04/04/2001 Desperados DEMO FAQ ------------------- Version 0.1 by Kobal2 (Kobal@multimania.com) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0. INDEX 1. Version History 2. Introduction 3. The Basic Gameplay a) Basic Stuff b) Characters 4. Strategies, Tips and Tricks a) The Bridge b) The Belltower c) The Prison d) The Saloon 5. End Notes 6. Last Quote -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Version History Version 0.1 : this one, with a few basic gameplay tips, and some solu- tions for the more tricky parts of the level -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Introduction You know it all...i'm not related in any way with the devellopers or editors or coders or whoever made this awesome game. You can copy parts or all this FAQ on your website if you don't say you made it etc... This is my first FAQ ever, so if you have suggestions/comments, feel free to send me a mail (remember to put "Desperados FAQ" as topic though) Oh and, forgive my not-so-good english, I'm french. Feel free to laugh about that too. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) The Basic Gameplay Quite the same as good old Commandos, with a few twists. a) Basic Stuff You select a character by clicking on his portrait, or by pressing his quick key (by default : 1 for Cooper, 3 for Doc and 4 for Kate, a for All). You move a character by clicking somewhere on the map while he is selected. You can run by double--clicking, but it makes much more noise (ie : the ennemies will hear you if you run within approx. 5cm from them). You can crawl by pressing the C key or clicking on the crawling icon, it's really slow, but you can enter the ennemies cones of vision much more safely this way. You can display the cone of vision of one ennemy at a time by pressing the ALT key, then moving the mouse pointer over him (no need to click). It doesn't really works the same way as in Commandos : in commandos the ennemy had 2 types of LOS : bright and dark, you could safely creep in the dark area, but you would be spotted immediately if standing there. Here, there is only one zone, which will turn from green to yellow and narrow according to what the ennemy sees : if you crawl, it will slowly change, but don't stay there for too long, because after some time the ennemy WILL see you. It's just a matter of time. I guess they did so to prevent the old trick with consisted in "crawl within field of view, stand, the ennemy sees me, crawl back and hide, the ennemy runs to me to find me...alone :/" If you press ALT then click, a spinning "?" will appear, and if you do so in a crowded area, you will soon see numbers at the bottom of the screen. These numbers show you the number of people (ennemies AND neutrals) who had the "?" in their field of vision since you placed it. Quite useful if you want to find a safe place to hide. You can mount/unmount horses by clicking on them, though i haven't found any real use for it, apart from looking damn cool. The map is also a usefull tool : you bring it up/down by pressing the M key. red dots are ennemies, blue dots are civilians, yellow dots are items you can pick up. The items can only be picked up by the character who can use them (in the demo, all the items are for Doc) A new concept is the Quick Action, and it's definitely useful. by pressing the Q key (or by clicking on the watch... again you should REALLY use those quick keys) you can store an action for each character, and toggle it with the spacebar. Let me re-peat myself : you can store ONE action. That is, you can't program something like "when i press space, Cooper dashs out of the building, fire 3 shots, then rushes back in". You can store "Cooper dashs out" OR "Cooper fires" OR "Coopers runs for safety". Yeah, I know, it's kinda weird, but it's still very useful, and you can really do some neat stuff with it. I'm not so good at aiming, so usually when i plan a shot, i store a shot in the quick action, the fire a shot by myself. If the bad one is still alive, I launch the quick action while he runs for me, then escape as fast as I can. Another thing you can do is store a contact attack (like Cooper's knife), then make the approach yourself,so that you don't have to fiddle with the quick keys in the middle of the action. The buildings work differently than in Commandos : if a building has two or more entrances, you can use any of them one you entered the building (ie. go in through the back door, get out by the front one). You can also hide bodies in the buildings. When an alert is up, ennemies won't check inside buildings unless they saw you run inside, so you can use them to lay low till things get back to normal. Sometimes there are doors BEHIND the scenery, you can display doors by pressing the special action key, which will highlight all usable doors in blue. Desperados brings another new thing : civilians. Man could they use a punch in the face. Basically, they won't do a thing if they see you unarmed, walking the street like any other cowboy out there. But if they see dead bodies or stuff like that, they'll freak out and scream, sometimes alerting nearby guards. If they SEE you killing people, hauling bodies around, they'll get nasty : if an alarm is raised and they know where you're hiding, they'll give the bad guys directions and such. Oh, and of course you can't kill them, you're supposed to be the good guy after all. You can punch them though, if you feel like it or if one threaten to blow your silent approach. Reloading : this is the wild west son, ain't no semi automatic pistols round these parts. Each gun has a number of available shots before you have to reload. You reload by pressing the gun button twice. It takes quite some time. You can of course reload even if you haven't fired all your bullets. My advice would be to reload after each firefight ASAP, at least if there's nobody rushing right for you. You'll look as dumb as I did if, after planning a Clint Eastwood style triple shot you end up rushing out and making three "plink" sounds. :) Every character has 5 (well, 4 in the demo) actions he/she can perform. I strongly suggest you learn the quick keys for those, because using them via the screen buttons takes WAY too much time. They are described in the characters section. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b) Characters John Cooper He's your average John Wayne : tough guy, with leather pants and a stetson, fire faster than his shadow. He's also the leader of the group. If you must, you can consider him as the Green Beret, only much cooler. Here are his specific talents : * He is the only one who can carry unconscious/dead bodies * He can fire FAST : you can store up to 3 shots in a Quick Action, so that when you press the space bar you have 3 bodies to haul around. Think of the duel between Harmonica and the 3 dusters in the first scene of "Once Upon a Time in the West", only Cooper doesn't get shot. NOTE : you can dispatch those shots any way you want (ie. you can put three bullets in one guy, ore one bullet in 3 guys) * His gun is your average western colt : six bullets, and you have to reload after shooting them. Medium range and much damadge at close range, though it lacks real punch at long range.Unlimited ammo * He has a strong punch : his second action is a punch that stuns the ennemy for some time, and deals 10 damage, in addition to send them flying for a few meters. Useful to capture people (Dillon, for instance), to stop civilians from alerting the bad guys (you can't shoot them...to bad...), or to dispose of someone quickly : it fires faster than the knife. But be careful, the ennemy wakes up after some time, and I guess he is pissed and starts a search (I have yet to try this...I usually butcher the down men). You can see how long ennemies will stay stunned by the number of stars around their heads. * He carries a mean knife, which he can use it in 2 ways : you can either stab with it (silent, and more importantly SURE kill), or you can throw it, for a silent, sure AND distant kill, but if you throw it from too far, it won't deal so much damage. Oh, and of course, if you throw the knife, you can't use it until you have recovered it from its target cold body. * (Not in the demo) : Golden Watch : kinda like the radio of the Commando's Green Beret i guess, a remote decoy of some kind. Doc MacCoy He's a doctor and a bounty hunter. He looks like the "old mentor with a drinking problem" type. He's of course the doctor of the group, but also the sniper and in some way the grenadier. He wears a large black hat and a long black duster, and carries his doctor bag. Here are is specific talents * He can pick locks * His gun is a long barreled pistol, with 6 bullets. It has a better range than Cooper's one, but either is Doc not so accurate or something, but it doesn't seem to do much damage at longe range most of the time. Sometimes you will do as much as 50, and next time 12...it really varies at long range. At close range, it's a sure kill. Doc doesn't fire as fast as Cooper though, and takes more time to draw/hide. Unlimited ammo. * He can mount a sniper scope on his gun (press Action 1 then Action 2). Works like in commandos : the mouse cursor becomes a magnifying glass. When you move it it becomes blurry and you must wait until it gets clear again to shoot (I told you about the drinking problem right ? :). It's more silent than his normal gun, and kills instantly. One good tactic with it when you have 2 close ennemies to dispatch fast is to save a sniper shot in your quick action, then aim at the other one, shoot and immediately fire the quick action. If the two guys are close enough, the rifle won't have time to de-focus. Limited ammo, you can find more on the field though * Doc carries around a number of sleeping gas bottles. When he throws one, all ennemies within range (a circle of approx. 3 centimeters) are knocked inconscious as if punched, but don't take any damage. Since the throw is kind of a lob, you can toss the bottles over walls, but the throw range is poor. * By pressing (Action 3 then Action 2), Doc attaches a hot air balloon to the bottle. When you then fire it, it goes straight up, then in the wind's direction (in the demo : East North East). You can shoot the balloon at any time to make the bottle drop.Kinda useless IMHO, since firing at the balloon makes noise, while the point of the gas bottle is NOT to make any noise. * Of course, Doc can cure the group members, including himself, by pressing Action 4. *(Not in Demo) Build a Scarecrow : Doc puts his duster on a scarecrow so that ennemies shoot it/think it's him. Kate she is the group's sex bomb and poker ace/professional cheater. Not really the one for blazing actions, she has quite a few tricks in her sack though. Here are her specific talents * Her gun is a purse-sized Derringer with 3 bullets. The kind of thing that in real life is as dangerous to you as it is to your opponent. I haven't used it yet, but i guess it has a low range/low power. Unlimited ammo * She can toss poker cards around. When an ennemy sees one, he goes to check it, and she has 10 of those. You can also set up a trail of cards the ennemies will follow until the last one, where I trust you have an ambush already set up. Use it like the cigarette pack in commandos. * She can seduce an ennemy by playing with her garter belt in his line of vision. As long as the ennemy sees her, he will follow her. I haven't tried to use it outside of the saloon, since ennemies shoot Kate on sight outside, so I don't know if it works on anyone but Dillon. I think in the real game she works kind of like the Commando spy, ie nobody will shoot her unless she is seen doing something wrong. * If Kate is in a sunlit area she can use her mirror to blind ennemies at really long range. THIS is her ultimate weapon. When ennemies are blinded, their line of sight becomes null for a few seconds (which you can use for a little run'n stab action), then they run to Kate's position, where you can set up nice little ambush. Remember to have Kate run for cover though, for she doesn't stand a chance in a firefight. * (Not in Demo) Kick : i guess it's like Cooper's punch. * (Not in Demo) Change Dress : like i said, I think she works like the spy in commandos, so this would be the "put uniform back on" equivalent. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) Strategies, Tips and Tricks Ambushing 101 : Let's face it, the odds are against you. you're fighting 2 to 60, and you'll presumably die in seconds should you start a major firefight. The solution lies in guerilla tactics : hit, run, hide, repeat. Here are a few basic tricks. Have Doc and Cooper put 4 quickaction shots in one bad guy, then hide Cooper. Have Doc (with his long range gun) shoot the same bad guy once, then run for the same cover. When the ennemy rushes in, fill him of lead. Easy but noisy. The following ambushes have 1 common basis : Cooper ambushed somewhere with a quick knife-throw (or a quick 3shots if Cooper's hiding place is away from other ennemies) stored. The goal is to have 1 bad guy rushing to the point where Cooper is ambushed. Here are a few solutions to do so : - Easiest one : hide Cooper in a building near the target's usual path, get out when he is in range and doesn't see you - Have Doc stand in the guys LOS. Dangerous, because the ennemy might have the time to fire a shot or raising the alarm - Have Cooper drop a dead body in the ennemy's LOS (that is, somewhere he will look during his path, NOT while he is watching of course). He will usually rush to see what's the deal, and that's when you strike. - Have Kate stand somewhere near Cooper's hiding place, and blind the ennemy until he rushes. Have Kate run someplace safe though - Have Kate drop a trail of cards, starting where Cooper is and progressively going near the ennemy's path. Be careful to drop them when he isn't watching. - Have Cooper drop a dead body in the ennemy's LOS (that is, somewhere he will look during his path, NOT while he is watching of course). He will usually rush to see what's the deal, and that's when you strike. You can also leave a trail of bodies, it works exactly like the trail of cards, but it's harder and more dangerous to do since Cooper is SLOW when he carries bodies. - If the guy is alone and well away from other ennemies, just fire a shot in the air -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demo Tricks : Those Difficult Places Most ennemies on the map can be dispatched by ambushing them, but there are a few hard places, or at least the gave me trouble the first times. You have 3 places to go to complete the level : The Belltower, the Saloon and the Prison. You should obviously do the Belltower first, but after that it's your choice, you can do either the prison or the saloon first, both ways are OK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a) The Left Bridge This is your entrance to town (the other bridge is WAY too guarded to be of any use). You can safely knife the peon who's looking up (don't even bother to hide his corpse, nobody sees it), but it's a bit tricky to kill the 2 guys patrolling near there (if you are a beginner that is). What i did is : crawl to the fence. when the cowboy from the right side comes, wait untill he watches the rodeo. I think he will stay there as long as the guy doesn't fall off the horse, but I'm not sure. Anyway, run like hell on the bridge (having stored a quick knife throw of course) and let the knife fly whenever possible. Now, check if the other patroller is around. If so, run back to where you were (he won't see the dead body because of the wall). When he's gone, crawl to the dead body, pick up the knife, and hide in the Drygoods store. Store either a running punch or walking stab at the patrolling guard as a quick action and wait. Don't go out as soon as he passes the door, or else he will hear you and that'll be instant death. Instead, wait until he stops between the two houses. now you can go out, kill him, grab his body and hide it in the store. Make sure the other patroller (the one who gets out the same house as the one who watched the rodeo and who goes up and down) is not around, I'm not sure if he can see you, but don't take too many risks. The other guards of the area are easy to deal with. Note that the one on the balcony is unreachable for now : there are reinforcements in his building, so you'll get killed if you get in. If you sound the alarm by shooting an unsilenced gun (the sniper rifle is silent) from the top of the belltower you can shoot him and the reinforcements if you shoot well (most of the times the reinforcements will dash for the church back door, and you just have to wait until they reach the top, to just drop them dead, they won't have time to draw if you are prepared and already aiming the hatch. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b) The Belltower First, dispatch all the ennemies on the left and back of the church. then have Cooper quickload a knife stab on the sniper on top of the tower, and enter by the back door. get ready to hit space, then get out on top of the tower, and quickly stab the man. get back inside the church. Have Doc come in, put him up the tower, and drop a gaz bottle when the guy who patrols the cemetery comes back to the front porch. The 4 men should be unconscious. Have Cooper rush out, stab them all, then carry them inside. And now, for some sniping. Shoot every ennemy on the rooftops you think you won't be able to get by other means, such as the guy that shot the bounty hunter in the intro, the guard on top of the saloon (the one who is awake, the sleeping one is dealt easilly if you're the creeper kind). Just make sure you keep 2 sniper bullets, they will come in handy later. Just in case you need them, there are sniper bullets on top of the tower, in front of the church porch and in the prison. Then as I said, you can raid either the saloon or the prison. I'd say it's easier to start with the prison, but if you start with the saloon you get to use Kate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c) The Prison Deal with the surrounding guards (you can do without killing everybody in the main street though, just wack the ones in the back). Now, there are 2 ways to see the inside of the prison : walking near the front door (BAD idea) or walking near the back door (Not that bad, but tough still). Throw a knife at the guy who's dozing in front of the back door. Creep, get the knife back. There are 3 guards inside the prison. I can give you some ways of killing them : 1) If the main street is clear, you can have Cooper ready 3 shots, 1 bullet per guard, and rush in all guns blazing. Down they go, but be careful, some reinforcments might come out the other side of the street. 2)ready a quick knife throw at the big bellied guard who patrols near the cells, then go back silently to the courtyard behind the prison. When you are ready, run around a little until the guy you targetted hears you and runs for you. Quickly hide in the building north of the prison before he can see you. When he isn't looking, or when he passes near a door of this buiding, get out and let the knife fly. get it back. Now go back silently to the prison's back door. If the alarm has not yet been risen, you should see 2 men, including one sleeping. ready a quick knife throw at the awake one, stand up, and walk in WITHOUT RUNNING. quickly let the knife fly. If you're fast enough, the other one should'nt wake up. Punch him, grab you knife, and steak him. Prison clear. 3) If you have Kate with you you can lure them out one at a time by blinding them with the mirror 4)I tried to have Doc toss a gas grenade through the door, but it doesn't seem to work though, at least I couldn't do it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- d) The Saloon Here's the hard part. the goal here is to dispose of the 3 guards without making a sound, and without killing Dillon (as any gunshot will wake up three or four guards who hide in the backroom. As I said, tough part. You can reveal the inside of the saloon in 3 ways : you can walk up the front door (I managed ONCE to do it without getting killed instantly), crawl up the stairs to the balcony (another bad solution : the guy patroling the balcony will quickly see you) or by walking on the roof. You won't get detected that way. Now, on with those guards. I assume you have cleared the area before revealing the saloon. Again, you have a few solutions here : 1) Put Doc up the Belltower. Have Cooper walk on the roof to reveal the saloon. Store a quick sniper shot at the balcony guard. Hide cooper in the stable right of the saloon (that small shady place). When the guy patrolling in front of the door turns around, get out and throw him the knife. Switch to Doc, and make a NORMAL sniper shot at the big boy in the main street (not the one you've targeted with the quick action). Quickly kill the other guard with the quick action (You DID save those 2 sniper bullet didn't you ?). If everything goes well, nobody should raise the alarm (a few civilians might run around, but it's no big deal) and you have Dillon and Kate alone in the saloon. Use the Action3 key to have Kate do her moves, and make Dillon follow you in the upstairs room (who the hell does he think Kate is ? As if she was some easy girl ;), and have Cooper creep up behind him and knock him down with a solid punch. I suggest doing so after opening the prison, because otherwise Dillon might wake up earlier than predicted and make your life a living hell. Now, all you have to do to end the mission is to carry his unconscious body to the prison. Don't worry though, he should stay out for some time (5 dancing stars...I told you Cooper had a mean punch). 2) Put Doc in front of the saloon (not directly in front, in fact, as far as you can on the right side), and store a gas grenade toss at the front door in a quick action. Walk Cooper up the roof. Now, you must be FAST. When the 2 civilians go out, launch the quick action. If timed well, the only one conscious should be the balcony guard. Have Doc run like hell to one of the right buildings and hide. Swotch to Cooper, quickly store a knife throw at the guard in a quick action, and kill him at the first opportunity. Get the knife back, run to the saloon, and quickly stab the 2 other of Dillon's bodyguards (save just before doing so, as you might kill Dillon by accident). Punch Dillon just to make sure he won't get up so fast, and bring him to the jail. 3) This one is for those who wish to use Kate as soon as possible. Clear the zones near the Belltower, and to the right of the saloon. Hide one of your characters somewhere, and have the other one walk up to the roof, then crwal. Now, Kate will be shot on sight as soon as she leaves the saloon, so don't go out the front door. Dillon won't shoot you, so all you have to do is bring Kate to the roof via the ladder and voila, you can use her for the rest of the mission (she can really come in handy to clear the prison silently). To dispose of Dillon afterwards, you can either kill the outside guards using method 1) or use Kate's mirror to have them go far from the saloon and kill them there. Be careful though : Dillon is a quick shooter and he reacts fast. Also, after Kate leaves the saloon he will shoot her should she come back in, so be careful. A good tactic would be to bring Doc to the first floor via the roof and gas him (He's not looking up there). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5) End Notes Hopefully you have beaten the demo by now. If, like me, you can't wait to get your hands on the real thing, try to play itagain using different approaches or styles. If I forgot something, or if you have a strategy you want to add to this FAQ, orif you just want to tell me how much this FAQ helped you (well, you never know...), feel free to send me a mail, I'll be happy to answer it if I find some time. Also, there are a few things I couldn't do in the demo, that were shown in the manual that runs before the actual game starts : sabotage a saddle, roll around, fire from a hiding, move Kate sliently...I don't know if it is because these actions are not implemented in the demo or if it's just because i'm stone dumb. If you know how to do such moves, pray tell me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6) Last Quote "When they do you in...just hope it's somebody who knows where to shoot." Cheyenne in "Once Upon a Time in the West"</p>