=============================================================================== FAMILY GUY FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v0.9 Based on the PS2 version Written and maintained by SubSane Last Updated December 31, 2006 =============================================================================== WARNING: This guide, like this game, is rated M for Mature. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 About the Game 1.2 About the Guide 2.0 BASICS 2.1 Game Start 2.2 Status and Menu Screens 2.3 Controls 2.4 Items 3.0 WALKTHROUGH 3.1 Griffin House Throwdown 3.2 Hospital Madness 3.3 Martinis in Prison 3.4 Hospital Madness Part Deux 3.5 Stroll Down Spooner Street 3.6 Evidence, Shmevidence 3.7 Stomach Trouble 3.8 Neighborhood Rumble 3.9 Temptation at the TV Station 3.10 Cheesie #$*!in' Charlie's 3.11 Over the Lungs and Through the Balls 3.12 Tom Tucker Must... Be a Pervert 3.13 What Happens At Geronimo's... 3.14 Bertram’s Lair O' Funtime Giggles 3.15 ... Sticks To Your Crotch 3.16 Daddy Sniffin' at the Dog Track 3.17 Bertram's Big Rocket 3.18 Rock Out On the Docks 3.19 Look Who's Knockin' Up Seabreeze 3.20 There's a Beach Party in Peter's Robo Pants 3.21 Playground Showdown 3.22 Unsubmissive Chicken 4.0 CODES & SECRETS 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. 5.1 Version History 5.2 Guide Credits 5.3 Contact Information 5.4 Legal Stuff =============================================================================== ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ======================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 About the Game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It started as a normal day in Quahog, Rhode Island, but soon Stewie, Peter, and Brian all found themselves caught up in the machinations of jealous half brothers, evil 80s sitcom stars, and a rich man and all the cops in his deep pockets. - Will Stewie defeat Bertram once and for all and finally take over the world? - Will Brian prove he didn't knock up Seabreeze and get Carter Pewterschmidt off his back? - Will Peter find and kill Mr. Belvedere, the scourge of the 1980s sitcom series of the same name? Well... will they?! I sure as hell don't know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 About the Guide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, welcome to reading a guide. To read a guide, you read the words, as you are doing right now. Good job. To find a specific word in the guide, preferably by referencing the table of contents at the top, hold Ctrl and press F on your keyboard. Yes, the rectangular object with alphabets on it. That will open a Find screen that you can use to find the word you're looking for. =============================================================================== ===== 2.0 BASICS ============================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Game Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Game ========== Select new game to begin a new game. Options ========= Here you can adjust sound, controller settings, game options, and access the game's special features. Continue ========== Select this to continue the game from a file saved on your memory card. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.2 Status and Menu Screens ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stewie Status Screen ====================== Health: The bar in the top-left corner represents Stewie's health. The more Stewie gets hurt, the more the bar depletes until Stewie meets his untimely doom and you get sent back to checkpoint. Ray gun parts: As you collect ray gun parts they'll be accumulated underneath the health bar. It shows the number you have versus the number you need for the next upgrade. Current weapon: The current weapon is displayed in the top-right corner. Peter Status Screen ===================== Health: The bar in the top-left corner represents Stewie's health. The more Peter gets hurt, the more the bar depletes until Peter meets his timely doom and you get sent back to checkpoint. Snacks: The snack meter appears below the health meter. Brian Status Screen ===================== Stealth: The bar in the top-left corner represents Brian's stealth. When Brian is out in the open his face will be visible and enemies will be able to spot him. When he hides in shadows his face is green and no one can see him. Impulse: The bone-shaped meter is Brian's impulse meter. When Brian gets close to objects or people that push his "urges" over the edge, this meter will start to fill up. Get him away as quickly as possible to prevent his natural, perfectly normal urges from taking over. There'll be none of that while humans are in charge... Pause Screen ============== Here you can quit to the main screen, adjust options, load a saved game, or view moves and objectives. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.3 Controls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stewie Controls ================= Command | Character Action | Other ---------------------------------------------------------------- D pad | Move camera | Navigate menus L3 analog | Move character | Navigate menus R3 analog | Move camera | - X | Jump, double jump, and float | Select in menus Square | Fire weapon | - Circle | Grapple hook | Back out of menus Triangle | Activate, open doors | - R1 button | Hold position | - L1 button | Lock-on target, strafe | - Start | Pause the game | - Peter Controls ================ Command | Character Action | Other ---------------------------------------------------------------- D pad | Move camera | Navigate menus L3 analog | Move character | Navigate menus R3 analog | Move camera | - X | Jump | Select in menus Square | Punch, pick up, throw | - Circle | Kick | Back out of menus Triangle | Activate, open | - R1 button | Lock-on target, strafe | - Start | Pause the game | - Combo: Press any 3-button combo that includes Square and Circle to execute devastating(ly bad) combos. Snack attack: Hold R1 and press Square, Circle, or Triangle to execute a snack attack, which draws power from the snack meter. Brian Controls ================ Command | Character Action | Other ---------------------------------------------------------------- D pad | Move camera | Navigate menus L3 analog | Move character | Navigate menus R3 analog | Move camera | - Square | Crawl | - Triangle | Activate, open | - Start | Pause the game | - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.4 Items ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item | Purpose of item ---------------------------------------------------------------- Yellow + | 25% health refill Green + | 50% health refill Ray gun part | Yellow bolt-shaped items collected to upgrade Stewie's weapons. 20 = Ray Gun, 100 = Plasma Ball, 200 = Plasma Ball, 300 = Hyper Plasma Ball, 400 = Hyper Plasma Ball, 500 = Rocket Launcher, 600 = Rocket Launcher Snacks | Used to fill Peter's snack meter Evidence | Items collected by Brian to prove his innocence Disguises | These are found by Brian and used to get past enemies without being detected =============================================================================== ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ========================================================= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1 Griffin House Throwdown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the House Powerups: 9 ================== And so we begin the epic tale of Stewie, Peter, and Brian's seemingly unrelated quests to do seemingly pointless stuff. But hey, what's an animated sitcom these days without pointless narrative, am I right people? Stewie's up first and his first objective is a doozy: collect 20 weapon powerups. Start by collecting the 20 inside Stewie's room, then the 4 in the bathroom, and finally the 8 in Chris' room. You'll need to open wardrobes and jump up to shelves to get them all. Once you get 19, return to the bathroom and head down to the main floor. The final powerup will be outside, but first you must use the mind control ray to take control of Lois in the kitchen. Guide her around the other end of the table (away from the microwave oven) and into the living room. Bring her down to the hoover and use it to push Brian towards the kitchen door. Glorious freedom! Outside the House Powerups: 1 (11 with bonus) =================== Grab the last powerup in front of the garage door to earn the ray gun upgrade. Now you can blast away enemies if they get in your way... or on a whim, whatever. Test your new weapon on the shiny car in the driveway, then make your way to the right. Hold L1 to lock onto Bertram’s troops and disintegrate them. There won't be much else on the ground aside from killing infants, so zap them all and get to the sandbags on the far right. Shoot the kid with the remote control to bring the helicopter down on Quagmire's front yard. This will lead into the first non-sequitir game: nail the hook to the wall! Aim your gun towards the target... and, well, that's it. If you hit the target before you run out of ammo you'll get 10 powerups as a reward. Stand under the tree next to the house and you'll see the hook icon appear. Press Circle to zip up to the hook and reach the roof of the house, where you will be met with more of Bertram's lackeys wipe them out and head to the left, over the gap to the next roof. Here you'll find the last few goons and the Griffins' garage. Jump onto it to confront Bertram. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.2 Hospital Madness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hospital Lobby Powerups: 1 ================ Shoot at the glass to bring the hospital to a code "Brown" alert, and continue shooting until you break through. Blast the nurse then all of the orderlies to open the door at the top. Laser Hall #1 Powerups: 6 =============== In the laser halls you'll need to shoot the laser devices to shut them down and proceed through the hall. Shoot the first one on the left and make your way through the hall, taking care of all nurses and orderlies along the way. For the next set of laser devices, aim for right shelf of the pair of shelves in the middle to hit the device on the left. Use the walls beyond the barriers to reach the dual devices and shut off the vertical lasers, then finally use the small notch sticking out of the left wall to reach the final device on the right side. Finish off the final nurse and get to the exit door to continue. Water Hall Powerups: 31 ============ This one's fairly easy to grasp. It's your basic "the floor is made of lava" game from back in the day, however here the "lava" is electrified water. Use the gurneys and bodies to make your way up. Watch for the dudes standing in the center spreading electricity all about and jump across when you see them go limp. If you run low on health there is a green health pack in the center and you can shoot the objects at the end to reveal more health. Microscope Room Powerups: 15 ================= Blast away all of the orderlies and nurses then head up along the platforms to reach the aperture at the top. Watch for the red laser on the first section of the microscope and look for the hooks when it seems like you can't reach a platform, but beyond that it should be a breeze to reach the contraption at the top. Maternity Ward Powerups: 6 ================ You'll need to access the sealed area at the top, and how else would you get a nurse to open the door for you if not by bouncing on the pregos? Go ahead and "assist" each lady by bouncing on her belly and, uh... unclogging the pipes. After you bounce on enough of them the nurse will open the door for you. Maternity Ward B Powerups: 18 ================== More blasted barriers! This time you'll be poppin' missiles out of the women to destroy those barriers. As you make your way through you'll come across plenty of orderlies and even nurses that can heal the orderlies. Focus on the nurses before moving on to orderlies. After you destroy everything and get to the end you can continue. Laser Hall #2 Powerups: 2 =============== More lasers, and although it may seem more complex it's the same simple trajectories and geometry as the first laser hall. The first device requires that you shoot the notch on the left. The second device to the left will need some angled shots to the right, which if shot at the right spot will rebound to the left side. For the remaining devices I would suggest using the charged shots to increase the likelihood of hitting them. MRI Machine Room Powerups: 10 ================== Use the mind control ray to take control of Quagmire and walk him over to the next room. Talk to each of the three nurses to scare them straight to their doom. There will be one laser channel remaining, and we need to use somebody expendable... well hey, let's toss in Quagmire! Walk him into the final laser to clear the path to the lever. Once you shut down the machine you're clear to grab the coil from inside and exit to the next room. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.3 Martinis in Prison ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cells #1 ========== Ah, time for some refreshing tactical stealth action with Brian the dog. Head to the right, but starting with the second cell you'll have to wait for the inmates to turn away before you can proceed. The shadows will prevent anyone from seeing you. Showers #1 ============ Play through Brian's first non-sequitir by quickly tapping the two buttons displayed on the screen before the time runs out. If you make it in time you'll be rewarded with temporary invincibility. Quickly run to the second row of showers and hide behind the laundry basket at the top when your invisibility runs out. From here on out you'll need to avoid the prisoners by sneaking around behind them when they are not facing you, or alongside them if you're careful. You can stand to the side of the inmates when they turn to avoid getting caught in those tight spots. You'll also want to use the right analog stick to look ahead and see what's next. Showers #2 ============ Oy, now they're skipping and chasing each other. Prison must be such fun! Anyway, wait for the first two skippers to head down then quickly follow them to the next row. Hide in the shadows between the laundry baskets at the top. Wait for the closest two guys to turn away then walk down alongside the next two guys. Walk past them when they turn up and make your way to the door. Showers #3 ============ Head past the first two guys and do not get near the basket or a guy will pop out and catch you. Hide behind the shower wall and wait for the next set of guys to turn away just as the skippers run past you. Follow the skippers and quickly hide in the shadows of the basket halfway down the row. Wait for the skippers to pass and for the last two guys to turn away and make a break for the door. Cells #2 ========== Make your way to the right and grab the clue file along the way. Every cell has a prisoner that can catch you, so watch out. At the end of the room you'll see a lone guard staring at... well, at the wall. Sneak around behind him to the monitors and hit the button to switch them all to the women's shower room. Quickly crawl under the desk, then exit through the door. Desks #1 ========== Here you face your toughest challenge yet: several police officers with nothing better to do than wander back and forth between desks. For the most part you'll only have to worry about one cop at a time, but there may be cases, such as the desks in column 5, where you have to look out for two cops. As long as you use desk cover whenever possible and wait for desk cops to look down at their paperwork, you'll get through. Here's a little diagram for guidance *COP = Desk cop COP> = Moving cop START *COP | | | DESK *COP DESK DESK DESK *COP | | ----------------- | DESK DESK |DESK *COP DESK |DESK | COP> | | | ----- | | DESK |DESK DESK DESK *COP |DESK | | COP> | ------ X <------------------ X marks the clue file you're trying to get in here, so make your way across the room to that X. After you grab the file you'll need to head to the right and in front of the cop in the top-right corner. You can sue Adam West as cover if he should happen to look up. The door on the right is your exit to freedom... well, as free as you can get in a police station, anyway. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.4 Hospital Madness Part Deux ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Liposuction Begin Powerups: 9 ================= Get across the lard to the other side and enter the north door. Liposuction Hall #1 Powerups: 14 ===================== Getting through can be kind of tricky, but it's not too bad. Navigate your way up through the maze of machinery and use objects to control the direction you slide in. You'll find the first missing part and the exit at the top. Liposuction Hall #2 Powerups: 34 ===================== This time you'll be up against red mines floating in the human fat pool. You can either jump across on the platforms, or slide across and use your blaster to get rid of the mines before they blow you up. Either path is not difficult and like before you'll find the missing part and exit at the top. Liposuction Hall #3 Powerups: 15 ===================== This one may seem tough, but it's all too easy. Slide up across the fat and start blasting like crazy to shoot out the mines. You'll need to get to the final part at the top in order to stop the timer and complete this section. Liposuction Begin Powerups: Whatever you missed the first time =================== Get to the door at the right to continue. The Morgue Powerups: 8 ============ Kill the two morgue attendant guys then enter row 1 - door 1 or row 2 - door 3 to continue to the next part of the morgue. In here you'll want to go through row 2 - door 4, which will take you up to a high platform. Jump into the next door, then do the same when you get transported to the top of part 1. Kill the orderlies in here then continue into the next section via the door on the right. Last Stand Powerups: 5 ============ Anyone who has ever played Defender, Space Invaders, Galaxian, or any number of vertically scrolling shooters should know what to do here. Dodge the attacks by moving left and right and return fire to kill off each wave of nurses and orderlies. Each additional wave will contain more nurses than the last, so I suggest you stay as far down as possible to increase the distance between you and the needles. Collect all health when it drops then get to the top door to continue. Hospital ICU Powerups: 0 (10 with bonus) ============== Disable one of the support machines to summon death and use the mind control ray on his decrepit ass. Walk him over to the nurses and use the good ol' touch of death to kill them all and gain access to Peter. Now you have a chance to get some extra powerups with the next non-sequitir game: sexy party! Chase the star and stand on it to win the game before time runs out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.5 Stroll Down Spooner Street ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hospital ========== There isn't much to Peter's levels. You punch adults, kick children and others, and take a swing at every object that gets in your way. Some objects yield valuable items such as health, and trees tend to give up quite a few things if you see them. Overall it's a ol' school kick-everyone's-ass-a-thon. Start with the old man and make your way to the right. Beat up all the little children, and destroy everything. Rinse, repeat, rinse... maybe lather but that's up to you, then repeat again. Keep going until you reach the church where you'll have to fight more old folk and a cop. Cops are a bit tougher but if you keep at them you minimize the damage they cause to you. Oh, and dude, don't mess with God. Seriously. Continue along past the mime to get to the police station. Police Station ================ It's a cop stampede! Use your mighty kicks to render them all sterile, and stay away from the groups of cops. It's easier to handle them one at a time. The bench contains some health, and once you beat up enough cops you'll get a few bonus health packs. Head to the right and use the Square, Circle, Square combo to headbutt the wagon into submission. There may be a few more cops to mangle. Festival ========== The chefs require kicks, but everyone else is the usual. Head to the right and bust open the carts for health packs. At the end of the sea of vendor carts you'll find... a giant clam! If you have a full snack meter go ahead and hold R1 + Square to perform a head spin and go into a clam battle mode. Quickly tap Square then Circle when the buttons are displayed on screen to defeat the clam. If you don't have a snack meter you'll have to fight the clam to collect beer and fill it up. After the battle you'll get a chance to earn some hot dogs... bonus hot dogs... what kind of gamers want bonus hot dogs? Er, sorry. To win this non-sequitir between Peter and the giant can of tuna, quickly tap the buttons displayed on the screen to bust it open before time runs out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.6 Evidence, Shmevidence ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence Storage ================== Here you have three clue files to collect. As before, it is best to crawl to avoid getting caught by cops in the distance, and always use the analog stick to get a better view of the area ahead. The first clue file is in the bottom-right corner, next to a cop burning evidence. Crawl by and collect it, then crawl up near the next cop. Wait for him to walk down and turn left then quickly hide under the desk near the second clue file. Grab the file and head left to the shadows in the middle of the room. Here you'll get Brian's next non-sequitir: dodging the vote! Move left and right to avoid the president, and to make it easy simply wait on the far left and quickly head all the way to the far right when he's about to jump. He's a slow guy, so you should be able to avoid him pretty easily. If you got the invisibility boost, quickly head up to the top of the room next to the plastic lady standing over by the evidence crate, but don't forget the final clue file on the left side of the room along the way. Push her button to get her jiggling and distract the cop blocking the door. This will clear the way for you to get to the lampshade and exit to the next room. Desks #2 ========== This will be much like last time, although now you have the power of the lampshade. Make your way up to the hole in the ground at the top, but keep your eyes on the hole and the blonde cop. From there, file #2 will be straight down and to the left, near the sleeping cop and the chicken guy. Clue file #3 is in the bottom-right corner, and the final file will be straight up near the Interrogation Room door. After you collect all the files you can go inspect Seabreeze. Lockers ========= Start by opening both of the lockers nearby to find the clue file. Now a cop will make his way to your side of the room. Hide behind the lower locker door and wait for him to pass by. Open the locker doors in the middle and make your way to the right. Wait for the one cop to catch on fire then slowly go around them to get the pimp hat and exit the room. Station Lobby =============== Now we see Brian's more natural side come to light: pissing and humping. Head to the right and Brian will stop by one of the bushes to take a leak. You'll want to avoid bushes and women as much as possible to keep your bone meter in check, otherwise you will be caught. Head all the way to the shadows on the right to get your disguise back and then go up. I suggest heading left towards the woman and sleeping cop. Chill in the corner until the bone meter goes down then make a mad dash for the next set of shadows. From there you can get a good look at Joe's loop and plan when to make a run for it. Wait for him to turn left and then quickly run up. You may be forced to stop and pee on one of the bushes on the way up, but keep holding up until you reach the door. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.7 Stomach Trouble ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lake of Acid Powerups: 24 ============== Head to the right to make several large chunks of food land in the lake, which will provide you with a means to get to the end. Follow the food, coins, and other various objects as they fall, and make your way to the right. Eventually you'll get to the door and a couple of white blood cell guards which can easily be dispatched. Clogged Artery #1 Powerups: 11 =================== Slide your way up while tapping the fire button to blast away the pustules and cholesterol and get to the end of the path, just like the hallways at the hospital. When you get to the end you'll need to jump on the hairy cyst to open the sphincter and proceed. Left Lung Powerups: 27 (37 with bonus) =========== To win the non-sequitir at the start, you'll need to find a gap in the line and press X to bid on the ray gun. You'll earn some powerups for winning. So what you have here is your basic platforming section. Make your way up the platforms and get to the first moving platform. From here you'll need to use the grapple hook to reach continue up. Wait on the hook until a platform passes by to the left and hop on it. Follow the platforms from there until you reach a white one. That will act as an elevator should you fall back to the floor. Grapple to the next moving platform and hold on until you see the large blue tube at the end. Clogged Artery #2 Powerups: 20 =================== Another slip 'n slide through a clogged artery, but this time with ramps and a split in the path. Blast your way through and take the left path for a slightly easier fight. Naturally, you'll want to avoid the whirling pools of black doom. When you get to the end you'll have to float to the platforms on the left and then get to the cyst on the right in order to access the brain. Lois Brain Powerups: 0 ============ Your obstacles here will be the various electric synapses and many, many versions of Lois. The Lois army is relatively easy to beat as long as you stay far away from them and only tackle one group at a time. Make your way through until they're all defeated then grapple to the hook on the right and get to the door. You can also shoot the pustules if you wish to get some extra health. Football Brain Powerups: 0 ================ Your goal here is to get the greased up deaf guy, Cleveland, and Peter's dad into the End Zone. Start with the deaf guy, who is quite speedy, to easily get him to the end. For Cleveland, I suggest you start on the right then juke left and run up along the side to reach the end. Finally, Peter's dad will only have one guy to deal with so simply fake right and run up along the left or vice versa to turn him into a buxom wench. Hop down into the blood flow to the testicles to continue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.8 Neighborhood Rumble ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soccer Field ============== Head to the right and trash everyone as usual, then head into the soccer field. Here you'll be surrounded by an army of kids with the occasional soccer mom joining in. Concentrate on the kids by kicking like crazy and run away from the adults until the kids are clear. You can collect health from the coolers if you need it. After defeating all the kids you'll enter a port-a-potty for a fart showdown. Watch the other guy's buttons then repeat what he does to keep up. You can also just look at the patterns I listed below: Pattern 1: Square, X, Circle, X, Square, Square, Square Pattern 2: Square, X, Circle, X, Square, Square, Square, X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle Pattern 3: Square, X, Circle, X, Square, Square, Square, X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, X, Square, Square, Square Street Fight ============== Now continue to the right and kick the ass of all the little children waiting for ice cream. From here on you'll be fighting the usual suspects and collecting the usual stuff. When you get to the SWAT officer, press Circle, Square, Circle to leg sweep him, then kick him when he's on the ground. There will also be a K9 unit, but one or two kicks should take care of him as well. As you proceed you'll face more and more enemies until you get to the checkpoint near Peter's house. Here you'll face a bunch of cops, then even more kids, adults, and cops in front of Peter's house. I highly suggest using R1 + Square to defeat them and then quickly refill your snacks at a nearby tree. You'll also get plenty of donuts and cookies from defeated enemies. To top it all off, your final enemy here will be the giant clam! Like before, use R1 + Square to kick his ass, and attack him to replenish your snack meter. Once you've used the super attack enough times you'll enter dual mode where you have to open the clam. Quickly tap the button that appears on-screen and pay attention to the change in button. Once you finish off the clam, you'll enter the fire truck non-sequitir. Move left and right and press X to slam the antelope. The circle of life goes on... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.9 Temptation at the TV Station ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Television Station Entrance ============================= Start by walking down and watch for the cop near the bushes on the right to turn his back to you. Get behind him and hide in the shadows between the bushes until he turns around and walks to the left. Quickly continue to the right to find the sprinkler activation wheel. Hit it to distract the cops. Walk down to the street then head left to get to the van and put on a cheerleader outfit. You are now clear to walk to the other end of the street and then up to the security guard at the station gate. News Room =========== Collect the video tape and wait for that dude with the clipboard to walk up, away from you. When the coast is clear approach the camera on the right and activate it to turn Diane to the right. Sneak up and wait behind the left camera until the clipboard guy turns away. This will leave the path to the right open for you, but remember to crawl to avoid getting caught. Make sure the next guy wearing a hat isn't facing you, then crawl under the table near the costumes. Wait for the blue hat guy to walk down then quickly walk up there and grab the costume. If you grabbed it in time you'll be perfectly disguised, but you should still avoid touching anyone. Walk down past the second table and turn left to find the second video tape. To get to the door, walk up and past the blue hat guy. Dance Show Set ================ Walk up the stairs on the left and approach the DJ Opie's equipment. Hit Triangle to turn on the tunes and get everyone on the dance floor. All right, now to collect some of that sweet evidence! Start by following the path to the right to get the tape at the end near the dark-haired chick in the blue dress. Next, grab the tape on the left near the blonde in the pink dress. The final tape is at the right corner of the stage, but first you must navigate a sea of badly dressed men and awfully hot women. Start by walking down the stairs and past the dancing couple. Just to the right of the couple you'll find a spot to let the bone meter simmer down. Continue past the guy and down to the left until you hit the concrete. From there it's smooth sailing to the tape and then the exit. Conveyor Belt of Death ========================= This is relatively simple to navigate, however remember that you can't touch any of the saws or it'll be a rather drastic circumcision for Brian. Head to the right and watch the saws. If you see a pair of them make sure to walk under both at the same time or you may not make it. When you get to the low saws you'll need to duck down. Once you hit the lever at the end you'll get a new non-sequitir for Brian in which you must sell a smoked meat log to a rather shy customer. Chase after the guy and make sure you press X when he's facing you or you won't succeed. Once that's done, get to the door to exit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.10 Cheesie #$*!in' Charlie's ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Area =========== You know the score: kick ass and don't bother with names. Fight you way through the kids and security until you reach the ball pit. Pull the cords and use the falling balls to defeat the enemies, or beat them up yourself. Your call, hotshot. Next up is a few more enemies and a rousing game of Rodent Smash. Destroy all of the cylindrical rodents to grab a roast, upgrade your snack meter to level two, and generally own a bunch of rodents. Once you defeat those guys you'll continue fighting until you get to the door at the end. Eating Area ============= Fight, fight, fight... it's all right! Destroy everything and everyone in the way until you see the pin(y)ata kid. Avoid her and pull the cord to drop the pin(y)ata on her head, then beat up the dude who shows up. The next non-sequitir involves you pressing X when the target is on the chair. Easy enough... unless your aim is untrue. Evil Play Area ================ It's bizarro Cheesie Charlie's! Fight off the first bunch of kids and run along until you see a bird with a guitar. DO NOT touch this guy. It's tough to get away once you're hit and the electricity takes a lot of health. Instead, wait for him to come to you then use R1 + Square to destroy him. To cross the snake pits, hit the cords and drop the kids to form a skeleton bridge from one platform to the next. When you see the weird one wearing a costume near the sewer, use another R1 + Square. Keep along and you'll reach a Toddler Smash mini game very much like Rodent Smash. Whack, er, I mean "smash" all of the kids to continue. The moose and bear guys up ahead can only be defeated by performing a R1 + Square attack then quickly tapping the on-screen buttons, much like the clams. After the beat 'em up action, take on a quick game of "Go God, It's Your Birthday" by tapping the buttons displayed. Evil Eating Area ================== Smash and bash everything and head along. The guy with the hat will ultimately turn into four guys as he takes damage, so use R1 + Square to quickly defeat them. At the end of the line you'll see a guy in a devil suit. Defeat him and you'll be sent down to a trippy version of hell where giant Belvedere heads attack you. Use kicks, R1 + Square, and any other moves in your arsenal to defeat the heads. You'll definitely want to collect the health packs as they fall. Once the final Belvedere heads shows up you'll be done with the level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.11 Over the Lungs and Through the Balls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clogged Artery #3 Powerups: 18 =================== Slide along and keep shooting to clear the path. Like before, hit the cyst at the end to open the door to the lung. Right Lung Powerups: 15 ============ Here you'll have to fight off a few enemies on each level of the lung and then jump on the cyst at the end to proceed. Keep fighting until you get to the bottom, then walk to the left and ride up the moving platform. It will take you up to the cyst which activates the sphincter at the end. Clogged Artery #4 Powerups: 21 =================== Not much that's out of the ordinary. I suggest you take the path on the right in order to avoid the squad of toddlers on the left. Hop on the cyst to open the door and continue. The Bladder Powerups: 34 ============= Shoot the few sperm troops and hop along the platforms on the urine lake. You will start by following the platforms to the left, across some floating platforms to the right, and finally along a few more platforms to reach the other side. It's like Saving Private Ryan meets... a lot of piss! Clogged Artery #5 Powerups: 6 =================== Chase after the lone trooper and blast your way through. Take the left path to the testicles and make sure to hit all the speed boosts and avoid the sticky grease spots, which will slow you down. Once you get to the end quickly shoot at the trooper to kill him and prevent him from reaching the end. Now it's time to proceed into the testicles. Left Testicle Powerups: ??? (+10 with bonus) =============== Ah, a rousing game of Marco Polo. Avoid Ms. Keller's keen sense of... well, of nothing, to win the game. Remember that Space Invaders rip-off at the hospital? Well, it's that time again! Walk forward a few feet at a time then quickly back away to trigger some mines and clear the area ahead. You only need to clear enough to reach each wave of enemies, and I suggest sticking to the middle of the path. Avoid the laserfire and shoot back at them as quickly as you can. As you make your way up you'll want to clear a wide lane down the middle to give yourself some wiggle room, and needless to say you'll want to shoot all the cysts lying around to get the health packs and powerups. All will go well until you're near the end, when mines start at yellow instead of green. You'll have to jump backward and glide to get away from the blast radius of those quick shooters. Enter the door at the end to exit. Right Testicle Powerups: S428 ================ Now we get to the high-tech stuff. Blast away the troopers and make your way up the room, and remember to use the level 2 blue blasters to clear out the lasers. The next set of lasers can be cleared by simply standing on the moving platform and shooting straight at the mirrors ahead. The next bunch of barricades will be well guarded by a few shielded troops. Use some grenades or the pulse weapon to clear them out. To clear this set of lasers, head to the right side and aim straight up at the left side of the crystal, which will direct your shot to the device on the left side. You may have to adjust the shot a bit to hit the device. Proceed to the next lasers and take them out, then continue blasting troopers and getting around barriers. The final barrier will be blocking the exit through a white gate. Take out the troopers and use the white floating platform on the left to reach the laser device. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.12 Tom Tucker Must... Be a Pervert ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jolly Farm Review =================== Now you'll be sneaking through the set of a feaux British children's show disguised as a bush. Oh, the fun never stops for Brian. Walk up and grab the bush disguise then stay at the top. Sneak up to the video tape near the pig guy and grab it, then carefully position yourself to the left of the pig. Here you'll have to wait for the director to yell "cut" and the "actress" to look away from you when she stops. When that happens, make a run for it and stop on the right side of the pig. Wait for the kids and the woman to look away, then quickly run down and grab the second tape near the bush in the middle. From there it's a clear shot to the third tape on the right. All that's left to do is get those guys near the door out of the way. Walk up to the ropes at the top and press Triangle to drop one... no, two... three... well, a lot of sandbags on all the kids. Their grim deaths provide the perfect cover for your escape. Control Room ============== Tape #1 will be the video tape just to the left of the starting point, underneath a console. Follow the brown cap as he wanders to the left and immediately hide under a console to avoid being seen by the yellow cap. Run around behind that yellow cap to get to the tape. Return to the right side and walk down for the next stop. Wait behind the chair until both guys are looking away then quickly walk down and grab the tape, then hide under the console next to the guy in the yellow cap. Once again wait for both him and the brown cap guy to look away then dash down and grab the third video tape near the yellow cap guy, and QUICKLY run into the shadows to the left of that video tape. Tape #4 is next to a red cabinet above and slightly to the right of that shadow spot. Wait for the two nearby red caps to get back to their consoles before going for it. From there, head left to the table and hide under it. Tape #5 is between some cameras on the left side. After you have all the tapes, approach the console in the bottom-left corner and press Triangle to save the chick from a fate worse than death: being under contract to a talent agent. Dressing Rooms ================ Wait for Jesus to head towards the top of the room then quickly run under the table. Once he clears out of the top of the room you can grab the tape and follow him back down to the bottom without being seen. Hide under the table of the next room and wait for two makeup women to walk towards the captain. As they pamper his leather-like skin, walk around and grab the tape at the top and quickly hide next to the couch. Once they return to him you can go back to the table and wait for them to turn their backs to grab the other tape. The clown room is fairly simple. Wait for the clown and his Native American baby's mama to turn away then run up and grab the tape, and hide under the makeup table if you need to. In the next room, wait by the door if Asian news reporter Tricia Takanawa is facing you then hide under the table. Once she clears out you can head straight up, grab the two tapes, and hide under the table. Head towards the final room to initiate a boat blowing competition. Quickly circle the L stick as quickly as you can to continually blow the boat and win invisibility. I hope you won the non-sequitir, because this next room's a tough one. The tape is located at the top-left corner, but the only shadow spot is behind Joe's chair and Diane "Down for Anything" Simmons is rather quick on the turn-around. Wait for her to be in the bottom-right corner then quickly run up and grab the tape. Enter the door at the bottom to finish up here in Channel 5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.13 What Happens At Geronimo's... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Floor ============= There's really nothing new here, outside of Peter's sexeh muffin top. Run along and bash the old folks and gamblers to your heart's content, or until the GO arrow pops up. Second Floor Lobby ==================== Once again bash everyone, unfortunately including the smokin' hot Native chick near the cock car (well, that's what it is, damn it). Use R1 + Square to get rid of the feather-headed guys as they flood the room. After destroying everything on all sides of the gambling establishment, head up to the elevator. Elevator ========== Use more R1 + Square action to dispatch the mysterious flurry of casino employees, and avoid the arrows when going after the final dude with the headdress. After the battle you'll be in a non-sequitir where you must whack the disco ball three times to win. Hit the X button when the stick is behind the ball to win. Finish off another round of casino dudes to move on. Chapel ======== Just beat up everyone and their mother until you get to the wedding, then use some R1 + Square to finish them off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.14 Bertram’s Lair O' Funtime Giggles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entrance Powerups: 0 ========== Blast, a metal detector! We shall need the assistance of nearby ne’er-do-wells. Start by using your Mind Control ray to take control of Meg as she walks by, and walk her over to the guards. Damn... well, try using Neil over by that table of unused game assets. Just walk him up to the guards and... ouch, well, try that kid with the messed up face on the sidewalk. After enough attempts Stewie will have quite enough of this and choose to simply off the guards. Jetpack Hall Powerups: 10 ============== Hop on the jet platform and prepare from some more vertical shooting fun. Blast all the troopers as they zoom by, then use the green grenades to blast those turret guns. The shields will clear away once you eliminate those guns. After a few rounds you'll reach the other end and continue along. Clone Chamber Powerups: 25 =============== Send in the clones, will he?! Blast them all away, and their little cloning pods, too! Once you've cleared out all the pods you'll be free to explore the room. Push the red buttons on the left and right sides to activate some platforms and reach the upper level. From there you can glide to each of the three cylinders in the middle of the room and push the red buttons, which will activate the door on the top level at the north end of the room. Sludge Slide #1 Powerups: 4 ================= Unlike the previous sliding escapades, this one's on a sled over some toxic sludge. You'll have the usual gassy obstacles (in this case toxic barrels), as well as spiked pits (a gaming classic) and slaloms to slide through. Start by blasting through the barrels until you approach the pit, then press Circle when the icon appears so you can grab the hook and get across safely. Getting through the slaloms is easy enough, however make sure not to hit those barrels. As you slide along you'll face more barrels, more pits, and more slaloms, but nothing beyond what you saw at the beginning. Get to the door at the end to continue. Laser Grid Powerups: 12 (22 with bonus) ============ Approach the entrance to the grid and shoot a ray straight up at the right side of the prism. That single ray will rebound across a few places to reach the laser device. Make your way through the labyrinth of lasers, clones, and reflective walls until you get to the clone pods at the end. Blow them all up and activate the red buttons to get to the large bay door at the top. The next room will contain more barriers and lasers. Shoot a ray at the prism on the right side to deactivate the lasers and make your way through. When you reach the platforms you'll enter a short non-sequitir in which Stewie is a Wimpy-esque chubby guy. Press the on-screen button to duck under the signs and score an extra 10 powerups. In the next room, destroy the turret lasers and then shoot the left side of the prism to eventually reach the laser device. Destroy the final set of clone pods to move on. Powerup Heaven Powerups: 300 ================ Man, the game designers are either really nice or they think you suck. This room is nothing but finding powerups and shooting defenseless clones. Make your way through the maze and pick up everything you can until you reach the end. Nap Time Massacre Powerups: 10 =================== I hope you have the level 4 weapon upgrade (homing missiles) because this room's going to be tough. It'll start simply enough with a few defenseless clones, but it eventually turns into Stewie versus hundreds of mad babies, each carrying different deadly weapons. As the onslaught begins I suggest you use a combination of tapping L1 and Square to blast the babies as they descend upon you. However, once the chemical warfare clones come out, stay away. Use those aforementioned homing missiles while gliding if you have them, otherwise use the purple pulse weapon to wipe out large groups as they surround you. Don't forget that the various objects in the room can be broken for extra health. After the massacre is over, Death will hand you another 10 powerups for your murderous skills. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.15 ... Sticks To Your Crotch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games Room ============ Prepare for an onslaught of Injuns (yea, not very PC... but something tells me fans of Family Guy don't mind). You'll be relying quite heavily on R1 + Square for this stage, so make sure to collect those snack items! As you approach each group make sure they all gather together so you can use your more powerful moves on all of them at once. You can also break surrounding objects to collect more snacks and health. It starts with mainly melee enemies, but towards the end of the line there will be quite a few enemies throwing cards, blow darts, and tomahawks. These can get very annoying and kill you quickly, so don't hesitate to focus on these guys first then kill everyone else. Eventually you'll reach the door to the buffet. Buffet ======== Smash your way through the place just like before, and conserve that snack meter for the large groups. At the end of the first part you'll see a guy dancing on the fountain, though he won't attack. Take him out with a flying heel to the face to continue. Your final challenge here will be a hot dog eating contest with Gandhi. Attack him just before the food falls to take advantage, and make sure to stay in the middle area to catch as many of the hot dogs as possible. After you defeat him you'll move on to the elevator. Elevator ========== Like the last time, use a lot of head spins and try out the new food frenzy move. After defeating half the group you'll get the most half-assed non-sequitir in the history of Family Guy... yet, oddly enough, it works. Second Floor Lobby ==================== Whoa, deja vu... or lazy level designers. Kick all ass and forget about the names, preferably by using some good ol' head spin action. When you get to the other side I suggest you go straight for the floor manager (guy in blue) and head spin him. You can defeat him the same way you defeated the giant clams. After that get rid of the missile launcher, and finally all the remaining enemies. Wrestling Arena ================= To defeat these two guys you'll need a lot of special moves (such as R1 + Square) and the health packs dropped by the wrestlers when you attack. Continue smacking them around until their health is gone. Like every other boss character, you'll need to attack with a head spin then tap the buttons that appear on-screen. After defeating the two guys it'll be onward to the docks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.16 Daddy Sniffin' at the Dog Track ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ticket Entrance ================= This one's a bit tougher than the last bunch of due to the fact that it seems like everyone should see you right away (but they don't), and the plausible hiding spots are nonexistent. Start by collecting the first ticket at the start and then the one on the right. From there, make your way up the left side by hiding under tables. Once you're under the top-left table, wait for both Tom Tucker to turn left and for Joe to turn back to the right. Quickly run up and grab the third ticket when the coast is clear. Look at the woman at the back of the line on the left, and if you see her looking left, looking right, or stretching, stay behind her. Wait for her to face straight ahead then quickly grab the fourth ticket and run around the rope to the next line, and don't stop until you get behind the guy on the last line. Wait for him to face straight ahead and for the cop on the far right side to turn down before grabbing the final ticket and heading for the door. Luxury Box #1 =============== Wait for the waiter to move to the left side then walk down and hide in the shadows between the couch and chair. Once Pewterschmidt turns away from you quickly pick up the second ticket and move to the left. Wait for the rather large woman to move down towards the gentlemen and for the waiter to walk away before going for the final ticket and the door. Luxury Box #2 =============== Sneak down quickly and hide behind the blue chair until the old guy passes by, then grab the ticket near the devil. Wait for the old guy to come back then run up and hide underneath the bar. Grab the next ticket when the bartender looks away, but don't take too long or the booze will overpower Brian's sensibility. Now wait for the bartender to stand still and face to the right, then quickly run down to that short wall in the middle of the room and duck down at the right edge. Here you can wait for the bartender to look away and for the old guy below to walk towards the lady, giving you an opening to grab the final ticket in the bottom-left corner. Return to the same spot at the left edge of the wall and wait for the bartender to face right before running to the door. Luxury Box #3 =============== Grab the first ticket and then the second ticket at the bottom, then hide between the couches. Wait for baldie to face the window and then sneak to the shadows on the left side. Here you'll have to watch the old guy on the left and the old guy on the right until you have a clear path behind the old guy and around the left side to the third ticket. Wait back in the shadows for the bartender to clear out and quickly grab the final ticket. From there it should be a clear shot to the door. Luxury Box #4 =============== Grab tickets 1 and 2 from the left side, then head towards the shadow between the couches. This will send you to a non-sequitir in which Peter has locked his keys outside the car. Watch the swinging wire and press X when it is directly over the keys to win. If you won the non-sequitir, go ahead and grab the next two tickets near Adam West with impudence, then head to the top and wait under the desk. If you didn't get the invisibility bonus you'll just have to sneak by him. Grab the final ticket and sneak to the door to continue. Luxury Box #5 =============== Luckily for you, there's a sexy dame in the corner distracting all the gentlemen. Your only worry here is the two waiters. Walk down and grab the first ticket, then wait for the bottom waiter to clear out. Walk to the shadows on the left and once again wait for the waiter to move to the right, leaving the left side open to grab the next ticket. Finally, wait in the shadows until the top waiter walks to the right and leaves the final ticket open for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.17 Bertram's Big Rocket ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elevators Powerups: 80 (destroy all barrels) =========== Start by killing off all of the clone kids, then approach the two red buttons at the top. Hit the button on the right to lower the elevator. Wait for the elevator to come down and ride up, then glide to the second level with the barrels on the right side. Hit the red button there to open a shield on the left side, second level. Hop back down to the first level and hit the right button, and once the elevator is near the bottom go ahead and hit the left button. Hop onto the right elevator and then glide to the left elevator, and finally glide to the left side, second level. Hit the button in the cell to lower the elevator nearby and reach the top. Kill the chemical clones and then destroy the turrets to move on. Tube Sliding Powerups: 0 ============== More sliding fun, except this time Bertram has filled the tube with toxic gas, causing your health to steadily drop. Avoid the barrels and grab all the health packs along the way to keep your health up. Gantry #1 Powerups: 0 =========== It's time for some sharp, spiky, boiling fun! Glide over the spikes and use the gaps to safely cross over. Near the end of the second set of spikes you'll see a hook icon appear. Grab the hook to reach the next floor. Here all you'll have to do is stand in the middle and keep shooting to blast the clones as they approach from the right. You'll find the next hook on the right side. The buzz saws on the third floor are easy to avoid with simple jumps, and like before the next hook will be found at the far end. Floor 4 has some large pistons ready to smash Stewie to a mush of unidentifiable goo, however they can be walked around by watching the shadows. The next hook will take you up to floor 5 and a save point. Here you'll have to glide onto the horizontal pistons with some precision landing. Watch the shadow and try not to wander too far down lest you be boiled alive. You'll find the door at the end. Gantry #2 Powerups: 0 =========== Get past the simple obstacles such as spikes, steam, and turret guns and make your way up to the next level. You'll have to shoot some clones and make your way to the left side to continue. Get across to the other side of the third level and climb up to reach some more spikes and simple obstacles. Above that will be more clones, but nothing difficult. You'll find the door on level 5. Gantry Top Powerups: 0 ============ Shoot the shield blocking Rupert until the blast shields come up, limiting your shooting area to a small hole in the center. Now you'll be facing electric floors and floating homing orbs. Shoot the orbs by firing homing missiles of your own, and move to the back of the room to get them out of the way. Once it's clear, stand in the middle and start firing up at the middle while slowly walking up to avoid the orbs. If your health runs low there are gray crates at the left and right sides containing health packs. Continue blasting away until the shield gives and the missile is blown up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.18 Rock Out On the Docks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Docks #1 ========== Typical ass kicking, however from now own I'd recommend using a lot of special moves over regular moves. Head spin through the first groups and head to the right. You'll find a sandwich lady along the way, and if you attack her enough you'll get the button-tapping sequence that appears with every boss. I would recommend not finishing her off as the sandwiches she drops when you attack her can be useful for quickly refilling the snack meter during fights. If you happen to lose her, there will be a watermelon chick and a chicken dude along the way as well. Run along and wipe everyone out, like you've done many times before. The only new obstacle among the sailors will be some dudes throwing octopi at your face, a la alien facehugger. The prostitutes can also cause trouble, but only if you let 'em touch your hoo hoo. Eventually you'll reach the end of the dock and some ninja seals. Beat them up boss style and then head up to the bridge. Here you'll have to catch every beer mug or fail the mission. Ignore the fish (though you should avoid them when possible) and go for those mugs until the mission ends. To beat the non-sequitir, hit the button displayed on the screen when Peter's hand is next to the object called out. An easy win for some extra snacks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.19 Look Who's Knockin' Up Seabreeze ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concession ============ Wait for greased up deaf guy to run past and then run up to grab the ticket behind the cops. From there, wait for deaf guy to run past again and then hide behind the shadows near the concession stand. Get near the popcorn machine and press Triangle to light it up, burning the concession guy as well. Run in and grab the costume when he leaves. With a costume on you're free to pick up all the tickets from the area, as long as you don't touch anybody. The exit is behind the cop in the top-left corner. Bleachers =========== Here you'll be required to look for tickets as usual, however to keep your cover from getting blown you'll also have to serve those folks up with hot dogs and other salty snacks. As you progress through each group, make sure to collect the four nearby tickets. O marks all the people, while X marks the people in each group that you have to serve. Group #1 --O--O- -O--O-- O----O- --O---O -O----- -----O- -----X- O-----O Group #2 --O--X- -O--O-- O----O- --O---O -X----- -----O- -----O- O-----O Group #3 --O--0- -O--O-- O----X- --X---O -O----- -----O- -----O- X-----O Group #4 --O--0- -O--O-- X----O- --O---O -X----- -----X- -----O- O-----X Group #5 --X--0- -X--X-- 0----O- --O---X -X----- -----O- -----O- O-----O Kennel ======== Yea, poison... that's surely the wisest solution. Approach the first dog dish when the dog and janitor aren't looking and quickly plant the poison. From there walk down to the shadow between the pens at the bottom and walk straight down to the wall. Wait for both dogs to look away then quickly walk up and plant the poison. Three down, four to go. Wait for the camera guy on the right to look away then duck under the long table and head to the right. Go up and piss on the trophy to distract the janitor and leave the path to the door clear. Go grab the costume, which will make poisoning the other dogs a breeze. Walk along and plant the poison in the dog dishes, while avoiding contact with all people and dogs. Return to that door where the costume was to exit the area. The Big Race! =============== A quick smoke and its off to the race. Ready, set, and... ah crap! Chase after the dogs as quickly as Brian's tree trunk legs will take him. Luckily the poison in just in time, leaving a field of heaving dogs and muddy red puke behind Brian's proverbial dust. Head for the finish line to win the race, and indeed solve the mystery of who impregnated Seabreeze. You'll never guess who it was... well, some might, but those who did figure it out early are surely just fanatical Family Guy geeks. ... yea, I'm talkin' to you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.20 There's a Beach Party in Peter's Robo Pants ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Beach =========== Start smacking your way across these fools, and get ready to use a lot of head spin attacks when the chicks appear, particularly the one in the black bikini. Avoid her until you can use a powerful attack to take her out. As you run along you should also go medieval on the lifeguard towers for a shower of delicious dogs... hot dogs. Eventually you'll reach a beach party and lots of sexy teens. Must... kill... sexy teens! Use your regular combos to take out the average enemies, and make sure to use the fallen teens as weapons by picking them up and tossing them at other teens. During the melee you'll face that chick with the powerful hips, who should be promptly taken out with a head spin or food frenzy attack. Continue along, brutally massacring innocent dancing teens, until you reach the cave. Black Knight's Return ======================= They think a mute black knight can stop robo Peter?! Perhaps, or perhaps not! Start by bashing cops and filling up the snack meter, then use head spins to whittle down the knight's health to nothing. Now start attacking him to engage in the ultimate boss battle sequence. Here you'll have to tap each button that appears in rapid succession, and quickly as well. If you take too long between buttons you'll lose the duel. If you successfully press all the buttons it will be the end of the battle. Win the following non-sequitir by quickly tapping the two buttons that appear on the screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.21 Playground Showdown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Playground #1 =============== This is like any other Space Invaders-style battle that you've been in before. Simply move left and right and start shooting like crazy. I'd advise that you first destroy the playground equipment in the way, then get in close to shoot at Bertram when he is revealed. And if you thought that was it you're... uh, you're... you're dumb. Playground #2 =============== You can't do much damage from the ground, but you also can't climb onto the playground equipment because Bertram will shoot you off. Start by shooting Bertram's foot until he start hopping up and down in pain. Quickly zip up to one of the jungle gyms and then walk cross the bridge to the next hook. Hop off and shoot the front of his head while gliding to knock him out. Repeat this twice to finish off his first phase. The next phase is similar, although your choice of jungle gym is limited. Start by shooting his left foot, then zip up to the hook on the right side. Glide down and get to the right side via the jungle gym, and finally zip up to the high hook on the right. From there you can glide and shoot him in the head three times. The final phase will be in a sandbox. Like before, you'll need to shoot him in the foot until he starts hopping up and down. However, hopping up and down in sand causes him to get buried in it. Shoot the gun three times to reduce him back to normal size and end Bertram's reign of terror. And so, we bid adieu to Stewie, Rupert, and Bertram. I leave you with Bertram's heart warming message... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.22 Unsubmissive Chicken ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drunken Clam ============== So, all along... the entire time... for the full length of this adventure... and so on, it's been the giant chicken! He'll pay for dressing up as a deceased 80s sitcom actor and projecting his silhouette onto a giant spotlight and projecting said silhouette onto the sky despite the evening being over eight hours away. Head spin the chicken to engage in the good ol' button sequence. After a short bit you'll move on to the strip club. Fuzzy Clam ============ Same as before, just kick his ass and defeat him in the duel. Prison Riot ============= This time the chicken will be able to beak you and knock you down, as well as fly into the sky for a brief period of time before finally crashing down on you. Avoid both attacks and use the head spin to engage him in a duel. This time there will be more button presses required, but not more than the Black Knight duel in the previous Peter level. Aircraft Carrier ================== Another battle, and it's just like before. Kick his ass and then beat him in the duel to move into the airplane. Airplane ========== Duke it out as the objects go flying out of the back. The crates contain the good stuff, however I recommend using strong combos over the head spin to engage him in a duel. Flying Water Raft =================== Avoid that new bitch slap maneuver and pull him into another duel. Penthouse Crisis ================== Run around and clear out the bombs, then school his ass in the art of pain. He'll carry that same thousand slap move from before, though there's plenty of space to avoid that and all his other moves. The duel gets pretty long and intense, but a calm hand will win the day. That is, until he comes back again. School him once and for all by defeating him in the ultimate test of hand/eye coordination. Upon this final defeat the entire penthouse will blow, sending Peter down to ground level with his family. Peter, and indeed all of us, have learned a valuable lesson: never trust what you see after sustaining multiple near-fatal blows to the head by large objects. But, where did that spotlight come from...? If you beat the game, then you already know, and knowing if half the battle. CONGRATULATIONS!!! =============================================================================== ===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ===================================================== Non-sequitir Games ==================== Complete the game to unlock all of the non-sequitirs in the Options > Special Features menu. =============================================================================== ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ======================================================= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.1 Version History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- December 31: Version 0.9 ========================== Well folks, this is it for FAQs in '06. See you next year! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.2 Guide Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to: 1. The guys over at... the, uh, place where they make Family Guy. Keep pushin' that envelope. 2. Wilson Lau, whose 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants' guide inspired me to write FAQs. 3. 2K Games, High Voltage Software, and FOX for creating the game. 4. The whole freakin' FAQ community for hard work and dedication. Rock on. 5. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own health... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.3 Contact Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The address is: darksub01 [at] yahoo [dot] com The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without a subject. Put 'Family Guy FAQ' or something similar in the subject line. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.4 Legal Stuff ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Family Guy TM & © 2006 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 2. This guide copyright © 2006 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes. If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that location. 3. The following sites will always have the latest version: GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com IGN FAQs: http://faqs.ign.com CBG's VGC: http://www.noiseland.net</p>