____ _ _ __ / ___|__ _| | ___ _ __ __| | __ _ _ __ ___ / _| | | / _` | |/ _ \ '_ \ / _` |/ _` | '__| / _ \| |_ | |__| (_| | | __/ | | | (_| | (_| | | | (_) | _| \____\__,_|_|\___|_| |_|\__,_|\__,_|_| \___/|_| _____ _ | ____|_ _____ _ __ | |_ ___ | _| \ \ / / _ \ '_ \| __/ __| | |___ \ V / __/ | | | |_\__ \ |_____| \_/ \___|_| |_|\__|___/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright and Legal Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This guide and all contents and layout Copyright © 2008 by Stardustandsunshine "Calendar of Events" header created using FIGlet. The ONLY sites that have permission to host this FAQ as of April 13, 2008 are: http://www.gamefaqs.com http://www.neoseeker.com http://www.supercheats.com As for you, the reader, you may NOT copy any or all of this FAQ and post it anywhere or use it in any way other than for your own personal use, whether you give me credit for it or not, without expressed written permission. You may absolutely not claim it or any part of it as your own or use it for any sort of personal gain (including financial). However, you CAN save it to your hard drive or print it or write it out by hand--as long as you don't use it for anything other than your own personal use. Okay, now that we've got that cleared up, read on, and enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Version History ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 13, 2008: Version 1.0 --First, last, and final version, unless a mistake is found, there will be no need for updates since the birthdates of every character in the game and every festival are listed and there's nothing left to be discovered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is already plenty of information out there on this game. I've seen tons of comprehensive information on the festivals and on the villagers's birthdays. The problem is the way it's organized. Normally the villager's birthday is listed on his or her individual profile. Then the festivals are arranged separ- ately according to season. I think it would be much easier to have it organized by calendar, so you can see at a glance what each day's events are, what's happening tomorrow, and what's coming up next, so you can plan ahead. Hence the need for this guide. I have arranged things by date, starting with the first day of the year and going through the calendar to the last day. Hopefully this guide is easy to use and even print. You can find detailed information on the characters' likes and dislikes and how to trigger events and what they entail on any number of sites. This is just an at-a-glance list of when things happen. Your birthday will vary depending on when you choose to have it at the start of the game, and your anniversary and child's birthday will vary depending on when you proposed. (If you print this out or save it for your own use, you might want to add that information and be sure to mark your spouse's birthday as well, since you'll get a scene on each of those days asking if you know what day it is, and answering incorrectly will lower your spouse and child's love/friendship points, and you may miss out on getting an item or scene.) I have included the Mineral Town visitors' birthdays, even though they won't come to your town unless you connect to Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town. Also, if someone's name has a color after it in parentheses, it means that person is one of the Harvest Sprites. (Indigo refers to the dark blue fishing team. Blue refers to the lighter blue, almost aqua-colored crop- watering team.) You can give a gift to any sprite you've already unlocked by going to the Sprite Tree (where the Casino is) and using the colored dolls on Guts's desk as a sort of mailbox. To make them stand out, I've put festivals in all caps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 01 NEW YEAR'S DAY 02 Romana 03 Gustafa, Woody (orange) 04 Tricky (indigo) 05 Sue (red) 06 Celia 07 Johnny (yellow) 08 Harvest Goddess 09 Rock, Kamar (green) 10 Walter (blue) 11 Carter 12 Dr. Hardy, Sante (purple) 13 Chorori (blue) 14 SPRING THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL, Rainy (blue) 15 Chamy (red) 16 Elli 17 ----- 18 DUCK FESTIVAL 19 Ridge (green) 20 Chris, Nette (purple) 21 Patty (blue) 22 COOKING CONTEST 23 Kali (yellow) 24 Marlin, Fry (indigo) 25 ----- 26 Essa (red), Ali (green) 27 Beta (yellow) 28 Nina, Paddy (green) 29 Lumina 30 Canary (yellow leader) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 01 BEACH OPENING 02 Ceruleano (blue leader) 03 Popuri, Blue (indigo leader) 04 Barney 05 Muffy, Pompom (yellow) 06 Cliff, Pierre (orange) 07 CHICKEN FESTIVAL 08 Joro (blue) 09 Forest (green leader) 10 Skye, Betty (red) 11 Ruby 12 Laine (red) 13 Griffin 14 Misty (blue) 15 Kate 16 Kevin (green) 17 Ann 18 Takakura, Magic (red) 19 Canal (yellow) 20 COW FESTIVAL 21 Sammy (indigo) 22 Kai, Wooly (red) 23 Valie (orange) 24 FIREWORKS 25 Thomas, Rosh (orange) 26 ----- 27 Aiylee (yellow) 28 Vesta, Anime (purple) 29 Daryll, Fisher (indigo) 30 Leia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Autumn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 01 Van (will never be in town on his birthday), Zoo (yellow) 02 Gotz, Alpen (orange) 03 Roli (blue) 04 Mimi, Moor (green) 05 Mick (red) 06 Baby (white)--unconfirmed 07 Woohoo (red) 08 Koto (purple) 09 HARVEST FESTIVAL 10 Wally, Rocky (orange) 11 Maddie (blue) 12 ----- 13 Vail (green) 14 Gigi (indigo) 15 Karen 16 Ole (red) 17 Violetto (purple leader) 18 Tilus (orange) 19 Dr. Trent 20 Juna (purple) 21 SHEEP FESTIVAL 22 Oran (orange leader) 23 Sebastian, Eviran (blue) 24 Nami, Veggie (green) 25 Yacht (indigo) 26 Spirity (purple) 27 Rick 28 Hugh, Brushy (yellow) 29 Murrey, Karaf (blue) 30 PUMPKIN FESTIVAL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 01 Mukumuku, Whitney (purple) 02 THOMAS'S WINTER REQUEST (cutscene, triggers every year), Riviera (indigo) 03 Grant, Bali (red) 04 Decoy (orange) 05 Owen (blue) 06 Gray, Powery (purple) 07 Rod (indigo) 08 Stony (orange) 09 Galen, Fraw (green) 10 Pedro (indigo) 11 Kassey and Patrick, Meow (yellow) 12 Red Ribbon (red leader) 13 Carey (purple) 14 WINTER THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL 15 Mouton (yellow) 16 Flora 17 Matthew (green) 18 Reese (indigo) 19 Bran (orange) 20 Mary, Boohoo (yellow) 21 Sacci (purple) 22 Fen (orange) 23 Paige (indigo) 24 STARRY NIGHT FESTIVAL 25 STOCKING FESTIVAL 26 Keria 27 Cady (green) 28 Cody, Souly (purple) 29 Witch Princess 30 NEW YEAR'S EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have personally checked the information in this guide with other sites or my own game, but if you find a mistake or have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line. My e-mail address is: star dust and sun shine at Yahoo dot com Take out all of the extra spaces and put it all on one line, written like a normal e-mail address. (I write it out this way because I already had to close out one e-mail address because I posted it on one website and a bunch of web crawlers got hold of it and I ended up getting so much junk mail my computer couldn't handle it all and died trying. so far, I haven't had any problems with my current address getting spammed.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BradyGAMES For their Official Strategy Guide on Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, which included a mini-guide at the back for Harvest Moon DS; their calendar partly gave me the idea for mine Ushi no Tane at http://www.fogu.com/hm For such a terrific, informative site and the great message boards; it's where I double-checked information I didn't have in my game yet GameFAQs For hosting this guide and having such a great website in the first place Neoseeker and SuperCheats For liking my guides enough to ask if they could post them on their sites You, the reader For reading this guide; what would be the point of doing it if no one read it? Marvelous Interactive and Natsume For making such a great (if occasionally aggravating) game and translating it to English</p>