the pipe and climb through. Careful in this room- it's burning and the ceiling is collapsing. You can photograph Graf Legend TATS CRU if you move to the far left window. There's also a Freeform Challenge on the upper ledge- put 6 Posters on the wall in 35 seconds. Why Trane should bother doing this when the building's burning I have no idea. In any case, head out the open window onto the outer building ledge to proceed. Move down and left quickly to get past collapsing sections. You can spot a red Ecko Symbol Secret here- according to Smallz the best way to get to it is to jump to the ledges above the AC Unit (do not jump on the AC Unit itself) and then move left and down. Return to the ledge you were on the way you got there after getting the symbol. Careful- the CCK chopper will also show up and start spotlighting if you hang around too long. Climb down to the next open window and hop through. In this room photograph the work of Graf Legend MODE2 before it becomes ashes. Then head out the doorway into the hall. Graf Legend OS GEMEOS can be photographed from a spot to your right. Head to your left and you'll reach a Checkpoint. Now move forward, jumping over the pit and then running across the collapsing walkway. Jump the next pit at the other end. Run through this next hall dodging falling debris and staying alert for the spotlight shining through the windows. Zigzag! There's an Ipod at the end near the big hole in the wall. Jump out that hole to finish the level. Primary Graffiti- 0 Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 3 (-1) Legend Photos- 3 + Secrets- 3 + Location #2: "School Rooftop" Big rooftop rumble in this mission. First some goons, then a boss. The CCK chopper ambushes Trane and he must fight for his life. First wave- 2 Vandal Squad members. Use all the combos and dodging techniques you know. Try throwing them into the burning areas while staying away from those yourself. Spread your attacks here and refrain from any moves you can't pull off quickly. The action's just too intense. :( Soda and weapons are in the area but not in great numbers. Stay out of the spotlight, as Chief Hunt will be shooting at you from the chopper- weave back and forth to make him miss. Sections of the roof will collapse throughout the battle, so if you feel a vibration beneath you move away quickly. Punch enemies into the holes that get made and keep zigzagging. Throwing them over the side of the building also works well. If you want to be in a safe area, stay near the propane tank. The flames strangely avoid it. If you survive long enough, you'll learn why. :) After the VS goons fall, 2 Silver CCK Guards drop down from the whirlybird. Handle them using the same tactics. Stay away from the holes! If you can take out all four of the enemies, you have made it to the next boss. Chief Hunt raves at you some, then jumps onto the roof for a little one on one. Keep using combos and lure him towards the holes in the roof while staying away from them yourself. He has a lot of rapid moves, but nothing really special. If you've been practicing enough in the Beatdown Arenas, this should be an easy fight. He can grab the weapons in the area, so don't let him. There's a single 6-Pack in the area if necessary. This arena is small, so be careful with your dodges. Keep pounding on the Chief and don't worry about the other observing CCK. The part of the roof you're on won't collapse, so that is no longer a concern. :) Be sure not to get knocked off the building. Also watch for the Chief's grapples- they can inflict repeated punishment. Mix your tactics, zigzag around, and be prepared for lots of counters and blocks. Break the shed by the propane tank for more weapons. When the Chief is close to death, he orders his snipers to take you out. One hits the propane tank instead, sending Hunt to a fiery end. Trane tries in vain to save him. Then, dejected, he leaves the school. Meeting up with the SFC, he finds they are no longer so eager to run with him. Even worse, Karen Light shows up on the TV saying Trane is wanted for murder... Primary Graffiti- 0 Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 0 Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 0 Chapter 9: "A Game of Cat and Mouse" Trane is now on the run, fleeing from the CCK and still trying to get his name up in lights. He is also desperate to uncover just how the CCK found his hideout. What lies ahead for our hero? Play on and you will soon see! Location #1: "Port Authority" Trane is again trying to get his message out, this time at the city's largest subway terminal. He tries to call Gabe for help, but the other writer doesn't pick up. Hmm. Ok, first snap a photo of Graf Legend FRAME at the nearby camera mark. Then go into Tag Vision and watch the marks. Flip over the railing where they go and drop down onto the billboard here. Hit the two BG Marks, then the PG Mark. You're using Wheat Paste here, so be ready. After the tagging, Trane spots Gabe on the bridge. Gabe lies to him, then runs off. And now the heat is coming. Uh oh. There's a pair of Security Guards on the bridge. Run past them or take them down. Throwing them over the side works fine. Then run through the next double doors. Two Security Guards quoting Pulp Fiction are your next opponents. Let's show them who's the badass. :) Get the Gold Montana Spray Can behind the counter, then head through the set of doors opposite where you came in. Trane spots a PG Mark on a Wanted Poster of him in the mall here. Search the area before hitting it. You'll find three more Security Guards to take out. Do so and you won't have to worry about the cameras. The Apple Computer store has an Ipod outside. Put your name on the windows of the Starbucks type place for a Freeform Challenge (1 minute to lay one tag on every single one of the shop's windows- I recommend you work left to right). Now use Wheat-Pasting to replace Trane's Wanted Posters on the first floor with some for Sung. :) Now jump to the ledge above the first Wanted Poster (near the entrance) and pull yourself up. Then jump to the upper level and look around in Tag Vision. Tag the 8 unmarked doors up here using Stencils within two minutes (Freeform Challenge). You can shimmy along the ledges across from either Wanted Poster to drop down and find a BG Mark. Tag them, then the two Wanted Posters. Pay attention to your method of Graffiti- the controls are different for each. After tagging all 4 Wanted Posters, Trane sees where he needs to go next. Drop back down to the lower floor and head down the indicated hallway. Take out the Security Guard on his rounds, then break all the pallets and boxes to find an Ipod. Exit through the far door and you have finished the level. Primary Graffiti- 5 + Bonus Graffiti- 4 + Freeform Challenges- 3 (-1) Legend Photos- 1 + Secrets- 2 + Location #2: "Lumen Square Station" Hmm, where's Gabe headed? Get the Gold Montana Spray Can behind you before finding out. Next, drop over the railing to the right in the center to tag a BG Mark. Repeat with the center railing on the left side. Now jump the turnstile and explore the station. A pair of Silver CCK Gunmen are here. Beat them up, throwing them in front of the train if you like. Note- these guys are just like Silver Guards, only with guns instead of nightsticks. As before stay off the tracks when the red lights along their sides turn on. The bad guys will not take the same care. :) Graf Legend Iz THE WIZ can be photographed from the tracks. Tag the four pillars on this side of the tracks to complete half of an untimed Freeform Challenge. You need to cross the tracks now. Do so when the trains aren't running (watch the timing and the lights). There is a fence on the right side of the track where you can hop the center section. Cross over the tracks in the middle to the next fence on the left using the raised divider. Get over these tracks onto the other platform as soon as you can. Tag the four pillars here to complete the Challenge. I've heard there are bonuses on the walkway above the tracks, but I can never manage to make it up there, so I haven't confirmed the info. Supposedly you can access it by Wall-Jumping to the light fixtures on either side of the tracks and then hopping up. Again, I don't know. In any case, head down the stairs in the corner after Gabe. At the bottom of the stairs is a dead end. Jump up the wall beside the map and tag the 3 BG Spots you can reach by shimmying along the ledge here. Climb into the vent on the left after you get them. Drop out the end and tag the PG Spot on the wall directly behind Trane. Jump to the light fixtures and then the walls on either side to hit four BG Spots and 2 more PG Spots. You can shimmy along the lights to hit them all. Watch out for the CCK below you- they can hit Trane with their guns. If you want to drop them down and take them out, do so. The opposition consists of one Silver Gunman and one Silver Guard. Use the phones on the side of the main booth to help you ascend back up if you need to (watch the Cameras!). There's Soda in the booth if you need it. When you're done head down the next set of stairs. Gabe springa a trap here. Hop over the railing or beat up the three Silver CCK Guards that come after you. You can photograph Graf Legends DASH 167 and FREEDOM from the tracks. An Ipod is on the other side near the vending machines. Jump over the top railing onto the top of the train to complete the level. Time to find out why Gabe's been dissing Trane. Primary Graffiti- 3 + Bonus Graffiti- 10 (-1) Freeform Challenges- 1 + Legend Photos- 4 (-1) Secrets- 2 (-1) Location #3: "Subway Platform" Trane spots Gabe upon making his landing. First, though, we have to get to him. Make your way up the tracks, jumping to the light poles to avoid oncoming trains. The poles are climbable, so this may be easiest. You can tag the gray power boxes if you want for a Freeform Challenge (hit them all within 1:30). As before, get off the tracks whenever there's vibration and flashing red lights. You can take a Legend Photo of KAVES halfway down. Not sure how to get the Ipod that is also on the tracks- it seems out of reach. In any case, hop over the fence to your right at the other end as soon as you reach it. Trane confronts Gabe now. Man, this has been a long time coming. He has all the same moves you've seen when he fought alongside you before and hits about as fast and hard as Trane, so I hope you're prepared. Be careful doing power moves- Gabe can often hit you in the middle of them and interrupt them. A lot of his moves are instant knockdowns. He can also throw bricks. Try and herd him towards the planks extending over a long drop in one corner of the area and knock him off to quickly finish the fight. You have to do this anyway- once you get Gabe to 1/4 life he becomes invincible and this is the only way to beat him. Make use of the weapons and Soda in the area. Knock Gabe over the edge and he dangles. Trane then interrogates him. What happened to our street friendship, man? Gabe reveals that he betrayed the SFC after being caught and threatened by some chick named Shanna Ray, a secret employee of the Mayor, back at CCK HQ. Trane gets surprised by this and pulls Gabe back up. Gabe immediately resumes whaling on his adversary. Knock him over the edge of the platform again (use the same tactics, note he's more evasive now so stay on him) and you'll get another cutscene. The boys abandon their friendship and Trane leaves. Trane then visits Decoy and learns the truth behind his father's death. Shit! It all comes crashing down for Trane. Then Sung declares vcitory over the SFC and our hero vows revenge. He offers to sell his story to Karen Light at the New Radius Bridge. Primary Graffiti- 0 Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 1 + Legend Photos- 1 + Secrets- 1 (-1) Chapter 10: "The Revolution Will Be Televised" This is a momentous level. Trane finally takes on the Mayor face-to-face and tries to get his message out with the help of lovely Karen Light. It's also incredibly dramatic. :) Location #1: "New Radius Bridge" Again we're tagging highway signs and billboards while we wait for Karen's arrival. Note- we have to watch out for speeding cars again too. :( There's a lot of Wheat-Pasting on this level, so I hope you know how to do it. Good luck. Start by Wheat-Pasting the BG Spot on the highway sign you're on. Then hop over the sign and drop down to the highway using the pole at the end. You can run out in the street and snap a photo of Graf Legend DERO. Head to the sidewalk opposite where you landed, dodging honking jerks. You can take a photo of Graf Legend SKUF farther down the bridge and also hop over the guard rail to grab a Gold Montana Spray Can. Cross over to the walkway you first landed on and explore the area around the corner tower. A Silver CCK Guard and 2 Silver CCK Gunmen are patrolling this side of the street, so be careful. There's Soda if you need it. Knocking the bad guys off the bridge or into traffic is a very good way to take them out, as are sneak attacks. :) Use the network of pipes at the back of the tower to access a BG Spot. Climb higher and you can reach the beams running above the bridge and get to the other side. First, though, let's finish exploring the side we're on now. Hit the back of the sign you can reach via the tower and the beams above the bridge for a Freeform Challenge (6 tags in 1 minute). Paint the front of this sign too (PG Spot). Flip back over the sign and return to the sidewalk. There is another sign you can climb up and tag farther down (BG Spot). Return to the beams above the bridge when you're done and cross to the other side. Jump between beams as necessary and on the way tag another PG Spot on the front of a sign you can only access from these beams. Checkpoint. Drop to the ground and explore this side of the tower. Two Silver CCK Guards are making the rounds. There are weapons in the area and you can photograph Graf Legend Charlie DTK at the tower's rear. Now let's check out the sidewalk on this end of the bridge. First up is another sign you can climb up and tag the front of (BG Spot). Play in traffic in the area under this sign to find an Ipod. Return to the sidewalk and move on down to the other side of the screen. You'll find Bolt Cutters under some construction scaffolding. Graf Legend KNOW is on top of the scaffolding- jump up there and take a shot. Then return to the tower and break open the chained door on your side. Tiptoe into this area- there's a Welder Workman here. These guys wield nasty blowtorches that can seriously damage Trane. If they notice you, use dodging and combos as usual but be extra cautious. Remember to duck and roll if you get caught on fire. This first guy's distracted, so he's easy to fell with a sneak attack. That's what you'd think anyway- I've had him turn around and spot me almost every time I've entered. Make use of the weapons in the previous area if you still have access to them and kick the Welder's ass! There's also a club in this room. When you're done, climb the tower using the network of pipes, beams, and platforms running up from the room you're in. Careful not to fall while you do this. It may take a few repeats. At the top, jump to the ledge the camera shows you. A scary path lies ahead. Climb up the grate on the wall to Trane's right. You may need the Soda next to it. Shimmy along the pipe at the top to the left to find another grate. Ascend this one and then walk out along the pipe sticking out of the wall. Jump to the next pipe, then climb up on it and walk towards the wall. Pull yourself up at the end, flip over the wall, cross the next narrow beam, then pull yourself onto the next platform. From here jump to the railing and pull yourself over it. Climb the ladder to access the tower's first tier observation deck. Be careful up here- it's a very long drop. You can still knock enemies over the edge- combos and the flamethrower move work nicely. A Silver Guard, Silver Gunman, and Sung Agent are the foes- take out all three. Stay out of the spotlights while you're doing it to avoid machine gun fire. Remember that you can direct it towards enemies as well if you're good enough. Dodge and combo! The Agent is particularly dangerous, so either pummel him quickly or save him for last. When you're done, explore the area. You'll find a Freeform Challenge- put up 10 Posters on the wall in 2 minutes. This may be difficult with the spotlights shooting at you. There's also Soda if you need it. To proceed, hop over the railing in the center from the left side and drop down the network of pipes and beams in this shaft to the platform in the middle. A Welder is on the platform, so pummel him and try to knock him over the edge. Remember to dodge and use every opening he gives you. After he's down, look around for a white pipe on the far wall. Jump to this pipe, then run and jump to the pipe above it. You'll find the last BG Spot on the wall here. Now return to the white pipe and shimmy to the left and down the drainpipe extending from the bottom left corner. You'll find an Ecko Symbol. Return to the ledge where you beat up the Welder after grabbing it. Next, jump towards the wall with the pipe running across it and the sides of the tower. Shimmy along this pipe to the right and you'll find the 3rd PG Mark. Tag it! Ok, now we need to access the Rope Trolley. Grab the pipe above you and sidestep to the right. Tag the BG Spot with something appropriate. Then climb the pipe to your right and pull yourself over the railing. Sneak around or pummel the 3 Agents up here. Beware the spotlight and remember to knock them over the rail if you can. Climb down the ladder at the far side of the area, cross the platform, and climb the next ladder. Enter the trolley to finish the level. Primary Graffiti- 3 + Bonus Graffiti- 6 + Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 4 + Secrets- 2 + Location #2: "Bridge Docking Station" Trane now heads closer to his meeting point with Karen Light. Hope she's ready for what we have to tell her. We'll also become a serious legend if we're lucky enough. :) Many areas to paint in the opening area. You'll be using both Roller and Wheat Paste. Watch the scene to see where you need to hit, then start running. Avoid the spotlights. Sneak around the 2 Agents or take them down- I prefer the latter. As before, knocking them off the bridge means instant death. After Eliminating the two sung agents go to the far wall, there is a freeform challenge to place 10 posters on the wall (unlimited time). Now jump over the left railing, there is a freeform challenge,to place 12 aresol tags on the railing in 2 minutes. Get the Soda, then look for the rappel point on the far right of the bridge and hop down. Ok, time to tag the first 5 PG Spots. Avoid the CCK Chopper's spotlight while you do it. Be sure to weave back and forth and hit every area. You get a tutorial on rappelling quickly (press jump button when moving up or down). Stay on the edge of the searchlight or out of it as much as you can- it goes in a "Z" pattern if you want to know the timing. Get out of sight quickly if you're seen. Use Wide Angle Rolling and remember that you can hit the Spots in any order you want. Just be certain to get them all! I still recommend concentrating on one at a time so you don't get the patterns mixed up though. After finishing painting STILL, you get a Checkpoint. Drop down to the platform below you and grab the Soda. There's also an untimed Freeform Challenge (put 10 Stencils on the elevator doors). Dodge the spotlight while you do it. Drop off the next rappel point and you'll find the next set of PG Spots. First you need to roll down "FREE" and then Wheat Paste something at the bottom. The spotlight will be moving faster on this shorter wall, so watch it carefully and keep to the dark! When you complete the piece, you will see Karen Light's exclusive scoop on your campaign. Trane also spots the blimp that belongs to her station. Sung's on board for an interview- let's catch a ride! :) You have 40 seconds to get on the blimp before it leaves. I recommend you ignore the Silver Guard and 2 Agents shooting at you- dodge or run past them. Also avoid the spotlights. Run through the open doors in front of Trane and jump off the ledge onto the blimp to complete the level. There's an Ipod left of the second set of doors which you can get if you're fast. Primary Graffiti- 10 + Bonus Graffiti- 0 Freeform Challenges- 3 + Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 1 + Chapter 11: "Auld Lang Syne" Trane has reached the final mission. He must now go after Sung on Karen Light's blimp and take him down. One man against dozens of highly trained and lethally armed thugs backed by unjust laws. This is what heroes are made of. :) Location #1: "NNR News Blimp" First Trane must sneak through the blimp to get to the media room where Sung will later be giving a speech. Along the way he must avoid or defeat all opposition. :) We start with a cutscene review of Trane's mission and how far he's come. Pull yourself up onto the blimp and get going. Shimmy along the ledge on the gondola to the left. Take note of the patrolling Sung Agent inside the window- keep low to avoid him spotting you. If he does, he will shoot. You also need to dodge the notice of the blimp's Pilot-he can alert the Agent. Stay away from the windows as much as you can, and time your movements past them to when no one is looking. You can also slip down the ledge and shimmy hand over hand when the path isn't blocked- do this to get past the front of the blimp. About halfway along the ledge on the left side, you'll find a Freeform Challenge- tag the four areas between the windows within 60 seconds. Again, you can get them in any order you like but you have to start with the marked one. I suggest getting that one, then the one on the left, then moving back right to get the other two. Move stealthily if you can, but you may need to dodge gunfire. Return to the far left of the ledge when you're done and climb up onto the pipe here. Shimmy to the left out onto the blimp's wing. The first engine you come too shuts on and off regularly. You will need to shimmy past it while it's off. Watch it carefully to get the timing. The Agent can still notice you as well, so be careful. If he shoots Trane even once, Trane will probably fall off the blimp to his death. This part may bear some repeats. :( Continue shimmying around the wing's side and then the rear, timing your movements carefully to avoid the engine and the Agent's gaze when you move along the latter. Shimmy all the way around the wing and then hop down onto the back of the gondola. Shimmy along the ledge here, again moving to the left. Eventually you will reach an opening that Trane can and should pull himself up into. Make sure the Agent is not there when you do! Pull yourself up and hop into the gondola. You now need to knock out the Pilot and the Agent you saw before. Throwing them through the windows is probably best. The Agent is again your deadliest opponent. The Pilot talks and fights pretty much like a Janitor- thankfully without the mop. Concentrate on the Agent- his pistol is very bothersome. Dodge and combo as you have before. The Pilot only really comes after you when you've taken out his buddy. He can block well and do a few combos, but he's not that bad. When they're both down, go over to the copy machine and hit the Evade/Use button. Trane starts making flyers with which to bombard the city. :) Uh oh, a Silver CCK Guard came down the elevator to interrupt. Handle him like you did the last two jokers. You can also sneak past him and hop into the elevator if you want- you need to get on it anyway to proceed to our next objective. Jump up once you're inside the elevator and grab the opening. Pull yourself up, then jump again and get onto the next ledge. Sidestep to the right on this ledge to the grating. Wait for the electric charge on the grate to dissipate, then climb up it quickly, pull yourself up on the pipe at the top, and sidestep to the right. Again, this may take a few tries. You will find an Ecko Symbol Secret as you move along the next ledge. You will need to ascend another charged grate- dodge the electricity! Grab the pipe at the top, then jump to the open elevator doors behind you. Pull Trane up and enter the observation deck. There's Soda in the initial room if you need it. Get out on the deck and beat down the enemies on guard. Or sneak around them, if you have the skill. I prefer a straight fight, like Han Solo. :) There are also cameras you should dodge. The main opposition is 2 Agents. Pummel them mercilessly, remembering to mix up your moves and dodge a lot. There's also 2 Silver CCK Guards and an unarmed Security Guard. They will all quickly gang up on you if one hits the alarm. I recommend staying in the small room by the elevator if this happens. Here they can only come in and attack Trane one or two at a time. You can also use the door as a defensive position. Whale on everyone, keeping other foes between you and the guys not engaged with you- particularly the armed Agents. Don't let any of them get you on the ground unless you want to take some hits. I recommend grapples and power moves be kept to a minimum unless you're good enough to pull them off before somebody whacks you. Mainly combo and dodge. The Agents will be staying back mostly and firing their guns while the others concentrate on melees. As before, you can and should try to throw them out the windows. When all are knocked out, you can move freely even with the alarm. Now let's explore. You can find a Gold Montana Spray Can in a corner near the entry point. Look for the four Karen Light posters- tag all these within 3 minutes to complete the level's second Freeform Challenge. There's also more Soda in an alcove near the glass booth. Don't worry about the Janitor in there- he can't get to you right now. Jump to the ledge above his booth, pull yourself up, and tag the BG Mark in the center. Then sidestep back to the left, pull yourself through the opening above you here, and drop down inside the room. Knock out the unarmed Janitor (he fights like the Pilot did before). Use the console in the room to change the Blimp's neon message. Then climb back up to the ledge quickly and hide to avoid the Agent who's on his way. Or knock him out if you want to- it doesn't matter. A new TV Studio room now lies open before you. Another Agent in addition to the one you just dealt with is patrolling, so is an unarmed Security Guard. Take 'em out! Use the flamethrower move if you have the chance and knock them into the furniture for fun and extra damage. You can also sneak or quickly run past these guys to the hole in the floor near the cubicles (you saw it in the cutscene). Drop down this hole into the maintenance shaft. Make your way through to the other end and tag some roller paint over the top of Sung's banner here (PG Mark). Next lay down some Wheat Paste as directed (second PG Mark). Move back and forth hitting all the white areas. This is probably the biggest and toughest mark in the game to get right. When you're done with it, go back through the maintenance shaft or use one of the ladders on either side of the room to return to the TV Studio. You can get an Ipod if you use the ladders (it's on the network of beams running above the room). An Agent and a Silver CCK Guard are looking for you- avoid them or beat them down. You may also have to deal with any previously missed enemies. Head back through the TV Studio and onto the Observation Deck. Another Agent and Silver Guard have shown up here. Beat them up or sneak by them, trying to knock them out the windows if you do the former. Look for the exit area in this hallway- it's a small room with a ladder inside just to the right of the elevator. Climb the ladder to finish the level. Primary Graffiti- 2 + Bonus Graffiti- 1 + Freeform Challenges- 2 + Legend Photos- 0 Secrets- 2 + Location #2: "The Blimp Roof" Here it is, the last battle. Hope you've been polishing your combat skills for this one! No bonuses here, just straight up combat. :) The mission opens with an intense cutscene. Trane climbs onto the blimp's roof, and is there confronted by Shanna Ray and two Agents. Time to avenge what these jerks have done to Decoy, Gabe, Trane's father, and all Trane's other friends. Use all your combat skills here- combo, dodge, do power moves, whatever you can best pull off. Your flamethrower is available and makes a nice group move. Try if at all possible to knock them over the railing without getting thrown off yourself. It doesn't always work- sometimes they get back up quickly- but it is usually a good idea. Make use of the weapons and Soda in the area as needed. The 2 Agents are your intial opponents, then Shanna herself joins the fight. Beat down on the Agents until they fall, then get ready for troule. The battle becomes scripted now. Four stages, all very dramatic. First we need to get Shanna down to our level. Notice how her bullet split that platform cable in the cutscene? Run around and hang out near the remaining 3 cables, trying to get her to shoot them. If you've practiced luring enemies into spotlights before now, you should be able to manage this. Sometimes she'll miss or not shoot, in which case you should keep moving and not give up hope. You can and should dodge the bullets. Move under the cables and wait for her to break them with gunfire. Use her laser sight to help your tracking. The cables can be split in any order you like. When you see a tower fall, you know one's broken. Keep moving till all are severed. A little Max Payne homage here. :) When the cables break and the platform shakes, Shanna loses her gun and jumps down. She's almost as good at a straight-up boxing match as Trane should be by now. You can't grapple her, so don't try it. Keep hitting her, dodge and combo. Mix your attacks! Use the flamethrower move to keep her off you. Don't be discouraged by her frequent dodging or long life bar. She can be hit often and repeatedly if you're good enough. Just make sure you're not on the receiving end of those stilleto heel kick combos too many times, okay? :) Also watch her grapple moves that pay homage to a certain James Bond villainess. You only have to keep the fight going until the platform she was on earlier falls over. At that point, Stage 3 begins. There is a new opening in the rail now. Try to get Shanna over by it, then grapple her- this has become doable. Use the same tactics you did with Gabe earlier. As before, there is no other way to win. :( Once you manage to get her grappled and over the rail, you move on to Stage 4. The battle drops to the catwalk running alongside the blimp's giant display screens. Shanna has all the same moves as before, only they come much faster and harder now. Use all your skills to win. You need to grapple her again, but it may be hard to do. Instead I recommend waiting until she grapples you and then struggling. You remember how to win such struggles, right? Shake the movement stick and pound the attack buttons. The struggle takes some doing- don't be discouraged when Shanna resists. When you win this fight, you have beaten the level. And the game too. :) Enjoy the ending, which I will not spoil. Trust me, it's great and it answers all your questions. My personal blessings for tying up all the loose ends. Not every game does, as we all know. :( 6. Final Thoughts. Excellent game, truly. I hope to see a sequel someday. This is one of the funnest and most needed guides I've ever done- especially since I couldn't find one available on Amazon. I know I missed a lot of stuff, so if you know where something is email me and I will update! :) Again, no questions about cheats please. Thank you. Once more, thanks to all who worked on this game, especially the creator Marc Ecko, for the great job they did. Thanks to all you fans for playing and reading. If you still have questions for me, send them to DougElder21@yahoo.com. Later, and hope you enjoyed! - AN.</p>