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Written by: Daniel Acaba GameFAQS ID: Misfit119 Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com System: PS2 Version 1.0 This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba List of Sites that may host this FAQ: www.ign.com www.gamefaqs.com www.gamerstemple.com www.cheatcc.com www.gamesradar.com / www.cheatplanet.com ========================================================= Index ========================================================= 1 - Update History 2 - About this FAQ 3 - The Bosses 4 - About the Author ========================================================= 1. Update History ========================================================= 8/09/2007 - v. 1.0 - FAQ completed ========================================================= 2. About this FAQ ========================================================= This FAQ was designed to be spoiler free. I dislike spoilers so I have done my best to avoid them.While it may give away the names of the bosses and whatever chapter they are in, that is about all that I will give away. I dislike FAQs spoilers so I have done my best to avoid them. ========================================================= 3. The Bosses ========================================================= Dragonfly ======================== Its time for Vincent to singlehandedly take out a gunship, woo hoo! This guy isnt really all that big a deal and makes for an easy first boss. Just make sure of two things; one, your potion is ready to be used immediately and two, you dont use your fire magic unless you are absolutely sure you can hit him with the attack. If you want to make your life easy, try to keep the water tower between you and him when he begins to open fire on you. Take shots when you get the chance and use fire magic when he turns to face you. If you use it while he is flying all over the place you will not be able to hit him and you will waste MP. It might also be worth your while to hold onto at least one shot of the materia. After he loses a little more than half his health (25% left or so I think) a cutscene will play. He is going to drop down six Deepground infantry into your little battleground so be ready. This is also about the time that he is going to start using his missiles to make the fight a little more interesting. What will make your life easier here is if you held back a fire materia blast. Go ahead and either use the materia to take the soldiers out, or use the exploding barrels to do this. In either case get rid of them quickly. Turn your attention back to the whirly-bird and keep shooting at him. The only thing that matters is that you keep shooting while using the water tower to block his missles (or just simply dash evade them). After he takes enough damage he will fly off, which is the end of the fight. ======================== Dragonfly GL ======================== Im going to preface this by saying that if you have gotten the rations from the WRO members you are going to be far better off in this fight. The Dragonfly is back for round two, so we arent going to let him get away this time. Now that you have the machine gun to use the fight is going to be a bit easier this time. First of all he has two hot spots that you are going to have to take out. The first is on his right side, in what looks like a damaged, sparking wing. This is going to be your first target so open up on it with your machine gun. The reason you want to use the machine gun and not the pistol is because the Dragonfly doesnt move around much and for every shot that the Griffon lands after the first makes it do more damage. So after a few shots hit the machine gun will be doing far more damage than the pistol ever could. After the side is damaged enough you will start targeting the body of this beast. Your target is an area on its back and Id suggest the pistol for this part of the fight. If you find yourself needing ammo destroy the crates. Mind you, it isnt going to sit there and let you hammer on it (although it felt that way at times). It has both its machine gun and missiles to attack you with and they do some pretty heavy damage. However his accuracy is debatable and I have made my way through this fight several times without getting hurt more than a little bit. Do take note that you have a wide open space to fight in so manuverability is on your side here. ======================== Crimson Hound ======================== This isnt so much of a fight as it is a warm-up. The best weapon to use here is the machine gun (Griffon) on the purple/black wolf minions. They will group together and you have to manuver through the pillars to fight them off, so if you spray them with ammo you can kill them easily. If you find yourself getting too hard pressed by them hit them with a fire materia blast to take them out. Once they are all dead, take out the pistol and shoot at the red wolf while he is up on the pillar. Keep plugging away at the red guy even as he jumps around the pillars and he will drop eventually. This isnt that big a deal. Dont bother with the thunder materia while fighting since the fire is more than enough to take out the cannon fodder and the boss himself barely fights back. ======================== Pegasus Riders ======================== There are two ways to approach this fight and both have their merits. First off, you can take out your pistol and put your back to a wall. Simply stand your ground and wait for them to end up in your sights, so start plugging away at them. They die pretty quickly to sustained fire. If they dont actually die to it they will be hurt and soon enough they will charge you on their bikes which is a perfect time to open fire on them again. Do be careful because the bikes will do damage to you when they explode. Its minor and since this is the finale of the level, it shouldnt be that big a deal. The second choice you have in regards to taking them out is to actually just run into the middle of their moving circle. Simply keep moving to avoid getting rammed by a motorcycle, to do this just keep yourself a short distance away from the bikes in front of you. Take out your machine gun and simply open fire on the nearest enemy. I found this to be easier than the wall method since you have a bit more room to move around in. ======================== Heavily Armored Soldier ======================== This guy is a serious pain to fight, especially since does so much damage. You have to keep your health above 50% because he can do half your health in one shot, so keep your health up. Since there are other enemies in the area, the best way to proceed is to take out the enemies on the ground floor and then run up the stairs. Go around in a circle and take out all the enemies that are up there. Once they are done with simply turn to the big guy, get a lock and start moving and shooting. After he takes around 50% damage he will drop his current weapon and start to shoot his machine gun at you. This isnt as dangerous as the last gun and you should be fine so long as you have a healing item at the ready. As he nears death he will take out his swords for some unknown reason but since he is being so considerate by making himself easier to kill, finish him off. I found it to be a simple matter to keep my distance on the upper levels while he had the rocket launcher and hten to move down to his level when he had the machine gun. This made it easier to dodge his fire and return fire of my own. ======================== Shelke the Transparent ======================== Let me start this off by saying that I HATE fighting this little git. She moves so fast and even the Galian Beast (Limit Break) isnt a match for her rapid attacks when she is feeling punchy. The basics of how she fights are: Flip around, charge you and then pummel you silly. The easiest way to fight her is to use the pistol on her, doing damage while she pummels on you. When your health gets low use the Limit Break item and go into Galian Beast form. Throw a few fireballs at her as you try to close in, they will usually stagger her and give you a chance to close in on her. Once you get in close range with her simply start hammering her with melee attacks and dont stop even if she falls down. If youre lucky you will hit her even when she starts getting up, knocking her back down. If you run out of time in the Galian Beast form, take out your machine gun and start opening fire on her. By this point her health should be low enough that even the few stray attacks that hit her will finish her off. Getting through this fight without using all your healing items is worthy of some applause. ======================== Azul the Cerulean ======================== Okay, well Azul is practically immune to regular fire so that isnt going to work out as a good combat strategy. Even a powered up Cerebus will only do like ten damage or so. What you need to do to damage Azul is to wait for him to pass one of the exploding barrels in the room and then blow it up. His shots arent too hard to dodge, so simply try to use the barrels to do as much damage as you can. If you dont kill him off with this then take out the Griffon, wait for him to stop shooting at you and then open fire. With sustained fire you should be able to do enough damage to end this fight. The only real attack of note that he has, other than firing his gun at you, is a jumping ground stomp manuver. When he does this you will take some damage and be knocked down, leaving you vulnerable to being shot up. Simply jump into the air and fire at him to avoid this attack. Dont waste a Limit Break here, gunfire should be able to do enough damage here. ======================== Black Widow ======================== This guy is ridiculously easy so long as you dont dawdle or get yourself boxed into a corner. His main attacks are a body rush move where he tries to ram you and a laser cannon blast. The most common attack he tries for is the ram and he will only use the laser every so often but it takes off half your health in one shot, so be really careful of this attack. The easy way to kill him is to circle him, dashing when you need to so as to avoid his dash attack. While doing this you should use the machine gun and keep sustained fire on him. This can cut his health down super fast. After a short time he will start to climb one of the walls. I prefer to open fire on him while he is climbing the wall and then getting ready to dodge, since he will usually stop mid-wallclimb and attack you with his laser. When he is seriously injured he is going to go all the way up the wall to the ceiling and then perch there. He will then open fire with his laser on you. To end this fight, take out the rifle and shoot him until he falls. Once he has been dislodged from the ceiling, open fire on him with your pistol until he is finished off. This will end the fight. ======================== Black Widow II ======================== This guy comes off as more of a threat than he really is. Once the fight begins I take out my machine gun and equip the fire materia on it. Shoot at the few soldiers who start out with the Widow, preferably with the fire materia to try and take them out. Once they are dead, fight it in much the same way as you fought the last one. Simply begin circle strafing around the Black Widow and firing on him using the machine gun yet again. Do NOT jump because if you are far enough away from him he will use his machine gun to take you out of the air and to wreck your health bar. Simply dash when you need to dodge his laser cannon attack and keep on shooting at him. Simple and done. ======================== Deepground Commander ======================== This guy can be really easy or really hard depending on how you try to fight him. I prefer the easy way, but to each his own. The hard way is to charge into the midst of the enemies with guns blazing. Simply kill all of the regular enemies using your pistol and then open fire on him. You will take some damage but it really isnt all that hard. The easiest way to do this is to partially hide behind the train car on your left side of the screen and to peek out with the rifle. Start shooting at the Commander, preferably in the head. When an enemy comes into your sites, shoot him in the chest to stagger him and then headshot him to finish him off. Repeat this until all the enemies are dead and the Commander is a goner. One or two of them might not come to you, so when you come out open fire on them to finish this section of the stage off. ======================== Shrikes ======================== The easiest way to respond to this fight is to use the pistol with a fire materia equipped. Run backwards, aiming up at them and start firing away at the lot of them. If you think you have a clear shot at them use the fire materia to hurt the group. Your best bet is to simply keep shooting away at them and to have a healing item at the ready but only use it if you absolutely have to. Your other option is to retreat backwards and hide INSIDE of a rail car. Since they can fly over them, hiding behind one is worthless. But if you can get into one of them (I hid in the one with the red interior), you can lean out and try to pluck them out the air one at a time. Youre going to get hurt either way so just go with what youre more comfortable with. ************************ Rosso ************************ Its time to kill off this crazy %$#@& and to get revenge for all those people that she has killed. Just dont expect her to lay down and die, she is going to make this really hard. ======================== Rosso the Crimson ======================== This fight starts off simple enough but it rapidly gets out of control. She fights using a double bladed sword with a built in machine gun. Your best bet is to simply take out your pistol and open fire on her while trying to dodge her return fire. She will also occasionally try to get into close range with you and start pummeling you. This isnt that hard to deal with, simply keep your distance and keep plugging away at her until she loses about 25% of her health or so. That prompts... ======================== Bloodthirst Rosso ======================== Now, in addition to her using her blades in melee and her guns at long range, she can hurl these whirling crimson blades. These nasty things will arc through the air at a parabola type angle. They have a nasty tendency of arcing around objects that you try to use for cover. Also she will now do a charge attack and begin pounding your face in with melee attacks. Also magic doesnt really do all that much damage to her. You might as well use it but dont expect it to really make much difference in the fight. Lastly her melee attacks are so powerful that she will beat the crud out of you in melee, even if you are using the Galian Beast limit break. The best way to approach this fight is with 3 Limit Break items. Take out your pistol (which should be as upgraded as possible) and begin to fire at her. Do your best to avoid getting into melee with her and use the various containers around the room to avoid the whirling crimson blades. When you get so low on health that you are running out of health, then use the Limit Break. Now use the fireball of the Galian Beast on Rosso. This should knock her up into the air and prevent her from attacking you. Run forward a few steps and throw yet another fireball at her when she gets up to her feet. Keep doing this until you get in her face and begin pounding on her in melee. If she starts hitting you back dash away, leap up and throw a fireball back at her. This should enable you to start all over again. Since the Limit Break item fully heals you, you shouldnt need to use potions to heal yourself while you are in Vincent's normal form. Only use them when you are in Galian Beast form if you need to. There is a Limit Break item on top of one of the containers, so go for that when you get the chance. With four Limit Break items, and you firing your gun at your while you are between Limit Break changes, you should be able to drop her health really low. Use your magic when you get the chance and just keep firing at her until she goes down. After that hard as heck fight, you get that lame of an end to it. Blah. ======================== Black Widow TW ======================== This time the Black Widow is easier than before, but there are two of them. Not that it makes much of a difference. Take out either your pistol or machine gun and open fire on the robot on the ground. If you simply keep moving from side to side and shooting at him, he will go down surprisingly fast. Once he is dead simply do the same to the other one on the ceiling. Just keep on firing until they both die and move on. ************************ Azul ************************ Its time to take out Azul once and for all. He isnt really all that hard when you learn how to take care of him, so read on if you need some help. It should not take you all to long to get rid of him and move on. ======================== Neo Azul ======================== Azul is ready to brawl but he isnt as sturdy this time around so you can do damage by shooting him this time. Take out the pistol and run for the pillar in the center of the room. Now simply keep circling the pillar and shooting at him whenever you have a clear shot. Use the pillar as a shield and just on plugging away at him. When he attempts to use the jumping ground pound attack (the same move from the first fight), just jump to avoid it. He will drop easily enough. ======================== Arch Azul ======================== Tell me this guy doesnt look like a mix of the Bahaumt summon from FF X and the staple FF monster Behemoth. Regardless, you cant hurt this guy with your guns which leaves your options to be melee attacks or magic. Going into melee with him is a really dangerous way of trying to handle this fight so I prefer to stick with magic. You should see a number of strange circular pedestals, what you need to do is to make him walk over these pedestals, thereby blowing them up and uncovering a mako point. Essentially, you should dodge him until all the mako points are exposed. Then you can turn to him and start firing at him with the thunder materia, which seems to do the most damage to him. Once you run out of MP, leap over the now exposed mako points to gather up their energy. Two should be enough to mostly fill up your bar, so turn and fire at Azul-zilla until youre out of energy and then begin leaping over the mako points again. Repeat this until youve run out of energy and all the points are run dry. While you are doing this he is going to be trying to ram you and whack you down with his tail. The best way to handle this is to get up, do a few jumping melee attacks and then run away from him. If he still has a fair amount of health, simply use an ether or two and attack him with more magic. The mako points will refill over time so its more of a waiting game than anything else. He will eventually die and you get to watch a really cool death scene. I like. ======================== Nero the Sable ======================== After all the cool cutscenes he has been in, I really expected more from Nero than this. Sadly, I was left disappointed by this fight. He is going to be flipping around all over the place and firing at you with his twin pistols. So take out a pistol of your own and start firing at him. After you damage him a bit he will create two clones of himself. Simply pick a target and start shooting at it. Any damage you do to the clone damages Nero's health bar and will dissipate after enough damage. Take out the two clones and then target him again. He will either create more clones or begin to melee attack you. If he chooses to melee with you, he will attempt to dive at you and then spiral around trying to cut the crap out of you. The best way to deal with this is to dodge to the side when he dashes and then start firing at him. Its not worth it trying to melee him back so just keep backing up, dashing away and shooting. He will go down in no time. ======================== Dragonfly PT ======================== There is a lot going on in this fight, which makes it more frustrating than hard. The best way to handle him is to take out your rifle while he is flying around behind the large container in front of you and keep plugging him when you get a chance. He will keep firing missiles at you while doing this so keep ducking behind the metal pillars on each side of the screen. After a bit of this he is going to come close by and fire at you with his machine guns, take out yours and return fire. This can do some serious damage to him quickly. What makes this fight tricky is that there are gargoyles flying around that are going to try to dive onto you from behind. Occasionally a spider robot will come out of nowhere and try to shock you. The best way to handle this is to try and ignore the gargoyles, moving backwards and fowards and then side to side which will cause them to miss their attacks. If a spider comes after you, your best bet is to either melee it to death or shoot it with the machine gun. So long as you keep moving carefully and firing at the Dragonfly, this will not be too much harder than the last fights. ************************ Nero the Sable, round 2 ************************ Its time to finish of Nero but he isnt going to go out quietly. You are going to be fightin him in some weird other plane. Its like a giant circular platform with a space in the middle. It is hard to move and fire at targets here, so you must be very careful. ======================== Arachnero ======================== This guy can seem really hard to begin with but he is actually pretty easy once you figure out what you need to do. Nero is hiding behind a barrier and there are four floating crystals moving around him. To get past his shield you need to take out the four crystals. However when you get too close to one of the crystals, they will turn into what looks like a black mini-vortex and shoot a really powerful energy beam at you. This is your chance to start blasting away at the crystal to destroy it. The energy beam does alot of damage so you may need to dodge out of the way before you get hit. After the third crystal is destroyed he will begin launching a series of fire- balls at you. Simply dodge out of the way of these things and take out the last of the crystals. Now start firing at the main body of Arachnero with your pistol until he brings the shields back up. Thats all there really is to it, take out the crystals, dodging their energy beams, dodge the fireballs he throws and keep shooting him. When he gets to around 25% of his health, the fight switches to its next phase. ======================== Gorgonero ======================== Yawn! This guy is really easy and simple. All you need to do is attempt to follow his movements with your gun out and fire at him whenever he appears. Thats really all there is to this; watch for him and then fire. You can get in one to three shots with each time he appears but you are going to get hit in return by his bullets. If your health is okay then this is likely not a problem. If he appears on the same ledge you are your best bet is to double jump and then start to shoot at him repeatedly. Thats all there really is to this fight. ======================== Weiss Empowered ======================== When you first fight Weiss, you actually cant hurt him or stop him. You need to get taken out, so you might as well just conserve ammo and let him kill you. Do not waste items here. Luckily you dont lose your Phoenix Down item if you have used it on yourself. Now a little cutscene will play and then you can actually try to fight this guy. This is the single hardest fight in the game, possibly excepting the Rosso battle. You can actually hit him this time around, so get out your strongest weapon and be ready for a fight. You can hurt him with magic, Limit Breaks or just plain gunfire now. Anything basically works. But there are several things that you must be ready for: - When he starts twirling his swords, you cannot hurt him. He will block your bullets while he is like this, so dont even waste the ammo. Simply move away from him and wait for him to finish spinning the swords. - When he crouches low to the ground and raises his sword above his head he is going to dash at you and attempt to combo you to death. This combo sucks and it can drain your health really fast. The best way to get away from this attack is to dash away from him, double jump and then dash again before turning to start firing at him again. - He will slide his swords along the ground and send an energy blast flying at you. The only reliable way that I have found to get away from this attack is a dash to the side away from it. He seems to be mostly immune to gunfire while using this attack. - Weiss will leap into the background, back onto that throne he was seated in earlier. While there, he will charge up and then shoot off four energy orbs at you. These things home in on you and do a heck of a lot of damage. The only way that I have found to reliably avoid these attacks is to stand with one of the tubes to your side and to wait before the orbs hit you. Then dash forward, leap forward and then dash again. This should put you far away from them and their explosive radius. - Lastly is his most important attack. When you are keeping your distance and hiding too much for his taste, he will do a ground pound attack similar to the one that Azul used. By stabbing his swords into the ground he will knock you senseless and do a heck of a lot of damage. The best thing to do is to have your pistol in hand and double jump into the air and start shooting at him. He seems to take extra damage while using this move and you will dodge the attack entirely while up in the air. Essentially, the best way to defeat him is to dodge his attacks until he is mostly standing still and then open fire on him. Try to use your machine gun and pistol to damage him as much as possible and then use your pistol when he does his radius ground attack. Doing this, using all your magics (You wont need them after this) and even Limit Breaks when you need to. This should allow you to get past this fight, even if you use all your items. ************************ Omega ************************ This is the finale of the game and it honestly feels a bit tacked on. Weiss feels like more of a final boss than this entire section. This really does just seem like they really wanted to do the whole multi-stage final boss thing in this game too. In either case, due to the Death Penalty this is a breeze. ======================== Crystal Feelers ======================== This is no boss fight, this is a chance for you to restock your equipment. As you kill off the crosses they will drop items and ammo. Keep on killing them until you have gotten as many potions as you can carry but more importantly than that you should make sure you have used a Phoenix Down on yourself and keep on killing off crosses until you get a second one. If this is already the case then simply start killig the Feelers. To take out the Crystal Feelers simply keep moving around until one of the ones near you opens up. Dash at it and then melee it, about three or four hits will likely be enough to kill it. After it is destroyed one of the two Feelers next to the one you just destroyed will likely open up so dash on over and bash it. For me, both times I did this fight, they opened sequentially so it was no big problem for me to just move after them as they opened destroying them. If you move quickly enough you dont even need to worry about the flying crosses. ======================== Omega Cocoon ======================== Yay for a second useless boss fight! The boss is a big cocoon that you need to shoot at. While you are trying to do this, the big flying crosses will appear four at a time to come after you. They can do some hard damage to you if you try to ignore them so the best way to approach this is to take them out and then to fire about three or four shots at the cocoon. After that turn around and take out the four flying creatures again. Simply repeat this until the boss is done for so you can move onto the final form. As a note, the flying crosses will still drop stuff to help you restock but they dont seem to do it as much as they did in the last one. ======================== Omega Weiss ======================== For a final boss this guy is sadly easy to kill. When you shoot at him if you aim at the middle of his body you will hit both Weiss and the Omega shell he is attached to. This will let you do between 2000 to 3000 damage. If you only hit one part of him you will likely only do half this amount. He spends most of his time launching flaming attacks at you, but if you dodge around you should be able to avoid this easily enough. He only has two moves that are threatening; the first is a blue shadow of Weiss that will detach from Omega to attack you. When he is out of Omega you cant hit the two of them at once, but you can simply fire at Weiss to keep doing damage to him. This shadow can cut you up and he does some pretty wicked damage if you dont dodge him quickly enough. The last attack is a party-killer attack, reminescent of similar attacks in the other Final Fantasy games. Essentially he will fly up outside of attack range and he will launch an attack that seems to do well over 2000 points of damage. Heck, I had about 2200 and got knocked off. You will want to come into this fight having used a Phoenix Down and with a second in your inventory. This way you can survive this attack even if you have been taken out once before due to regular damage. He isnt too hard but this attack can be a serious problem. ========================================================= 4. About the Author ========================================================= My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in Groton, Connecticut and I am 24 years old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs as well. So far Ive written the following FAQs: Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3 Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3 Bloodrayne 2 Boss FAQ - PS2/X-Box Sims 2 Career FAQ - PC TES IV: Oblivion - PS3 Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3 FAQ's in progress: The Darkness - PS3 Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords - PSP</p>