+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Clive Barker's J E R I C H O +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Version: 1.0 Written by: maria_theresa (Maria Abramowicz) Email: mariawicz@hotmail.com This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Websites that may host this Walkthrough: www.gamefaqs.com www.ign.com www.neoseeker.com www.gamesradar.com *************** Controls: *************** PC --------------- W, Up - Walk Forward S, Down - Walk Backward D, Right - Strafe Right A, Left - Strafe Left Space Bar - Switch Characters C - Crouch Middle Mouse Button, Z - Zoom V - Melee F - Flashlight Mouse Wheel Down - Team Orders: Take Position Mouse Wheel Up - Team Orders: Follow Me 1 - Team Orders: Alpha Take Position 3 - Team Orders: Omega Take Position 1 - Astral: Telekinesis 3 - Astral: Blood Ward 2 - Astral: Pyrokinesis Right Mouse Button - Primary Weapon Left Mouse Button - Secondary Weapon E - Main Psychic Power Q - Secondary Psychic Power PlayStation 3 --------------- Left Analog - Move Character Right Analog - Aim Weapon Square Button - Reload, (Hold) Configure Weapon Triangle Button - Turn Flashlight on/off X Button - Heal, Action, Switch Character, Squad Menu Circle Button - Melee R1 - Primary Weapon L1 - Secondary Weapon R2 - Primary Psychic Power L2 - Secondary Psychic Power L3 - Crouch R3 - Zoom In/Out XBox 360 --------------- Left Analog Stick - Move Character Right Analog Stick - Aim Weapon Blue X Button - Reload, (Hold) Configure Weapon Yellow Y Button - Turn Flashlight on/off Green A Button - Heal, Action, Switch Character, Squad Menu Red B Button - Melee RT - Primary Weapon LT - Secondary Weapon Right Bumper - Primary Psychic Power Left Bumper - Secondary Psychic Power Click Left Analog - Crouch Click Right Analog - Zoom In/Out *************** Contents *************** 1. Plot 2. Characters 3. Enemies 4. Tips 5. Walkthrough 6. About the Author *************** 1. Plot *************** “…and God created The Firstborn in his own image. An entity neither make nor female, dark nor light; a singular being that was both beautiful and terrible to behold. Disturbed by His creation, God left it unfinished, banishing The Firstborn from reality to The Abyss, forsaken and unloved. In its place, God started fresh, the slate wiped clean. He divided his next creation into two sexes, gave it intellect, reason, emotion. He gave it the gift of love. He gave it a soul.” *************** 2. Characters *************** Captain Devon Ross --------------- Captain Ross is the leader of the Jericho squad and the main character of the game. He is quickly killed in the beginning by Arnold Leach, but lives on by "possessing" the other squad members, allowing the player to play each character. His psychic powers include the ability to possess other teammates as well as healing. Weapon: Patrioteer (Assault Rifle/Shotgun) Lt. Abigail Black --------------- One of the most useful characters and my favorite to play. She has telekinetic powers, which allows her to aim bullets with thorough accuracy (Ghost Bullet) and move things with her mind (Telekinesis). Her sexuality is unclear, with some characters calling her a lesbian, while rumor has it she has strong feeling for Jones. Weapon: Flash Thought (Sniper/Grenade Launcher) Captain Xavier Jones --------------- Jones is a quiet character who you probably won't play anymore than you're forced to. He has the power of Astral Projection. Weapon: Patrioteer (Assault Rifle/Shotgun) Sergeant Frank Delgado --------------- Delgado is the biggest and loudest of the bunch. Ababinili, a fire spirit, lives in his right arm, which he has the ability to unleash and set enemies aflame. Boyfriend of Church. Weapon: Hells Keeper (7.62 mm Mini-Gun) / Pain (.50 Caliber semi-Automatic) Sergeant Wilhelmina Church a.k.a. "Billie" --------------- Church is a blood mage who uses her own blood to set enemies on fire or to paralyze them (Blood Ward) for a brief period of time. Girlfriend of Delgado. Weapon: Kenjuu (Rapid-Fire Sub Machine Pistol) / Nodachi (Katana Blade) Corporal Simone Cole --------------- Cole is highly intelligent and the only character without any authentic psychic abilities. However, she can slow time, is responsible for resupplying the team's ammunition, and has a super computer which can identify the time and place of the team's whereabouts. Weapon: Assault Rifle / Grenades Father Paul Rawlings --------------- Rawlings is the oldest character. He is a priest and has the ability to heal other team mates. He also has the ability to drain enemy's health (Vlad’s Curse). Weapon: Faith and Destiny (Pair of Pistols) *************** 3. Enemies *************** Cultist --------------- These are the main enemies of the game, and you will encounter them in almost every chapter. They are the size of an average person, have black straps around their head and body, and metal spike-like weapons as hands and arms. They run rather quickly and remind me of the zombies from "28 days Later." You'll find yourself using a lot of ammo to take these guys down, but they can be shot in the head for a quick kill (and a very cool brain splattering visual). Their main attacks are a hook that they through at you from a distance and melee. Exploding Cultists --------------- These guys look like tall, lumpy mounds with legs. They are easily recognizable by their round yellow pustules on their bodies. In order to kill these, you have to pop all of their pustules and then they will fall down and explode, which requires you distance yourself from them at all times. These guys will be the most annoying monsters since they will undoubtedly kill half your team who never learn to take cover. These guys are annoying as heck, but you can use Delgado to burn them and shoot them with his continuously shooting weapon. Flying Cultists --------------- Large bat-like creatures that come from the sky and swoop down to attack. They can be a pain to take down because of how fast they move. Your best bet is to wait until they are the closest to you, which is when they're the most stationary and the most harmful. Machinegunners --------------- Slightly similar appearance to the Exploding Cultists. They are big and lumpy and have little glowing spots on their bodies (but are meaningless as opposed to the Exploding Cultists). They will hide behind something and then expose themselves, unleashing a string of machinegun bullets. Use Black to snipe their heads from afar, but remember that their heads are more in the middle of their bodies and have a helmet atop them. There's another mound near their heads that looks like a head but isn't. Flamethrowers --------------- Much like the Machinegunners except they use flame throwers (shocking). Steer clear from their fires and take them down using whomever you like. They are a relatively easy enemy that you won't encounter too much in the game. Grenadiers --------------- Another walking lump of flesh, except these guys throw grenades at you. Big and slow, they're easy to kill so long as you avoid their grenades. Corpses Behemoth --------------- One of my favorite monsters because their dang easy, and you almost have to use Black. Monstrosities are big and have a ring of runes around their giant mouth that spews toxic blood and flesh at your team. Use Black to snipe out each rune, and the monster will die. Some have a special rune on the top of their head that you will need Church to stab with her Katana. Warrior Crusaders --------------- These are the guys you may have seen on one of the trailers for the game. They are mostly covered in chainmail and have shields and spears that they through at you. These Crusaders move much like the Cultists, although they are a little harder to kill. Crossbowman Crusaders --------------- Like the Warrior Crusaders but with...wait for it...crossbows. They will stay far away from you, shooting the fire crossbows that are more harmful than you think. Their flaw is that they usually leave their heads exposed when their crouching behind something, so use Black to pop them off. Maltheus Crusader --------------- These are the ghosts of the child crusaders that you will learn about in the game. They first appear as greenish ghosts but then materialize into little demons. They're more annoying, and creepy, than anything else, and are easy to take down. Legionary --------------- Legionaries move slowly, but carry body-sized shields and will throw spears at you. They are impossible to kill when hiding behind the shield, so use Black to snipe them when the pop their heads out to spear you. You can also use Delgado's flame spirit to set them on fire. Gladiators --------------- You won't encounter the Gladiators too often but they can be hard to deal with if you don't know what to do. They are huge and throw a giant bludgeoning toolat you that will almost immediately take you down. They will also target one character at a time and that's the one who you are controlling and shooting. To kill them, shoot a wound in their back until it opens up and the Gladiator dies. You may have to periodically switch characters to avoid getting killed. Blind Behemoth --------------- You'll only encounter these in one part of the game. They are big, but blind and stupid, and can be easily taken down. *************** 4. Tips *************** These are tips both about playing the game and using this FAQ. 1. This game is very linear, so just follow the paths throughout each chapter. It's very hard to get lost. 2. Never play as Rawlings and always revive him if you can. He is your only other healer, and can heal from a distance. 3. If you're having trouble with an enemy, revert back to the enemies list in this FAQ. There may be some useful information on how to kill them. 4. Church's psychic abilities can come in handy when you want to immobilize an enemy or set them on fire, but her primary weapon can be a nuisance because it doesn't automatically reload. Keep this in mind when using her, and keep an eye on your ammo so you know when to get ready to manually reload. *************** 5. Walkthrough *************** ______________________________________ Time Slice 1 - Al-Khali, current time ______________________________________ The Storm --------------- In the opening cut scene, Ross is having a dream that The Firstborn is leading him to a giant storm. He then awakes to a phone call and ends up on a plane with the rest of the Jericho squad. You end up in the city of Al-Khali and this is when you’ll learn some about why you're there, etc. Follow the path until you reach a tunnel blocked by stone. Once you finish with some of the tutorial instructions, Black will use her powers to open the tunnel. This level is strictly to introduce the game and some basic skills. The Tomb --------------- “Ruins of Al-Khali, Middle East. The Department of Occult Warfare has sent in Jericho Team – a seven man unit trained in both conventional and occult warfare– to investigate. All attempts at contacting the outpost inside Al-Khali have failed. With tensions already running high in the region, this is the event that could trigger the Apocalypse.” In the opening cut scene, the gang is standing in front of a piece of stone with ancient etchings. After some conversation, the ground begins to shake and the team runs for cover. Ross falls in a hole, which means you have to follow a sequence of button pressing to get him out. You will encounter this throughout the game. It's easy once you get the hang of it. Follow the tunnel, where you will learn how to use your flashlight. Follow the path until you get to what looks like an outside hallway, and you will be given the instructions to make your team hold position. This is where you will meet your first enemy: Cultists. You won't be able to shoot them until the team realizes that they are hostile. Take them down and continue along the path until you reach an entranceway that is boarded up. Black will use her powers to open it up. Walk through and Ross will give orders to split up the 2 teams. This is your first Checkpoint. You are now split from the other team, and you're with Black, Rawlings, and Church. You will come out of a short tunnel into a corridor facing another short tunnel to the left. Some Cultists are going to come at you here so take them down and continue on. As you continue through the next small tunnel into what looks like a large excavation site, some Cultists will come at you from behind. Go around the site until you get to an opening to a small room-like opening to your left. There is a Cultist in here torturing another human. Kill him and wait until Black clears the boarded entrance. Checkpoint. You will now see a black cloud form and The Firstborn will call to you. Follow it every time it appears and it will soon lead you to an area full of Cultists (what a doll!) Follow it until you get to what looks like a round door. The cut scene will explain that it opens with blood and Church will cut her hand open to activate it. You and Rawlings walk through leaving the two girls behind. Operation Vigil --------------- “The lost city of Al-Khali is caught within a box of extremely virulent evil. Today, there are a handful of ruins beneath the desert sands, but this place has been in existence throughout some of the most significant civilizations in history, many of which were oblivious to the tremendous power that lay under their very feet.” Go down the stairs to your left and then another set of stairs that leads to a Cultist who is feeding. You will then reach a gate that opens upward and leads into a large room. The cut scene will show that the gate you entered through is now closed and you are confronted with a small, crazed woman. Rawlings calms her down, and it is revealed that his vow of chastity may be a little...err...tarnished. Go through the next open gate which is to the right of the one you just entered. Go up the sets of stairs until you reach the same round door that Church opened. And that is the end of that chapter. Al-Khali --------------- “Outpost Vigil; established to investigate the unusual activities of The Box during the Second World War. They allies knew that the Germans, led by the Thule Society, were carrying out extensive excavation on some mysterious ruins without any apparent reason…” You are now rejoined with Black and Church. Continue through the path and you will walk through a few holes that are in stone walls. There are some Cultists here, but nothing too major. When you walk up the stone steps, you will encounter another Cultist followed by an Exploding Cultist. Shoot their yellow pustules, but take cover once they fall since they will explode and kill you. To your right you will see the other squad, but be careful; the Exploding Cultists are still coming and will appear in front of the other squad as well as to your left. Jones will talk to Cole for a bit as you walk up to the boarded entrance. Wait for Black to clear it, and you have reached a Checkpoint. Continue along until you are faced with a few Cultists. As they come at you from the front, some Exploding Cultists will attack you from behind. Continue along until you come to an area that has a pit full of flesh and blood. You can walk into it and hear some dialogue, but it's not until you exit the area that you will encounter your biggest fight so far. Cultists and Exploding Cultists come at you in a giant wave. You should know how to take them out at this point, so just do what you do. Once the area's clear continue along. You will receive a transmission from a frantic Green and then will see the same round door as you did in a previous chapter (you know, the one that Black opened with her blood). But this time the door has been blasted open. Green --------------- “Arnold Leach knows all too well what tactics the Jericho team will use to track him down. Carefully, he chooses someone to infiltrate DOW from the inside, to feed him information he needs to be one step ahead of the Jericho team. He knows that they’ll use data gathered by Muriel Green to track him down and he can’t let this happen.” As soon as this chapter starts, Cultists and Exploding Cultists come right at you. There a few ways to approach this part. You can stand where you are and wait for them to walk up the left stairway and appear from behind the left column or you could walk to the left stairway and shoot them as they come up. Some of your teammates will shoot them from the balcony as they make their way to the stairs. As soon as they are all dead, you've reached a Checkpoint. Go down the stairs that the monsters came from and you will eventually reach the area where you first met Green. Go towards the computer hub and you'll be forced into a cut scene where we discover what happened to Green. Yup, she's dead, but we move on. Walk up the stairs into the computer hub and you'll be bombarded by Cultists and Exploding Cultists. I suggest shooting the Exploding Cultists from behind the left railing in the computer hub and letting your teammates deal with the Cultists. For the most part, they won't come after you, and it's been my experience that the squad does a terrible time killing the Exploding Cultists on their own. Then they get really close and kill half your squad. Once they're taken care of, Cole will use her time shifting abilities and report the breach is near. The breaches are like portals that you will enter and travel through different places in time. The gate behind the computer hub will open up, but you'll have to wait until the dialogue is over. Once going inside you'll notice the round door that is only able to be opened with blood. As you approach it, the chapter will end. Man Down! ---------------- “Sumerian mystics that seek to protect humanity have always kept seven warrior priests at the ready should The Firstborn return. Each time, this ancient order is sent into The Box to confront The Firstborn. Somehow each previous team has succeeded in closing the rift, at a certain price…” As you begin this chapter, you'll hear Leach say something that I am still unable to discern. But walk slowly because soon you will see, in the distance, some Cultists and Exploding Cultists. Keep going straight towards a stone wall. Don't bother making any of the rights because they just lead to an empty excavation site. You will encounter more Cultists and Exploding Cultists here and as you make your right at the stone wall, you will encounter even MORE Cultists and Exploding Cultists. Keep on going and you will reach what looks like a dead end, but it's not. Monsters will pop out from the ground and once you take a couple down, you will reach a Checkpoint. But don't get too comfortable. The wall that was blocking the path will blow open and more... do I have to say it...Cultists and Exploding Cultists will attack. Continue along until you reach an open corridor where more monsters will attack. As you continue forward, you will be looking onto a large canyon-like hole, but will walk to the path on your left. Be careful because Exploding Cultists will sprout from the ground right in front of you. As you move on, more monsters will come at you. This may seem tedious, but it does a good job of honing your skills, and don't worry, the first Time Slice is almost over. As you move along, you'll reach a big round open area that is surrounded by statues of men with wings and funny hats. Walk into it and reach your Checkpoint. You will hear Leach's deep voice (that I still cannot understand) and as he shuts up, Flying Cultists will come from the sky. Shoot at them with your primary weapon, but as they come closer, pop them with your shotgun. Once they're dead, Rawlings and Jones will explain more about The Firstborn and Delgado will offer his two cents as usual. The Firstborn will appear and beckon you to approach him. Do so and soon a cut scene will show Ross climbing up to The Firstborn, and opening the breach. But there's trouble. Leach comes from the sky and starts attacking Ross. As much as I can barely understand him, he sure looks cool. Leach shreds Ross to pieces and the Jericho team goes through the breach. ______________________________________ Time Slice 2 - World War II, 1942 ______________________________________ Still With You --------------- “Ross is dead. In The Box, however, death has a different meaning…” If you shed a tear over Ross' death, don't worry, he's still with us. The opening cut scene reveals that Ross has the ability to possess Delgado and is now inside of him. You are also able to switch to Black. Here you will learn how to use her Telekinetic power (to remove some debris from a doorway) and how to use Delgado's flame spirit. Some Cultists will come at you after you clear the debris. Continue up the stairs where you will encounter some more Cultists. Go straight through the large hole in the wall as opposed to going left where the room is lit by red light. Church will now tell you that you can possess her if you like. Do so, so that you can familiarize yourself with her Blood Ward ability to freeze enemies in place. And you can practice on the Cultists that come flying at you. Continue through until you reach some stairs leading up. The Path of Souls --------------- “A road made of petrified human remains leads the team closer to The Firstborn. A path of souls stolen by the darkness of The Box.” This chapter begins with Cole telling you that she's allowing herself to be possessed by Ross. Switch to her so that you can learn how to launch grenades, which you may or may not find yourself using later in the game. As you go up some stone steps, Cultists attack. In theory, this should be when you practice throwing grenades, however, they're probably going to come too close to you to do so. Remember that the explosion that kills the enemies can also kill you. As you reach an area that's strikingly similar to the excavation site in Al-Khali, you'll run into some more Cultists. Continue round the area and soon you will be face to face with a brand new enemy: Machinegunners. Switch to Black and snipe their heads, which are located more in the middle of their bodies. Continue along, going up some stairs. Once you reach the top most stair, you'll notice a blood-soaked wall to your right. Be careful because right around the corner, a Machinegunner will come at you. Go down the path and when you reach the area where the ground is covered in flesh and blood, you've reached a Checkpoint. Later in the game, these areas where the floor is covered in flesh and blood usually means that enemies will sprout from the ground, but right now you're safe. This next part may be a bit challenging at first, but it's quite simple once you know what to do. When you reach a large open area, blue gunfire will start shooting at you and you'll hear a siren go off. Switch to Cole. You're going to need her time shifting abilities and grenades. Activate her psychic power which should slow everything down. Run into the middle of the area towards one of the machines that are shooting at you. Walk towards the back of the machine, and you'll be prompted to press a button which will show Cole depositing a grenade into a compartment in the machine. Do this for all 3 machines, avoiding the Machinegunners along the way. Once all 3 machines are toast, the monsters are gone anyway, but you'll be thrown into a cut scene. A corpse with the voice of Lichthammer (the next boss), will grab you and you'll have to press a series of buttons to get out. Another cut scene begins with Delgado freaking out and shooting Rawlings. Revive him and once you do, Lichthammer will greet you. Shoot her when she gets close to the ground and as she pops back to where she was first standing, Cultists will sprout from the ground. As you kill them, she'll come back down and the process starts again. Eventually some other soldiers will shoot her from the top, and she'll disappear and the gate will open. This doesn't mean she's dead, so don't get too comfortable. As you walk into the gate, Rawlings will allow you to possess him. As you do, a Machinegunner will come. You can choose to learn Rawlings’ powers and what not, but as I mentioned before, it's not the best idea to use him since doing so means you only have one healer. Blackwatch ---------------- “On discovering the German plans for the powers held deep within Al-Khali, the British Office of Strategic Services dispatched Blackwatch, a top secret commando unit ordered to destroy the psychic German commander Lichthammer.” Once you reach an area with some sandbag walls to hind behind, some Machinegunners and Cultists will attack. You've probably already become familiar with the layout of the areas where battles occur (large open areas, or narrow and long areas with some short walls to hide behind). Continuing along you'll see some rusty cars and tire fires. When you reach a tunnel, some Flamethrowers will appear (yay, more new enemies). Switch to Delgado to learn about his Flame Shield abilities which don't come in handy until one portion later in the game. Once the Flamethrowers are dead, you've reached a Checkpoint. This next battle can get a little hairy and it begins when you exit the tunnel. Machinegunners will appear in front of you, Flamethrowers will come from behind you, and Cultists will just appear out of nowhere. Use Black's Secondary Weapon, grenade launcher, to shoot the bigger guys. They'll just explode and it's a quick way to get them killed. And once they're all dead, you hit a Checkpoint anyway, so your ammo will be replenished. As you exit the next tunnel, some Cultists will attack and The Firstborn will appear. Follow it until it appears behind a lowered metal gate. You'll need to switch to Jones and use his Astral Projection abilities. Once activating his psychic powers, jump to the child and locate the lever behind and to the right of The Firstborn. Use Telekinesis to open the gate and continue through. A cut scene will begin where a human soldier approaches you. Ambush ---------------- “Blackwatch were sent to seal the breach opened by Hanne Lichthammer and her men. To defeat Lichthammer they’ll need the combined power of the Jericho team.” This chapter begins with a cut scene that explains the presence of the World War II soldiers that are now with you. Apparently they were part of the DOW way back when and now need your help to destroy Lichthammer. One of the soldiers will also explain The Firstborn to you using a series of Russian Nesting Dolls that we obviously all have in our back pockets. Soon you'll hear an explosion from the distance and the gameplay begins. Machinegunners and some Flamethrowers will come at you. As you continue on, they'll appear almost everywhere you turn. Once the lot of them are dead, you'll reach a Checkpoint. You'll reach an area with some sandbag walls that looking onto a room. This is where you'll be reunited with an old and annoying friend: Exploding Cultists. But they're also going to be joined by Flamethrowers and Machinegunners. This can be tough since your team has a hard time killing Exploding Cultists and Flamethrowers on their own. Black is good with the grenade launcher to easily kill the Flamethrowers, but I suggest using a character with a continuously shooting weapon to take down the Exploding Cultists. Once you reach an area where you are blocked in by debris, you'll hear some dialogue saying that the place is sporadically wired with bombs. This is when you learn how to use Black's Ghost Bullet ability which is a great power. Use it to detonate the blinking bomb and the stone will explode and you'll be able to find a hole in the debris. Ghost Bullet can kill many enemies at once since you control a slowed bullet. As you move along, the chapter will end. Flames of Anger ----------------- “Lichthammer’s minions attack the mosque that Blackwatch have been using as a refuge. Covering their escape, Blackwatch and Jericho detonate carefully placed bombs. Jericho needs to find the breach to get to the next time slice.” You'll reach an area with some sandbag walls, and, you guessed it, some enemies will attack. This time you'll have to deal with Grenadiers as well as Machinegunners. Grenadiers are very similar to Machinegunners in appearance, so just use Black to snipe their heads but watch the grenades when they come. As you go through the tunnel, you'll see a flash of red and a Flamethrower will appear. Blow him up with Black's grenade launcher and exit the tunnel where you'll see more sandbag walls. Prepare for a few Flamethrowers and some Machinegunners. Once they're all pretty much cleared, you can climb up the stairs to your left with Black and snipe any oncoming enemies. They're easy to spot from here and you're far away enough to avoid their attacks. When the enemies are all dead, you've reached a Checkpoint. Go forward and turn left when you see a metal trash can with fire coming out of it. Go through the tunnel until you reach another are with some sandbag walls. Flamethrowers and Machinegunners will come at you. Once they're dead, Grenadiers will fire at you from a distance. You'll need to switch to Jones and run to as close as you can to the Grenadiers. Don't forget to order your team to stay put or else they'll follow you and get shredded. Once you're somewhat close to the Grenadiers, use your Astral Projection to project onto one of them. Find the fuel tanks behind them and use Pyrokinesis to blow them up. Jones will probably die a few times before you get this right, and Rawlings will come darting at him, usually getting himself killed. Switch to any character, run to Jones, heal him and run back. Then switch to Jones again and try again. Once one of the tanks are toast, the Grenadiers will die and the gate will open. As you move through it, dialogue will indicate that half your team is staying outside to form a diversion, and the other half is going to get Lichthammer. Exorcism ----------------- “Whilst part of the Jericho team and the British Commando Unit stay behind to form a diversion, Rawlings with Church and Cole infiltrate Lichthammer’s hide-out to find out how to get through the next breach.” As this chapter begins, some Exploding Cultists will appear. Then you will enter an area that looks suspiciously like Green's computer hub in Al-Khali. Find the stairs to the back and left of the area and go down them until you hear some screaming and see a Machinegunner and Cultist attacking a human. You can throw a grenade at them using Cole without them noticing, but just make sure you're close enough. As you move along, you'll be confronted with Cultists, Machinegunners, and Flamethrowers. This may be a challenge since you only have 3 people on your squad (Church, Cole, and Rawlings), none of which have any quick fixes to kill these guys. As you go down a few stairs, Exploding Cultists will appear. Back up and shoot at them from a distance. You'll reach a corridor where you'll hear and see an explosion. Some Flamethrowers will attack at this point. Use Cole to throw some grenades if you're having trouble. Once they're all dead, you've reached a Checkpoint. When you walk into a large room full of blood, Lichthammer will begin taunting you and sent some Cultists. Switch to Church and when Lichthammer appears on the ground, use your psychic power to freeze her in place. This will begin a cut scene showing Lichthammer's exorcism. Follow the button presses and the chapter will end. Brandenburg Gate ----------------- “The key to opening the breach is in Lichthammer’s own vile blood. This must be extracted in a blood ritual to allow Jericho to pass deeper into The Box.” As this chapter begins, you're going to walk into an area with more sandbag walls. Use Black to snip the Machinegunners and Grenadiers. As soon as you turn the corner, you'll see an area similar to the one you just left. This battle is a little more difficult than the last because the enemies just keep coming and you also have to deal with Exploding Cultists. Use Black to snipe the big guys, especially the Grenadiers, and allow your team to kill the Exploding Cultists. Once the area is cleared, you've reached a Checkpoint. When you reach a white gate that's closed, switch to Jones. You're going to have the blow up the white tanks behind the Grenadiers as you did before. But don't get too close because there are some machines that spit fire at you. Project onto one of the Grenadiers, and destroy the tanks behind them using Pyrokinesis. Go through the open gate into an area covered with flesh and blood. Switch to Church and find a ladder to the right of the large column structure in front of you. Once you get close to the ladder, a cut scene starts showing Church cutting Lichthammer's throat open, thereby opening the next breach. Walk through it and the chapter ends. ______________________________________ Time Slice 3 - The Crusade, 1213 ______________________________________ Rivers of Blood ------------------ "The breach opens onto the remains of a river of blood, guts and human limbs. Above them on a huge bridge, a gigantic Crusader army advances towards the fortress of Les Innocents." You are now in the year 1213. If you look above the entrance you came through, you'll see and hear the marching of a large army. Some Flying Cultists will come at you here, but the army above you won't be an issue. You can now use Rawlings’ ability to drain the monsters' health. You'll soon reach an area where many Exploding Cultists will pop up from the ground. Use Delgado to burn and shoot them and once they're clear, you've reached a Checkpoint. You'll find yourself walking through the river until some Exploding Cultists and Flying Cultists come after you. Use Black's Telekinesis to clear the rubble to the left of the path, clearing the way and reaching a Checkpoint. In the river below you, you'll see a lump of flesh with spikes sticking out of it. This is a Corpses Behemoth. As you approach it, it will shake and then pop out of the ground. Use Black to snipe the runes around its face. Once he's down, you're reached a Checkpoint. As you enter a small tunnel, you'll be in front of 2 Corpses Behemoths. Stay close to the small tunnel (that's not blocked) and take out them one by one. In the short distance, another Corpses Behemoth lays waiting. This one has a rune on top of its head that's yellow as opposed to orange. Use Black to snipe all of the orange ones, then switch to Church. She'll jump up and stab the special rune with her Katana. Follow the button presses to avoid getting killed. As you walk up some stairs, you'll see a drawbridge that's up and The Firstborn will appear on the other side of the river. Use Jones to project onto him and flip the lever. You've probably gotten used to this by now, so no big surprise here. The drawbridge will lower and you'll have to switch to Delgado to open the gate. As you walk onto the bridge, the cut scene shows a Flying Cultist take half of your team down into the river below. Only Church, Delgado, and Black are left on the platform, and a Templar Knight greets you inside. Motley Crew ------------------- "Separated from their friends, Delgado, Black and Church can only continue on through the dark twisting passages infested with unknown danger. In the distance they hear the faint cry of small children." The cut scene shows the Templar betraying your squad and trapping you inside the building. Leach comes down and gives the orders to leave you there to "entertain the children." Go down the stairs and you'll come across a Cultist torturing a human in the distance. Use Black to snipe him. Some more Cultists will follow and as you proceed, some Cultists and Exploding Cultists will attack. Go through the hall where the enemies are coming from. You’re going to continue through this chapter taking on a lot of Cultists and Exploding Cultists. Eventually you reach a flimsy drawbridge so use Black's telekinesis to push it down. Once you do, you've reached a checkpoint. The next checkpoint comes rather quickly and right after you clear the area of Exploding Cultists and Cultists. When you get to the metal gate, switch to Black. Use her Telekinesis to clear the stone wall. Then shoot the wooden beam until it breaks, thereby lower another drawbridge. Go back the way you came and you'll see a newly opened area immediately to your left. As you walk into a room where there are cavernous pits below you, you’ll notice a set of steps leading up. As you go up these steps, Cultists and Exploding Cultists will attack you quickly so don’t get too close from the beginning or they will grab hold of you. Switch to Church and use her psychic power before you reach the top of the stairs. Then walk a little further into the hallway and the Cultists will pop out but immediately become immobilized, buying you some time. Otherwise you’re going to have to deal with a lot of enemies charging at you at once. Go to the left after going through the hall that the monsters came from and you’ll eventually see another wall for Black to take down. This activates a cut scene where you will talk to an imprisoned Templar and thus ends the chapter. Sewers -------------------- “After centuries of fighting without rest, insanity has seized the last Templars. Leach’s treachery has forced what remains of Jericho to the confines of the infected sewers of Les Innocents.” When you reach the Cultist feeding upon a human, switch to Black and wait a little from afar. In the distance you’ll see some Crossbowman Crusaders. This is a great time to use Ghost Bullet. Activate it, and if you're successful, you'll be able to kill the Cultist and Crossbowman. The enemies glow red when using Ghost Bullet, and try to aim strictly for their heads. If you’re unsuccessful, take out the Cultist and then use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen. Avoid their arrows as much as possible, because they are on fire and pretty damaging. You’ll need Black to clear out some rocks and then you’ll see a solo Cultist torturing someone. Kill him with either the sniper or whichever because he’s alone and isn’t much of a threat. As you climb up the winding staircase, some Cultists and Crossbowmen will attack. Let your team kill the Cultists (so long as they’re not attacking you) and use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen. When you reach the top of the staircase, some more Cultists will come at you. When they are all dead, you’ve reached a Checkpoint. The shadow of a Warrior Crusader will sweep across the wall, but they won’t appear until you reach the small river of blood. These guys are a little tougher than Cultists because of their armor. Use Delgado’s fire spirit to fry them or use Church’s immobilizing power if you’re having trouble. Once you exit the tunnel, 2 Crossbowmen will attack you. Use Black to snipe the one to the right of the tunnel exit and then run out and get the one that’s standing on a platform above the tunnel exit. If done quickly, you can take care of that threat and wait for the Warrior Crusaders to come down the stairs, which they will. Going up a few flights of stairs, you’ll eventually reach a closed door that looks illuminated in gold. Look up to your left and you’ll see a hole where some Crossbowmen will appear. Snipe them and then Warrior Crusaders will jump down. When they’re cleared, switch to Church and get close to the hole the enemies just came from. You’ll be prompted to press a button, and you’ll see a cut scene of her climbing. You’re on your own with Church now, but you’re going to learn how to use her secondary psychic power which sets enemies on fire. (I like to think she learned this trick from her boyfriend Delgado). When using Church, keep in mind to watch her ammo. She doesn’t automatically reload when empty, so you’ll have to stop pressing your trigger button and click on it again or the reload button. When enemies are coming at you, this can waste a lot of time and get you killed easily. For the first part, you’ll just encounter Warrior Crusaders in small numbers. Listen for them, use your primary psychic power, progress forward to make them follow you, and pull them back to where you laid one of your psychic orbs. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, climb over the rock into the pit. Walk to an empty hole in the ground to the right of where you just jumped and this will begin a series of button presses. You’ll land in a small pit and this is where you’ll learn your secondary psychic power, but this area also sprouts a few Warrior Crusaders. You can fiddle with your new power, or rely on the primary one to buy you some time to kill the enemies. I suggest doing the latter, and then slicing them up quickly with your Katana. You’ll encounter a few more Warrior Crusaders on your way to a large door. Pull the lever to the left of the door and you are reunited with Church and Delgado. Go into the now opened gate behind you and the chapter will end. Out of the Frying Pan --------------- “Since trapping themselves inside The Box, the Crusaders have continuously waged war. These religious zealots have discovered that since they cannot die,they can pay homage to their God by inflicting torture and mutilation on themselves. They take great pleasure in nailing armor straight into their flesh and replacing limbs with devastating weaponry.” When you walk onto what looks like a ledge overlooking a pit, some Warrior Crusaders and Crossbowmen will attack you. Use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen from a distance, and let your team worry about the Crusaders for the moment. This chapter will include a lot of these moments, so get used to sniping. As you move through the halls, you’ll probably come across some Crossbowmen that are very close to you. Luckily these guys die easily when shooting them, so just avoid their bows. When you get to the spot that looks like a ledge overlooking a pit, some Flying Cultists will attack. Once they die, Warrior Crusaders will attack from the left. Kill a couple and you’ve reached a Checkpoint, but not the end of the oncoming Warrior Crusaders. If you shoot them just right, they’ll fling off the ledge which looks pretty cool. To recap, if you’re having trouble with them, don’t forget Church’s power to immobilize enemies and Delgado’s fire spirit. Once cleared, you’ll enter an area where to your right there is a small wooden bridge and to your left, another hall. One this bridge and in the hall there will be some Crossbowmen. Go through the hall to your left when all the enemies are killed. Soon you will enter another ledge where some Crossbowmen and Warrior Crusaders will attack. Again use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen and let your team worry about the Crusaders. When the first Crossbowmen are cleared, stand near the ledge and wait because more will come. Be fast and accurate and snipe them as they crouch down. Eventually they’ll stop coming, so focus your attention on the Crusaders. Go down and through where the enemies came from and you’ll reach and area with a wooden bridge. It seems as though every large clearing in this chapter brings on Crossbowmen, so whenever you enter said are, get ready. Snipe them while hiding behind one of the walls. Cross the bridge and some Flying Cultists will fly out at you. Once they’re dead, you’ve finally hit a Checkpoint. Clear the boarded entrance using Black’s Telekinesis. As you climb the stairs, a Warrior Crusader will attack from your right. Climb the stairs even more and you’ll enter another open area. This battle seems to take forever when you first play it. Also take note that Checkpoints are becoming few and far in between, so if you die you’ll have a long way to go to catch up. Stay near the entrance you just came out of and snipe the Crossbowmen using Black. Crusaders will come at you, but let your team handle them. Delgado or Church will probably die a few times, so revive them as soon as you can. The Crossbowmen will run to the same spot as the ones you just killed so just wait for them to get there. They also have nothing to hide behind, leaving their head exposed. Walk to the opening with the raised metal gate and wait for the Crossbowmen that will attack in front of you but from afar. Use Black to snipe them by hiding behind one of the walls and expose yourself just to shoot. Don’t forget about Ghost Bullet if you’re having trouble sniping the regular way. Once they’re dead, Flying Cultists will attack. Take them down and go through the metal gate that just opened. Crusaders will come at you here, and you’ll notice that because Jones isn’t there, you run out of ammo and you’re replenishment isn’t all that much. Soon you’ll see a doorway with a tattered piece of fabric above it that opens up into another opening. Before going through this door, order your team to stay put. Try not to cross the door too far or it with shut and your team will be exposed and die very easily. Use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen one at a time. Once they’re all gone, you’re team will probably jump from their spots, closing the entrance. Kill the Flying Cultists here and continue on. Delgado’s fire spirit is useful with these guys since it tracks them down wherever they are. Tortured Souls --------------- “Convinced that their innocence would protect them, Maltheus and his army of children marched into the Holy land to save the unfaithful. Maltheus’ entire child army was destroyed and now he resides in the Chapel in constant purgatory for his sins.” This chapter begins with some Cultists torturing a human once you get down the flight of steps. Sneak up on them using whichever method you have been thus far. You can snipe them using Black, immobilize and slice them up using Church, or use Delgado’s secondary weapon for a good head shot. Go through the sewer tunnel where you will be greeted with some Exploding Cultists. They’ll come from in front and behind you so be prepared. If you’re desperate, use Black’s grenade launcher from a distance to blow them up quickly. Once they’re all dead you’ve reached a Checkpoint anyway so don’t worry about low ammo. Going down some steps, you’ll come upon a small area with come large wooden beams and stairs leading down. Crossbowmen will attack here so get Black ready. Go down the stairs and you’ll find some more bloody sewers. Cultists and Exploding Cultists will pop out from here but they’ll come head on. Walk through the sewers until you reach a metal gate blocking you in. To your left you’ll see an all too familiar setup: small walls in a long corridor. Cultists, Exploding Cultists, and Crossbowmen will come at you here. You can hide behind the large right wall using Black. Expose yourself only to shoot and you’ll notice that some of the Crossbowmen leave a little part of their heads exposed when they’re ducking. Shoot it while they’re crouched until you see them die. If you see an Exploding Cultist, do your team a favor and blow them up with your grenade launcher. There’s a Checkpoint coming up anyway. Walk straight into the sewers. You may see some turns here, but they all lead to the same place. And that place has a Cultist problem. When they’re all dead, you’ve reached a Checkpoint. You should now be out of the sewers and walking up a flight of stairs. Some whispering and children’s crying makes this pretty creepy. You’re about to meet some Maltheus Crusaders, which is a fancy way of saying dead kids. They’ll first appear as greenish ghosts but then will pop into life. Luckily, they’re easy to kill and don’t do much damage so just take them down using whomever you like. These guys might look daunting because there will be a bunch and all around you, but just shoot them as they attack and you’ll be fine. Once each group is cleared, continue on and you’ll reach the end of the chapter. Black Rose --------------- “Protected by a Black Rose, Maltheus continues to endure the wrath of the slaughtered children. A hope remains that somewhere, someone can defeat Maltheus and lay to rest the souls of the suffering children.” We’re almost done with this Time Slice and guess what; you’ve found the rest of your squad! Now you can revive even more people when they stand right in front of an explosion. Anyway, here’s also where you’ll learn to use Cole’s Fire Storm ability that adds extra damage to your team’s weapons, but using it for too long makes her lose touch with reality. If you watched the last cut scene you’ll know that Cole’s a little fragile to begin with, so use this power sparingly. I honestly never used it besides this one time, but you may play differently. Kill the Maltheus Crusaders and find a set of spiral steps leading down. Go into the tunnel and you’ll kill some more Maltheus Crusaders. You’ll enter a large room where your next boss battle will begin. Maltheus attacks by shielding himself in the Black Rose (a dark casing) and then shoots “Petals” out at your squad. Anyway that’s not completely hidden from these will die and your squad won’t ever learn so be prepared to revive Rawlings a lot. Right after he shoots his Petals at you, Maltheus is vulnerable to damage, but you have to act fast. You can use Black’s grenades and then hide again, use Church’s Katana if you’re close enough, or use Cole’s Time Loop. Find which works best for you (or use all the characters) and eventually Maltheus’ Black Rose will crumble and the Maltheus Crusaders will kill him off for you. The next breach is opened, which means a whole new atmosphere. ______________________________________ Time Slice 4 - Roman Provinces, 38 A.D. ______________________________________ Imperium --------------- “The dead suffer endless pain as they hang tortured from crucifixes. The Jericho team make their way through the fields of tortured souls t o seek out Cassus Vicus.” Hopefully you’ve practiced with Black’s sniper because Legionaries will saturate this Time Slice. They carry body-sized shields and only expose themselves when throwing spears at you. Watch how they move to plan your attack. They won’t differ throughout the whole chapter, so once you learn when they stick their heads out, you’ll know when to plan your shots. On a side note, if you shoot the victims on the crucifixes that are moving they’ll die. Their groans can be a little unsettling and distracting, so this is a good fix. When you get to the part where Delgado has to open the gate, you’ll see an area that’s covered in blood and flesh. This is a tough battle. Exploding Cultists and Legionaries will attack here. Deal with the Exploding Cultists since they’ll end up doing the most damage. Use Delgado and stand on the platform and not in the pit. Use your fire spirit whenever you can and unload your primary weapon to kill the Exploding Cultists. The Legionaries will slowly walk forward and from this angle you’ll be able to shoot them from behind their shields. When you walk up the stairs to a closed gate, a Legionary will pop out at you. It’s only one so take him down and the gate will open and you’ve reached a Checkpoint. Through the gate some Legionaries will appear. Fry them with Delgado’s fire spirit for a quick take down. When you reach another pit, you’ll enter a fight with Exploding Cultists coming from the pit and Legionaries coming from up the steps. Once this area is cleared, you’ll meet and old friend: Corpses Behemoth. This is another one with the special yellow rune and you know what to do: snipe with Black, switch to Church, press the button sequence. Follow the path to your left and you see a stairway leading up to some Legionaries in front of a crucified victim. Once they’re dead you’ll see a cut scene where the crucified guy talks through Jones about The Firstborn. Once you enter a large area with crucified bodies you’ll hit a Checkpoint and be thrown into a fight with Legionaries and Exploding Cultists. Walk down and to the right of the area and you’ll see some stairs leading down. This ends the chapter. The Low Road --------------- “The suffering of Tertius Longinus has lasted 3000 years and will continue for eternity until someone hands him over to The Firstborn. To get to Cassus Vicus the team must gain passage into the corrupt city through the Baths. The Caldarium awaits…” Switch to Delgado because you’re going to need his fire shield ability. Go down the stairs into a small fire pit and then enter a room where there is a pit of fire. Climb down into it and activate his secondary psychic power. Walk through the pit until you find the stairs leading up. You’re on your own with Delgado now so make your way through the area coming across Cultists and a few Exploding Cultists. When you have to open another gate, you’ll see that the floor looks like metal but glowing orange. A Cultist that’s on fir will come at you here so kill him before activating your fire shield and walking on the floor. When you open another gate, get ready for a bunch of Exploding Cultists to come out of the ground. Use your fire ability combined with your primary weapon to kill them. Soon you will reach an area where you have to climb a rail into another pit. Get ready for a tough fight. Exploding Cultists and Cultists will come at you. Deal with the Exploding Cultists as much as possible and then pop the heads of the Cultists with your secondary weapon as they get really close to you. Head up the stairs, go over the railing, and go through a passage to the right of the door. Be careful because a lone Exploding Cultist will appear here. Flip the switch to be reunited with your team. As you continue along you’ll be in the middle of an Exploding Cultist and Cultist sandwich. If you’re having trouble, don’t forget about Church’s Blood Ward to freeze them. You’ll now see an open doorway where you’ll meet some Cultists. Kill them and end the chapter. Decadence --------------- “The decadent culture of the inhabitants has transformed the baths into a repulsive torture chamber, pools of vomit, baths of blood and excrement compliment the torture and sadomasochism.” Begin this chapter by walking forward and looking to your left. Some Legionaries will stand oblivious so snipe them out. As you walk into this large area filled with statues and a few pits, more Legionaries and some Flying Cultists will attack. When they are all dead, you’ve reached a Checkpoint. Look through the gates blocking you in and you’ll see The Firstborn. Use Jones to project onto him then turn to your left. Jump from Legionary to Legionary until you reach one that’s walking and there will be a lever to his left. Pull it and return to your body. To your right you’ll see a new opening where some Legionaries will greet you. Walk through the area until you reach a gate for Delgado to open. Once it’s opened, you’ll notice some Legionaries in the next area. Don’t go rushing into it, but use Black to snipe them as they come. There are going to be a lot of them so make yourself comfortable. As you proceed up the area, some Cultists will spring from the bloody pit. At this point, you should have cleared most of the Legionaries so the Cultists shouldn’t be a big problem. When they’re all dead, you’ve reached a Checkpoint. Proceed along for a little ways and you’ll hit the end of the chapter, which makes that last Checkpoint kind of pointless. Temple of Pain --------------- “Vicus’ luxurious palace lies between the villa and a fortress, designed to the twisted taste of its owner. He has transformed the old temple that was once dedicated to the classical deities into his own personal hell.” As you begin this chapter, you’ll see a Legionary standing around aimlessly by a flight of stairs. Snipe him but be prepared for many more to come flooding the steps. Us Delgado’s flame spirit to burn them, then switch to Black to snipe them. Switch back to Delgado just to use his flame spirit. This is just if you’re having a very hard time with these guys. When you enter an large room with some Legionaries standing around, switch to Black and use Ghost Bullet to take down as many as you can. Once they are all dead, you’ve reached a Checkpoint. The gate at the far wall will open and out will come some Legionaries. Kill them without going through the gate because a Gladiator will run out when you walk through. Gladiators seem daunting, but they’re quite fun to kill. Pick a character and find the Gladiator’s back. There’s a small wound there so shoot at it until it opens up a little at a time. The Gladiator will arch his back and then turn around to come after you. Once he does this, switch to another character and shoot his back. Keep doing this until he’s dead. To your right, there will be a newly opened area where Legionaries will attack. As you move along you’ll see another open room with Legionaries who don’t know you’re there. You can use Black’s Ghost Bullet again to take down a few at once. Moving along, you’ll stumble upon a large open area. Legionaries will attack you from afar. Don’t bother killing them just yet. Switch to Jones and project onto one of them, Jump from Legionary until you reach the one that’s the most to the right. Behind him there will be a lever. Kill them and then switch to Church. Walk to the ledge to the left of the pit and you’ll be prompted to hit a button. Follow the button sequence as she moves along the ledge. Once you get to the other side, you’ll need to instruct your squad to stand on the white squares on the ground. Point your pointer to the square and command the Omega team to step on one and the Alpha team to step on the other. Once you do a bridge will appear, allowing the other members to cross the pit. Go through the door to the left thus ending the chapter. Gardens of Hell --------------- “The gardens are lavishly decorated with fountains and statues. The surroundings look impeccably beautiful but with Vicus’ touch of sadism.” Walking up the stairs, you’ll hear the screams of some victims. Sneak up on the Cultists and take them out. Move along to the gate that Delgado needs to open. Use Black’s Ghost Bullet to kill some of the Legionaries and Cultists. When you reach the area with some columns covered in ivy, you’ll see a long corridor with Legionaries. There’s a bunch here so use the Delgado/Black combo for some quick take downs. Move up the stairs and you’ll reach a gate that Delgado has to open. The cut scene will show Vicus and all his fat glory. At the end of it, you’ve finished the chapter. Morituri Te Salutant --------------- “Vicus has enjoyed thousands of years of continuous sexual, gluttonous and bloody orgies…and has no intention of it ending now. He’ll do all he can to prevent those sent to lose the breach and remove his hellish appetite.” This chapter is a lot of fun and as you move through the sewers, you’ll find yourself in a giant arena. First, Flying Cultists will attack and then Legionaries will spawn to your left and right. Take the down quickly so that you’re not dodging spears every which way. When they’re taken out, you’ll be able to move around the arena and you should notice the same white squares that you need to step on. Find all 3 and order your team to stand on them as you did before and reach a Checkpoint. More Flying Cultists will attack and they’ll be followed by Blind Behemoths. They’re pretty easy to kill and it helps that they’re blind. After you’ve destroyed the wave of those guys, a Gladiator will emerge. Kill him as you did the last (shoot his back while switching characters) and head through the door to end the level. Guts --------------- “Jericho’s successful defeat of Vicus’ pets moves them closer to removing the insatiable Goernor from power.” Guts is the last level in this Time Slice and is when you get to fight the fat guy that bears a striking resemblance to my fat hamster (minus the guts part). Killing him is simple once you know how. He’ll be hanging from some metal chains around a round mechanism that pushes him around the round room. In the middle there’s a Gladiator but ignore him; he cannot be killed. Simply avoid his blows. When Vicus opens his stomach to spew guts at you is when you need to shoot. If you’re having a lot of trouble, do this: use Delgado or anyone else with a continuously shooting weapon, and stand in front of Vicus. Shoot his stomach nonstop as he goes to grab it. He’ll open it up, but since you’re shooting at it, he won’t be able to spew any guts. He’ll just hang around and do it for a while until he’s dead. You may want to change you’re positioning so that you don’t get bludgeoned by the Gladiator. When you’ve killed him, you’ll need to use Black’s Telekinesis to push him to the middle of his contraption, which spills his blood, opening the final breach. ______________________________________ Time Slice 5 - Sumeria, 3000 B.C. ______________________________________ The GodSeal --------------- “The original time slice where the seven Sumerian priests held The Firstborn for the first time, the origin of it all, the seed of all evil…” You’ve reached the final Time Slice, folks and it begins with a bang. First Leach and his cronies will fly around, but they can’t be killed so don’t bother. Then you’ll be confronted with some Cultists and Exploding Cultists. Walk towards the large closed door and Jones will be possessed by Antadurunnu, the long ago founder of the Jericho squad. He tells you that each of the bosses inside have taken a piece of him and you must get them all back so that he can become whole again. As you enter the room, the large statues around you will come to life and zap everyone with an unavoidable light beam. Spiritual Guide --------------- “Jericho has gone. Without his team, Ross is alone. If he wants to resuscitate Antadurunnu he’ll have to get to the urns that hold the ashes, but first he must find a body.” Ross begins by floating around a few hallways until he finds Black. Snipe the Cultists that are in front of you but do it swiftly and quietly. If you’re able to snipe them one by one without missing, they won’t all come running after you. Keep on walking through carefully, sniping the Cultists as you turn the corners. Clear the door using your Telekinesis and stand back waiting for the dust to clear. There will be a Cultist here who is still unaware that the giant door behind him just flung open. You’ll reach a part that seems a little like a maze but keep going away from where you came and you should be able to find your way. There will be some Cultists around, so snipe them when you can. Jones will be trapped in a cell. Switch to him and then look up and see the bodies pinned to the wall. Project onto them and jump from pinned person to pinned person until you find the lever. As Jones’ cell opens, Cultists will come at you. Black is tough to use with close range enemies, so use Jones’ shotgun to head pop them. Skin --------------- “Black and Jones are reunited. The urn containing Antadurunnu’s skin is near.” This is your first boss battle of this Time Slice. First kill Ki who is throwing fireballs at you from the middle of a mechanism that looks a little like Vicus’. Once she’s dead, switch over to Jones if not using him already. Project yourself onto the caged victims in the middle of the contraption. Aim at the cocoon where the Cultists are coming from and you should be able to use your Telekinesis to hit a switch, exposing Ninnil. Go back into your body and fire at her until she’s dead. You’ll now be reunited with Rawlings and Delgado. Use Delgado to open the gate and end the level. Flesh --------------- “Contact has been lost with the rest of the team. They must be located before the demons get to them.” The first thing that happens here is some Flying Cultists. Then you’ll enter a room where a large head fountain is spewing blood. The fight begins with a large Gladiator-like monster. Ignore him since if he dies, they’ll just keep spawning. Find the 4 pinned victims surrounding the boss. Shoot and kill them and then Enlil will swing out above you. Shoot his back. You may have to repeat this process a few times until he’s dead. Now you have to focus on the next boss: Inanna. She’ll trade the Gladiator for some Cultists, proving to be more of a pain. Again, shoot the 4 pinned victims so that Inanna drops her protective barrier. Once she’s exposed, shoot and kill. Blood --------------- “Cole and Church have finally appeared. The Sumerian demons lie in wait to destroy Jericho.” This level can prove to be a challenge, but I thought it was a lot of fun. You’re going to be fighting the last 2 bosses before The Firstborn: Utu and Nanna. They’re going to teleport directly in front of you and when they do, shoot them in the chest. But first, run around the level and destroy the hanging bodies with the flies swarming around them. Apparently this is the power source for the demons, and it must be destroyed. All the while, you’ll have Cultists on your tail so watch of for them. Once all the fly bags are destroyed, focus more on the 2 bosses. You now have all the pieces to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Sacrifice --------------- “The resurrection ritual that has taken place so many times over thousands of years is about to begin for the last time. The survival of the species depends on the sacrifice of those seven soldiers.” This level is all gab so just enjoy the show. Antadurunnu has been reassembled and tries to trick the team into sacrificing themselves. Delgado doesn’t buy it and shoots the guy in the face thereby throwing you into the Pyxis Prima: the home of The Firstborn. Pyxis Prima --------------- “There’s no turning back. In his arrogance, Delgado has perhaps sealed the fate of all humanity. At the moment when The Firstborn came down to earth, he was on the other side, but… can a God be killed?" This is the final level of the game. You can now rid the world of that unholy little bastard, The Firstborn. Unfortunately, the first thing he does is kill Cole and Jones, which ticked me off since I liked both those characters. They were quiet, kind, and smart…but I digress. The Firstborn is going to use your powers against you. All you have to do is watch which ones he is using, switch to that character, and use it right back at him. He’ll begin with Telekinesis. Use Black until he switches to Vlad’s Curse which is Rawlings’ power. After that, he’ll go to Blood Ward. You may have to cycle through it a few times before you get the hang of it. Don’t bother shooting him directly as he is immune. And that is it! The game ends with Leach, your long-time enemy, helping you out by taking and destroying The Firstborn. Makes you feel kind of bad for hating him this whole time, huh? You then jump into the water and come out into an ocean. In Conclusion (not in the game) --------------- I’ve heard rumors of a sequel and I’m really hoping it happens. This was an enjoyable game with a great storyline and graphics that unfortunately received some bad reviews. *************** 6. About the Author *************** This was my first FAQ/Walkthrough. My name is Maria Abramowicz and I’m a 21 year old senior in college. My favorite color is purple. I usually write fiction, but think I’m going to do more FAQs when I can. If you have any questions about Jericho, please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to help.</p>