|---------- |----------| | \ / | | | |---------- | | | | \ / | | | | |---------| |----------| | \/ | | | |---------| | | | | | | | | ----------| | | | | |----------| ---------| |----------| |----------| |----------| |\ | | | | | | | | \ | |----------| |----------| |----------| | \ | | | | \ | | | \ | | | | \ | | | \| ___________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------- ___________________________________________________________ Super Smash Bros. Guide to Samus Aran By: flamedtechno (team_tor_redmachine@msn.com) Some contents from the official Brawl website: http://www.smashbros.com/ _____________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------\ Table of Contents ======================================= -----------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ *Updates [VER1] *Introduction to Samus [INTRO1] *Changes from Melee & Pros and Cons [PC1] *Switching between Samus and Zero Suit Samus [SZS1] *Samus' moveset [SAM1] *Zero Suit Samus' moveset [ZSS1] *Final Smashes [FS1] *Strategies and Combos [STR1] *Fighting against certain characters [CHAR1] *Fighting against Samus/Zero Suit Samus [CHAR2] *FAQ [FAQ1] *Miscellaneous [MISC1] *Credits and Legal Stuff [CLS1] Use the search function (CRT + F) to find a specific section. _____________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------\ Updates [VER1] ======================================= -----------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ Month/Day/Year 03/21/08 - Version 0.00: Started on this Guide. 03/31/08 - Version 1.00: Basic outline finished. Submitted to Gamefaqs. 04/01/08 - Version 1.15: Guide accepted to Gamefaqs. Added FAQ section. Added to the Zero Suit Samus' moveset and Strategies and Combos section. 04/02/08 - Version 1.15: Allowed a couple of websites to use this guide. 04/03/08 - Version 1.30: Added to the Strategies and Combos section and the FAQ section. 04/07/08 - Version 1.60: Edited and added more info in the Fighting against certain character, Introduction, Miscellaneous and Credits and Legal stuff sections. 04/10/08 - Version 1.90: Added some stuff to the Miscellaneous, Strategies and Combos, Introduction to Samus and Credits and Legal stuff section. Also, almost done Fight against certain characters section. Still need to add: - Wolf - Pokemon Trainer - Lucario - Mr. Game and Watch - Snake - Sonic 04/21/08 - Version 1.95: Added more to the Fighting against certain characters section and editted some parts of it. Also editted the FAQ section. 05/07/08 - Version 2.00: Finished the Fighting against certain characters section. Yay me! _____________________________________________________________________ ------------------------------\ Introduction to Samus [INTRO1] ====================================== ------------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ First off, this is my very first contribution to Gamefaqs and I hope it will be very helpful. Samus is the most famous Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy. She joins us from the Metroid Series. In her games, Samus is given an assignment and she must go to a Planet or Galaxy. She is a member of the Galactic Federation, an organization that fights against Space Pirates. Samus' parents was killed by Ridley when she was only three years of age. She was taken in by an alien species called the Chozo, where she was injected with their blood and trained, thus giving her super-human strength. Her Power Suit is also made by the Chozo. The Chozo is now believed to be extinct. Samus is usually alone in her games, which is probably why she is the only character in Brawl from the Metroid Series. Samus is a starter character in Brawl. I find her to be really easy to get used to. I, myself, got good with her by watching videos of Samus experts using her. Samus is a Medium weight character and is good with both close range and long- range attacks. If you can get used to her in both areas, then you should be all right. There is another thing about Samus. She now has two forms (Like Zelda and Sheik), where she can shed off her armor to become Zero Suit Samus. She is a lightweight character and very agile. However, she suffers from lack of long- range attacks and decreased defense. They both have a complete moveset to their own. They also have very different Final Smashes. I would recommend you to get used to Samus and Zero Suit if you like to play with Smash Balls on. In this guide, I will refer "Samus" as Samus with the Power Suit on and "Zero Suit Samus (ZSS)" as Samus without the Power Suit. Terminology: DI- Directional Input. DI is the direction you tilt the control stick towards to. N/F/B/U/D-air - Means to press A with Neutral/Forward/Backwards/Up/Down DI, respectively. F/U/D-smash - Means to smash the control stick Forward/Up/Down, respectively, and pressing the A button at the same time. Smash attacks can be charged. F/U/D-tilt - Same as Smashes, except you only tilt the control stick, then you press A. Edgeguarding - To guard the edge by attacking an opponent that is trying to recover Edgehogging - Grabbing onto a ledge so that a recovering opponent cannot. Edgehopping - Grabbing onto a ledge, then tilting the Control Stick away from the stage to let go and then jumping back and grabbing the ledge. Lag - Refers to the amount of time you are left open to attack after using certain moves. Meteor Smash - A midair attack that launches the opponent downwards. Shedding - The process of Samus taking off her armor. Standby mode - After breaking open the Smash Ball, your character will be glowing. This is called Standby mode. Helpless mode - After using a certain mode in mid-air, you may into helpless mode. While at this status, you cannot do anything except fastfalling (Tapping down while in the air to fall down faster). Short Hop - To jump as low as possible. Done by a slight tap on the jump button. Useful for quickly using aerial moves on a ground character. Flip jump kick (left or right) - A kick done by using Zero Suit Samus' Down B move, then pressing the A button while flipping. Now I will begin the guide! _____________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------\ Changes from Melee & Pros and Cons [PC1] ============================ ----------------------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ Samus has changed a lot from Melee. This section will compare the Pros and Cons of the changes and the Pros and Cons in general. The changes from Melee only refers to Samus. ============= Changes ===== ============= Pros - Missiles are spammable. Useful while in the air. - Grapple Beam is easier to hit with and does more damage and knockback. - Grapple Beam will automatically attach to the ledge when trying to get back on the stage. - D-tilt is better. - Her Screw Attack (Up B) has been buffed, as I see it. - Charge Shot (B) takes a shorter time to fully charge up. - Morph Ball Bomb (Down B) seems to have been buffed. - Her D-air, which is a spike, is easier to pull off without fastfalling. - Screw Attack will trap opponents. - She now has her Zero Suit Samus form! Cons - Her Charge Shot has been nerfed severely. Hard to KO with it than in Melee. - Her Power missiles (F-smash B) have also been nerfed in knockback. - Grapple Beam seems to have slightly shorter range. - Her N-air and B-air have been nerfed. - Her Bomb Jump recovery is harder to pull off. - Morph Ball Bombs don't explode on contact. - Slightly slower. - Can't perform moves while Bomb Jumping. Other - Grapple Beam looks stronger. - She has her dark suit as her alternative colour. - Her power Missiles looks very different from her Homing Missiles. - Her taunt from Melee is gone. =============================== Pros and Cons in General ====== =============================== -------------------------- Samus -------------------------- Pros - Incredibly good aerial moves. - Good with close range and long-range - Good recovery; can use Bomb Recovery. - Can use Grapple Beam as tether recovery and edgehog. - Missiles are good for racking up damage. - Very balance character. - Very good spike if timed properly. - Final Smash is very good. - Good finishers such as D-tilt. - Pretty good combos. - Samus is heavy for her size. This is good because she won't fly has far and has excellent recovery. In other words, she is hard to KO. Cons - Not too good against fast characters like Toon Link. - Grapple Beam leaves you wide open if used on the ground. - Slightly hard to finish off your opponents. - Missiles and Charge Shot can be reflected or absorbed. - Not very good horizontal recovery, unless you Bomb Jump. -------------------------- Zero Suit Samus -------------------------- Pros - Fast, light and agile. - Tied with Sheik for fourth fastest character in the game. - Can crawl and Wall Jump with her Down B. - Paralyzer is very useful. - Good horizontal recovery. - Tether recovery makes her easier to get back on the stage. - Best Tether recovery character. - Easy to combo with. - Can stop an edgeguard by Flip Jumping (Down B) and kick. - Good damage racker. - Good at juggling. Cons - No good long-range attacks. - Her Spike (Flip jump and kick) is harder to hit with. - Final Smash isn’t too good, but still pretty decent. - Less balanced than Samus from my point of view. - If you are switching to Zero Suit Samus, you are completely open to any attack because you cannot attack immediately after the armor falls off. - Lacks low percent finishers. - Light. _____________________________________________________________________ --------------------------------------------------\ Switching between Samus and Zero Suit Samus [SZS1] ================== --------------------------------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ Because you don’t switch like Zelda and Sheik, where they have a move that transforms them, the switch with Samus is harder to do. However, there are three ways you can switch from Samus to Zero Suit Samus. 1) Choose Samus on the character selection screen. When clicking on the "Ready to Fight!" text to go to the stage selection, hold the button stated below until you go to the stage selection screen. If you are using the: - Wii Remote with Nunchuk, then hold the Z button. - Gamecube/Classic controller, then hold the R button. - Wii Remote, then hold the Minus (-) button. By doing this, you will start off as Zero Suit Samus. 2) Use Samus’ Final Smash. Samus’ Final Smash (Zero Laser) overloads her Power Suit and causes it to fall off. You can now play as Zero Suit Samus. For more info, look under the "Final Smash" section. 3) Use Samus’ Up Taunt, then Down Taunt, then her up Taunt again. You must do this really fast in order to do the change. No matter which method you are using, you will end up with three armor pieces near you. These pieces can be thrown and have decent damage and knockback. Also note that when using methods 2 and 3, you are open to attack right after you stop glowing. Even if you KO your opponent after the Final Smash, your opponent has enough time to get off the revival platform and attack you before you can. _____________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------\ Samus' moveset [SAM1] ====================================== -----------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ ============================= Normal Moves (A moves) ====== ============================= In this section, I will list all of Samus’ normal attacks. -------------------------- Ground moves -------------------------- A --> Weak Punch. Weak knockback. 3% damage. A, A --> One-two Punch. Weak knockback, weak knockback. 3%, 7% damage. F-tilt --> Kick. Little knockback. 7% damage. D-tilt --> Ground Flame. Decent knockback. 14% damage. Good launcher. U-tilt --> Downward Heel kick. Decent knockback. 12% damage if enemy if above head, 13% damage if enemy is in front. F-smash --> Arm cannon punch. Decent knockback if uncharged, great knockback if fully charged. 13% damage if uncharged, 18% damage if fully charged. D-smash --> Sweeping kick. Good knockback if uncharged, really good knockback if fully charged. 15% damage if uncharged, 21% damage if fully charged. Good launcher. U-smash --> Overhead flamethrower. Fires fives flames, but the fifth one has the most knockback. This move is more of a damage racker. 4%, 4%, 4%, 5%, 6% damage if uncharged. Total of 23% damage. 5%, 5%, 5%, 7%, 8% damage if fully charged. Total of 32% damage. You may only be able to land 3-4 of these hits. Dashing attack --> Tackle. Good knockback. 10% damage. Very useful. Decent launcher. Ledge attack --> Kick. Decent knockback. 8% damage. -------------------------- Air moves -------------------------- N-air --> Forward kick (sexkick). Little knockback. 9% to 6% damage. F-air --> Forward flamethrower. Similar to her U-smash, except she shoots it forward. Decent knockback. 4%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 5% damage. Total of 18% damage. Very useful aerial move. U-air --> Upper drill kick. Does 6 hits. The sixth hit has highest knockback. Good knockback. 11% damage. B-air --> Backwards kick. Great knockback. 14% damage if hit with heel, 10% if hit with anywhere else. Good finishing move. D-air --> Meteor Smash (Spike). High knockback. 15% damage. A really good Spike. ============================================== Special Moves (B moves) and Grabs/Throws. ==== ============================================== B --> Charge shot. Weak knockback if uncharged. 3% damage if uncharged. High knockback if fully charged. 25% damage if fully charged. Good finisher. Forward B --> Homing/Power missiles. Homing missiles: Tilt the Control stick forward with the B button. Follows opponents, slows down, then detonates. Little knockback. 5% damage. Power missiles: Smash the Control stick forward with the B button. Travels fast. Great knockback. 10% damage. Down B --> Morph Ball Bomb. Little/no knockback. 5% damage. Up B --> Screw Attack. Does 12 hits. 12th hit has high knockback. 12%-13% damage if the hits land. Recovery move. Causes Helpless mode. Grapple Beam (while in mid-air) --> Decent knockback. 4% damage. Useful Forward throw --> 9% damage. Backward throw --> 8% damage. Up throw --> 9% damage. Down throw --> 6% damage. _____________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------\ Zero Suit Samus' moveset [ZSS1] ===================================== -------------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ ============================= Normal Moves (A moves) ====== ============================= In this section, I will list all of Zero Suit Samus’ normal attacks. Also note that her attacks are much faster than Samus’. Armour pieces --> Throw an Armour piece at an opponent. High knocback. 9% to 11% damage. Damage depends on how you throw the Armour piece (Forward throw or normal throw) and the distance the Armour piece travels. -------------------------- Ground moves -------------------------- A --> Weak Punch. Little/no knockback. 2% damage. A, A, A --> One-two-three Punch. Little knockback. 2%, 2%, 3% damage. F-tilt --> Kick. Little knockback. 6% damage. D-tilt --> Sweeping kick. Good knockback. 6% damage. Good launcher. U-tilt --> Handstand upwards kick. Great knockback. 5%, 6% damage. Total of 11% damage. Really good launcher. F-smash --> Plasma Slice (uses Plasma Whip to whip). Decent knockback if uncharged, great knockback if fully charged. 6% to 10% damage if uncharged, 6% to 14% damage if fully charged. Can also hit behind her for 6% damage. D-smash --> Downwards Paralyzer shot. Weak knockback, stuns the foe the longer it is charged. 11% damage if uncharged, 15% damage if fully charged. U-smash --> Plasma Tornado. Does 7 hits. 12% damage if all hits land. This move is a good launcher. Dashing attack --> Running kick. Weak knockback and a sexkick. 5% to 7% damage. Very useful. Ledge attack --> Kick. Decent knockback. 8% damage. -------------------------- Air moves -------------------------- N-air --> Short range whip. Weak knockback. 10% damage. F-air --> One-two kick. Weak knockback. 6%, 11% damage. Total of 17% damage. U-air --> Back flip kick. Good knockback. 10% damage. Incredibly good move for juggling. B-air --> Backwards kick. Decent knockback. 13% damage. D-air --> Diving kick. Weak knockback. 4% to 5% damage while falling and 5% damage when landing. ============================================== Special Moves (B moves) and Grabs/Throws. ==== ============================================== B --> Paralyzer. No knockback. Stuns the foe the longer it is charged, but not as long as her D-smash. 4% damage if uncharged. 6% damage if fully charged. Forward B --> Plasma Whip. High knockback if hit at the tip. 3% damage. 16% damage at the tip. Can be used as Tether recovery. Down B --> Flip Jump. Good for horizontal recovery. If you press the A button, Zero Suit Samus will do a kick (you can change the direction of the kick). 12% damage of hit at the tip. Also a Spike. Up B --> Plasma Wire. Does 4 hits. 4th hit brings your opponent back down. 15% damage if all 4 hits land. Tether recovery move. Forward throw --> 9% damage. Does two hits: 7% and 2% damage. Backward throw --> 6% damage. Does two hits: 2% and 4% damage. Up throw --> 10% damage. Does two hits: 2% and 8% damage. Down throw --> 7% damage. Does two hits: 2% and 5% damage. _____________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------\ Final Smashes [FS1] ====================================== -----------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ This part is so special that I gave it a section all to itself. Samus and Zero Suit Samus both have completely different Final Smashes. Using one of them will turn you into the other form. EG: Using Samus’ Final Smash turns you into Zero Suit Samus. ============================= Getting the Smash Ball. ===== ============================= For Samus, I would advise using her U-air or F-air moves. They both do significant amount of damage and I’ve often broke the Smash Ball using them. Do not use her Screw Attack unless the Smash Ball has been significantly weakened because you will go into helpless mode and your opponent will have more time to break open the Smash Ball. Her Morph Ball Bomb can also be useful. Getting the Smash Ball with Zero Suit Samus is harder. Use her U-air or F-air, also. They are not as good as Samus, but they are faster, so use that to your advantage. You may be able to hit it several times before touching the ground. If you are having a 1 on 1 match, you can try to stun your opponent so that he/she will have a less chance of getting it. ============================= Using the Final Smash. ====== ============================= ----------- Samus ----------- Samus’ Final Smash travels horizontally, but slowly. The laser is about slightly bigger than Samus’ height in width. Anyone caught inside it will not be able to get out. The Zero Laser lasts for about 3 seconds. You can also tilt the Control stick up or down to change the angle of the Laser a bit. I’ve found doing so can reel your opponents in the Laser easier. Also note that if your opponent is behind you, but is near, the Laser will pull them in. This is very helpful. The Laser itself does about 45% damage, more or less and a finisher, which deals very good knockback and deals more damage. Setting yourself up can be difficult. An easy way to use this move is to move to the very edge of the stage, jump once and activate it. You should be able to cover more of the stage than if you use it on the ground. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT USE SAMUS’ FINAL SMASH OVER A VOID. You will start to fall slowly while you change to your Zero Suit form, but then you fall faster and you won’t have an opportunity to recover because of the amount of time it takes for you to be able to move. After using this Final Smash, you will switch to Zero Suit Samus. Also, don’t forget to use your armour pieces if you don’t kill your opponents. They should have at least 50% damage and the armour pieces deal quite good knockback and damage. --------------------- Zero Suit Samus --------------------- Zero Suit Samus’ Final Smash is harder to pull off the Samus’. Even if you do it correctly, your opponents can probably escape. Her Final Smash is named "Power Suit Samus" Basically, Samus sort of levitates in the air, drags her opponents towards her and, if they are in contact with her when she starts to transform, your opponents will receive incredible knockback. I recommend using this move if you opponents are at around 60% damage. Once you turn into Samus, she kind of stays in the air a bit to show off her Power Suit. If your opponents touch you during this time, they will get damaged. For both of the Final Smashes, you should try and find the best opportunity to use it, especially when your opponent least expects it. However, do not forget that you can still drop the Smash Ball. I would advise to use Samus’ missiles if you want to rack up damage before unleashing the Zero Laser. It is unfortunate that when Zero Suit Samus is on standby mode, she cannot use her Paralyzer, which would have been very useful when activating her Final Smash. _____________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------\ Strategies and Combos [STR1] ====================================== -----------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ =========== Samus ===== =========== ---------------- Strategies ---------------- - Fully charge up her Charge Shot as often as possible. You never know when you will need it. - Use Samus’ Grapple Beam in midair to get close to your opponent. You will need to know how to Short Hop effectively for this. If you can Short Hop well, you can spam this move more effectively. - Samus’ missiles are can be spammed in midair. If you cannot Short Hop well, you can spam her Homing missiles in the air as an approach. - If you want to put some distance between you and your opponent, you can back away while dropping Morph Ball Bombs. Your opponent won’t be able to chase you as easily by doing this. - Practice her Meteor Smash, as it is very useful in battle. You will need to time it properly. Also, be careful when using this move over a void if you are not used to it. - Her Bomb Jump recovery is also very useful for horizontal recovery. See the Miscellaneous section for more detail. - If you use Samus' Grapple Beam while on the ground to grab your opponent, will be left open for attack if you miss. However, if you are running when you use your Grapple Beam, you have shorter lag time. - If you are in the air and you are about to land near your opponent, use your D-air so that your opponent won't have a chance to juggle you. - Samus' Tackle and D-smash are both good launchers. Use them to start combos. From Aquarys: - A good way to finish off your foe is to roll dodge behind him/her, then use D-tilt. This is a good finisher, but it can also be used to start combos because your opponent goes really far up. ---------------- Combos ---------------- Here, I will list the combos I know of. I got two of these from Hylian's Samus videos. The others are by me. Electric Whip - Short Hop, then Grapple Beam. Repeat are much as you want. As stated above, this move is useful for appraoching your opponent. This combo can also rack up a decent amount of damage is you can Short Hop repetively. Before I forget to mention, Samus' Grapple Beam has decent knockback, despite the long range and speed. Furious Missiles - Jump, F-tilt B, F-tilt B, Jump, F-tilt B, F-tilt B. Again, a useful approach combo. This is good for people who can't Short Hop well. Since the Homing missiles slow down before detonating, if you are spamming the missiles, there will be around 2 missiles staying aloft between you and your opponent. And since the missiles can't hurt you, you can run in and attack. I recommend using Samus' Dashing attack (Tackle). Morph Ball Bomb Mine - Hold down, continously keep pressing B while moving away from your opponent. This move is useful for retreating from your opponent. You will drop several Bombs while backing away and your opponent will either stay away while the Bombs remain or jump and try to attack you. If they try to do that, you can use Samus' U-smash move. ===================== Zero Suit Samus ===== ===================== ---------------- Strategies ---------------- - Use her Paralyzer if you want to start a combo easily. - I find it efficient to run towards your opponent, jump, then charge up her Paralyzer as you fall back down. If you time it correctly, you will shoot the Paralyzer when you are right in front of your opponent. - Do not use her D-air above a void. Doing so will kill yourself. - Use Zero Suit Samus' U-air as often as possible if your opponent is in midair. This strategy will continously launch your opponent upwards. - Her Plasma Whip (Forward B) is a good finishing move. - Zero Suit Samus' Dashing attack is useful for starting a combo. - If you can, use her Flip Jump Kick to get back on the stage if your opponent is edgeguarding you. - Her Flip Jump Kick is a good Meteor Smash, but you must hit your opponent at the tip of her kick to Spike. This is harder to do than Samus' Meteor Smash. - You can use her D-smash to stuns foes that are hanging on a ledge. ---------------- Combos ---------------- Flying Fury - Run towards your opponent, press A, U-tilt, Jump, U-air, then continously keep using U-air on your opponent. An extremely annoying move for your opponent. This combo will keep on launching your opponent upwards. If he/she has a good amount of damage, you can U-air him/her as high as possible for a Star KO. This combo can be hard to do depending on how good your opponent is at maneuvering while in midair. This combo is easy to start, though. Gravity Pull - Launch your opponent upwards with either U-tilt or D-tilt, Jump, U-air, Up B. This combo is good at racking up damage. When you launch them in the air, you use her U-tilt to launch them even further up. Then, you use her Plasma Wire to bring them back down. You can attack your opponent with either D-air or F-air, depending on where your opponent is. ======================================== This is a combo my friend told me: ===== ======================================== Side B, Run towards your opponent, Jump, Down B, F-air. When you use her Plasma Whip, you should make sure your enemy will fly over the void. Then, you Jump towards them, use her Flip Jump if your opponent is out of reach, then use F-air to kill your opponent. The reason you use her Down B instead of double jumping is because you may need the second jump when you are getting back on the stage. Do not use her Flip Jump Kick unless it will hit. The Flip Jump kick will send the enemy forward, to the edge of the screen, or it will spike. If your opponent is out of reach for some reason, you will use F-air to knock your opponent off the screen. He says that this should kill because your opponent will be near the edge of the screen. ===================================== This is a combo from Tempest62: ===== ===================================== Stunning Spiral - D-smash, D-smash, U-smash "I find using the C-stick works best because it's easier to perform each attack in quick succession. ZSS's Up Smash fires off fast enough that they shouldn't be unparalyzed from the second Down Smash. Not only does it work really well, it does around 30% damage. And since her Up Smash sends them into the air you can cause more damage with ZSS's Up Air attack." _____________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------\ Fighting against certain characters [CHAR1] ========================= -------------------------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ The order of the list is from up to down and left to right of the roster. =========== Mario ===== =========== Mario's F-air is a good Spike if used properly. Remember that. Otherwise, Mario is pretty easy to beat with either Samus or Zero Suit. His Forward B move is a good edgeguarding move if used properly. Mario's Up B move is also dangerous, especially near the top of the stage. When attacking him, use fast-acting attacks, such as Tackle, or D-tilt. You shouldn't have too much problem if you are using Zero Suit Samus. What a lot of people do is underestimate Mario's FLUDD (Down B). It pushes you back, but does not stun you, so if you are in helpless mode, the FLUDD could kill you. His Side B has similar properties. It does damage, but does not stun you. The difference is that it flips you around, so if you are about to use the Screw attack to the left, Mario could make you go to the right. Final Smash: Mario's Final Smash works like this: The longer you are stuck in there, the more likely you are to die. Either jump over the blast, if you can or try to dodge your way through the fire. Try not to get sucked into the middle of it. =========== Luigi ===== =========== The man in green. Luigi is faster than Samus, from my point of view. Watch out for his Fire Jump punch. If it connects at the start of the attack, you will get launched far and gain a lot of damage. Adding to his Fire Jump Punch, his Side B move has good knockback when fully charged up. There is also a 1/8 chance that Luigi will explode doing this, thus doing greater damage and knockback. You also might want to watch out for his aerial attacks. A good Luigi player will use it to start combos. Luigi also has excellent recovery if used correctly. He has his Side B move for horizontal recovery, Down B and Up B for vertical recovery. I advise Juggling him or use good aerial moves, despite one of his strengths is having good air attacks. Luigi's Dashing attack can get annoying if used often. His A, A, A combo is also very good, so watch out for those, too. Final Smash: Luigi's Final Smash is very easy to get caught it becuase of the large radius compared to the stage. If you get caught in it, you will get affected with several negative effects such as: Drastically reduced attack power Greater launch distance when hit Increased likelihood of slipping Steady increase in damage percentage Flower growth on head Dizziness Uncontrollable taunting Sudden sleepiness Decreased movement speed ...And so on. (Thanks to http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/characters/hidden03.html) To avoid being immobile (going to sleep or getting dizzy), you can either stay in the air or grab a ledge. Otherwise, you are pretty much done for. =========== Peach ===== =========== Peach has one of the best, if not the best, horizontal recovery. If you knock her far off the stage, but she doesn't get KOed, I would recommend trying to spike her. It should be easy if she is hovering. Spiking her will usually mean death for her no matter what percentage she is at because she has terrible vertical recovery. She also has good aerials. If you are using Samus, you could use missiles or the Charge Shot on her to get her damage percentage up, then finsh off with a melee attack. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, juggle her to her death. Final Smash: Like Luigi's, Peach's Final Smash can leave you immobile if you are not in the air or holding onto a ledge. So, my only advise is stay in the air as much as possible. ============ Bowser ===== ============ Bowser's Smash attacks are hurtful on Zero Suit Samus. However, Bowser is slow, which means that you can use your speed to destroy him. Juggling Bowser is easy, unless he uses his Down B move. If Bowser uses his Side B move and it hits you, steer both yourself and Bowser away from the edge. Other than that, Bowser is easy to defeat. One last last thing with Bowser is that he has a deadly U-smash, so avoid that as much as possible. Final Smash: If your opponent Bowser got the Smash Ball, wail on him as much as possible in an attempt to get the Smash Ball out. If he uses it, stay away from Giga Bowser. Use Samus or Zero Suit Samus' tether recoveries to leave yourself hanging. Chances are, Giga Bowser will kill himself if tries to go above a void to get you. ================= Donkey Kong ===== ================= You can Donkey Kong like Bowser, but his attacks have higher knockback and have slightly longer reach. He is also faster than Bowser, so keep that in mind. Donkey Kong has good horizontal recovery, but poor vertical recovery, so you can get kill him easily if you can get him below the ledge. He can grab also you, the jump off the edge and kill both you and himself. Just keep on smashing the Control Stick to break yourself free. One other thing I need to mention is that Donkey Kong has really good ledge guarding potential. Final Smash: As with Bowser, try to knock the Smash Ball out of him first. If he activates it, the only thing you can do is keep your distance. DK's Final Smash, if used perfectly, is deadly at close range. ================ Diddy Kong ===== ================ Diddy Kong is pretty easy to take down because of his light weight. His Down B move is annoying. His Peanut Popgun can also be used at long range, so watch out for that. Diddy Kong's Side B move is that he jumps on you and holds onto you. You can take him down any way you want, but I would advise using melee attacks as they are more effective against light characters. Final Smash: If Diddy Kong manages to get the Smash Ball and use it, the only thing you can do is use perfectly timed Roll dodges. With enough dodging skills, you can avoid every single Peanuts that are shot at you. =========== Yoshi ===== =========== He has god recovery, both vertical and horizontal. Be careful around Yoshi's Up B moves, especially when he is using it to recover. Yoshi's B move can be lethal if you fall off the stage while you are inside the egg. To avoid such a kill, keep on moving the Control Stick at a 360 direction. Yoshi's Down B move also gives good knockback, but, like Bowser's, leaves him open to attacks. Yoshi's Side B move, where he get into an egg and rolls around, can rack up a good amount of damage without proper dodging skills. I advise standing near the edge because if Yoshi falls off while using this move, he has a good chance of dying. Final Smash: Once Yoshi turns into the Super Dragon, you may want to jump in the air and dodge his fireballs. You are an easy target if you are on the ground. =========== Wario ===== =========== Wario's Smash attacks are really good. Try to keep your distance from him. Wario's Motorcycle is similar to Yoshi's Side B. Instead of standing near the edge, you want to use missiles or Flip Jump Kick to knock him off. I don't find Wario's aerial moves too dangerous with Samus or Zero Suit Samus. It is his ground attacks that are lethal. His F-smash is a good finisher and his U-smash deals considerable amount of damage. Attack him with projectiles, then finish him off with melee attacks. Final Smash: Just run away. Don't try to get caught in his attacks because Wario-man's attacks are Godly. He can also fly. ==================== Link/Toon Link ===== ==================== First off, look out for their Spin Attack. Link/Toon Link have good long-ranged weapons. Link is pretty fast and Toon Link is insanely fast compared to Samus. Do not forget that your long-ranged attacks won't do anything if Link/Toon Link is standing still because their shield will protect him. I would recommend keeping a slight distance from them because they can both easily start a combo. Their A combos are also fast-acting, and annoying. Toon Link can constantly keep launching you upwards, whether he is on the ground or in the air. You don't want to be above Toon Link at all. Also be careful when you get launched off the stage. They both have a really good Spike and it is easy to hit with it. If Toon Link misses, though, he is pretty much dead. But still be careful when recovering. Using Zero Suit Samus' Flying Fury combo can be difficult to start and continue because of Link/Toon Link's D-air. You may only be able to hit him about once or twice. Final Smash: Link/Toon Link's Final Smash can't be dodged easily if you are in range when he activates it. Just avoid being in range and try to get behind him. You can try to do a perfectly timed sidestep to dodge it according to an Anonymous user. ================= Zelda/Sheik ===== ================= Sheik is fast, as you should know. She is also good at juggling, so try to use the Flying Fury combo on her. If she launches you in the air and she constantly juggles you, you can either use Zero Suit Samus' D-air or spam Samus' Morph Ball Bombs. If you want to edgehog to kill Sheik, you do not need to worry amount using the invincibility frames because she does not do any when she reappears. Also watch out for her Needle Storm and Chain. They both do decent amount of damage and can (according to Dojo) "shut down the opponent." You shouldn't have too much problem with Sheik. Zelda is slightly more dangerous than Sheik in my opinion. Her attacks are basically about finishing off, meaning that her Smash attacks do quite good knockback. However, she is slower than Sheik. Watch out for Din's Fire. She can use it to keep you in the air, maybe even KO you. Use close ranged attacks on her because if you use missiles or, worse, a fully Charged Shot, she can use Naryu's Love to deflect it back. One important thing to remember with Zelda is that her special attacks leave her open to attack. Final Smash: Don't try to dodge this. Trust me. It won't work. Well, it will work, but you have to execute a perfectly timed sidestep dodge, according to an Anonymous user. Her Light Arrow stuns you before it is fired, so it is harder to dodge. What you must do is to avoid being in front of Zelda/Sheik, like Link/Toon Link's Final Smash. To get the Smash Ball out of her, use the same technique you would use with Link. =============== Ganondorf ===== =============== Ganondorf is basically like Captain Falcon, except with more powerful attacks and slower pace. Use his slowli-ness to your advantage. Tie together quick melee attacks and then send him flying to the air. You can then try to star KO him with Zero Suit Samus' U-air or rack up more damage with Samus' aerial moves and then finish off with D-tilt. Ganondorf seems easier than Captain Falcon, as I see it because his Side B move does not send you in the air, and if he tries to use it to Spike, he will kill himself.Also, his Warlock Punch has very high knockback. Final Smash: Ganondorf's Final Smash has infinite range and will most likely kill you. His Ganon form is also really huge, so you will need to get up high above him in order to avoid it. When he activates it, he will stomp on the ground, then charge. When he stomps, you will get stunned if you are in front of him. ========= Pit ===== ========= Let me first note that Pit has two Special Moves that reflect projectiles: His Down B and Side B. Missiles and the Charge Shot may not be as effective against Pit as with other characters. Because of this, I would recommend you to use melee attacks. It is hard to Juggle Pit because of his multiple midair jumps. Pit's Side B move is also annoying because it can rack up a good amount of damage depending on the situation. His Arrows are also fast and have unlimited range, so watch out for that. To counter arrow spammers, spam your very own missiles. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, you can use her speed to get towards Pit while avoiding the arrows. You can also use her Flip Jump. Pit also has really good damaging moves, you expect yourself to be at high percentage. Final Smash: Abuse your dodge. That's all there is to it. Either that or you can continously edgegrab and use the invincibility frames, which I don't recommend. ================== Ice Climbers ===== ================== You should know that grabbing may not work very well against the Ice Climbers. If you grab one of them, the other can simply attack you while you are busy holding him/her. I find the Ice Climbers easy to Spike because there are two of them and they seem to fall kind of slowly. If both Ice Climbers are alive, then you should try to air combo them. Their B move is annoying especially when it is spammed. If one of them is dead, then you shouldn't have too much of a problem defeating the main Ice Climber by him/herself. Final Smash: If they activate their Final Smash, then what you should do is get on one side of the stage. The side you want is the side which the main Ice Climber isn't in. In order words, if your opponent is controlling Popo instead of Nana, then get on the side where Popo isn't on. If your opponent uses their Up B move, then quickly get on the other side. Your opponent will not be able to get to you because their Up B move will seperate them due to the height of the Iceberg. Now, once you find a safe side, grab the ledge and continously edgehop. Do not use Tether recoveries. =========== R.O.B ===== =========== R.O.B.'s recovery is insane! Chances are edgehogging will not help you much against ROB. ROB's B move is pretty good considering it has long range and it gets stronger the longer he doesn't use it. ROB's Down B move is also really painful. It has decent knockback and can be used as an item. Of course, you can also pick it up and either throw it at ROB or throw it off the stage. ROB is also a medium character, so he is pretty easy to beat if you can avoid his ridiculously strong aerial moves. You can also Juggle him fairly easily. Final Smash: ROB's Final Smash makes him invincible, so you can forget about your missiles. You can attempt to grab a ledge, but with ROB's amazing recovery, he can still get you. You can also try running away, but as mentioned before, ROB has a way of getting around the stage easily. =========== Kirby ===== =========== This light-weight character shouldn't be too hard to KO. Kirby can absorb your B move, meaning he can use Samus' Charge Shot or Zero Suit Samus' Paralyzer. Kirby isn't too fast, so go you can quickly use melee attacks and rack up damage fairly easy. You can finish off with Samus' D-tilt, because Kirby is light, he will fly pretty far when he is hit. With Zero Suit Samus, use her Side B move as your finisher. Kirby can get out of Juggles with his Down B move. Also, if you are edgehogging, you might want to watch out because Kirby's Up B move Spikes. Final Smash: The range of Kirby's Final Smash is very large, so I would recommend dodging at the right time. Once Kirby activate his Final Smash, wait until about a second, then do a dodge of any kind. You will need to time this correctly so that you dodge right when Kirby tried to force you into his cooking pot. ================ Metaknight ===== ================ Like Kirby, Metaknight is pretty light, so you should be able to kill him fairly easy. His attacks, however, are really fast and he can rack up good damage fairly quickly. Metaknight has excellent horizontal recovery and good vertical recovery. To beat him, you should try to fire missiles from afar and then finish him off with a Smash attack or something. A Metaknight user will most likely try to approach you with a Special move, which leaves him open to attack, so use that to your advantage. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, you will be fine if you stick to your speed. Finish him off with her Plasma Whip. Final Smash: Metaknight's Final Smash comes out pretty fast, so my only advise is to continously roll dodge. ================= King Dedede ===== ================= Another heavy weight character. King Dedede is pretty easy, but, in my opinion, he is slightly better than them. He also has the best recovery than other heavy weight characters. Because he is slow, you can easily use melee attacks without getting hurt a lot. However, King Dedede's attacks are powerful (obviously). His Down B move can be charged and he will use it if you try to get near him. Try using Samus or Zero Suit Samus' Down air to get near him. You can use this approach if you can't seem to get near him. His Side B move can also be dangerous. He can pull out a Gordo, which does great knockback. He is pretty easy to combo and you should have no problem taking him down. Final Smash: Stay away from the edge of the stage and try to stay in the air as much as possible. ============= Olimar ===== ============ What I like to do is, after KO-ing Olimar, is to try my best to not give him an opportunity to Pluck out his Pikmin. However, most people would most likely Pluck the Pikmin while Olimar is still invincible. One strategy I can tell you is to continously barrage Olimar with melee attacks so that he cannot Pluck. This strategy isn't too useful because Plucking Pikmins are fast and your opponent will find some cover. You can also Juggle him. He is very light-weighted and Zero Suit Samus' U-air is fast-acting, so it will be hard for an Olimar player to use D-air to hit you. Use melee attacks because Olimar can cancel out your projectiles with his Side B move. Samus' D-tilt is very useful. Another way you can kill him is by edgehogging. Olimar depends on Tether recovery, so edgehogging should be too difficult. His Up B move also gives him a tiny vertical boost, so he can still get back on if he is right next to the stage. A desperate Olimar player will also use his Up B move to Spike you so that he can drag you to the abyss along with him. Final Smash: First, stay away from him. If he activates his Final Smash near you, you will get stuck on the ground and his Ship will most likely kill you. Once the beasts come, stay as high as possible. When the Ship comes down, do a dodge. =============== Fox/Falco ===== =============== Fox's reflector (Down B), makes your missiles and Charge Shot useless. Use them sparsely. For Fox, I would recommend melee attacks. Fox falls pretty fast, so this may make it easier to Juggle him or make it harder. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, fighting Fox should be easier because Fox is much faster than Samus. However, don't be too confident. Fox is hard to beat. For Falco, his Down B isn't as defensive as Fox's because he kicks it. However, it has more offensive ability and can shut you down. Other than that, you can take down Falco almost the same way as Fox. Final Smash: Once Fox/Falco summons his Landmaster, try to stay above him. Do not stand on the Landmaster for too long because then Fox/Falco might do a Barrel Roll and knock you off. You could try to avoid his Landmaster by hanging on a ledge, but he may knock you off it, too and cause you to die. Also watch out for Falco's Landmaster because he can easily push you off the top of the screen. ========== Wolf ===== ========== Wolf doesn't seem to be good against aerial moves, so I would advise launching him up in the air with Samus' U-throw, D-tilt or Zero Suit Samus' D-tilt or U-tilt or you can use the Stunning Spiral combo, then follow up with Flying Fury. If you are using Samus, you can rack up damage with her F-air or U-air. As long as you can pummel him and not allow him an opportunity to attack, he should be easy. Just watch out because his F-smash is fast. He also has a Blaster which is more powerful than Falco's, but he can't spam it as fast as Fox or Falco. Like Fox, he has a reflector, so use missiles and the Charge Shot sparsely. Final Smash: Wolf's Landmaster is Fox and Falco's Landmasters combined. However, it does not last as long. Avoid Wolf's Landmaster the same way you would with Falco's. Just avoid being Star KO-ed. ==================== Captain Falcon ===== ==================== If he uses his Falcon Punch, roll away from him. Do not try to roll to the other side of him because he can change the direction of his Falcon Punch. Captain Falcon's side B move can knock you up above him, which will make it perfect for him to use his Up B move on you. If you get launched above him, either use your second jump, drop Morph Ball Bombs, Flip Jump, or use Zero Suit Samus' D-air. Captain Falcon's Side B move is also a Spike if used in midair. He is fast, so you should use your running attack to get to him. He can get out of juggles with his Down B. Final Smash: Keep your distance. His Final Smash can also hit you even if you are behind him. Just stay away from him and use the Furious Missiles combo to try and knock the Smash Ball out of him. ============= Pikachu ===== ============= Okay, Pikachu is pretty fast. Pikachu's Down B is also lethal. To take Pikachu down, I would recommend you to use melee attacks. Pikachu's Electric attacks can be annoying. Pikachu has really good horizontal and vertical recovery. Pikachu's Side B move leaves Pikachu open for attack, so go for the kill and Spike your opponent! If Pikachu is recovering from below, do not try to Spike Pikachu because Pikachu's Up B move is really fast and you will most likely miss. Pikachu is a lightweight, so you should be able to KO Pikachu fairly easy. Final Smash: If you want to avoid Pikachu's Volt Tackle, I would recommend doing midair dodges. You move more while in midair, so you are more evasive than if you try to dodge while on the ground. ===================== Pokemon Trainer ===== ===================== Final Smash: I swear, Pokemon Trainer's Final Smash is annoying. It is like a stronger version of Samus' Zero Laser. Also, the camera focuses on the Pokemons, so you could die because you have no idea if you are about to fall off. Same with avoiding the Zero Laser, get really high into the air and get behind them. Unlike Samus' Zero Laser, Triple Finish does not pull you in if you are near them, so you can just stand behind the three Pokemons. -------------- Squirtle -------------- The fastest of Pokemon Trainer's Pokemons. Squirtle's Water gun is pretty much like Mario's FLUDD, which makes Squirtle a good edgeguarder. Squirtle's Withdraw (Side B), where he goes inside his shell and slides, makes him invincible, even to Samus' Zero Laser. you could jump on him while he is using this move to stun him. Doing so will leave him incredibly open to attack. Because Squirtle is light, you can KO him easier than with Zero Suit Samus. Squirtle isn't too fast, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem landing any hits. ------------- Ivysaur ------------- Do not be above Ivysaur if he is on the ground. Ivysaur has Bullet Seed, which is a really good damage racker and a really good U-smash. Ivysaur depends on Tether recovery, so you could kill him at pretty low precentages. Ivysaur's aerials are intense. They can kill you at low precentages. I advise using Electric Whip to get close to him. The stun should leave him open. You can also use Zero Suit Samus' Side B because it has decent range. Play defensively is basically what I'm saying. Or, you could just use Zero Suit/Samus' fastest attacks. --------------- Charizard --------------- Charizard is the slowest and most powerful of the three Pokemons. He also has the best recovery out of the three. Charizard is also the slowest in the game when walking, but one of the fastest when dashing. Charizard is somewhat similar to Bowser, except fastest and slightly weaker. Personally, I like to attack him from the back when he uses Rock Smash (Side B). ============= Lucario ===== ============= The high Lucario's damage is, the stronger his Aura-based moves get. Lucario is slightly slower than Samus, but just a smidge (as I see it). He has a counter move, so try not to be predictable. Lucario falls slowly, so it should be easy to play an aerial game against him. However, Lucario can also play a good aerial game, so just be quick. Samus' N-air is pretty good. Her U-air is also pretty useful because Lucario doesn't have any specials that counters attacks from below. Lucario's D-air slows his downwards momentum and it is also a two-hit attack, which will make it harder to use your U-air. If he uses his D-air, then just use your Screw Attack. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, Lucario is very easy. Keep using U-air and Up B to rack up damage. Attack quickly. Also, Lucario's recovery doesn't damage you, so edgehogging him from below will be more safe. However, it can't guarantee a successful edgehog because Lucario's Up B move can easily curve into the stage. Final Smash: Lucario jumps to the top centre of the stage and fire a storm of aura. Basically, Lucario's Aura Storm will have a higher chance of killing you the higher Lucario and your damage percentage is. Luckily, the storm is slow- moving, so you will need to stand either a bit left or right of the centre of the stage when he activates it. Then, right when you see his hands glow with the power of the aura (before he unleashes the storm), run over to the other side and get up as high as possible. Because Lucario can change the angle the storm gets fired at before he uses it, a Lucario player would most likely try and aim the beam towards you before he fires. Then, just before the storm comes, you can easily run over to the other side. The storm will be aiming to the other side, and since the storm is slow-moving, Lucario will spend most of the time it is activated trying to get it near you. I guess we will need a diagram. Lucario ||| ||| ||| <-- This here is the beam before it is fired. ||| (Yes, I know, it is somewhat too big) ||| ||| ||| X <-- You will stand around here, then run over to the other ===================== side before the storm is fired. =========== Marth ===== =========== Marth is deadly at close range. One of the ways you can fight it back is by using Zero Suit Samus' fast attacks, or by using Samus' Tackle move and then tying together aerial moves. If you can get him in the air, he isn't that much of a trouble. You should also watch out for his Counter move. If you are edgehogging, make sure to time it perfectly so that he uses his Up B move while you are invincible, otherwise, it will Spike you to your doom and Marth will grab onto the ledge. You die, but he lives. Final Smash: Marth's Final Smash is a One-hit KO. It also travels very fast and has unlimited range when used in mid-air. However, I find Marth's Final Smash to be incredibly easy to dodge. Hold the shield button and when he uses it, tilt the Control stick down to dodge. ========= Ike ===== ========= Although Ike is slow, he is a pain. His Side B move is easy to hit with and is powerful. If Ike uses his B move, then stay away from him. If he manages to fully charge it up, then it would most likely KO you. Like Marth, he also has Counter (Down B). However, his Up B move is all about vertical distance. If he is pretty far from the stage, then chances are, he will use Side B to recover. Use this as an opportunity to edgehog. Ike's Smash attacks are also painful. Final Smash: If he gets near you, then spam your sidestep dodge. If you are playing a multiplayer battle and he uses it on someone else, make sure that you are not below the centre of the stage. ================ Ness/Lucas ===== ================ Ness has his Down B, which absorbs projectiles. Obviously, this will cripple your long-ranged attacks, so it is time to unleash melee attacks. Try not to get caught in his aerial moves. Most of his melee attacks are pretty slow compared to Zero Suit Samus, so you just have to keep whacking him. With Samus, you can use Tackle and D-tilts. You can also use your aerials to fight back his aerials. A fun thing you can do is to mess up Ness' recovery. He relies on hitting himself with his PK Thunder, so you can just jump off the stage and make it hit you. You can then use your second jump and Up B to get back on the stage. Lucas can use PK Freeze, which is bad... for you. His PK Thunder can also go through enemies, so you can't really gimp his recovery. He also has a good grab, not to mention he also has a Tether recovery. His U-smash is also very deadly. Like Ness, he can also absorb projectiles, so melee attacks are your best strategies. Take him down just like you would with Ness. Final Smashes: With either Ness or Lucas, PK Starstorm is very deadly, especially at high percentage. If you are lucky, not too many will hit you. All you have to do is stand and then dodge if a star (or whatever you wish to call it) comes down on you. ======================== Mr. Game and Watch ===== ======================== Mr. G&W has gotten a lot better from Melee. Mr. G&W has good aerial moves, so you don't want to play an aerial game too often. His Down B move also renders your Charge Shot and Paralyzer useless. If he manages to collect three of the projectiles, he can dump the amount of power he collected onto you. Of course, if he absorbs three fully charged up Charge Shots and dumps it on you, you are pretty much dead. As mentioned before, he has good aerial moves. Like Toon Link, you don't want to be above Mr. G&W. His U-air is a really good way to Star KO you. A good strategy to kill him is to stay near a ledge, grab him and throw him off the stage. He will be forced to use his Up B move, which is excellent for vertical and horizontal recover. He falls much slower while his parachute is out, giving you an opportunity to Spike him. It doesn't matter whether you Spike him to the ground or to his doom, he will still get damaged and you can still probably attack him afterwards. Mr. G&W is also very light, so you could kill him easily if you knock him horizontally while near the ledge. One last thing I should mention is that Mr. G&W is actually pretty fast. Final Smash: Mr. G&W turns into a Octopus. The body itself canot touch you if you are on the ground, but that's what the tenacles are for. You want to avoid grabbing on the ledge. Octopus can double jump, so he isn't afraid to jump down to whack you if you use Tether. Octopus is very slow, so use that to your advantage. Want you can do is either run under the Octopus or jump over it. Basically, you have to keep running back and forth, but that's just me. =========== Snake ===== =========== Snake has the best U-smash, in my opinion. He also has great combos. Luckily, Snake is slightly slow, so you can take him as long as you "think fast." He can also plant a mine (D-smash) and plant C4s (Down B). Pay attention to where he plants them, because they are really annoying. They can also help Snake start combos easier. Snake also has amazing long-ranged attacks, such as the Nikita missile. If he uses it, though, he is left wide open to attack, so use a fully charged smash attack or start combos. When fighting Snake, play agressively. tie together as much attacks as you can in a row, retreat, then finish off in any way you like. But be careful. Snake is a really good challenge against Samus. One thing I should also mention is that you can fight back some of his explosives with Samus' missiles. Using a missile on his Nikita missile will cause it to suddenly change into a different direction, depending on which angle the missile hits it at. The missiles can also detonate those promixity mines that are always bugging you. Despite the fact that Snake is somewhat heavy, he has an incredible recovery move. Also, Snake's attacks are fast for his speed, so keep that in mind. Final Smash: Once Snake get his Grenade Launcher ready, you should start air dodging as much and as high as possible. When Snake fires a grenade, it takes about a second (or less) for it to actually hit. =========== Sonic ===== =========== This guy suffers from having low finishing capabilities. However, his insane speed more than makes up for that. Sonic's B move is very annoying, but you will always see it coming, so shield is your best friend here. Sonic's Back Throw is also really good. He also has one of the best vertical recoveries and it does not make him go into helpless mode. In my opinion, Sonic is a very balanced character, so whether you go defensive or offensive doesn't matter. Now for attacking, what you want to do to Sonic is to flood him (a pun I'm using because Sonic can't swim) with really fast attacks. Of course, Zero Suit Samus is better when fighting Sonic. Sonic's D-air has a lot of lag time, so you can take advantage of this by grabbing him and throwing him off the stage. Also note that his Down B can be easily seen and that he can probably die if he flies off the stage with his Side B move. Lastly, Sonic is really dangerous when you are flying off the stage and are trying to recover. Sonic's F-air and B move can finish you off in a situation like that and Sonic can easily get back on the stage using his amazing Up B move. Final Smash: Execute perfectly time dodges if your opponent decides to go for high speed tackles on you. If your opponent isn't going fast and just wants to chase you slowly, then move unpredictable. Do not use Samus' Screw Attack because it will leave you open. Zero Suit Samus' Down B move can be useful here. _____________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------\ Fighting against Samus/Zero Suit Samus [CHAR2] ====================== ----------------------------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ I thought that I should go into deeper detail in facing against other Samus/Zero Suit Samus players. =========== Samus ===== =========== If your opponent tries to use the Furious Missile combo, neutrilize it with your own barrage of missiles. If you get launched in the air, drop Morph Ball Bombs, kinda like with Captain Falcon. When you are about to get Spiked, you can use the Screw Attack to stop it. Back away when your opponent tries to use the Electric Whip combo. Also watch out for the Tackle attack. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, you should be careful because you are a lightweight. Samus' attacks will launch you far. For the offensive strategy, I used suggest predicting your opponent's next move. Since you know Samus, or should, you could find out what your Samus opponent will do. Use melee attack if you are not good at avoid projectiles. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, you should be fine if you depend on your speed. Final Smash: Get behind your opponent and keep your distance because you can still get hit if you are behind her. Once the Laser is finished, get the first strike when your opponent changes to Zero Suit Samus. ===================== Zero Suit Samus ===== ===================== Because Zero Suit Samus is a lightweight, you should be able to KO her easily. You should also watch out for Zero Suit Samus' speed. A good Zero Suit Samus user will use her speed to her advantage. The Flip Jump can be annoying if your opponent abuses it because it is fast-acting and will give your opponent a chance to hit you from behind. Try to approach her from the air. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, the only advise I have is to predict your opponent's next move and abuse your speed. For the offensive strategy, use Samus' melee attacks because, as stated before, Zero Suit Samus is lightweighted. You can even fire missiles at her. Her attacks shouldn't reach you if you keep a good distance away. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, Juggle your opponent. If your opponent uses Zero Suit Samus' D-air to escape, you can use your Paralyzer because her D-air has some lag time after it is used. Once your opponent is Paralyzed, you can start some combos. Another thing you should note is that you can easily kill her if you edgehog because she mostly depends on her Tether Recovery. However, this is risky because a smart Zero Suit Samus user will use her Flip Jump Kick to Spike you. Zero Suit Samus also has her Flip Jump for recovery. Final Smash: My only advise if keep your distance if you are at high percentage. You can use missiles to knock the Smash Ball out of her. If you are using Zero Suit Samus, who doesn't have really long ranged attacks, you can approach with the Paralyzer and follow up with Plasma Whip (Side B), which does decent knockback and will likely knock the Smash Ball out of her. _____________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------\ FAQ [FAQ1] ======================================= -----------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ Question: Is there an easy way to switch to Zero Suit Samus with the taunting method? Answer: The easiest way, I've found, is to use the 1 and 2 buttons on the Wii & Nunchuk control. They are easy to tap without pressing any other buttons. I am not sure about using the other controller methods. Question: Can you use Zero Suit Samus in the Subspace Emissary after getting the Power Suit? Answer: Yes, by using the taunting method. Edit from http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/gamemode/various/various38.html On the GameCube Controller, this is accomplished by moving the C Stick left and right. When using the Wii Remote, press the - Button to switch. When using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo, switch with the C Button. Finally, on the Classic Controller, you can switch using the right Control Stick. From Azular: "The other way to use Zero Suit in subspace emissary is to press the button you'd normally hold to choose her in the normal modes during character selection." _____________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------\ Miscellaneous [MISC1] ======================================= -----------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ This topic will cover some of the things that were not covered earlier in the guide. ================== Bomb Jumping ===== ================== Bomb Jumping is a good way to gain horizontal distance without going into helpless mode or if you want to stay in the air longer for some reason. This technique is harder to pull of than in Melee, but it has been improved in its mobility ability, as I see it. To do the Bomb Jump, here is what you do: - Get in the air. Drop a Morph Ball Bomb. - As soon as Samus turns back from her Morph Ball mode to her humanoid form, drop another Bomb. - A good way to do this is to Hold the Control stick in the down position (without fastfalling), and mashing the B button really fast. The dropping of the second Bomb will slow down your downwards momentum, allowing the first Bomb to detonate near you, causing you to gain some vertical distance. The vertical distance won't cause you to jump higher than where you dropped the first bomb, so it is only useful for gaining horizontal distance. This technique is mainly useful for recovering, but can also be used to disrupt the opponent who is Juggling you. ===================== Faster Grabbing ===== ===================== With Samus, you can use the Grapple Beam at a faster rate if you activate it while running. This method of grabbing is more useful than a standing grab. ============================ Zero Suit Samus' D-air ===== ============================ As you should know by now, Zero Suit Samus' D-air is useful for striking an opponent below you or getting out of Juggles. Another thing is that it can be used as an effective Spike if your opponent is hanging on a ledge. You can hit the hanging opponent by Diving Kicking the ground near the ledge they are hanging onto. This will cause an immediate Spike and KO. However, this is very hard to do in a real battle. Your opponent will most likely climb up before you even get a chance to set yourself up. Also, if you are in a situation where you have more than one stock and your opponent only has one, you can use her D-air after launching your opponent over a void to kill both of you. Zero Suit Samus will kill herself, but your opponent has a chance of surviving. I only like to do this during fun matches. ===================================================== Taunts, On-screen appearances and Victory poses ===== ===================================================== ----------- Samus ----------- Up Taunt: Chops her left hand downwards while her Boosters flare up. Side Taunt: Holds up her arm cannon and fiddles around with it. It shows a large ring rotating. As I see it, this ring is used when she uses her Final Smash because the laser is too large for her arm cannon alone. Down Taunt: Aims her Arm cannon forward, crouches and turns around to aim her Arm cannon on the other side. This is the victory pose from Super Metroid. On-screen appearance: Walks out of a Save point, which then closes and disappears. Victory poses: - Fires three rapid shots of fire while on one knee and then points her arm cannon upwards with her left hand on her right arm. - Punches with her left hand and then fires a shot from her arm cannon. - Prepares her arm cannon. --------------------- Zero Suit Samus --------------------- Up Taunt: Throws her Paralyzer gun into the air and catches it behind her while saying "Is that all?" Side Taunt: Takes out her Plasma Wire and flicks it while saying "Try me." Down Taunt: Spins around and curls herself around with her whip while saying "You're mine." On-screen appearance: Shows Samus appearing crouching and the Power Suit falls off. Victory poses: - Cartwheels towards the screen. - Slashes with her Plasma Whip and says "Be still." - Side kick flex. _____________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------\ Credits and Legal Stuff [CLS1] ======================================= -----------------------------/ _____________________________________________________________________ This Guide is Copyright 2008 flamedtechno and may not be used in any website other than Gamefaqs and its associates. This guide can now be used on the following websites: - gamesradar.com - cheatplanet.com - neoseeker.com - supercheats.com If you wish to contact me for any reason whatsoever, you can reach me at team_tor_redmachine@msn.com Thanks to: - Nintendo for making the Nintendo Wii system. - Masahiro Sakurai, the genius who created the Smash Bros Series. - Me for creating this guide. - Makoto Kanoh for creating Samus. - Hiroji Kiyotake for designing Samus. - Alesia Glidewell for voicing Zero Suit Samus. - Xen0nex for the Damage Guide, which saved me a lot of time. - Infil (Youtube account) for the Samus and Zero Suit Samus character expose video, which taught me things that I didn't know. - Smashwiki.com for info on the Victory poses.</p>