Call of Duty 4 Weapons FAQ ********************************* (NOTE: THIS IS FOR SINGLE PLAYER) 0.5.Introduction ********** 1.Rifles ********** 2.SMG ********** 3.Shotguns ********** 4.LMG ********** 5.Pistols ********** 6.Special Weapons ********** 0.5 Introduction: This is my first FAQ yet, so if there is anything wrong with it, please let me know, ok? Anyways, this is a weapons FAQ listing all the weapons in CoD4 SinglePlayer. Hope you enjoy this. *************************************** 1. Rifles M4SOPMOD: It's the gun you ALWAYS start out with in the S.A.S Missions. It has a very good accuracy due to its scope, and has a good firepower, and excellent range. But since you can always use this gun, switch it for a better gun. Trust me, you WILL get sick of the SOPMOD. --------------------------------------- M4Grenadier: Like the SOPMOD, you ALWAYS start out the mission with this on every USMC missions(Except for mission Aftermath). It's basically the SOPMOD, the only difference is that the grenader has a better scope, and it's not silenced. Same with the SOPMOD, you can get a better gun. --------------------------------------- M4: All M4s have a scope and a handle. it has a 2x scope for increasing accuracy, and a decent firepower and range. But just get a better gun. --------------------------------------- M16 and M16 Gernadier: You will see this gun only on War Pig. It doesn't have a scope, but it's accurate andpowerful enough to kill the 2 rooftop machinegunners in 1 shot(each) at near the end of the mission. when you see one, drop whatever you have and pick it up. Trust me, you won't regret it. --------------------------------------- G3: Believe it or not, it IS a assault rifle. Though it has VERY small clip, it has massive firepower and range. But HEAVY recoil if you aim down the sight. And since the crosshair is small, you don't have to aim down the sight for accuracy. It is a rare gun, so use it when you can. --------------------------------------- AK74: The most common weapon in the game, the AK74 looks, and sounds like a very pro weapon, but in the truth, it's not that good. Its accuracy is unimaginably horrible and its weight slows you down A LOT. The only good thing about the AK74 is its power, which is rendered useless in long range. If you ever see it, ignore it. You can get more better guns. --------------------------------------- Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle: A decent sniper, it has a good accuracy, and good power. But the bad thing about the Dragunov is that the clip's too small. You can get this gun in almost every level, so pick it up and use it when you don't have a good aim with your automatics. --------------------------------------- M21 Supressed: It's basically the same as the Dragunov, but it has more rounds. You can get this gun in 2 missions, and there are no spare ammunitions lying about, so save it. --------------------------------------- .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle: The MOST DEADLIEST GUN IN THE GAME. But sadly, you only can use it once in the entire game. It proves its worth when you shoot Imran Zachaev's right arm off(no matter where you shoot him at). When you shoot him(and the helicopter pilot), look at the gun for a good second or two, then leave as soon as you can, because the building your in is going to get blown up. *************************************** 2.SMG MP5: It's one of the best SMGs available. Dont get fooled by its big crosshair. Once you aim down the sight, you will relize that it has a very good accuracy. But since it is a SMG, it's not that good in long ranges. --------------------------------------- G36c: There is a big debate whether this gun is a SMG or a assault rifle, I think it's a rifle because the regular G36 has a rifled barrel. But in CoD4, it is recognized as a SMG. It ALWAYS has a scope no matter what like the M4. It has its good firepower and very lightweight, but it has low accuracy even with the scope. If you ever come across one, ignore it. The last thing you need is a very inaccurate gun with rooftop machinegunners and snipers supressing you and your team. --------------------------------------- AK74-U: Unlike the AK74, it is somewhat rare and it kind of makes you want to grab it and get on a streak of killing pixels, but it's not that great. AK74-U is more accurate than the AK74, but it has low firepower. I would get it, but use it as a backup weapon in case you are clearing buildings or other places if you don't have a shotgun. --------------------------------------- P90: This French SMG is the best SMG you can get. It has massive clip of 50 bullets, it has extreme rapidness, and on top of that, it's lightweight, to boot! The only bad thing about this gun is that it has VERY slow reloading time. When you see a enemy drop this gun, PICK IT UP. You will love this gun when you kill your first enemy with this. *************************************** 3. Shotguns W1200: It's a pump action shotgun. Usually you will find this at enemy's ammo-table. I recommend you use this for mainly building clearing pusposes because you really will have a hard time trying to countersnipe a sniper with a shotgun. --------------------------------------- M2(I forgot the stupid name!! Shoot!): It is a automatic(or semiautomatic, depending on speed of clicking the mouse) shotgun. It has 1 less shell than W1200,but it has more faster reloading speed and more accurate because of its green frontial and rear sight. The firepower is just the same as the W1200. If you ever have the chance of picking it up, use it until the ammo runs out because this gun comes VERY handy at times. *************************************** LMG M249 SAW: A very deadly machine-gun. You see S.Sgt Griggs having this weapon. It has less ammo than the RPD, but it's more accurate and powerful. If you pick this gun up, use bursts of 5 to 6. you dont want to just waste the entire clip on 1 or 2 enemies. --------------------------------------- RPD: A VERY, VERY, innacurate gun. But it has more rapidness than the SAW and has more ammo due to the aid of its drum barrel. It is a sort of a good gun, but use it when there are no good weapons to scrounge from dead enemies. *************************************** 5. Pistols Beratta M105(I think that's right): It is the most common pistol in the game. You see this gun when your fallen enemy does the last stand manuever. It IS accurate, but use it to fool around or kill enemies to get more better guns. --------------------------------------- USP.45: A very accurate and powerful gun. You often get the silenced mode of this gun a lot of times. Very powerful but low ammo. I prefer you getting it than the beratta. --------------------------------------- Colt.45: The second powerful pistol in the game. Colt.45 has its good firepower, and its good accuracy, but its clip is TOO SMALL. --------------------------------------- IMI Desert Eagle: This Isreali-made pistol is made for extreme firepower and supreme handling. The bad thing about this gun is it only ahs 7 rounds in a clip, and its bulkyness and weight slows you down. This is a VERY RARE AND POWERFUL GUN. SO WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE, PICK IT UP! *************************************** 6.Special Weapons: Grenade: It's just a grenade. Wait for few seconds and then throw it for maximum kills. --------------------------------------- Flashbang: Throw it, but stay clear of it because when you see it detonate, you will get blinded as well as the enemy stupid enough to look at it. --------------------------------------- Javelin: It has unlimited ammo. It's basically a rocket launcher except that it can lock on, and can only target tanks and helicopters. You also need enough room to fire. --------------------------------------- Stinger: It's basically the Javelin, except that it doesn't have the indicator. You just have to listen to its beeping noise and fire when it goes like beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp. --------------------------------------- RPG-7: Very innacurate rocket launcher. it's only good for taking out multiple enemies or helicopters that are unloading troops. You can't even see where its going because of its smoke fumes. --------------------------------------- Mark 7 Grenade launcher: This gun actually overheats. It is a fully automatic grenade launcher that are mounted on Huey Gunships. *************************************** Credits: Shnerple(for making this FAQ), Gamesradar(For providing such a wonderful site), and Activision(for making fantastic FPS games). This FAQ rightly belongs and is copyrighted by Shnerple, Gamesradar rightly belongs to, and Call of Duty 4 Is Copyrighted by Activision.</p>