o-[----]-o o-[------------------]-o ============================================================= + ,---. | | + + |---',---., .,---.|---.,---.,---.,---.. .|--- ,---. + + | `---.| || | || || |,---|| || `---. + + ` `---'`---|`---'` '`---'` '`---^`---'`---'`---' + + `---' + ============================================================= o-[-----------------]-o o-[----]-o NOTE: THIS GUIDE WAS MADE USING THE XBOX VERSION OF PSYCHONAUTS. BUTTONS AND EVERYTHING ARE FOR THAT VERSION ONLY AND I KNOW NOTHING OF THE PS2 OR PC VERSIONS, SO IF YOU ARE PLAYING THEM CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED! however, for all I know there's no difference at all! (minus button names of course) o-[----------------------UPDATES--------------------]-o 07.24.07: Gave a bit of an ascii touchup to the walkthrough to make it a bit more fancy looking and also added the glass eye location to the scavenger hunt items courtesy of Sarah Peterson. o-[-------------------------------------------------]-o _ __________________________________________________________________ |o(_ _) \o| |/ | | \| | | | | | _| |_ ntro | |_( )______________________________________________________[##INTRO]__| ____________________________ __/+ What this walkthrough is +\___________________________________[##IN001] In this walkthrough I hope to guide you every step of the way through the game Psychonauts. Since it's a platformer there's a whole lot of stuff to collect and it's not always easy to find it all. I've spent my time to find most of it for you so that you can check here to see what you may have missed. I did this walkthrough in one playthrough so I got as much as I could find on one trip through each world, however, there are some levels where I missed a few things. For these levels I tried to make a second trip back (in the second visit section, I did them all at once) however due to some time restraints I didn't get back to every level (there may have only been 1 I didn't get completely actually). Also, due to time restraints, I don't get every single figment for you. There are hundreds of these and I know for a fact there is a guide just for these, so if thats what your here for then you'll want to head over to that other guide. I'll also give you some information about characters, worlds, Psi-Powers, and items as I feel this is essential to the game. Of course for all this fun there is a Search function implied [ctrl + F]. ________________________________ __/+ What this walkthrough is not +\_______________________________[##IN002] As I said, first off I will not be giving exact locations for every figment as that is not my purpose. If you are a completionist and need all these figments then use my guide with a figment guide next to you to get them. I will also not be doing any storytelling/plot analysis. You are capable of watching cutscenes and the story isn't super deep and tough to figure out. If you have questions on it though or you'd like to discuss it feel free to contact me through email and I can get you my IM so we can chat more (if I like what you have to say). Check out the closing section of this guide for more information. This guide is also (probably) not grammatically perfect. I don't care, don't tell me. I know the English language perfectly fine and I feel that I can clearly express the concepts of how to get through this game, so as long as it's understandable I don't need to know about commas or whether or not I used the right form of "to." Thanks anyways. _____________________ __/+ General Game Info +\__________________________________________[##IN003] If you're here looking at this guide you probably already know a thing or two about Psychonauts. But in the case that you don't I'll tell. Psychonauts is a geniously designed Platformer. There have been many other games of this genre in the past, but few as creative as this. You'll be traveling through many peoples minds to help solve their personal problems. You'll get a bunch of sweet Psi-Powers to help you out along your journey as well. This game is very humerous in all aspects and has a lot to offer. If you're out for collecting everything you can count on spending quite a bit of time exploring the world. If your just here to run through expect an 8-10 hour game. It's very enjoyable either way you choose to play. Now, lets get on with the good stuff! _ ___________ ______ ______________________________________ |o(__ __) ) ( / __) \o| |/ | | / \ | / \| | | | ( ) | | | | | | able \ / f | \__ ontents | |____| |_____________) (_____\ )___________________________[##TABLE]_| I. Intro.........................................................[##INTRO] A. What This Walkthrough Is.................................[##IN001] B. What This Walkthrough Is Not.............................[##IN002] C. General Game Info........................................[##IN003] II. Controls.....................................................[##CONTR] XX. Table of Contents............................................[##TABLE] III. Characters..................................................[##CHARA] IV. Raz Actions..................................................[##RAZAC] V. Psi-Powers....................................................[##PSIPO] VI. Backpack.....................................................[##BACKP] VII. Journal.....................................................[##JOURN] VIII. Underground Transit System.................................[##UNDTS] IX. Walkthrough..................................................[##WALKT] A. Welcome to Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp..........[##00001] i. Pick a Bunk.........................................[##00002] B. Pre-Basic Braining.......................................[##00003] C. Basic Braining...........................................[##00004] i. The Cannon..........................................[##00005] ii. Obstacle Course Finale.............................[##00006] D. Meet Sasha Nein..........................................[##00007] E. Main Campgrounds Exploration.............................[##00008] F. Reception Area Exploration...............................[##00009] G. GPC and Wilderness Exploration...........................[##00010] H. Boathouse and Lake Exploration...........................[##00011] I. GPC......................................................[##00012] J. Sasha Nein's Lab.........................................[##00013] K. Astral Plane.............................................[##00014] L. Brain Tumbler Experiment.................................[##00015] M. Fords Sanctuary..........................................[##00016] N. Sasha Nein's Lab.........................................[##00017] O. Sasha's Shooting Gallery.................................[##00018] i. Side 1..............................................[##00019] ii. Side 2.............................................[##00020] iii. Side 3............................................[##00021] iv. Side 4.............................................[##00022] v. Mega Censor *BOSS*..................................[##00023] P. Sasha Nein's Lab.........................................[##00024] Q. Ford Cruller's Sanctuary.................................[##00025] R. Agent Nein's Lab.........................................[##00026] S. Brain Tumbler Experiment 2nd Visit.......................[##00027] T. Boathouse and Beach......................................[##00028] U. Milla's Dance Party......................................[##00029] i. The Race............................................[##00030] ii. Fan Room...........................................[##00031] V. Boathouse and Beach......................................[##00032] W. Ford Cruller's Sancturary................................[##00033] X. Sasha Nein's Lab.........................................[##00034] Y. Brain Tumbler Experiment - Third Visit...................[##00035] i. Blueprint Brain Tank **BOSS**.......................[##00036] Z. Sasha Nein's Lab.........................................[##00037] AA. Boathouse and Lake......................................[##00038] BB. Lair of the Lungfish....................................[##00039] i. Lungfish **BOSS**...................................[##00040] CC. Lungfishopolis..........................................[##00041] i. Over the Dam........................................[##00042] ii. Kochamara **BOSS**.................................[##00043] DD. Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed...................[##00044] EE. The Milkman Conspiracy..................................[##00045] i. Underground Monster **MINI-BOSS**...................[##00046] ii. After the Sewers...................................[##00047] iii. The Den Mother **BOSS**...........................[##00048] FF. Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed...................[##00049] GG. Ford Cruller's Sanctuary................................[##00050] HH. Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed...................[##00051] II. Gloria's Theater........................................[##00052] i. The Catwalks........................................[##00053] ii. The Phantom **BOSS**...............................[##00054] JJ. Thorney Towers - Asylum Courtyard.......................[##00055] KK. Waterloo World..........................................[##00056] i. Recruit Soldier 2...................................[##00057] ii. Recruit Soldier 3..................................[##00058] iii. Invade the Stronghold.............................[##00059] LL. Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed...................[##00060] MM. Black Velvetopia........................................[##00061] i. The Tiger...........................................[##00062] ii. Card 2 Search......................................[##00063] iii. The Dragon........................................[##00064] iv. Card 3 Search......................................[##00065] v. The Eagle...........................................[##00066] vi. Card 4 Search......................................[##00067] vii. The Cobra.........................................[##00068] viii. El Odio **BOSS**.................................[##00069] NN. Authors Note............................................[##00070] OO. Making A Second Trip....................................[##00071] PP. Thorney Towers - Asylum Grounds.........................[##00072] i. Upper Floors........................................[##00073] ii. Lab of Dr. Loboto..................................[##00074] QQ. The Point of No Return..................................[##00075] i. Tank **BOSS**.......................................[##00076] RR. Meat Circus.............................................[##00077] i. Tunnel of Love......................................[##00078] ii. The Butcher **BOSS**...............................[##00079] iii. Dad **BOSS**......................................[##00080] iv. The Butcher - 2nd Encounter **BOSS**...............[##00081] v. Two Headed Dad Monster **BOSS**.....................[##00082] SS. The End.................................................[##00083] X. Scavenger Hunt................................................[##SCAVH] XI. Cruller's Shop...............................................[##CSHOP] XII. Rank Upgrades...............................................[##RANKU] XIII. Items......................................................[##ITEMS] XIV. Review......................................................[##REVIE] XV. Closing Stuff................................................[##CLOSE] ___ ___________________________________________________________________ |o / __) \o| |/| / \| | | | | | | \__ ontrols | |__\ )________________________________________________________[##CONTR]_| ------------------------------------------------------------------ | < < BUTTON > > | < < ACTION > > | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | L Joystick | Move around | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | L Joystick (click) | Bring up HUD | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | R Joystick | Control Camera/Switch Targets | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | R Joystick (click) | First Person View | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | A | Jump/Confirm (menu) | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | B | Go Back (menu) | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | R Trigger | Psi-Power | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Black | Psi-Power | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | White | Psi-Power | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | L Trigger | Center Camera/Lock On (marksmanship) | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Y | Talk to People/Perform "actions" | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | X | Punch Attack | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Back | Backpack/Psi-Powers | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Start | Journal | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | D-Pad Left | Backpack | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | D-Pad Right | Psi-Powers | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | D-Pad Up | No Use | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | D-Pad Down | No Use | ------------------------------------------------------------------ ___ ___________________________________________________________________ |o / __) \o| |/| / \| | | | | | | \__ haracters | |__\ )________________________________________________________[##CHARA]_| __________________ __/+ Razputin (Raz) +\______________________________________________________ The main character whom you'll be playing as. A kid who grew up in the circus always being pushed by his dad to train day after day. His dad hated Psychics due to the group of them that put a curse on Raz's family, a curse that said they would all die in water. For this reason, Raz is unable to go in any water because of some crazy monster who lurks below to kill him. Secretly, Raz thinks that his dad was also a Psychic. Because of this pressure to train for the circus everyday Raz ran away to join the Psychonaut summer camp. However, when he got there he wasn't registered so his parents were contacted to come get him, because of this Raz only has a few days to become a full fledged Psychonaut. But within these few days something big goes down and camp and it becomes more than just wanting to become a Psychonaut to needing to save all the kids at camp and stop the mysterious camp menace! __________________ __/+ Coach Oleander +\______________________________________________________ The leader of the Psychonauts camp. He treats the camp as if its a military camp and he's the head Sarge. He also may be the one behind all the chaos going on at camp. ________________ __/+ Ford Cruller +\________________________________________________________ Ford Cruller was kind of like the leader of the Psychonauts, however due to some problems a few years back he has basically lost his mind and the Psychonauts will no longer work with him. When he is down in his sanctuary his mind stays safe because of all the Psitanium around him, but above ground is a different story. He will be a huge help to you along your journey. In his sanctuary you will take Psi-Cards to him along with Psi-Cores to rank up, Cobwebs to turn into Psi-Cards and also Brains to increase your Mental Health and to put back in the children. He'll also hang out inside your head for most of the game and you can call him out with a piece of bacon to ask for help or to have him take you back to HQ. ______________ __/+ Sasha Nein +\__________________________________________________________ Level: Sasha's Shooting Gallery One of the head Psychonauts at the camp and specifically takes you for some extra training. He takes on jobs of Crullers now that the Psychonauts won't give Cruller anymore. He has a secret lab in the GPC area of camp, down there he has a machine he has been working on called the "Brain Tumbler" that allows you to get inside different peoples minds. However, something mysterious happens to him not to far into the game. _________________ __/+ Milla Vodello +\_______________________________________________________ Level: Milla's Dance Party Milla is the other big Psychonaut at the camp. Her and Sasha share the duties that Cruller cannot do. She's also a master of the mind and party. She normally hangs out over on the lake and shares with you the great power of Levitation. However, at the same time Sasha dissappears she does as well, who could be behind this? ____________ __/+ Lungfish +\____________________________________________________________ Level: Lungfishopolis Lungfish is basically a giant misunderstood fish. He looks pretty creepy and he comes up on the beach at night to eat whatever is in the way. Is it really him though wanting to eat these people? Not quite, there's something inside his head that is causing him to want to eat these children. He needs your help to get inside and take care of whatever this threat is. Inside his head you'll find that there is an entire town of Lungfish. On top of that compared to these fish you are huge! What could be better? Known in here as Goggolor you will get to traverse huge buildings and smash all kinds of tanks and helicopters, not to mention fight the menace that is causing Lungfish to act so harshly. Could it be the same person who is behind the rest of the events going on at camp? ________ __/+ Boyd +\________________________________________________________________ Level: The Milkman Consiracy Boyd is stuck in a nightmare town where there is a huge conspiracy going on revolving around the Milkman. Who is the Milkman? Where is the Milkman? What do you know about the Milkman? His vision of a town is crazy and twisted, literally, there are all kinds of people working all over town to figure out who the Milkman is and they will arrest you if you trespass in their zones. However, all it takes is one key item to disguise yourself as anyone of these people. With your new Clairvoyance power you find in here you'll be able to see what thse people all think of you. Also watch out for the girl scouts around town, they aren't as friendly as you think and neither is the Den Mother... ________ __/+ Fred +\________________________________________________________________ Level: Waterloo World Fred is the brother of Napoleon and they are both stuck in a game of "war." Fred has no motivation to win and Napoleon is constantly bothering him about the past of their family and how they were all winners, Fred really just doesn't care though. It takes you to step in to help renew the peoples faith in Fred and show that he does have the will to beat Napoleon. __________ __/+ Gloria +\______________________________________________________________ Level: Gloria's Theater Gloria used to be a famous actress but is now having quite the breakdown, she just can't seem to move on with life. There is some sort of Phantom inside her head haunting all of her plays that she tries to run through, but no one can seem to get rid of it they just keep trying and trying at plays, but getting bad reviews. You need to go into her theater and help set the right mood for different plays that you find scripts to so that you can get up into the Catwalks and take on the Phantom head to head. Your hopes are that with the Phantom gone Gloria's head will clear up and she can move on with her life. __________ __/+ Edward +\______________________________________________________________ Level: Black Velvetopia Edward is quite the artist, but the little town in his mind is haunted with a giant raging bull. All he wants is to reach the girl up in the sky, but he can't build a card tower high enough to reach her. Part of the problem is that he is missing all the Queens to his card deck. You need to enter his crazy neon colored town to help find all his Queens and also take care of this crazed bull. Hopefully if he gets up to this girl in the sky his mind will clear and he will be free. _ ___________ ________________________________________________________ |o| \ / \ \o| |/| ) / \ \| | | / / () \ | | | |\ \ az | __ | actions | |_| |_\ \_____| (__) |__________________________________________[##RAZAC]_| ___________ __/+ Moving + \_____________________________________________________________ The most basic of all actions will be performed with the Left Analog stick and while doing so are free to control the camera with the Right Analog stick which can be inverted through the options menu in the journal. ___________ __/+ Evading +\_____________________________________________________________ When locked on to an enemy (hold 'L Trigger') you can press 'A' and hold a direction with the Left Analog Stick to tumble, or roll, in that direction. ___________ __/+ Jumping +\_____________________________________________________________ Jumps are performed by pressing the 'A' button one time. To double jump simply press 'A' while in the air. ____________ __/+ Canoeing +\____________________________________________________________ When you get your Oarsman Badge you'll be able to get a canoe from Cruller at the beach. To use it simply press 'A' to paddle forward and 'B' to paddle backwards, you can then use the Left Analog stick to change direction. Its important to note you can't get off your canoe anywhere, only at docks. __________________ __/+ Climbing Poles +\______________________________________________________ If you liked to climb a pole simply walk into it or jump onto it and you will grab on, then use the Left Analog stick to go up or down on the pole. You can also spin around a pole by moving the Left Analog stick left or right, if you press 'A' to jump off you will jump in the direction Raz's back is facing. ____________ __/+ Grinding +\____________________________________________________________ Rails or other rail-like objects are "grindable." This means that you can slide across them while standing on them. To do so simply jump onto one of these areas and Raz will go into the grind action. If there are two or more rails next to each other hold the Left Analog stick in the left or right direction then press 'A' to jump between them. _________________ __/+ Pole Swinging +\_______________________________________________________ Horizontal poles are used for swinging on. When you jump onto a pole hold the analog stick in one direction and Raz will begin to swing, slow at first then faster as he begins to do full circles around the bar. Once here you can jump off onto other poles or ledges. While hanging on the pole you can shimmy side to side and also press 'Y' to flip the direction you are facing. ____________ __/+ Swimming +\____________________________________________________________ No! Raz has a deathly problem with the water and if you jump in it, you're done for! So, don't even think about it. _______________ __/+ Tight Ropes +\_________________________________________________________ If you walk onto a tight rope Raz will balance himself allowing you to safely walk across them so keep an eye out for these when trying to get to different areas. You can also hang from tight ropes and jump up on to them. Use 'A' to jump up on one or to mount on one if hanging, press 'B' when standing on one to hang off. ___________ __/+ Trapese +\_____________________________________________________________ Works similarly to pole swinging, but you need to move the Left Analog stick forward and backward with the swinging to swing higher and higher then 'A' to jump off to other trapese or platforms, hitting 'Y' while on it will flip the direction Raz is facing. ___________________ __/+ "Wall" Climbing +\_____________________________________________________ Certain walls are covered with netting type materials that you can jump onto and climb up. Just like shimmying up a pole you use the Left Analog stick to move up and down, or left to right, after mounting yourself onto one of these surfaces. When on these surfaces you can hold any direction and jump off in that direction to reach other areas near by. ___________ __/+ Ladders +\_____________________________________________________________ Ladders are used as they should be, mount yourself on and climb up! Not much more to it, use the Left Analog stick to go up and down. _______________ __/+ Look Around +\_________________________________________________________ This is a good thing to get used to doing in this game since sometimes the path can be a bit hidden with lots of different obstacles around. Click the Right Analog stick to go into a first person view, you can then use the Right Analog stick to look around. In the options menu you can invert these controls. _____________ __/+ Palm Bomb +\___________________________________________________________ This is your classic jump and attack to slam into the ground. Very powerful and easy to perform which makes it nice and useful. After reaching rank 35 this gets upgraded to the Palm Megabomb. To do this move jump and press 'A' as many times as you can, the more times you press it the more damage you'll do. _ _______ ________________________________________________________ |o| \ | \ \o| |/| ) | ) \| | | __/ | __/ | | | | si - | | owers | |_| |_________| |________________________________________________[##PSIPO]_| ___________ __/+ General +\_____________________________________________________________ Psi-Powers are unique to this game in that they give you special abilities that only Psychonauts achieve. These powers will help you overcome the puzzles and obstacles that present themselves in this game. You will also be required to use many of them when fighting bosses. You can have any three Psi-Powers readily available to you by mapping them to the Right Shoulder button, Black button, and White button. You can change these at any time by hitting the Back button to go into the menu of Psi-Powers. Highlight the one you wish to choose and then hit one of the three buttons to set that power to that button. After the power is set simply press that button to use that power. Some require multiple presses to continually do actions, some require one press, and others require a hold. The individual powers are described below. ______________ __/+ Levitation +\__________________________________________________________ This is a very useful power as it will help you get a lot of extra height and distance when jumping. It will also come in handy for certain races in which you need to use your levitation ball and springs that launch you around while on your ball. The Levitation power puts a sphere underneath you in which you kind of use to stand on and jump with to get that extra shazam. To use Levitation you simply need to press the button once to bring it out then simply use the 'A' to jump and as long as the Levitation ball is out you will get that extra boost to your jump. On top of that when levitating you are protected from things like fire and electricity, but not spikes. You can also use the Levitation ball to kind of float. If you jump in the air with the levitation ball out and then press the L Trigger you will hold it above you like a balloon and it will allow you to do some floating. _______________ __/+ Telekinesis +\_________________________________________________________ Telekinesis allows you to move things with your mind. Not all objects are moveable, for example you cannot uproot trees with your telekinesis, but stand alone objects are freely moveable and tossable. To use Telekinesis you need to hold in whatever button you set it to and if there is an object in front of you that it will work on, and hand will grab it and a little arc will appear of where you will throw it when you let go. You can move this arrow around with the left joystick to set where you want throw the object. If nothing around you is grabable (made that word up? maybe) then Raz will let you nothing that he "can't get a good grip" and instead of the hand coming out just a little spark will. Telekinesis can be very useful when trying to get behind something, or when trying to throw certain items at certain enemies; just something to keep in mind. ________________ __/+ Invisibility +\________________________________________________________ Invisibility does exactly as it says, it makes you invisible. When using it enemies will not be able to see you and visually the opacity of your character will drop real low so Raz just kind of looks like an outline. I'm sure you've seen something similar in any other game where you can become "invisible." To use this power you simply need to hit the button you have it set to and you will become invisible for a short period of time. You will see the Invisibility icons color kind of drop down, this is the timer to how long you have to go before you become visible again. When the timer runs out, you are visible! Now you need to wait for this power to recharge. After a short time, the Invisibility icon will do the reverse and the timer will go back up. This is your power recharging and when its full again you will be able to use the Invisibility power. I think this power has some obvious advantages when needing to get away from enemies or when you need to hide for a certain boss. Just make sure your in a safe spot when the timer runs out. _______________ __/+ Pyrokinesis +\_________________________________________________________ Pyrokinesis allows you to set certain objects on fire, also certain enemies. This power can be both fun and useful. Some enemies say hilarious things when set on fire, sometimes you need to get something out of your way (like a bush) that requires being burnt, and sometimes you just want to watch the pretty flames (of which look awesome). This power is used similarly to Telekinesis in that it will only work when you are around a burnable object. You have to hold in the button to light something on fire. When you hold it in a thermometer will appear over top of the item that you are attempting to light. If the thermometer doesn't increase at all then the item can't be lit. If it does go up (and you will notice it, its very obvious) then the item will ignite when the thermometer is full. This can be dangerous when other enemies are around because you are vulnerable during the time the item is heating up, so beware of your surroundings. But definitly don't miss out on lighting things on fire, its fun and funny! ________________ __/+ Clairvoyance +\________________________________________________________ Clairvoyance basically lets you look at the world (and yourself) through other peoples eyes. This will be useful when you need to take on certain personalities to fool people into thinking you are someone you aren't. You will be able to use this to see what they see of you. This is similar to Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis in that it only works when there is someone with eyes for you to look through. Other times it won't do anything at all. When it works you will be able to move around the view with the Left Analog stick to see whats all around. If you ever can't see yourself you may want to consider using this because there may be someone else who can see you that you can use to your advantage. Thats about it to this power. _____________ __/+ Confusion +\___________________________________________________________ Confusion works like a grenade that explodes confusion gas. When enemies are "confused" they are basically stunned and you can take some free shots at them. This has obvious uses, although not totally critical. To use it you tap the button you have it set to and Raz will pull out a confusion grenade (looks like a question mark) and then toss it straight ahead at a set distance (you can't change this). A few seconds later it will explode and any enemies within distance of the explosion will become "confused" for a short period of time. __________ __/+ Shield +\______________________________________________________________ I don't think there's much explaining required here on what the shield power does. Visually you crouch down and a sphere type thing covers you (a shield if you will) and you are then protected from enemy attack. To use this power you have to hold in the button you set it to. When you release the button the shield will deactivate until you hit the button again. This power has a meter just like Invisibility. While you have it out the meter will drop, you cannot be shielded forever. However, unlike Invisibility, if you don't use the entire shield then it will be ready to go again the instant you let go of the button. But if you use the shield until the meter is completely drained out you will have to wait for it to recharge before reusing. So keep an eye out on that meter. This Shield can block most any enemy attack and is very useful for deflecting projectiles. ________________ __/+ Marksmanship +\________________________________________________________ This is basically your gun. You will shoot Psi-Blasts out of your head at targets in front of you or if you hold the 'L Trigger' you can lock on to enemies. When locked onto an enemy you can use the Right Analog Stick to switch between targets. There's not much explaining needed when talking about a "gun" in a game. You'll use it to shoot at several enemies and defeat them along with bosses. This is your main attacking weapon in the game, the other being your melee punch. _ ___________________________________________________________________ |o\ \ \o| |/ | ) \| | | < | | | )ackpack | |_/ /________________________________________________________[##BACKP]_| This is where all your items will be stored. You'll collect many different items throughout the game, some of which you can use anywhere and some of which that are level specific. To use any item open up your backpack by pressing Left on the D-Pad or by using the "Back" button. Go to the item you wish to use and press 'A' to pull it out. You can then show it to certain people or put it away with 'B'. Level specific items will only be visible in your backpack when you are in the level that you can use them in. Other items are usable in all levels and also in camp, these will be items such as your smelling salts and your piece of bacon. **************************************************************************** *** Journal [##JOURN]*** **************************************************************************** ____ _________________________________________________________________ |o/ (_ | \o| |/ | | \| | _ | | | | ( |_| | ournal | |__\ /________________________________________________________[##JOURN]_| Your journal is a great place to see what you've done so far, and plan what you're going to do next. You can use it to Save and Load your progress, change your Options, and there's a helpful Map in the back! Press the Start button to open your journal. The first time you open up your journal it will explain to you what each section is, if you forget or decide to not read these cause you're to good to read, or whatever, then I have them all listed here. The most basic instruction is to, of course, use the Left Analog Stick to navigate around the journal. You'll also want to use 'A' to select things and 'B' to go back. _________ __/+ Tab 1 +\_______________________________________________________________ Here we have our basic pause menu where you can change the Options, Load, Save, Credits, and Exit (which quits the game entirely, not just exits the menu). _________ __/+ Tab 2 +\_______________________________________________________________ On this page you can see what you've collected in the current area. Make sure to come back here after you've collected some Figments (see items \ section) so you can look at them up close with the "Figment Viewer" option. _________ __/+ Tab 3 +\_______________________________________________________________ This page shows you how you're doing in the bigger scheme of things. Also, once you get your Scavenger Hunt List (see Scavenger Hunt section), this is where you'll keep it. _________ __/+ Tab 4 +\_______________________________________________________________ This page automatically remembers what tasks you're working on. If you're ever unsure what to do next, come back here to jog your memory. _________ __/+ Tab 5 +\_______________________________________________________________ Once you've cracked open a Mental Vault (see items section), you'll store the memories you find in here. Come back and watch them as many times as you'd like. _________ __/+ Tab 6 +\_______________________________________________________________ This handy map shows you the layout of the camp. Your position is marked with a Red Arrow. The next place you should go is marked with a Green Cross. If you ever feel like you don't know where to go, come here and check out your map! **************************************************************************** *** Underground Transit System [##UNDTS]*** **************************************************************************** There are many areas around the main camp where you can go jump into tree stumps to get on the Underground Transit System. This is a quick way to go to several different areas. When you get down there you will be given a list of options for where you want to go. To use this just select your destination of choice and you will be taken there! **************************************************************************** *** Walkthrough [##WALKT]*** **************************************************************************** _ ____ _____________________________________________________________ |o| | | | | |/| | | | | | | | | | | | \ \/\/ / alkthrough | |___\ /_____________________________________________________[##WALKT]_| _______________________________________________ __/Welcome to Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp\________________[##00001] Watch and enjoy the opening cutscene as it is your first experience with the geniousness of Psychonauts then drop back here with me. ___________ __/Pick a Bunk\____________________________________________________[##00002] The game now asks you to "Create a Profile" aka pick a bunk. This is basically you creating your save file, so enter in your nickname of choice and another scene will occur. After that a little tutorial of sorts will occur. A man by the name of Ford Cruller will appear (although you won't know thats his name until later on) and he will make you look right and up at two different items. One is called a Psi Challenge Marker and the other is Psi Challenge Marker piece, from a broken Marker. He'll explain to you about putting the broken ones back together with Psi Cores. Check the items section if you need a recap. __________________ __/Pre-Basic Braining\_____________________________________________[##00003] When the game kicks back in all the kids will run off to "Basic Braining" and they tell you not to be late! At this point you are left free to roam around. If you don't want to search around the camp and you want to go straight to the Basic Braining then skip over this little section. But within this section note we will complete the first Psi-Challenge Marker and gather a decent amount of arrowheads, along with trying out some of Raz's platforming abilities. Your choice though. So lets roam around camp a bit first. If you head around the right side of the cabin you came out of (right when facing the door) there is a piece of a Psi-Card. Behind the house you'll find an arrowhead buried undergound, press Y to dig it up. See the items section for details on this item. When you get around to the other side of your cabin a short scene will occur, nothing of utmost importance, just for fun. Follow along the fence and you'll find another arrowhead in the ground. If you keep going you'll run into Ford Cruller again and he'll tell you that the rest of camp is off limits until after Basic Braining. There's a kid wearing a funny hat sitting not to much further away, he's bear hunting if you will, humerous to talk to. A bit past him there are a bunch of tree trunks sticking out of the ground and if you jump on them you can grind a bit, on top of one of them is another Psi-Card. Explore around these tree trunks a bit to find a few more arrowheads. Just to note, I'm not going to hold your hand through getting arrowheads anymore because for all I know they may show up at random and they are everywhere. So, keep your eyes out and grab them when you can. I'll let you know when I have enough to buy things and you should be around the same amount as me if you are exploring as I am. Walking back towards your cabin there are two kids sitting on the ground talking about the "worst band name ever," next to the house right there is another arrowhead. You can talk to them if you want to hear about a story from last years Basic Braining. Standing at the two kids and facing the tree trunk we just hung around look slightly to the left and there's a bridge that goes up the tree, underneath it is another Psi-Card. Don't go up the bridge quite yet, instead keep going away from the cabin we were just at to a speaker pole near another camper. Climb up this pole and on the top you'll receive yet another Psi- Card. Move closer to this kid for a humorous scene. There is a cabin next to the kid with a Net (see Items section) by it that you can use to get on top of the cabin. Double jump to get up on the net then do a sweet jump on to the roof of the cabin for another Psi-Card. Walk straight across the roof of the cabin and there is a tight rope that you can walk across to another cabin with yet another Psi-Card! Now straight across that roof there are some poles (items section of course) jump up and grab onto the first one and then swing to the second one, now straight in front of you is a wall covered in netting that you can swing and jump onto. Climb up to the top and then hold left and double jump off to reach the next area up here for another card! Straight back here is a cave that you can slide down, at the bottom is a safe that is "frozen solid" so we'll have to return to that later. On the wall is a net that you can climb part way back up and exit out the side. Go down this side to receive another Psi-Card. 1 more to our first complete Marker! And head up the hall to the lucky number 9! Also, a ladder to climb up. You'll come out a well in the middle of the camp that you may have ran by earlier, and its now time to take on Basic Braining! So head up that bridge by where we picked up some Psi-Cards before and at the top you'll get a short scene with some more campers. One of which will give you your Smelling Salts (see items section!) Feel free to talk to all the campers, but your main goal is to talk to Oleander when your ready to start Basic Braining. ______________ __/Basic Braining\_________________________________________________[##00004] ----------------------- | Items | Welcome to your first mind. Good old war plagued ----------------------- Coach Oleander. You'll start with a nice projector | __ 73 Figments | video, then when its over use 'X' to punch the | __ 0 Cobwebs | image which is actually a wall that will knock down | __ 0 Vaults | into chaos. Your buddy won't last to long, hope- | __ Emotional Baggage | fully you can do better! ----------------------- If you start running low on health due to anything punch around the sides of the area and you may find Mental Health (items section). Now run straight across the bridge which you will need to jump over a gap then it will break in the middle and you'll need to jump another gap. Next the ground will break and you'll need to double jump over a large crater. Double jump the next big gap where you'll find your first Figment (to the Items section!) Across the next gap will be your first encounter with emotional baggage, we'll need to keep an eye out for the tag somewhere so we can release it. Jump the gap and there's the tag! Grab it and jump back to the bag then head back where the tag was, grab some figments and head up the ladder. Now head down the ladder on the otherside. Hopefully you've already noticed that there are figments everywhere and you can see why I can't be explaining where every single one of them is. But keep getting them and there's also another suitcase tag over here. By the projection on the wall is a pole you can mount and climb up. Jump off on the ledge and then head left and up another pole. When you head down the ladder on the back of this area Coach says "fire down below" and he means it, watch out for the fire shooting out of the wall and only climb down when its safe (aka fire is shooting out). There's a scene at the bottom here with cotton candy hair kid. Now on this platform there is a ladder to the left you can go down to pick up some figments. There are now two ways that you can go, one is to simply go up the ladder on the other side of the rocket in the ground then you can jump onto a floating blimp platform that circles over to another one and then over to some ledges and up to the shimmying area. Or there is a hole in the ground that will take you to an underground pipe with lots of figments to collect and will meet up at the shimmy area. I'm going to go underground, but if you want all figments be sure to do both ways. Both paths end up by some stairs leading to a ledge that you can jump onto and hang off of to shimmy to the left. So head across here then at the other side jump up and continue to head left but go down the ledges, not up, and you'll find a pipe you can run through and on the other side is the trunk for the tag we last found. Now head back through the pipe and up the ledges and up to the left. There are a series of big camo nets you can use to jump your way up to the top. Once up here a wall will blow up and you can climb up, down, left and right all across it. Move in the general direction of up and maneuver around the areas that explode and are impassible. The next area is a mine field and sitting at the beginning of it is a camper who needs some help getting through. You can opt to help him or not, if you do then he will walk behind you as you go through the minds. There's no real trick here, you can see where the mines are, just don't walk on them and you'll be fine. **OPTIONAL** If you opt to help out Bobby cross the mine field you'll need to give him some extra coaching along the way. Every now and then he'll stop and say "I can't do it, I can't do it!" and then start to wander off towards a mine, at this point just hit 'Y' to calm him down by telling him that he can do it and he'll settle and follow you again. When you get him all the way across he'll leave you some Psychic Arrowheads. Right after the mine field there is a flag pole that you can climb up and push the flag back up to the top to open up the next doorway. When you go in the next area the door will close behind you and its time to jump! Grab the figments then punch open that door (if you don't want to listen to the boy in here's interesting story), now jump out for all your worth! ___________________________ __/Basic Braining - The Cannon\____________________________________[##00005] ----------------------- | Items | You'll land in yet another battlefied. There's ----------------------- some pretty stoked kids here who tell you that in | __ 79 Figments | order to get out of here you need to beat some | __ 3 Cobwebs | "game," but they are incapable of doing so. | __ 2 Vaults | There's a few figments in the area, but go ahead ----------------------- and jump up and punch the button. Your goal in this game will be to punch the non-friendly targets, but not the friendly ones. You have 60 seconds to get 20 points. You get 1 point for every target you hit and they speed up as the game goes on. Its not to tricky really. After beating that you can then play the game more times for prizes. The next time you go to play you will get 75 seconds to get 30 points. You will also now be penalized 1 point for every friendly target you hit. Your reward will be Psychic Arrowheads. Next will be 60 seconds for 30 points. When your ready continue on past where the cheery kids were. Across here you'll find your first Vault (items). Go across this battlefield here and you'll get to a very large cardboard cutout with a "non friendly" person on the bottom, punch it to knock it over to create a bridge. There is also a teleport dude (items) here whom you can use to go back to different parts of the level. Lets move on though. Cross this newly made bridge and you'll find a brick wall with the same non friendly guy on it. You'll have to knock this down to make the next closer bunker appear, but be careful when you do because that turret is shooting for you. Over by the next bunker is another luggage tag to pick up. You'll have to work your way up to the front of this area bunker by bunker, knocking down the ones with the non friendly guys on them. A few bunkers in you'll find the luggage bag for the tag we just received. When you get all the way to the front the turret will stop shooting and you can then go back across this little area and pick up any figments you missed because you astral projected life was at risk. There is a ladder on the left of the turret as you run towards it to climb up and on top is a dufflebag tag and also a figment on top of some wooden planks, jump up and attack down on the planks to break through. After cotton candy head comes out jump in and shimmy up the flag pole to open the doorway to the next area which you can now head on through. When you step into this next area you'll grind/slide your way through, grab all the figments you can on the way. Time to enter yet another battle! There are some poles on this wall straight in front of you, jump up on the one to the right of the projection of Coach. Swing left and go up 2, then swing right up 1 (press Y to change face directions while on pole), left up 1, watching out for the fire jump up to the ledge to find another wall filled with poles and fire. Up here to the right is the dufflebag for the tag we recently got. Start on the bottom left pole and go right 2 times avoiding the fire then flip and go left to the ledge. Here where the wall is all cracked give it a good punch to break through. Through here there is a Mental Cobweb, but you don't have the device to get it yet so you'll have to come back for it. Now jump up on the tight ropes and mount yourself up, then jump up to the highest one straight above. Now you'll need to shift the camera a bit so you can jump to the side to the next two, and then this time you'll need to double jump to get over to the next three. Now walk over to the cracked wall again and punch through. This next area has a trapese along with another Mental Cobweb that you can't get yet. However, you can ignore the trapese for a minute and go down below to pick up a bunch of figments, then come back to the trapese. Jump from this trapese to the next then over to the platform with the Purse Tag. Now go up the ladder, across the tight rope, and follow the platform to another trapese. Swing this as high as you can then just trust the game with your jump to land you on the next trapese. Flip directions and start swinging again, Yet another leap of faith lands you on another platform, down the ladder, another trapese, swing it to trapese then to ledge. Now on this ledge to your right are some grind rails. Step on to go for a ride. While on the rails you'll need to jump between them when one is about to end or an obstacle is in the way. There will be lots of figments along the way as well for collecting. Watch out at the bottom as cotton candy comes towards you on the single rail, you'll need to jump over him to the finish line. _______________________________________ __/Basic Braining - Obstacle Course Finale\________________________[##00006] ----------------------- | Items | In this area is yet another teleport dude. Only ----------------------- one way to run through here until the Coach tells | __ 11 Figments | you you've gotten to the rolling tunnel or some- | __ 2 Cobwebs | thing. If you don't already feel level design in | __ 0 Vaults | this game is sweet, I hope this next part will do ----------------------- it for you. As you walk across here there's really only one way to go, follow the wooden beams, but the trick is that the room is rotating so you need to keep yourself right side up while you venture across here. There's not really any big tricks to it, just keep moving the camera so you can see whats going on. When you get to the end make a jump for the ledge where yet another cobweb resides. To bad we have to come back for those. Another short grind rail to take you into the final area of Basic Braining. There's not really anything you can do in this area, but if you go to the right when you get off a rail there is a door you can exit through. As you get to the end of this hallway Oleander will stop you and give you your first Psychonaut Merit Badge. After that you'll find yourself back in camp for a short scene with some different people. Its important to note that since this was the first level we don't have any abilities or items yet so we are not able to get all the items that were in the level. As soon as we get a few more things we'll return here to pick up what we missed. _______________ __/Meet Sasha Nein\________________________________________________[##00007] You'll now have a button in your hand which you can show people by pressing 'Y'. If you accidentally put it away just go into your backpack and pull it back out. Now you are also able to explore anywhere in the camp which leaves us a lot of area to cover. For now lets jump down and head over to where Ford Cruller told us we couldn't go earlier, when you get there a message box will appear on the bottom saying "Entering Main Campgrounds." Right before you enter you'll get a little scene with some kids who are blocking the way. They tell you about arrowheads which you should already have a decent amount of, they only ask for one to get out of the way. ____________________________ __/Main Campgrounds Exploration\___________________________________[##00008] Now Ford Cruller stops you and gives you the Scavenger Hunt List! (see Scavenger Hunt section for more details). With that in hand its time to do some optional exploration of the Main Campgrounds. I'm going to start by heading around the fence to the left and you'll come to a speaker pole you can climb up with a Psi-Card at the top. Now from up here you can jump onto the roof of the big building right next to you where there is a full Psi-Challenge Marker. Now if you go off the side of the roof opposite of where you got on your see another Psi-Card in sight on a tight rope. Grab the card and head across the rope where another Psi-Card is on top of this speaker pole. Head back across this rope to the roof and when you get there straight in front of you there is another roof (redish brown color) sticking out from underneath the green one. Jump onto there and go under the green roof to get another Psi-Card. Then jump out from under here towards the front of this building to land on a tight rope right next to another Psi-Card. This rope connects the speaker pole we started on to another one, head right to that other one with the two happy campers from Basic Braining and another Psi-Card. Now jump straight off this pole in the direction you were facing walking to it on the rope and there is a Psi-Card behind a tree up on the big rock. Now walk off this towards the building and head left down the path and you'll come to where a bridge type walkway is on your right, jump over it and you'll see a Psi-Card on your right kind of underneath it. While you're here you can go up this bridge into the Lodge where Cruller's shop is located (see shop section for details on buying stuff). For now I recommend picking up at least 2 PSI-Cores, you can't really get anything else yet. Now get back on the path and head down it some more the same way you were going and you'll come to a tree stump off to your left a bit you can jump in that will take you to the Underground Transit System (see UTS section). Continue down the path a ways and you'll come to a fairly obvious Psi-Card on a rock on your right, this will give you enough to complete yet another Psi-Challenge Marker! (after buying 2 cores of course). Down further there is another UTS tree stump, if you need it for whatever. Straight ahead is the parking lot, on one of the tree curbs to the left is a Psi-Card. In the next spot there is a car parked there, behind it there is a stump sign sticking out of the ground, jump on top of that then on top of the car and the roof will bounce you up into another Psi-Card. On the other side of the parking lot there is a basketball hoop with a rock next to it. Jump up on the rock then jump on top of the rim of the hoop for another Psi-Card. The last one here is on the stump in the middle, but we can't jump high enough right now so we'll have to come back for that. Now head back out of the parking lot and the path branches, right is where we came from so head left into the Reception Area. __________________________ __/Reception Area Exploration\_____________________________________[##00009] Head straight across the little camp fire area (you may hear some bear noises) and start walking along the path to where you'll see a Psi-Card up to your left a ways down. Hop the fence and grab it, up a bit higher is the bear (the one the kid in Camp was talking about if you spoke with him). Your not going to be able to do much damage to the bear yet, so I wouldn't try to hard, but there is another Psi-Card up in his area if you run and avoid him you can pick up and then head back to the path and continue on. The path leads to an area with some steps leading up and also to the right, up the steps is a little trailer home that appears to be Ford Crullers. Back and to the right of this open area is a rock you can jump on by a tree, jump up on the rock then look over to the tree and you can see there is a tight rope connected to the tree. So jump up there and head across the rope where you'll pick up one Psi-Card right away and another on the other end. Jump off here in the direction back by where you came and you'll see a UTS tree trunk and a little cave area with a Psi-Card in the entrance. Grab the Psi-Card but don't enter the cave because this appears to be Mr. Bears home and he doesn't exactly want you in here. From the cave head back toward the path, but instead of getting on it go straight through the opening where there is kind of an "unofficial path." Heading down here you'll come to a sort of "pride rock" on your left, go up on the land on the right of it, then up on to it two jumps, then you can jump to some land on the other side of it, from here you can jump back on top of it for a Psi-Card. Then you can turn around and jump up on a little piece of the big tree there, then up on to one of the branches with another Psi-Card. Going in the same direction jump off the tree toward some more rocks with a Psi-Card on the left. Your now right above the tight rope we walked in Cruller's little area. Don't jump back down on the path yet, stay up here and get on top of pride rock again. You'll notice there are some more rocks behind it you can jump onto, from there jump away from the big tree as far as you can and you may have to do some more jumping when you land, but you'll find that there is an area back here with a full Psi-Challenge Marker. Since you can't see it when you jump it may take you a jump to find it then another to get it, its there though, I swear. Straight out of this little area is a wooden log with another Psi-Card. We can see two more cards in sight from here, one straight ahead and one to the left, it doesn't seem like we can quite make it to the one out straight yet, so we'll come back. But head over and grab the one to the left which actually is surrounded by more climbable rocks, if we go up a little to the left of this card we'll see another card out in front of us. Now if we jump down in the direction of this waterfall and stay on the left side we'll come to yet another Psi-Card. Directly to the right of us now, across the water, is even another. Now you can work your way up this area your on where there is another Psi- Card at the top. Now jump down to where teh big bridge is and head into GPC and Wilderness. ______________________________ __/GPC and Wilderness Exploration\_________________________________[##00010] Head down the path a bit and you'll see a broken long going into the water on your left, jump on that, but don't go in the water, go left down on the brim of the water and there is a Psi-Card there. Now head up the log on the other side of the water (not the side you came from) and back towards the little shack Cruller is out front of. Continue past the shack and there is a large rock platform you can get up on with a Psi-Card. Now you can jump back towards that shack and go in a hole in the roof. In here is a complete Psi-Challenge Marker. Jump on the table and exit via the roof hole. Now go back up by the ledge we jumped here from, but don't get on it, just head left past it and you'll see various rock ledges, one that has a nice dancing Psi-Card on it. From there look down towards the fence and to the left you can see another Psi-Card, but beward that the bear is also down there. Follow the logs to the right of the bear and this card to find 2 more cards before coming to an area with 2 geysers, one which has something stuck in it, but we can't do anything about that quite yet. Follow the logs further in the same direction to another card, from that card make a hard left around the tree and you'll see another card not far away. Continue straight ahead and you'll see an entrance that looks similar to the bear's cave we saw before, but it actually leads to the Boathouse and Lake, so enter on in through there to check out the area. ______________________________ __/Boathouse and Lake Exploration\_________________________________[##00011] Head immediatly to the right, not on path, and there is a Psi-Card to grab. Now get on the path and head towards the lake, the other way will take you back to the main campgrounds. When you get to the beach a scene will play and you'll learn about the gypsy water curse on your family. During the scene you'll probably notice the Psi-Card right behind you, grab it when the scene ends. After grabbing that card head left (when facing the bridge you came down from), not to far is an entrance to the UTS, down a bit further keep your eye off to the right in the plants and you'll see another Psi-Card. Keep going and you'll find Cruller again, although you can't get a canoe without an Oarsman badge. Head out the bridge on the other end of Crullers place to walk the boardwalk over the lake, but after not to far cotton candy head stops you and you can't get past him. Head back to where we started and keep going straight past it and you'll find a little path that leads you straight to a Psi-Card. Turn around and head back and you'll notice up and to your right is a light pole on a ledge you can jump up on, then from there you can jump up on another one with another Psi-Card. Continue along this path thats up here and you'll see to tree branches sticking out of the wall you can swing on and jump up to yet another Psi-Card. Thats all we can do out here right now, so head back to the GPC area. Follow the path straight ahead and you'll encounter some campers head for a short scene. He'll mention some stuff about Sasha Nein's secret training which you are now right next to. Right here is also a path back to the Main Campgrounds so if you want you can head back there to buy some more Psi- Cores; if you have all the cards I've got so far we have enough to complete 5 Psi-Challenge Markers. Otherwise head through the log next to the kids, when you are halfway through you'll notice the top is gone, where the top comes back right before you enter the GPC area there is a Psi-Card on top. Jump up where there's no top then get on the top part to get the card. Now enter the GPC area. ___ __/GPC\____________________________________________________________[##00012] If you run around the bottom floor here before heading up any of the ramps you'll find a Psi-Card. In this area you can hear a kid crying, so to find him go back to where you came in and go up the ramp straight in front of you, turn left and go up the first ramp on your right, and punch the door on the big round silver thing there. You'll then get a scene with the kid who was crying and be back at the bottom. Now go back up to that same silver thing and you'll notice that its got a bunch of "spikes" petruding from it, use these to get on top of it to get a Psi-Card. Now go in the chamber where the kid was, a button is missing Raz points out. Well if you remember, Sasha gave you a button after you got out of Basic Braining you can pull out of your Backpack and press 'Y' by where the button is missing to open the door to Sasha's lab. ________________ __/Sasha Nein's Lab\_______________________________________________[##00013] Head down the first bend in the staircase and down and to your right you'll see a Psi-Card you can jump down and grab. When you get to the bottom of the stairs turn right and go towards the wall then right again for another Psi- Card. You are now ready to talk to Sasha Nein about his experiment. After the short talk step in front of the Brain Tumbler and press 'Y'. ____________ __/Astral Plane\___________________________________________________[##00014] This is where you will be able to go to any of the different minds that you have been in, right now though all you can do is go into your own mind. So go over to the door thats open and enter. ________________________ __/Brain Tumbler Experiment\_______________________________________[##00015] Out here you'll see one of the teleport dudes and a few figments. Gather the figments then enter the caravan. In here you'll kind of be stuck inside this static looking area, punch the wall a few times to break it open. When you get out you'll find there's a bunny type thing in front of you, you'll want to follow it to get through the area. First off, right behind your egg you came out of is a Purse tag so grab it, there is also a teleport dude right next to it. There's really only one way to go for awhile filled with lots of figments. You'll also find a Steamer Trunk tag on your left when you come to a bend in the path. You'll eventually come to a big dark demon thing of some sort, but Sasha will pull you out before it can do any damage. Sasha tells you to come back to see him when you are ready to go into the experiment again. Talk to Sasha Nein again right away and he'll tell you that he can't let you back in the experiment without a Marksmanship learners permit, to get one you need to go to Ford's place, he shows you the UTS log entrance so jump in there and go to Fords Sanctuary. _______________ __/Fords Sanctuary\________________________________________________[##00016] If you have reached level 10 then after the intro talk you'll automatically be given the merit badge for Pyrokinesis. Then you'll automatically go into the training for this new ability, so try it out. Feel free to talk to Ford about anything you'd like, there's a whole list of options, but you'll have to tell him 'Sasha says I need to fight better" and he'll give you the learners permit you need. When you tell him you're leaving he'll give you a piece of bacon and tell you he's going to stow away inside your head. Whenever you'd like to talk to him about anything just go into your backpack and use the piece of bacon to bring him out. If you turn directly around from looking at Ford and go to the edge of the platform you are on you can jump out to another platform, from here you can jump up and to your right to a platform with a Psi-Card on top of it. Now jump down below this area you are standing on and there is one Psi-Card you can find if you run around in the water down here. Now head to the machines in the middle and you'll get a briefing on how they work. You should have plenty of fixed Psi-Cards you can put together if you've bought enough Psi-Cores. We now have enough to complete 6 Markers which means 6 rankings! Just stand in front of the machine and press 'Y' and it will put in all the cards and cores possible at this time. Now you can head to the main lodge if you choose to to grab the Dowsing Rod which will help you greatly in finding arrowheads or just go back to Sasha's lab to take advantage of this learners permit you received. ________________ __/Sasha Nein's Lab\_______________________________________________[##00017] When you get there talk to Nein and tell him you are ready. ________________________ __/Sasha's Shooting Gallery\_______________________________________[##00018] ----------------------- | Items | Now you need to learn to use your Psi-Blast. After ----------------------- a short talk with Nein you'll be given control | __ 69 Figments | back of Raz, your Blast is automatically set to | __ 5 Cobwebs | the 'Right Trigger' so give it a show now by | __ 2 Vaults | shooting at these tacky lamps and whatnot. | __ Emotional Baggage | ----------------------- You'll then learn to L Target and also switch targets with the Right Analaog Stick when targeting. Shoot the Censor and then go collect the Mental Health it drops. After that he'll tell you about Raw Energy which are basically ammo for the Psi-Blaster. After Nein leaves, the Censor will keep coming at you and you can practice blasting, but what you want to do is going over to the controls and press 'Y' in front of it until you get it switched all the way up to the skull. This level is going to be difficult to really explain where your at since you can come from any side. But I'll try and describe the things that are on each side as you go to them and what your goals are. You'll notice that a part of the box you are on has changed a bit and has some obstacles and figments now, and of course censors. Head over there now and when you get there Nein will pop out of a hole and tell you that you need to get the area under control by Psi-Blasting the valves like the one he shows you. _________________________________ __/Sasha's Shooting Gallery - Side 1\______________________________[##00019] First jump up on the bed and there is a Dufflebag tag by the pillow. Also on the bed is a Vault jumping around, punch it to open it and get the "Sasha's First Loss" memory. One side has a triangle by the bed and the other has a square box by the bed, on the triangle side you will find the Dufflebag the tag goes to. Right by where this dufflebag is there is a "bridge" shaped piece with a cobweb in it we will have to come back and get later. When looking at the pillow on top of the bed to the left is a floating box with the Hatbox tag on it. From here you can jump up some other funny shaped pieces and get on the headboard of the bed where the Hatbox is located. When looking at the pillow if you go off to the right and start to climb up hte pieces on that side you will find the first Censor Valve, lock on and shoot it to shut it off; another will appear after you do. It is going to be off the other side of the bed. Climb up the boxes over there to shut that valve off. This stops the Censors from coming and cleans up this part of Sasha's mind. _________________________________ __/Sasha's Shooting Gallery - Side 2\______________________________[##00020] Now there appears to be more trouble on another side, so head over there to clean it up in the same manner. On this side there are a bunch of columns sticking up, on the smallest one is a Purse tag. The Censor's in this part are bigger and can not shoot stuff at you, so keep your eye out, they take two shots to kill instead of just one. Start to head up these columns starting on the short one and jumping up them taking out the Censor's along the way. You only have to go up a few of them before you are able to shoot the first valve, but of course another valve pops up. Climb up all the columns and you'll see some floating circular platforms that you can continue to climb up, at the top of these you'll find the Purse! From up here you can shoot the second valve in the area to clean up this side, but another pops up! _________________________________ __/Sasha's Shooting Gallery - Side 3\______________________________[##00021] This side has a new enemy for us, some sort of Bomb headed creature, these guys will run up to you and explode in front of you to hurt you, they will also explode when you shoot them so don't get to close or you'll get hurt when you kill them. In this area you'll find a Steamer Trunk Tag in the middle by a ladder. After you get that climb up the ladder, when you get to the top watch out for the Censor's shooting stuff at you. When you get up here you should be able to see a yellow colored rail that leads to a circular platform of the same color, the Steamer Trunk is right over here and to the side of it are two more platforms right next to the first valve. Now go back on that yellow platform and step onto the rail which you will grind over to the end of it. If you were to climb up this stack from the bottom you would come across a cobweb, however, we still can't take care of those yet, so stay up top now. From here if you look down on the stack of boxes you are on you should be able to see the valve switch, just jump down and shoot it to switch it off. Thats another cleaned side, but of course you aren't totally done yet. _________________________________ __/Sasha's Shooting Gallery - Side 4\______________________________[##00022] This side has four sets of stairs leading up to a middle area, each of them has fire that shoots out so watch out. Along the bottom of one of them is another cobweb we can't quite get. Besides these stairs we can climb up some platforms that are closer to the core of this contraption, near the bottom of which is a Suitcase Tag. Climb up to the top of this thing and you'll find the Suitcase sitting there. That covers all the baggage for this area. You can also shoot the last valve from this area so do that and a scene will occur. This is not the end of our problems though, we now have one very big problem... __________________ __/Mega Censor *BOSS*\_____________________________________________[##00023] Here we have in front of us a large Censor dude. Lets look at what we have going on right now. This huge dude is in front of us and grabbed Nein, there are little censor dudes running around everywhere that we'll want to kill to get Mental Health and Raw Energy. Right now there are 5 valves, 1 on each side of the box minus the side you start on that will rejuvinate him after you attack him. This guy will try to attack you buy running up next to you and then stamping you, you'll want to use evading to avoid this and also if you are just running away he won't be able to catch up to you and get you. However, he also has an ability where he rolls some sort of weird ball at you, so you'll want to watch out that you don't get run over by these things. The first thing we are going to want to do is to run to each side of the box where a new Valve is located and shut them all off. You'll shut them off in the same manner you shut off all the other ones in this level. Now its time to lock on to him and start using our Psi-Blaster to shoot. It's key now to use your evade skills to avoid the balls he throws and his stamp, also keep an eye on the little censors running around and try not to get swarmed. Kill them whenever you need health or ammo. He'll take about 8 shots to go down. After taking him down you are given your Marksmanship merit badge! You now have the Psi-Blast everywhere you go! **FUN NOTE** You can now take the bears around camp down in 3 shots. Woot woot! ________________ __/Sasha Nein's Lab\_______________________________________________[##00024] You'll find yourself back in Sasha's lab now and you are able to get back into the Brain Tumbler Experiment. However, if you've reached rank 20 by now you'll probably want to take a moment to go see Cruller for another Psi ability and stop in the lodge to buy the Cobweb duster so you hopefully don't have to backtrack through any of the future levels for cobwebs. Off to Cruller's for me! ________________________ __/Ford Cruller's Sanctuary\_______________________________________[##00025] When you get here you will automatically go into the cutscene in which you are given the merit badge for Telekinesis! You'll go into a training session again just as you did before in which he'll teach you how to use your new ability. When your done learning about your new ability you can use the UTS to go outside the main lodge, chances are good you don't have 800 arrowheads yet, so if you want to pick up the Cobweb Duster now get out your Dowsing Rod and start arrowhead hunting, it shouldn't take you to long to work up 800. After you have enough buy the duster and jump back in the UTS to return to Nein's lab. ________________ __/Agent Nein's Lab\_______________________________________________[##00026] Go in front of the Brain Tumbler again and press 'Y'. There are now two doors open in here, one is Sasha's Shooting Gallery and one is the Brain Tumbler Experiemnt, which is your mind, so go in that one. __________________________________ __/Brain Tumbler Experiment 2nd Visit\_____________________________[##00027] Continue through here just as you did before to where the black shadow monster thingy is, now that you have your Psi-Blaster just shoot him once and he's gone. Time to continue the bunny trail. To the right of where the monster was behind a bush is the Purse we got the tag for the first time we were in here. There is also a cobweb over here you can get. Go into your backpack and pull out your cobweb duster then press 'Y' next to the cobweb to grab it. Now continue to follow the bunny up a trunk of some sort where the monster used to be. As you continue on some Censors will pop out, shoot or melee them, nothing major. The wall that these first Censors popped out of is actually a ledge you can jump up on and then run to the right and you'll come across the Trunk. Go back down and walk forward off the ledge, directly to your left when you drop down will be the Dufflebag Tag. If your figment collecting you'll want to get back on that ledge we got the tag and head towards the ledge we just dropped off to get the tag. There are some poles you can swing on to get to a rope, to get to a vertical pole you can climb up, to another rope, to finally a ledge. So lets stick on the lower level and continue on ahead. Up a bit further on the right is a Luggage Tag and then straight ahead is a Censor shooting stuff at you and 3 small ones come running after you when you get closer. When you get real close the one up top will move back, so shoot him when your a decent distance away then climb up on the ledge. Up on a ledge on your right, right before you get to the rabbit is the Luggage box. From here is another ledge you can get up, then on the opposite wall another ledge, same wall up more is another one then over to a decently sized area. Over here you'll find the Dufflebag righ tnext to a Cobweb and several figments. Now head back to the rabbit. A bunch of Censors and a Bomb dude will pop out, take care of them. Catch up with the rabbit again and you'll find another Cobweb directly to the left. You'll find the final emotional baggage tag not to much further ahead on the left, the Hatbox tag. Keep going and some more Censors will appear. Up a bit further before the rabbit you'll see a funny looking piece of meat on the left, give it a few punches and stuff will start to come out of it. You can't do anything with this quite yet, so just move on and a scene will soon occur. Your goal now switches from following the rabbit, to climbing this tower. So, head to the right around back of this tower first to find a cobweb, then keep going and you'll come across the Hatbox, and only a bit further around and you'll find a Vault containing "The World Shall Taste my Eggs!" memory. Back by this vault is also one of the items that will increase your maximum astral projection. Now we can start heading up the big vine. As you make your way up the vine you'll find that you need to have your levitation power to make it up any hire. He gives you the Oarsman's Badge so that you can get a canoe to go out on the lake and see the mind expert. So jump in the UTS and go to the lake. ___________________ __/Boathouse and Beach\____________________________________________[##00028] When you get here head over into where Cruller is (off to the right) and talk to him to get a canoe, you'll encounter a scene along the way. After Cruller gets you a canoe you'll be standing by it, press 'Y' to get in. There's a few Psi-Cards you may see on your way that you want to try to get, but you can't really yet, just get them after you learn how to levitate. So head straight ahead and after the big rock make a right out to the floating dock. As you approach the dock you'll automatically get off your canoe. Walk towards everyone and a scene will occur. Talk to Agent Vodello to start your levitation training. ___________________ __/Milla's Dance Party\____________________________________________[##00029] ----------------------- | Items | You automatically receive your Levitation Learners ----------------------- permit which will allow you to levitate only | __ 79 Figments | inside her mind. Pull out your levitation ball and | __ 3 Cobwebs | run and jump over the first gap. When you go to | __ 2 Vaults | jump over the second one pull the 'Left Trigger' | __ Emotional Baggage | to use it to float a bit. Now you've gotta go find ----------------------- Milla on the other side of the party. Immediately to your right is the Dufflebag tag. Before we head into the real party, jump down and on the right side in the back corner is a Cobweb, then jump back up with your new levitation ball or use the netting on the wall to climb back up. Now cross the bridge into the real party. In this next room you'll need to get out your levitation ball and roll around the bowl and jump through all 3 hoops, after doing so some flower type platforms will come down that you can use to move up. After you reach the top Milla is kind enough to put a "ball return" at the bottom so that you can get back up here real easy if you fall. She also tells you your next objective which is to float through the rings and get them spinning again. You'll see some people partying next to you here, you'll also find good old Dufflebag here. Jump up to the platform in front of the rings and then jump over to the rings and hover through them. Milla will bring out another ball return and move the platform your on up a bit higher. There's two platforms near by higher than you, jump up on the closest one and Milla will tell you about the fan blowing air, if you jump into the airstream and float you'll get pushed by it to make it to the other side of the area. You'll more than likely get blown into the ladder so make sure you climb down it to grab the Steamer Trunk tag. Then climb up the ladder. Up here you'll see a big pinball type launcher, but before jumping in there straight across in front of you is the Hatbox tag. It'll take some rolling, but up to the left of where you came in is the Steamer Trunk. Now over to the ramp area leading to the plunger, get up on the high end of it and roll down into the plunger with as much speed as possible, as a result it will launch you back real good and when your in the air you can float down onto the blue platform. This platform will then bounce you across a series of other ones landing you on a nice flower one that floats up. Another ball return will appear now. When this platform is at the height of its ascent jump off it onto the railing, there will be a cobweb right in front of you. Walk around this area up here and you'll come across the Hatbox. You may have noticed by now all the circles along the railing that aren't spinning, jump up on the railing to grind through them all and get them turnin. There is now a moving platform that you can jump up on. Jump on to the party platform and head back and to the left where you can jump off and float over to the ledge with some doors on it, punch the doors to open them. When you get in here some Censors and Bomb dudes will pop out right next to the Purse tag. Punch the door on the other end of this hallway to get to another bowl with some more Censors and a Vault containing the "Milla's Adventure" memory. Get out your ball and roll around a bit then jump up out of the bowl to grab on to the fencing around it. Climb up the fence as high as you can and jump towards the platform in the middle with all kinds of hazards on it. Lucky for you when your levitating your protect from all these things! Except the spikes, you can't ever get away from something like that sadly. Levitate over the mess and jump to the pole in the middle, climb up it and jump to the flower platform near by. A ball return now appears at the bottom. Keep your eyes up a bit and you'll see a moving platform coming around, use your levitation to jump up on to here. Watch out for the big green thing stretching across the room because its a wall and you can't go through it, you'll need to jump over top of it and land back on the platform. As you go around you'll now notice another platform towards the middle and a door along the right side. First go for the platform in the middle and then jump to the blue bouncer platform and you'll get shot over to where the Purse is located. From here you can jump and float all the way over to the doors and then punch them to open them. Some Censors will immediatly appear. Walk through the opening in front of you. ______________________________ __/Milla's Dance Party - The Race\_________________________________[##00030] ----------------------- | Items | Whip out your ball and roll through this crazy ----------------------- checkered tube to get to the racecourse part of | __ 97 Figments | the party. You'll need to do the whole race while | __ 0 Cobwebs | on your levitation ball. Throughout the course | __ 0 Vaults | there will be several obstacles. The things that ----------------------- look like lowercase n's you can go in the middle of and they will give you speed boosts. You'll have to use these to win. Most everything else will just stop you and that will significantly decrease your chance of winning the race. You do need to get in first place to continue on in the level. There's not really any big strategy to this race, just avoid things that will slow you down, get all the boosters you can, and stay on your ball! After you win the race you'll be taken to a new area, your almost at the real party! ______________________________ __/Milla's Dance Party - Fan Room\_________________________________[##00031] ----------------------- | Items | Right smack in the middle of this area is the ----------------------- Suitcase Tag so don't forget to grab it. Also, | __ 57 Figments | directly underneath where you came in is a Cobweb. | __ 2 Cobwebs | If you haven't figured it out yet, these platforms | __ 0 Vaults | are spitting up an airstream that will allow you ----------------------- to float up higher when you float overtop of them. First, from where you came in, there are a few of these platforms directly to the side, jump on the first then float to the second then the third which will float you up real high. From here up against the wall you'll find a small ledge with an item that increases the amount of Psi-Blast shots you can hold. Now go back again to where you came in the room. Straight out in front of you is a regular platform with an airstream platform in front of it, work your way up these airstreams here. The last one will take you up by a ledge with a button on it you need to punch to activate. After punching the button the middle fan will start to move, its time to get some more rings spinning! I'd recommend floating up until you see a platform then fall through it, then float up again to the next one, fall and repeat. When your done the shocks will go away from the door and you can float up there where you'll find the Purse, then punch through the door to move on. In this room theres a bunch of crazy blue tube type things leading down to the middle, theres one right underneath you when walk in, so if you go into the middle then head to the next one to the right, on the far side of it is a Cobweb. Jump on the blue bouncer in the middle of the floor to get back up and then jump over to the party platform to find Milla. You've now gained your Levitation merit badge! This gives you the freedom to levitate anywhere you want! ___________________ __/Boathouse and Beach\____________________________________________[##00032] You can now properly explore this area with the Levitation ball. So get out your ball and roll away from Milla towards one of the dock areas in the water, give a good jump and float over there. This dock is connected to the next nearest one with some overhead beams which has a Psi-Card on it. From here go over to the dock that connects to the main land. Then jump out to the lone rock with a Psi-Card floating on it. Now if you've ranked up past 30 you should have another Psi-Ability waiting for you at Cruller's. To go retreive it you can simply use your piece of bacon and tell him you "Need to regroup back at HQ" and he'll take you to his place. _________________________ __/Ford Cruller's Sancturary\______________________________________[##00033] If you've reached level 30 then you will now gain the Invisibility Merit badge! Go through the tutorial with Cruller to learn how to use this. When your done jump in the UTS and head back to Nein's lab to finish off the Brain Tumbler. ________________ __/Sasha Nein's Lab\_______________________________________________[##00034] Head in front of the Brain Tumbler and press 'Y' for a little scene, when you are in the astral plane you can now visit Milla's Dance Party along with Sasha's Shooting Gallery from here, but go into the Brain Tumbler Experiment so we can finish that off. ______________________________________ __/Brain Tumbler Experiment - Third Visit\_________________________[##00035] You'll start right in front of the big vine area this time, watch out for the Censor who is behind you. Head forward to that first meat thing that is spitting up funny colored air. You can now jump in this airstream and pull out your levitation ball to float up. Float up this first and you can land yourself in a big bathtub with a Cobweb. After doing so you can drop through the hole in the bottom of the tub and start making your way up the vines to where we got stuck before. Punch the big piece of meat several times until the airstream comes out then float up it and land on the area in the middle up as high as you can go to get a scene. Now you need to go over to where the scientist dropped the brain down the shoot and press 'Y' to open it and then walk into it to head down. _____________________________ __/Blueprint Brain Tank **BOSS**\_________________________________[##00036] Alright, as you've seen the kids brain is now placed in the tank and you need to defeat it. If you have reached Rank 30 and gotten your invisibility power this fight is going to be worlds easier for you, I have written the strategies below as if you don't have them, but if you do know that you can get out of basically every attack by simply turning invisible and running. It will also help you to get up right next to the tank without him knowing you're there. The tank has a few different attacks, you'll see an arrow come out of the front of it very similar to the way your levitation aim works. This means that it is targeting you to shoot you, if you walk into the target it will lock on to you and unless you can get behind a pillar before it shoots you there's no way to avoid getting hit. Also note that if you are behind a pillar when it shoots you the pillar will break and be gone for the rest of the fight. Next thing the tank will do is if you get to far away from it and there is a open path between it and you, a.k.a. no pillars, it will charge at you, this you really want to get out of the way of because it will go through pillars and everything. Just go off to the side though, if you can get moving away right before it charges your best off. The last thing you are going to want to look out for is when a "?" (question mark) appears on top of the tank. This doesn't mean that the tank is confused, this means that its going to launch out a Confusion grenade. There is no target for this and similar to the Bomb dude enemies it explodes in a small radius. If you get hit with it your controls will become inverted for a short amount of time and all your abilities will switch and you won't know which one is what, so this is obviously very dangerous! Now, how to defeat it. There is a spot underneath the tank where you need to shoot it to deal damage. To reveal it you are going to need to get in the position where the tank is going to charge at you. Right before it charges at you you'll notice that it "stands up," this is the time when you are going to need to attack it. The only problem is, you can't be real far away because your Psi-Blast doesn't shoot that far. So, we need to get up close to him. You can do this by utilizing all the pillars around to basically sneak your way up next to the tank, then wait for it to "stand up" in which case you can shoot it. After you shoot it the tank will flip over and you can run up to it and start punching it to deal some real damage. When you go to punch it though you need to be hitting it kind of on the button, so don't try to punch the front or back but get the side where you can see the button. That's it! You'll need to flip him over and attack him at least 4 times to defeat him. Be aware that as the fight progresses on he'll become quicker and quicker with shooting confusion grenades, when he's almost dead he'll be basically constantly shooting them so watch you don't accidentally walk into one! If you ever get in a pinch and need some health and/or ammo you can punch the pillars to break them or just get the tank to break them for you. They mostly all will draw a little of one or the other. When the tank is defeated it will drop the brain along with blow up all the pillars which leave lots of Mental Health and Raw Energy (well if you had any left and didn't use them all during the fight). However, we have another problem now, the brain is after you! The brain has two attacks, one is the confusion bombs just as the tank was using and the other is this really annoying green beam that comes out of it and spins around like a radar. If this hits you it will damage you, its as simple as that. You can only avoid it by jumping over it, or being so far away that it can't reach you, but being that far away isn't going to help you win the fight any. You'll also notice if you watch that the beam will go really fast for a rotation or two and then really slow, the really slow one is going to be the critical time to get in there up close. The brain moves by jumping around, and it can virtually jump from any one spot in the area to another spot, so there's really no use in trying to run away. The only way to damage this is with old school style melee action. Your Psi- Blast will bounce right off it so don't even try. You need to avoid the green beam and get in right next to the brain and punch it. I recommend that you use your levitation ball and your ability to float to make getting right up close to him real easy, then when you do start punching! Of course, while your in here you still need to watch out for the confusion bombs and the green beam. He doesn't take to long to defeat though once you start giving it to him. ________________ __/Sasha Nein's Lab\_______________________________________________[##00037] You'll end up back here after you defeat the brain and Sasha tells you that he has to leave on some urget Psychonaut business. Cruller pops out of your ear to talk with you a bit and share some ideas, off to the boathouse to meet up with Lily! __________________ __/Boathouse and Lake\_____________________________________________[##00038] Right when you get here a scene will automatically take place. Well, that leaves quite a task at our hands. Go out on the boardwalk over where cotton candy head used to be, but he's not any more so we can get to this crazy thing we need to drive, but first run straight across the walk without making any turns and you'll get a Psi-Card (you've probably seen/tried to get this card before). You can also get up on the big rock right next to you here and then up on the roof of the area right next to you as well where another Psi-Card sits. From here look back over the boardwalk you just came from and you should be able to see that there are some more Psi-Cards out there. Use your levitation ball to get a good jump and float over to the roofs that cover the boardwalk. You'll pick up 1 Psi-Card on the second to last one, then jump on the next one and you can walk on the rope up to another, continue all the way up this rope and you'll get on some netting you can climb up to get to a little wood plank with another Psi-Card. There is a rope going off the back of this area we can walk down and then jump to a platform on our left, then up on a higher platform slightly to the left, and then more so to the left is another Psi-Card just a jump away. Now, beware to your right is a cougar type animal in a little cave, if you get to close to this animal it will try to light you on fire! About 4 shots should take out the cougar. Now get back on the boardwalk and go over to the thing Cruller told you about; press 'Y' to open it and walk in. ____________________ __/Lair of the Lungfish\___________________________________________[##00039] You'll find yourself in some sort of airbubble underneath the water. There's not much of anything you can do down here, but if you head left you'll see a bright glowing wall that you can punch through, behind it are some stairs that go only one way and that way is up, at the top is a big bell and a rope hanging down, jump on the rope to ring the bell and bring out the Lungfish. _________________ __/Lungfish **BOSS**\______________________________________________[##00040] In this fight you are stuck in this air bubble area and the Lungfish is right on the edge sucking in items and also spitting out items. Thats really all he does, if you get to close to him you'll get sucked in and if your to close when he's not sucking he'll spit something out on top of you. Its pretty obvious how to avoid both of these, but hurting him might not be quite as obvious. If you attempt to shoot him you'll notice that the shots seem to kind of hit the edge of the bubble and bounce off and it doesn't do much good to throw (via Telekinesis) items at him becuase he's already sucking them in. However since he's already sucking things in, why don't we alter those items, to further explain, you'll notice that the boxes he is sucking in apear to have a tac symbol on them, so hang out decently close to him, not so close that you'll get sucked in, and when the boxes come by punch them open to break out the tacs and send them flying in his mouth to do some damage. After doing a bit of damage things will change up and the camera will become the monsters eyes. He'll now be "chasing" you, although not super fast, but you'll need to run away from while staying inside the bubble (so the waters hands don't get you) and you'll need to platform your way across many obstacles. There's not really a lot of ways to go, you just have to keep moving, so I'm not going to write out exactly where to go as he chases you. Just keep your eyes out for the glowing walls you can break through, ledges to jump on and poles to swing on. After a bit of chase the fight will go back to the fish sucking up things. Everytime he switches modes you may (or may not) notice that the bubble gets a bit smaller so you have less room to move around. Be aware of where you are so that you don't walk out into the water and get grabbed by its hands. After the second chase he'll come out and go after you by foot. In this area you'll notice that there area a lot of clam shells on the ground and that as Lungfish chases you around he swings at you with the little antenna type thing on his head. If you have gotten to close to one of these clams at any time you may remember that they snap down on you, well what you want to do is to stand behind them so that when Lungfish comes over and swings at you, you can jump out of the way and his antenna will get stuck in the clam. At this point you'll be able to pull off a few melee hits and then repeat. You'll have to get him stuck 3 times to kill him. When its defeated Ford pops out of your ear to share some thoughts with you, after he goes back in go into your backpack and get out the Psycho-Portal you grabbed from Sasha's lab and use it on the Lungfish to get inside his mind. ______________ __/Lungfishopolis\_________________________________________________[##00041] ----------------------- | Items | Welcome to what the inside of a Lungfish looks, ----------------------- like, the inside of its mind that is. There is a | __ 113 Figments | huge town here, however, compared to the town you | __ 5 Cobwebs | are gigantic. In this level you can punch most all | __ 2 Vaults | buildings you want, the ones you can't punch are | __ Emotional Baggage | the really big ones and you can climb up the sides ----------------------- of these ones. Another note is that you can't use Pyrokenisis or your Levitation Ball in this level. Not much you can do right away, just head forward and you'll get a scene that tells you about your purpose here. First goal, punch hole in prison, this is the building right in front of you with exclamation marks on top if you weren't watching when he showed you. Already you are given a new Merit badge! The Shield! You now have the power to engulf yourself in a little Psi-Shield, it works on a timer just like being invisible but you need to hold in the button. Continue along the road and it branches, head down the right and you'll get a "news flash" and you'll also be right next to the Dufflebag, but we don't have the tag for this yet. Up a bit further you'll encounter your first enemies in this level, little tanks. Although they are small they can still do damage to you with their missle, use your new shield to block their shots and take them out with a punch. You can also get next to them and pick them up with 'Y' and then throw them, if so you choose; or easiest of all, just walk over them to crush them. On the road up after the first few tanks head to the right and you should be able to immediately see a Cobweb. If you climb on top of this building where the cobweb is you will receive the Purse Tag. Over here you will also get a news flash about another type of enemy that shoots out an electric ray. Lucky for you your new shield can deflect this ray, so when you see these gusy simply put on your shield and you'll deflect the beam back at them and kill them. Continuing down the road and another news flash will come up to tell you about the monster proof turrets, another enemy to watch out for. These guys will lock on to you and deal massive damage, to kill these guys you need to get right next to them and melee them. The best way to do this is to use your invisibility so that they can't see you and you can just run up right next to them and punch them, or you can just do it the hard way and run towards them and use your shield everytime they shoot a missle; it will block their shots. If you take out this turret now you'll get a talk from one of the citizens about how you're supposed to be going through the laser beam tunnel, so lets head back towards where we came from and then go right to the tunnel. It is heavily guarded in front so make sure to take out all the tanks. Right when you walk into this tunnel bring out your shield because its going to a shoot a ton of little red lasers at you, with your shield out you'll deflect them all and blow them up basically. Right when you walk in here to your right is a Cobweb, and to your left is the Dufflebag tag. You can now go back to where we saw the Dufflebag when we started the level and take care of it. Now, in the back right corner of this place is the Purse and running around, real tiny, in the back left corner is a Vault containing the "Lungfishopolis Under Siege!" memory. Now your goal is to break open the section of the prison with the exclamation points above it to free some more soldiers. Now the blimp gets moved over by where we were before we came here, sorry for making you slightly backtrack, but I wanted to get that cobweb and purse tag or else we would have had to just come back here to get the purse! So, off we go now, out of here through the tunnel and all the way left. When you get down by the blimp you'll hear of the citizens "expert" plan, no time to go along with that though, try jumping on top of the blimp to use it to bounce yourself up to a pole above. _____________________________ __/Lungfishopolis - Over the Dam\__________________________________[##00042] Shimmy across the pole to over on top of the dam to get the Hatbox Tag. Before heading into the town right here run across the top of the Dam here to find the Hatbox and at the end an item to get back a lost astral layer, behind that is also a Cobweb. Now back to where we got off the pole and into town. Over here you'll find that there are ships on the edges of the water that shoot missles at you, you'll probably want to make a point of taking these out right away. The missles they shoot will home in on you, but watch out when defeating the ships because they will sink after you do and you cannot stand in the water over here. Walk straight into here and the road will go between two large climbable buildings, but you want to climb up the next one on the left because on the top of that one you'll find an ammo upgrade for your Psi-Blast. Continue up along the road and it will soon split, immediately to the right will be the Steamer Trunk tag, lets continue down this path. However, when you get to the end of this side you'll find some tight ropes you can walk on. Head across them and part way across you'll find an item to restore an astral layer. Right when you get off these in this next part of town there will be a Cobweb to your left. Directly to your right, on top of a building here is the Steamer Trunk. In this area, straight ahead from where you walk in you'll also find the second Vault of the level running around the road containing the "Lungfish and Loboto" memory. Now, after clearing out this little area we can jump straight onto a battleship and head to another part of town, but its the same part we can get to from the other way at the fork we went right at not to long ago. So, lets go back there so we don't miss anything. When walking down this side you'll go by a big climbable building on your left, then one your right, then another on your left, this third one you're going to want to go around the left behind to get a Cobweb. When you get to the end of this side there is also a rail for you to grind, head across this one and inside the cave it goes through you'll get the Suitcase tag. When you get to the other side a scene will automatically occur (during the scene you may even notice the Suitcase!). Well, if you've paid attention to message you'll hear they are sending some flying machines at you and after you get rid of them your men will move in some boats. There are 8 flyers that you need to get rid of, they are each flying around dropping bombs over you right now. To get rid of them climb up any one of the buildings here and use your lock on and shooting powers to defeat them. If you choose the first building on the left you'll get an item to increase your maximum projection layers! After defeating all the copters the boats will be moved into place so that you can cross the water. But first we need to get that Suitcase, it is on top of the last building on the right so go back there, climb up and get it! If you don't know what building I'm talking about just get on top of any of them and take a look, you'll be able to see it. Now head straight off the back of this part of the city across the boats that have been moved in to form a path. When you reach the other side you'll get another news flash. Walk forward and prepare to battle. __________________ __/Kochamara **BOSS**\_____________________________________________[##00043] This boss is quite humorous really, he basically calls out the moves he's about to perform so you should always know whats coming, but I'll detail them anyways. The battle will start with Kochamara flying around above you, he has two attacks he performs while he's up here. On is an attack where he dives into you and the other is an attack where he shoots a beam of sorts at you. Both can be blocked by using your Shield ability. However, if you put the shield on two early he'll wait for you to take it off before attacking. Also, the only way to damage him right now is to bounce the laser back at him, which basically means use your shield when he does the laser for sure. After 3 hits with that he'll come down to the ground to take you on at a more personal level, but right before doing so he takes away all your energy you have saved up. He also gains some new moves. One of which is an area attack that he lets some beams out all over the place. The other is a combo attack in which he does a series of hits consecutively. Once again, both can be blocked, but don't block to early because he'll wait to attack you until you've stopped blocking. He'll do his attacks consistantly in the order of: 1. Ram 2. Combo 3. Area Attack Your time of vulnerability for him here is right after he does the area attack. You want to get as close to him as you can when he announces thats what he's about to do then right after he does it give him a few punches. After doing this 2 or 3 times he'll launch himself back up in the air and fly around some more. Defeat him up here just as you did before and he'll go back on the ground, you can then finish of the fight with an attack or two down here. You've finally made it to the tower! Head over to it and begin to climb up, after some climbing you'll get a scene that leaves you on a mysterious island with a new item; the Lungfish Call! _____________________________________ __/Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed\__________________________[##00044] Head straight in front of you and start going up the ledges. On the first ledge you'll find Lili's bracelet, and then use the twig to swing to the next ledge where you'll find a Psi-Card. Head up the ladder and you'll get a scene with one of the best characters in this game. But before interacting with him anymore, look up and to your left to see a Psi-Challenge Marker. Use your levitation ball to jump up high enough to get it. Get out your door and press 'Y' next to this guy to jump inside his mind. ______________________ __/The Milkman Conspiracy\_________________________________________[##00045] ----------------------- | Items | When you get here you'll get a scene and then the ----------------------- man tells you to take a look in the fridge because | __ 165 Figments | there is something there that will help you. Go | __ 4 Cobwebs | over and punch the fridge to get the Clairvoyance | __ 2 Vaults | merit badge! This allows you to look through other | __ Emotional Baggage | peoples eyes to see what they see, it also works ----------------------- with certain objects that have the "Clairvoyance Eye" on them. Just a note in this level is that whenever you see yellow dashed areas do not try to go through them unless you have the proper item. If you do, you'll notice a little portrait of Raz appear in the top right with some jail bars closing down, if you don't get out of there before the bars reach the bottom of the picture then you'll get "arressted" and be taken back to an earlier part of the level. Go use your Clairvoyance on the man in this room and you'll find out that the Milkman is dead, but he tells you to go to the Graveyard to dig him up, so it seems that is our first goal! So lets head out the the main door and out into the main street, not the first house on your left by the teleport dude, but the next one you come across has a car to the side of it with a Crossguard Sign under the trunk, pick that up, you'll need it later. Continue back down the street and you'll come to an arrow with yellow dashed lines surrounding it, ignore for a moment and go to the house to the right to take care of a Cobweb. Now if you go over by the yellow dashed lines you'll hear him talking about how he's working on the road crew, if you try to walk in here he'll tell you you can't pass, unless you get out your red sign, then he'll think you are working on the road crew as well and let you through. With your sign out cross through the road crew section, jumping across the broken paths and once out of the yellow lined area you can put your sign away. Right after getting out of the road crew section on top of the house to your left is the Purse Tag. Back on the main road now to the right you'll see a phone line guy working by the telephone pole and around the house up ahead there are some gardeners working on the shrubs. To the left of the phone line guy you may notice a mail box and another part of road that looks crooked, jump over towards it and the world will rotate so that you land on it. The second house you come to on your left will have one of those black cars like we stopped at before, go over to it and punch it to pop open the trunk and grab the Hedge Trimmers. Back behind this house jump over the fence to get the Steamer Trunk Tag. Continuing along the road some we'll come to some plumbers, although we can't go through their area, we can go around it to get past them for now. The first house on the left right after going past them has a Cobweb you probably want to grab. Behind the Cobweb is a hatbox, but we don't have a tag for it yet. Up ahead on the road further you'll come to the graveyard finally, but we can't get in because of all the sad widowers. Behind the graveyard is the Dufflebag, but we don't have the key for that yet either. If you go around the left side of the graveyard you'll come across a Vault containing the "Boyd: Fired Again!" memories, over here by the tree is also an item to restore an astral layer. Right outside the graveyard to the left is another piece of road thats on a funny angle you can jump over to, head over here. The first house on the right has some guys watering plants, but we can't get in here yet, so just keep going down the road. Next you'll come to another area on your right thats kind of like a mini hedge maze, although not hard to navigate, just go straight through the middle area and you'll get a flower to become a "widow" so you can get into the graveyard now. If you go down the right side there is a crow there and if you scare him away he will drop a feather. You can now pull out the feather and then use Clairvoyance to see through the crows eyes whereever he is. We aren't going to turn back quite yet though, continue down the street and the second house we come to on the left has a black car outside of it again, go inside this house to get the Dufflebag tag. Continue down the street some more and the next house on the right has a Cobweb out front. Now continue all the way to the end of the road where there is a black car outside a building and also a teleport dude. Punch the black car to pop open the trunk and get the Watering Can. If you use your levitation ball you can get up on the roof of this building and there is an item to restore an astral projection layer behind the brick Post Office sign. We can't get in this building yet, so its time to start heading back and using all these items we've acquired. As you head back the first yellow lined area you'll come across is the watering can people, so get out your can and head in there. Go inside the house and on the table is the Rolling Pin, make sure to grab that, but make sure you have your Watering Can in hand when you exit the house. Exit here and go across the funny angled jump right by the graveyard, now get out your flower and enter the graveyard. In here you'll want to head to the back where some big vines are, you can't punch through them, but you can indeed burn them down. After they have burned away punch through the door and get the book, however right after you get it you'll get arrested (for not grieving in the cemetary) and you'll find yourself back in the main guys house who gives you some ideas on what to do next, oh and he gives you a rifle. Now you're all the way back at the beginning and so lets start heading down the road again, first you'll need to get out your sign to get through the road crew again, keep going past the phone dude, but you can now go in where the gardeners are. Get out the Hedge Trimmers and jump on the roof and go into the back yard where you can get the Suitcase Tag. After that go inside the house. When you get inside get out your Rolling Pin and go behind the Rolling Pin people to get an ammo up item. On the opposite side of the room is the Purse. Now, what you can do is either go back to the teleport dude in front of the main house (Boyd's house, where you got the rifle and started the level) and then teleport to the post office, or just walk back over there. When you get there set fire to the thing next to the door where it looks like a security code can be entered, after doing so a guy will come out to input a password to make the alarm stop. When he comes out use Clairvoyance on him to see the password he enters, which is 8545. After he leaves use Clairvoyance on the alarm and then press 'Y', input '8545' then hit 'Enter'. Exit your Clairvoyance and go inside this building, to the right you'll find a Cobweb and also the Suitcase. After you grab the Cobweb enter the doorway and everything will be pitch black, but you'll notice there are some security camera's, use Clairvoyance on the camera to see where your at and whats around you. As you progress through this area the view will switch between the different cameras so you can always see yourself. When you get all the way to the end you'll see a shiny object, this happens to be the Plunger! Grab it and then head back the way you came. When you get to the end go up the stairs and then out of the building when all of the sudden...your taken underground by some sort of monster! _________________________________ __/Underground Monster **MINI-BOSS**\______________________________[##00046] At the start of the fight you'll be face to face with this monster and it will move around a bit and attack every now and then by making a hand come up out of the ground and swing at you. You can easily block this with your Shield, or simply get out of the way. To deal damage you can use your Psi- Blast to shoot at it. Fairly straight forward. After taking out about half of its life it will dive underground completely so you can't hurt it for awhile and a series of hands will continuously come up out of the ground swinging; to avoid this also use your Shield. After a short time the monster will resurface so you can deal damage again. After you have taken out all of its life it will fall over and drop out a bunch of little bombs. Use your levitation to toss one of the bombs at it and then it will kind of become frozen, run up to it and Punch it to finish it off and it will restore one of your astral layers. You will now see a glowing blue area, walk through it to exit the battle area. If you die during this battle you will simply be sent back to the surface, however, until you defeat this monster it will be lurking around this area so you might as well just take care of it now. Now its time to head back to where the sewer workers are, get out our plunger and hop on in to those sewers. _________________________________________ __/The Milkman Conspiracy - After the Sewers\______________________[##00047] ----------------------- | Items | Straight in front of you now are a bunch of ----------------------- assassins and to the right are phone line workers, | __ 48 Figments | get out your Rifle and head in with the assassins. | __ 1 Cobwebs | While in this area you may notice a red laser that | __ 0 Vaults | comes down and locks on to you, this is someone on ----------------------- the roof aiming at you to shoot you. If they hit you, you're dead. So, make sure you have your shield ready and whenever the sight locks on to you get out your shield to protect yourself. Head through the assassin area and go around back of the building to get the Steamer Trunk, then go back around front and get the cobweb off of the entrance. Now go in here and up the stairs, you'll get a scene when you get to the top. In this room now be sure to pick up the Helicopter Helmet, now when a helicopter flies in use your Clairvoyance to see where they go and you'll find the location of the Milkman! When you hear a phone start ringing hit 'B' to exit the helicopters view and go over and get the phone. Now get out your gun so you can go back through the assassins area and when you get out of there...the underground monster reappears! Its the exact same fight as before so if you need help just scroll up a bit to the first time he appeared. After defeating him get out your phone and climb up the telephone pole. Up here you can grind across the phone wires, but make sure you jump over where the other telephone poles come up because they will knock you off and you'll have to start again. When you get to the other side go up to the door and knock on it (punch it). When they come out hide on the side of the house, then they'll close the door and at this point turn invisible and run over by it and they'll push it wide open, at this point run inside. A scene occurs when inside. _______________________ __/The Den Mother **BOSS**\________________________________________[##00048] This fight starts immediately after the scene and she comes out swinging with an attack right off the bat. At the beginning of the fight she has a pattern of doing 2 things, the first thing she'll do is throw something at you and then she'll toss out a cookie box. When she throws the item at you you're going to either want to be moving or to use your sheild. The cookie boxes she drops are what you're going to want to use to damage her right now. Everynow and then she will switch which of the three sets of stairs she is standing on, but her attack pattern doesn't change when she does this. Your going to have to be quick when you want to attack her. Dodge the things that will hurt you then quickly use your levitation to toss a cookie box at her. This will hurt her significantly. However, things change after you hit her the second time, she flips out the lights. You'll notice something shining on the ground next to you, this is the God's Eye item, pick it up and then use Clairvoyance to see through her eyes. Since for some reason she can see in the dark we'll have to use her eyes to see where we are. When you are looking through her eyes you'll want to aim right at the bottom of the screen and that should hit her every time. She'll take another 2 hits in the dark to finish her off and awaken the Milkman! You'll exit the level and now the big gates will be open and Boyd will happily be on his way! _____________________________________ __/Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed\__________________________[##00049] Right after walking through the gates make an immediate left and along the wall is a brain in a jar, punch it to free it. We'll have to take this back to Cruller later to increase our total Mental Health. At the top of the stairs where we walked get out your levitation ball and jump up and to the right to get a Psi-Card. Walk straight in past the fountain and you'll see the Milkman has stopped there frightened. Well, to the left of him we can find a Psi-Card, in a similar spot to the right of the Milkman we can find another brain. Now head back towards the fountain then go left and you'll see a bunch of junk covering a doorway, punch it to clear the path and walk through. When you get through the other side make a right for another Psi-Card. Now start heading the other way through this area and you'll come across a tree on your right, then there will be a thorny vined path, look to your left and you'll see another brain. After you get it head through the vine covered path to meet our next subject. Right next to her is one of her old trophy's, grab it and she'll start talking to you. Now, if you want to head on in to Gloria's Mind (no pun intended) you can, or you can head back to Cruller's right now to get those 3 Mental Health upgrades from the brains we found. ________________________ __/Ford Cruller's Sanctuary\_______________________________________[##00050] If you decide to head back simply pull out your bacon and tell Ford you need to report back at HQ. If you haven't been back here in awhile then Cruller will tell you about having to save Lily (from the Lungfish, which we did) and he'll also tell you about saving the other kids Brains (which we have 3 of), lastly he'll ask you to be his field agent; of course tell him "Yes." After that talk to him again with 'Y' and he'll put the 3 brains you found back in the kids they belong in and you'll have a short talk with each of them. While your here you may want to go down and put the Cobwebs we've found in the Cobweb machine then all your Psi-Cards/Cores in the other machine to up yourself a few ranks. When your done go talk to Cruller and tell him "I'm ready to go back in the field," then he'll send you back to Thorney Towers. _____________________________________ __/Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed\__________________________[##00050] Now go back to Gloria and toss that Door on the back of her head to jump into her Theatrical mind! ________________ __/Gloria's Theater\_______________________________________________[##00052] ----------------------- | Items | When you start you'll be in the center of this ----------------------- room, on one side of you there are a bunch of | __ 105 Figments | instruments sticking out of the floor, to the | __ 7 Cobwebs | right of these is a Teleport dude and a ladder, up | __ 1 Vaults | the ladder is the Purse, but we can't get it yet | __ Emotional Baggage | so no use going up there. But right over here ----------------------- there is also a Cobweb we can get, then after getting that directly behind us is another Cobweb. Now head to the right to where there is another ladder and right next to that is the Steamer Trunk Tag. Now head up this ladder, you can't do anything with the item up top yet, but if you look to the right you'll see some sitting areas with lots of figments, jump over to the first one, then go to the one next to it and you'll find another Cobweb. Continue to the next one to get an item to increase the amount of ammo you can hold. Now jump back down to the main area here. This time go away from the band and towards the back of the stage. Back here and to the left is the Purse Tag. On this same side if we break through a bunch of the stuff here we'll find a Cobweb in the corner and behind the web is the Suitcase, but no tag yet for that. Now that we have the Purse Tag we can go back by that first ladder and teleport dude, up the ladder to the Purse. Then return back here and go to the other side (right side) and up a little ramp to another Cobweb. Remove the web and enter. If you just go running down this hallway the girl will close the door and Raz will say "Guess she really doesn't want to SEE anyone right now." So, at the beginning of the hallway turn yourself invisible and then run into the dressing room. Talk to her for a scene. So talk to her with the first option until she opens up the storeroom for you to get a Candle out of. Head out of her room and the storeroom is the only other room in the hallway. Enter in here and you should immediately be able to see a Vault running around, punch it open to get the "Gloria's Cruel Training" memory. After you get the Vault on the left side of the room you should be able to see a ladder, climb up it and there is a Cobweb up top. After you get that turn around and you will see two poles you can use to swing to the other side of the room. From here turn left to climb up two ledges where you will find a tight rope you can walk across. When you get on this rope you should be able to see the Steamer Trunk over to your left and the Suitcase Tag next to a Cobweb to your right. Climb across the rop to get the candle. From here you can grind down a banister like object, or use your levitation ball to float over to the trunk, from there you can float over to the tag and the Cobweb. When your done exit the room and go back into the main area, out here head straight ahead to the suitcase. Then go back to the ladder by where we got the Steamer Trunk tag earlier and climb up to the item up top we were not able to use at the time, put the candle in it and use Pyrokinesis to light it on fire. This causes a play to start, enjoy. Well, now you have some knowledge of the Phantom, but not quite enough yet. Go over and talk to the Critic, you'll get some dialogue choices, choose all you want, but when you tell him you are leaving he'll hand you a new script. With the script in hand go over and talk to the Director. The play will automatically run after you do so, but it doesn't have any effect. Go up to where we put the Candle in the spotlight and punch it to switch the mood of the play. Watch out while in the darker mood for everything becomes hostile and won't hesitate to attack you. When you switch the moods some more of the play will automatically occur, after its over take out the enemies and then you'll notice that the set now contains a bunch of swingable poles. Start on the right and work your way to the beam up top. When you get to the top Raz will notice the hot air balloon he needs to get up to the Catwalks, but he needs to find a play that will cause them to use it so that he can then use it. Now if you look to the right of the stage you'll see a little mystical shiny area that you can walk into to switch sides of the set. After doing so go over and talk to the director and ask her to see the Knight of Joy again. This time when the play runs the night will come out and slay the large dragon that is there. Now you can go over and jump on the dragons head (be careful when wandering around back here, if you fall in the water it will kill you just like any other water!) From on top the dragons head you should be able to see a shiny item on the ledge above him, jump up there and grab the "The Day the Mail Boat Finally Came" play. Go up and punch the spotlight to switch the mood to the happier one then take the play you just got out of your backpack and go give it to the director. Now go over and jump on the boat to go to a new piece of set. After the play you will be on the boat and it will move back and forth, on the right side is a ladder you can climb up to get the "Goodbye Hagatha Home" play. Now from this area up here head left into another one of those mystical looking things to change sets, drop down to the bottom part of this set and go through the mystical thing here too. You should be back on the first set now so go up and change the mood to dark so that the set has all the poles on it. Now take that newest play over to the director and give it to her. During this play a hot air balloon will come down. After the play you'll need to climb up the poles again just as before and get on the balloon. You'll now be taken up to the catwalks. _______________________________ __/Gloria's Theater - The Catwalks\________________________________[##00053] ----------------------- | Items | Right when you come up there is really only one ----------------------- way to go. You are on a circular platform with | __ 46 Figments | only one section of railing missing, where this | __ 0 Cobwebs | area is jump out to another platform and then | __ 2 Vaults | another. Watch out up here for when you get near ----------------------- a light shining down, if you get caught in this the Phantom will start dropping sand bags on you. Use your invisibility power to go through the light or to get out of it if you get caught. When you get to the end of this platform there will be a light trapese that you can swing on to another platform, from here there will be several poles for you to swing your way between. Work your way across all these and you'll find yourself on another platform. Ahead of you now is a rope to jump on then some big sheets that will be bouncy like nets in other levels. Follow these sheets up and to the right and then over to another section of catwalk. Continue in the same direction as you jumped onto this platform and you'll see a big yellow sheet that you can jump on and slide down. At the end you'll land on another platform, continue forward and watch out for the light again. Also watch out for the shooting censor up here. Go up the ladder to where the censor was and on this part of catwalk you'll find the Dufflebag Tag. Now straight in front of you you'll have some set pieces acting like a guillotine, so jump right after they've closed then reopened so you don't get cut off. You'll have to go through two of these and after jumping through the second the Phantom will turn a light on you, just walk ahead onto the rail. Hold the Left Joystick forwards while grinding so that you have enough speed to go up the incline at the end. At the end you'll be on a platform with some sheets in front of you, use them to bounce your way across to another platform. From here look straight ahead and you'll see a figment who looks like he's climbing up the piece of vertical catwalk, jump over to him and climb up that. From here turn right and you can swing on the light poles in front of you, if you feel like your not going to make it, don't worry you will. If you start to move over to the edge of the pole just readjust yourself to be in the middle and when you get to the last one line yourself up with the rope to swing and jump to. From the rope jump over to the catwalk next to you and you should be able to see a Hatbox Tag in view, go over towards it but watch out for the Buff Censors that come out. They take a lot more firepower to kill, watch for them to swing up their hands right before they attack in which case you'll want to Shield or move out of the way. Melee attacking them isn't real good since you get stuck in a combo attack and they can attack you while your doing that. After getting the Hatbox Tag continue on that part of the catwalk and where it stops you can see a platform section below you with a Vault running around. Drop down there and a bunch of little Censors and a Bomb dude or two will pop out, kill them all then punch open the Vault to get the "Gloria's Fallen Star" memory. Down in this area is also an item to restore an astral layer and the Hatbox. There is a ladder in the middle of this area so use it to climb back up to where we were. Continue along this catwalk and watch out for some lighted areas up ahead. At the end of it there is a light trapese that you can use to launch over to a pole right in front of another stage piece guillotene. Make sure you're swinging good on the pole then jump through the pieces with the same timing as before to get to the next platform. When you land here a bunch of little Censor's pop out, take care of them then grab the Dufflebag. Continue forward and you'll enter into a little caged area that will move up a bit. Exit out of the cage when it stops moving and watch out for the Buff Censor who appears up ahead. Walk straight and watch out for the lights and the little censor that appears, up ahead you'll encounter the Phantom. Straight in front of you now is a candle, grab it and then backtrack a few steps to where the catwalk branches off to the right. Take the candle over to this light, put it in and light it on fire to begin the battle. Now go back and run over to where the Phantom walked through the doorway. ____________________ __/The Phantom **BOSS**\___________________________________________[##00054] When the boss battle starts you'll find yourself down by the band in the main part of the Theater. Behind you the band is wailing out some music note airstreams (hint hint) and the camera specifically shows you 3 candles. The phantom, well in his critic form, is in front of you on some crazy pen flying machine. Lets get started. The Phantom himself really only has one attack. While he's flying around in his thing he will launch bad review words at you with the pens. These ink spots will injure you if they hit you just like any other projectile thats ever come at you before. This can be easily avoided by just moving a slight amount. The next thing he will do to try to injure you is after you've knocked him down a bunch of little enemies (like the ones from the dark mood during plays) will come out on stage while you are trying to attack him and go after you. First things first, run over and get the three candles then go over to where the band is and jump into the music notes and pull out your levitation ball to use them to float up to the catwalk. Now there are 3 lights up here, each missing a candle. Use the three candles you just got to put one in each light. Up here the lights each have a wooden thing by them so that you can't be hit while lighting them, use your Pyrokinesis skills to light one of the candles which causes the Phantom to fall to the ground. When the Phantom falls down is when he becomes vulnerable to any attack you want to dish out at him. Since he lets out all the little stage enemies while he's down here I don't recommend using Melee attacks to kill hit him because that requires you to be standing still. Instead use your Psi-Blast so that you can run around, hopefully avoiding the other things down here and killing him. After taking down about 1/3 of his health he will get back up and go break the spotlight that you used to knock him down with. So, now when you go back up to the top you'll have to light a different spotlight, but you'll still use the same strategy to finish him off, the only difference will be that he will bring out more enemies on the ground everytime you knock him down, by the time you get to the third one as long as you have more of your health you don't need to worry about dying much, just go to town on him. After defeating him the final play will run and we'll get ourselves a happy ending! ________________________________________________________ __/Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed - Asylum Courtyard\_______[##00055] Back here Gloria happily walks away and you can grab her trophy which we'll need to use here in a bit. Now from here you can move into the Asylum Courtyard. A scene will occur when you enter. After the scene walk forward and there is a big stone pillarish thing in front of you with a kind of broken wall to the right of it. Use your levitation ball to land yourself on this broken wall then on top of the pillar you'll find a Psi-Card. Now, drop back down by the entrance and look at that pillar, now head around to the right. When you get to the corner look up and you should be able to see a brain in a jar, use levitation to jump up there and get it. Jump straight down from here and straight in front of you there is a wood plank leaning up against a building, stand on the closer side of it jump up with your levitation ball to see that there is a pole there. Grab it and swing to the other pole in front of it then up to a ledge with a Brain on it. Now lets return to the entrance again and this time head to the left, not far and you'll find a section you can jump up on, from here look up a bit and you'll see a Psi-Card, grab it and now in front of you is a pole you can jump on, now from this platform there is a tight rope that leads in to a room, you can go in here now if you want to get introduced to Edgar, one of the people you have to help. When you enter there will be a short scene where you learn of what is troubling him. After the scene is over there is a Psi-Card in his room and a full Psi-Challenge Marker on the beams in the top of his room, you can use your levitation ball to jump up to it. Exit his room via the tight rope and glance to the right of where the rope ends, you should be able to see a brain that you can go over and get. From this brain, if you are facing the wall, jump up with your levitation ball and go backwards where you'll find a crowsnest that has another Brain in it. Jump up toward this and when you are above it hit the attack button to slam into it. You'll probably end up back on the ground now though, so work your way back up to where you got the second to last Brain and jump over to the next ledge where a Psi-Card is. Now, the first mind over here we are going to go into is the guy standing on the ground talking about some sort of battle, but first since we just got 4 more brains I'm going to call Cruller out of my ear and head back to HQ, after your done there tell him you want to return to the field and you'll end up right back in the Asylum Gates area you left from. Wonderful. Now just go over to the skinny tall legged dude and slap that door on his head! ______________ __/Waterloo World\_________________________________________________[##00056] ----------------------- | Items | Welcome, first thing you'll want to do is talk to ----------------------- one of these 2 fine gentlemen playing the game. | __ 243 Figments | After the scene you may notice a Hatbox Tag | __ 7 Cobwebs | dancing around in the room, grab that. After that | __ 2 Vaults | jump onto the gameboard where they are playing, | __ Emotional Baggage | you will now shrink in size so that you can wander ----------------------- around on the gameboard. Now, to explain where I'm trying to tell you to go here, I'm going to try to use landmarks on the board that I think you'll be able to find. So, first notice that the houses have little rotating things on top of them that give you an idea of what each place is. Over by one of these thats probably an eatary, it has a fork and spoon on the thing, there is the Suitcase Tag. Now there are two houses with exclamation points on them, one has a symbol that appears to resemble a farmer of sorts (a man with a pitchfork) and the other has a hammer and nail type picture, go to the hammer and nail, press 'Y' when standing right next to this house and you'll shrink even smaller so you can interact with the world here. In this area you'll find a door with exclamation points on it, to the left of this door is an opening that goes outside and right when you step outside to the left is a Cobweb. Grab the Cobweb then go punch the door. He thinks your the burglar who is on his roof, aka the Buff Censor, so now we need to work our way up there. Exit out the house via the side that you came in, you'll first go on a green piece (referring to the ground spots), then a tan colored one. On the next tan one is a weird thing shooting cannonballs at you. You can block the cannonballs with your shield, but you can't defeat this guy buy punching or shooting him because of his armored shell. However if you punch him so that he falls down into a little bomb shape and then light him on fire he will explode! After taking him out turn back a bit and on your left you should come across a big cork of sorts with some exclamation points by it. If you punch this and then float in the stream with your levitation ball you can return to the medium size that you were before going to the carpenters house, there are a few of these here and there if you ever need to use them. We don't need to use this right now though. When standing next to this cork look back at the Carpenter's house and go directly to your right, you'll come to another one of the same corks and right behind it is a Cobweb, go clear the Cobweb and then straight in front of you will be the Suitcase. Now, if you could go straight through this thing you'd be at a house with exclamation points by the door, but since you can't go through you'll have to go out and around to get there, go knock on their door. Now we have two tasks at hand, one is to restore the people's hopes for this guy and the other is to get the Buff Censor off the Carpenter's roof. So, from the door here go around the left of the house to a ladder with an item to restore an astral layer. Climb up the ladder onto the roof where there's a bouncy sheet, bounce over to the sheet right next to it. On this second sheet you should be able to see a chimney puffin out smoke next to you, jump towards that and float through it to get a little extra boost over to the top of where we got the Suitcase. Now that your up here you can see the guillotine blade on one side and when you get close to it it slices down. So get out your invisibility and walk across the rope that is here when the blade is up. Watch out for the Censor on the other side of the rope, you can't shoot him while you are on the rope so you'll have to dodge all his shots until you get right next to him then just punch his lights out. Right next to him is a doorway in the roof of this house you can punch and enter, there are a few Censors inside here along with the Dufflebag. There is also some planks over the exit of this room, punch through them and head across the rope to the roof of the carpenter's house. However, a shooting Censor is waiting for you here as well. Once you get to where this dude is and take him out you can kill the Buff dude with a few Psi-Blasts and no risk of getting hit back from down here. After he's dead jump up to the part of the roof where he was and punch open the Vault to get the "Fred vs. Crispin" memories. Now jump off the roof and go down and knock on the Carpenter's door again. The carpenter joins Fred's army! Go back to the plug now and punch it to become medium sized again. Straight in front of you now is the bridge that Napoleon broke right at the beginning of the level, use your levitation to move the Carpenter piece you just got to the spot connecting to the bridge at which time he'll fix the bridge! Along the edge of the game area there is a ladder that you can climb up to get to where the guys playing are sitting, aka the life size area of the level. Climb up there and talk to Fred to get a letter that says "he cares". Now that you have that you can go back into the level to the guy who said he though Fred didn't care and recruit him, its the only house with exclamation points right now. After talking to him another piece puts itself on the playing board. __________________________________ __/Waterloo World - Recruit Soldier 2\_____________________________[##00057] Now go out and around the left side of that piece over to one of those corks that make you medium sized so that we can move this piece. Now take this newly acquired piece and move it to the other side of teh bridge you recently fixed where Napoloeons soldier is, they will fight each other automatically and both pieces will be gone. Now Napoleon brings out another piece and breaks another bridge. Now there is another house with exclamation points coming out of it, but first lets fix the other bridge. There is some big funny thing in the way of it, its not really a piece, its more like a salt shaker. Go pick it up with your levitation and throw it somewhere, it will break and be gone. Now grab your carpenter and toss it on the space next to the bridge so that he fixes it. Now go to the house with the exclamation points and knock on the door. This guy says that he wants some "hazard pay" for his family after he's dead. Before worrying to much about that go around the right side of this guys house where there is a bouncy net we can jump on, jump from it over to the thing on the roof with the figment, you'll grab on and be able to climb up. At the top of the roof you'll find the Dufflebag Tag. If you remember we went by the Dufflebag before when we were trying to get on top of the Carpenter's roof so you may want to head over and get that now that we have the Tag; look up a few paragraphs if you don't remember how to get there. Now you are going to need to get out into the life size area again and talk to Fred about this money thing. He tells you of some coin he tried to melt down at one time, if you take a look around the room you'll notice there is a fire going in the fireplace. To get this out your going to actually need to light the fireplace on fire some more so that the logs break, then use your levitation powers to bring the coin out. Afterwards Fred tells you to go ahead and keep it. Now get yourself back in the game to the house with the exclamation points and talk to him to recruit him. Use the cork right next to his house to become medium sized again and then levitate him over the bridge next to the soldier to ensue battle. Of course Napoloen has more soldiers to pull out to guard his stronghold, luckily there's a lucky peasant in a house right next to this soldier, lets go see what he wants. __________________________________ __/Waterloo World - Recruit Soldier 3\_____________________________[##00058] This guy wants a weapon, smart thinking of him to. He shows you the building he left his musket in so lets head over there. Go around the left of his house and there is a cork, don't punch it but get on top of it, from here you can get on top of his roof and climb up the pole holding the sign on top of his house. On this pole there is an ammo up item. Now head over by where Napoleon has placed his latest soldier, this is the building where the musket is. In the doorway under the sign with the anvil and hammer on it is a Cobweb and inside are some Censors waiting for you. When you walk in straight in front of you is a fireplace and to the left of it are some wood beams connected by a pole, jump up and grab onto this pole and swing to the one in front of it, on this beam turn around and swing to the one behind it, then turn around and swing straight onto a tight rope. Walk right and jump over to an area with some yellow figments and the Purse, we don't have the tag yet though. Drop off the edge so you hang on to it and shimmy to the right underneath the crosshatched wood divider. When you get out the window there will be a wood platform underneath you, drop down on it and there is a tight rope connected to it, walk on there over to the pole it is connected to. Mount the pole and climb up and if you turn the camera back towards the house you'll notice a bunch of Censor's on the roof, thats where you want to go. Defeat the Censors and head away from the pole you jumped from on this side of the roof, when you get to the edge look up and you'll see a big yellow pole sticking out, use your levitation ball to jump up in this poles direction, but you don't have to actually get on it just go to the other side where there is netting you can grab onto to climb. Climb around either way and drop down on the roof. There is a Cobweb blocking the window entrance so get rid of that and then jump in here to the platform then straight ahead to where you can see the Steamer Trunk Tag dancing around. Now drop down to the bottom of this building. There are two haystacks right below where you just got the Tag, burn the bigger one to get the Musket. Now there is also some wood planks and another haystack in front of a doorway you can burn to open up a way out. Now head back to the man's house who wanted a weapon and knock on his door to recruit him. Punch the cork on the side of his house now to medium size yourself and place this peasant next to the soldier and let them battle. After defeating that soldier Napoleon pulls a cheap trick and jams the gears to his stronghold. We're just about done with this level and we haven't really explored it to much because its kind of confusing to work your way around, but I think this would be a good time to do some wandering. ______________________________________ __/Waterloo World - Invade the Stronghold\_________________________[##00059] If you stand by the waterwheel in the back of the guys house we just recruited (it has the farmer with a pitchfork sign closest to the stronghold) and you face away from the house you should see a little brick bridge with a Cobweb underneath it. Behind the cobweb is the Purse Tag, and on top of the bridge is an item to restore and astral layer. Now if you remember the Purse was in the first part of the "heavily guarded" area we just went through for the musket. If you go now over to the King's place (has the fork and spoon sign) he'll tell you about his need for a good meal and show you a place in the woods. We can take care of that now, but we still can't storm till we unclog the gear. Facing his door head left and you'll go past a cork a little past that you'll find some stairs that lead down to an area blocked by a Cobweb. Behind the Cobweb we'll find hiding the Hatbox. Leave this area and right behind it you'll find a ladder leading up to a window, if you pear in you'll see Napoleon and Fred playing the game! Now if you get big you'll be able to see some exclamation points around a little hut type place with a sign that has grapes on it. This is the area the King showed you to go to get him something good to eat. When you go in this area over by where your Psi-Powers are on screen a snail will appear that says #/10. There are a bunch of snails running around in this area and you need to kill 10 of them, they take a few punches a piece. Over here there are also things connecting trees in sets of 2, punch these several times to make lots of apple figments fall out of the trees. After collecting enough snails a snail piece will fall onto the playing board. Now make yourself medium sized and move the snails over by the Kings place. After doing so you'll automatically be knocking on the King's door and he'll come out to fight. Okay now lets go for the stronghold. Head over to the area where the bridge was at between the buildings we got the musket from before, when looking at Napoleon's main fortress glance up the right and you should see a ladder leading up to a Cobweb, jump up there and grab that first. Right by where this cobweb is you'll see a tight rope you can walk on, walk on it until it ends at which point jump and float to your left, you'll find there's another rope over here. When you get to the end of this one on your left you should see a bunch of Censor's, jump over and take them all out. The Steamer Trunk is also hanging out right here. Head around to this side of the fortress and look up a bit to see a ladder, jump up and get on this ladder. When you get to the top straight out in front of you is another platform to jump to. On this platform there is a tight rope awaiting you. On this platform a Censor can reach you with his shots so watch out, there is also another platform you can travel across. When you get on this one your next destination is to the left towards where the guy was shooting at you from, you'll need to do some floating to make it there. When you get there target and shoot the Shooting Censor. Run across half of the rope and then jump over to where the censor was you just killed. You'll notice that his platform was connected to the main area of the castle, so jump up on this connecting stone and walk into the main area. In here you'll find the Vault containing the "Fred vs. Napoleon" memories. From in here when you jump down if you look straight across there are two sections of the Castle wall missing up high like the one you came in, get on the one closest to the bridge. There is a cannon shooting thing out here so you'll likely want to go take it out, watch for the other one shooting you while you kill this one though of course. Look back at the castle from this guys spot and you'll see where the gear is jammed, just jump over there and land on it and it will fall out and the bridge will unravel itself. Now you need to go make yourself medium sized and move your King into Napoleons stronghold to win the game! With that Fred is cured of his insanity! When you go back into the real world you will acquire the straight jacket that Napoleon was wearing, we'll use this in a bit. _____________________________________ __/Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed\__________________________[##00060] Our next place to visit isn't to far away, its our good friend Edward who has an art/bull problem, get back up into his place (across the tight rope above you here) and toss that door on his head to enter his world. ________________ __/Black Velvetopia\_______________________________________________[##00061] ----------------------- | Items | When you get here a scene will occur where you ----------------------- will see Edward trying to build a tower of cards | __ 142 Figments | to reach up to the girl in the sky who doesn't | __ 7 Cobwebs | stop crying rose pedal tears. Right before the | __ 2 Vaults | bull takes you away to drop you off somewhere | __ Emotional Baggage | else in the level Raz will point out that Edward ----------------------- is missing all of the Queens, so there is your goal, to find all the Queens and return them to Edward so that he can reach this girl he has been trying to reach. After the bull leaves you you'll find yourself next to a dog painting a picture of Raz, there's also two pictures next to him that you can purchase with arrowheads. One looks like a picture of a street and the other one is a picture of a flower. The street doesn't cost anything and the flower costs 5. On the wall to the left of where the dog is there is a nail that you can use to hang up the paintings. If you're wondering what the flowers do I shall tell you now. There are a few areas throughout the level where ladies will stick there arms out of windows, but when you get close the windows will close. If you have a rose in your hands then the ladies will let you in to the windows and will keep you in there until after the bull passes, basically creating a safe area for you. So, buy the roses if you choose throughout the levels, but you can get through without them. If you buy the rose when you hang it up it will turn into a real rose, but make sure you grab the other picture and hang it up because it opens up the path to the street. Note: In this level you'll need to pick up several paintings and use them to create pathways, if you ever get totally stumped (which you shouldn't because I'm giving you teh answers), but you can use your Clairvoyance power on these paintings to get a hint at how/where they'll be used. Now if you watch out here you'll see the bull run by every now and then. If the bull runs into you at any time during this level you'll be dropped off at the next opening that it passes, if your in the current opening you'll be left at the end of its path. Now go out here and head left, you'll come to an area on the right that has the Steamer Trunk. After stopping here head out the path to the left and hide yourself in where there is a fence blocking the area (although you can jump over the fence, there is nothing of interest there). Wait for the bull to go by then head up the path somemore to an opening on the right blocked by big fence (the camera will also switch funny when you get in here). Now almost right across from you is another area you can stop in on the other side of the path, go over there and get on top of this short fence. From up here you can see up and to the right on a balcony the Dufflebag Tag. From up here you should see another area on your left, then directly across is another area and when you get down in there an arm reaches out of a picture and pulls a card in. Jump in to this picture and you'll find yourself in some sort of a boxing match. ____________________________ __/Black Velvetopia - The Tiger\____________________________________[##00062] You are now face to face with a Tiger inside of a boxing ring of sorts. He has a few different attacks. The one that he'll be using the most is a standard combo attack. If he lands one of these attacks on you you're pretty much stuck for a few more of them which can hurt you. If you get to far away from this guy then he will run at you very quickly and immediately start pulling off a combo attack, so be ready for that. Sometimes he'll also jump down on all fours in which case when you get to close he'll do quick swipes with his paws, but then he'll pounce on you which does the most damage of his attacks. However the last thing you want to do is get to close to him, especially right after he gets up off the ground from a pounce. If you are standing next to him at this time he'll for sure you grab you and then slam you on the ground in some sort of way. After this attack you'll be stunned for a short amount of time which is no good. His attacks are all easy to block when you see them coming. You can use your shield to block all of them and if you have ranked up enough then you'll also be able to deal a small amount of damage to him while saving yourself. When he runs at you definitly block because those combo's will come fast, and whenever he gets down on all fours be very aware of him doing the pounce because you don't want to miss your attack chance after. The best thing you can do is go in and do one on him at a time and then back off a bit to let him do something. Block his attack and then go back at him with some more. After he attempts a pounce on you he will be stunned for a second or two so make sure to not miss the oppurtunity here to attack him. So this guy isn't to tough as long as you watch what he's doing and don't get greedy trying to attack him. After you win this battle you'll get the first card, which is actually the ground you were just fighting on, and then you'll end up back in the area where Edward is. Go directly to the left and if you look up a bit you'll see a balcony with the Purse Tag on it, you can reach up here with your levitation ball. Now if you go back down in the main area and continue around the outside rim you'll come across the purse. Next watch out for the bull, but go over to Edward and talk to him to give him back the Queen of Clubs. ________________________________ __/Black Velvetopia - Card 2 Search\_______________________________[##00063] Now there are two pictures in this area you can jump into, one is a picture of the street which is back by where you started and the other is the picture that you came out of, jump back in that one to go back to the street where you jumped into the Tiger fight before. From now on if you jump in this picture from the street you'll go back to where Edward is. Now you can climb up the ladder right next to you here and at the top you'll find a pole that you can shimmy across. When you get out on the other side of the street (while on the pole) watch for a minute and you'll notice as the bull goes by some poles move around. So, your going to have to time your jumps out here to get across all these poles right after they put themselves back in place. After going across these first two poles you'll be on a bright pink one, you're safe here for a minute. Head towards the right where in front of you a lamppost will move when the bull runs by, when you have the chance jump on to this then the next bright pink pole. You can now go to the next pink pole and then head over to the opening on the left. When you land over here a Bomb dude and a Censor will come out. Head down further to where 3 more Censor's will appear and you'll find another painting dog. He has two pictures for sale, another Rose for 20 that will of course create another real rose and also a Guitar for 40. Buy the rose if you want, but make sure you get the Guitar cause you'll need it. Now if you head back out of this hallway the way you came in across the hall you'll find another card floating out front of a picture. When you get close to the picture another arm will reach out and grab it, follow the arm into the picture. _____________________________ __/Black Velvetopia - The Dragon\__________________________________[##00064] Similar to the last fight you'll end up in an area with a contendor. Instead of a basic combo this guy does an attack in which he jumps up once, swings, again, swings, and then lights a small fire in his hands. If you find your- self to far away this guy will also run at you as the last one did and then pull this last attack I talked bout. For his big attack he'll stretch his arms back and do a roar of sorts at which time he'll let out an area attack of fire, right afterwards he'll kind of hover in the direction he's facing and do a few little kicks. Lastly, if you are to close to this guy as well right after attacking him he'll pick you up and slam you down just like the last guy. The tactics to this guy aren't much different either since he fights similarly. To block his attacks just keep your eyes open for him to come after you and use your shield. Once again, if you are ranked up enough you'll be able to injur him when he hits you. Get way out of the way when he does the area attack because it can do a number on your health, especially with the kicks afterwards. Battle him with single attacks that are well timed, right after he attacks punch him once and back off. Keep going with single punches, there's no real time when he's stunned like the last guy so just keep moving getting in your punches when you can. After defeating him you'll get the second card, the Queen of Hearts. When you return back to the main area you'll notice that when the bull runs by instead of the entire card tower falling apart, the bottom layer always stays. Talk to him to give him the new card and yet another layer will stay now. ________________________________ __/Black Velvetopia - Card 3 Search\_______________________________[##00065] Head back in to the last picture you came out of and right next to where you come out you should notice a nail on the wall to hang up a picture. Hang up the rose first if you bought it to make a real rose then hang up the Guitar to make a giant Guitar ladder appear. Climb up to the top and you'll find a Cobweb, after you get it enter the room. Walk through this room and you'll end up on a balcony, if you look out in front of you from here you'll see a "one way" sign pointing to the right. Before going that way go to the left onto a balcony, from there you can jump down to a lower ledge to the right and then walk across a tight rope to another balcony. On this balcony is a ladder you can climb up, climb it to the top then when you get off it right next to it is a lever you can pull with 'Y' to drop the ladder down to street level, you can now use it to get back up here easily. Now go back to the balcony and head the other way. Now from this balcony you can see two pink swinging poles in front of you. Be careful of these poles because the bull can get you while you are on the first one, but not the second one. However, you don't really need to be on these anyways, however if you didn't get the rose I'd recommend hanging out up here till the bull runs by, then if you run on the ground you'll come up to a green figment on the right and if you grab this there is a sewer right there that you will fall through. Down here there's really only one way to go and you'll come across a Cobweb on your right to grab. Head through this hallway and to your left and you'll find a Vault containing the "Edgar's Lament" memory. Continue down this hall and on your right you'll come across another Cobweb. When you get down to the end you'll be stuck at a gate, but the camera will switch up. Get out your levitation and grab on to the trash can, it will then automatically target to the yellow light, toss the can to the light and the gate will open. Now go up the ladder here and some Bomb dudes and a Buff Censor will pop out, kill them and then head straight ahead to where a large wood pile is. Light that on fire with your Pyrokinesis and then head straight ahead to where the Dufflebag is. Keep going straight and you'll come to where we started the level by the first dog. Go back into the sewers. Head back to where two Buff Censor's pop up by a ladder. Go up this ladder and you'll come up by another painter with 2 paintings, one thats a Window and one thats a Vine. Buy both of them. Right next to this here is a bright pink pole you can climb up, get up on the ledge up here and head straight, when it turns left keep going striaight and jump across the gap. Keep going straight across on this side and go up the little section, up here on your left is a ladder on the wall, get on it and climb down to the balcony. There is a switch here to lower the ladder just as a ladder we did not long ago. At the bottom of this ladder is another card chillin outside of a painting. An arm will of course come out and take the card so lets head on in. ____________________________ __/Black Velvetopia - The Eagle\___________________________________[##00066] You probably have an idea of what to expect in these fights now. This guys combo attack is yet another step more deadly than the last two. He will walk up to you and swing his arms in a flapping motion twice and then do a few little kicks. If your to far away from him then surely expect him to run at you and pull the combo attack. For his big attack he will fly up in the air and then come down and smash you, followed by picking you up in his talons and throwing you down. Lastly watch for the pickup and slam they have all done so far. Now, everything can be blocked with the shield. So definitly do that. When he flies up in the air watch for his shadow on the ground and you don't have to avoid as much as make sure that when it starts you get really big you pull out your shield so that way when he lands on you instead of hurting you he'll actually be stunned for a slight amount of time. Obviously this stun is a great oppurtunity to hit him and besides that treat him just like all the other guys you've fought, one hit at a time and back away. He'll go down just like the others. After you win yet another card will be yours to give to Edward, the Queen of Diamonds. After giving it to Edward get back in the picture you just cmae out of. ________________________________ __/Black Velvetopia - Card 4 Search\_______________________________[##00067] Now go back up the ladder we dropped down and then use your levitation ball to get back up on the ledge we got on after climbing up the bright pink pole and make the turn on it this time where we jumped the gap. Get back on the side we started on and you'll come to a pole you can swing on, now walk to the end of this ledge and you'll find a nail on the wall; some Censor's will also come out now. Before hanging any pictures head to the right and there is the Hatbox Tag. Go through the Window that appears and you'll get an item that increases your maximum depth projection, there is also a Cobweb over there. Walk to the edge of this little area and look out over the street, you should be able to see a gap over to your left on the street level with a little guy dancing; head down there. The last of the four cards gets sucked into a picture as you get close. If you talk to this guy he tells you about Dingo the Matador, so lets head up the ladder here and see if we can't talk to this guy a bit. Walk into this room and not far away you'll find a Cobweb, head through the area it was blocking. When you enter the next room immediately to the right you'll find the Suitcase Tag. In this room in the fireplace by the Teleport dude you'll find another Cobweb. Now head down the stairs into another room. First you'll find the Suitcase down here and also Dingo you can talk to. He tells you that he wants the bilboard painted and he also gives you your last merit badge/psychic ability! With this you are now able to throw Confusion Grenades. These grenades will cause whatever is around them to become confused for a small period of time, but you have to keep stocked up on them just like ammo for your Psi-Blast. Now head back to the painter and talk to him again. You and him come up with the plan to get the bilboard painted. Your job is to distract the bull, simply toss one of your new grenades out into his path and when he hits it he will become severely confused, at this point talk to the bulldog and he'll run out there and paint the painting. Afterwards the Matador will give you an item to increase your maximum projection layers. Now its time to go into the painting for the last card. ____________________________ __/Black Velvetopia - The Cobra\___________________________________[##00068] This guy is very similar to all the others, but with one key difference, you don't seem to do any damage when you punch him. First though, lets look at his attacks. He has a pretty standard combo, back like the first guy and he'll run at you get to far away and he'll grab you and toss you down if you get in to close. He's got one big attack where he pops his head off and the screen goes green, at this point he tells you your confused and does some massive damage on you. Similar to the Blueprint Tank way back when confused you don't know what ability is what and your left and right controls switch. This confusion attack of his should bring to mind a similar ability that we were just given, not to mention the fact that he continuously states he can't get confused as you can. You can block all of his attacks with your shield just like all the other guys you've fought for cards, but to do damage on this one you must first confuse him. This isn't exactly easy to do with him moving around though. What I recommend doing when fighting him is using Invisibility and your new Confusion Grenades. Turn yourself invisible so that he loses track of where you are and then without getting to close throw a grenade straight at him. When it hits him he will become confused and had never seen it coming. After he's confused do your damage and get out of the way. Don't worry about running out of grenades because everytime you hit him a Confusion Grenade will drop out. Just repeat this until the fight is won. You'll once again end up near Edward, this time go to the card tower in the middle and climb up it to the top where Edward is waiting, talk to him to give him the final card, the Queen of Spades. You'll end up at the bottom again, but climb your way back up to get in to the boss fight. ________________ __/El-Odio **BOSS**\_______________________________________________[##00069] Here you'll find yourself in a bull fight. The bull will start on the opposite side of the arena of you and soon come charging straight at you. When he's coming at you you're going to want to use your shield so you don't get hit and then he'll go straight past you and end up with his head stuck in the wall. Now we need to make note of the items in the middle of the arena, the traditional bull fighting weapon. We're going to want to use our levitation to pick up these spears and toss them into the bull while he is stuck in the wall. There are a few poles real close together and if you are quick you can throw both during one time he's stuck. After getting all (4) poles stuck in Odio we'll find out who he really is and who these people menacing him are. Now our goal has changed from sticking the poles in him to getting them out of him. Now we also have a new man on the field, the Matador has come out to be our true enemy. What we have to do now is keep El Odio alive while defeating the Matador. We don't have to be really concerned about our health because the main focus is El Odio, not us, but if you do get to close to the Matador then he'll take a swing at you so watch out. The Matador will hold up his red towel which will call over El Odio to run after him, but when El Odio gets close the Matador will hurt him. First thing we are going to want to do is toss a Confusion Grenade on the Matador and then go over to El Odio and take all the spears out of him and toss them into the ground (you need to actually aim them to get them out, if you don't then they'll just restick). Now what we need to do is keep the Matador from hurting El Odio while doing some damage to him, but our Psi-Blast and our punches won't work either. So what we're going to do is toss Confusion Grenades on him some more and then while he's stopped we'll toss the spears on the ground at him to hurt him. However, everytime he's hit he'll disappear and move somewhere else and we'll need to confuse him again or else he'll just dodge the spears like he does the punches. When you run out of grenades you'll need to punch the flowers that are on the ground in hopes more grenades come out, sometimes it will just be health or arrowheads. It will take 4 spears to kill the Matador. After the level Edward will paint you Loboto's Picture and give it to you, don't leave the room without getting it. _____________ __/Author's Note\__________________________________________________[##00070] We are now nearing the end of the game and I know there are things in levels that we didn't get the first time through, especially in Black Velvetopia and the first few levels. What I am going to do now is go back through every level and pick up some of the things that we missed. If you don't care to do this that's no problem, you can just skip past this "Second Visit" part of my walkthrough. But if you'd like to collect the rest of the items (besides figments, because as I explained I'm not going through all those) then lets jump back into these worlds. ____________________ __/Making a Second Trip\___________________________________________[##00071] The second trip is to pick up any of the items we may have missed the first time through the levels, some of the first levels we didn't have all the required abilities and a few of the later ones I may have just missed some stuff so lets jump back into these minds and grab whatever we may have missed. Since you're already right next to Edward we might as well jump back in there first, get out the door again and press 'Y' next to Edward. **NOTE: THIS PART OF THE WALKTHROUGH IS NOT 100% COMPLETE, BUT AS OF THE WRITING I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO FINISH IT AND IT IS NOT CRITICAL SO I FINISHED THE GAME INSTEAD OF EXTRAS, I APOLOGIZE, BUT THERE ARE OTHER PLACES TO FIND THIS INFO IF YOU REALLY NEED IT** _______________________________ __/Second Visit - Black Velvetopia\__________________________________________ When you enter you'll get a short scene. With the bull not running up and down the street it makes this level a lot easier to explore. First find the picture with the Clubs coming out of it and go through it. When you get out of it go to the left where there's a tall fence and the camera changes when you get there. Use your levitation to toss the trash can on the light like we did in the sewers. After the gates open grab the Steamer Trunk Tag and go back into the street the same way you were going. The next area on the same side of the road has the Steamer Trunk to grab. Now if you can make your way to the picture of the Hearts do so, or just go back to the main area with Edward and enter the heart picture. When you come out of it head straight across the once bull traveled road and when you get to where there was a painter go to the right (its the only way the path goes) and when you get to the end of this hallway on the right is a nail for hanging up a picture. We only have one more and its the vines, so get it out and hang it up. Climb up these vines and then when you get to the top there will be a plat- form to the right that you can jump on. From here you can get on a pole, shimmy all the way to the right of this pole and you can swing to a ledge and then jump up into a large area. Up here you will find all the people you had to fight along with the Vault containing "Edgar's Love." Now go back to the Matador's room and jump over the log's in the fireplace, this will take you to an area with a black floor but you can still walk there, no worries. When you get to the cobweb grab it and then grind the rail in front of you and jump over to the Confusion Bomb upgrade on the left then get back on the rail and travel down to the Suitcase. That does it for this level! There are a few teleport dudes hanging out in this level, the easiest one to get to from here is probably in the Matador's room, so just grind this rail back and get in his room right by the fire- place talk to the Teleport dude and have him take you to the "Collective Unconscious." _____________________ __/Second Visit Gameplan\___________________________________________________ We've already got Black Velvetopia taken care of since we were right there, now for the rest of them I'm going to revisit in the order that we had first gone to them. Each time we are going to return here to the Collective Unconscious since all the doors are here, it would just be silly to go find all the people again to stick doors on their heads...not to mention we don't know where Milla and Sasha have gone. So, we're going to do all levels in order and to get back here if there is a Teleport dude in the level you can do what we just did and have them bring you back right here or you can use your Smelling Salts (in your Backpack), which will take you back to the last spot you were in the "real world", or you can talk to Cruller (with the Bacon) and tell him you want to go to HQ and then get in the UTS and travel to Nein's Lab then re-enter the Brain Tumbler which will bring you here, to the Collective Unconscious. So, lets get a move on! Back to Basic Braining! _____________________________ __/Second Visit - Basic Braining\____________________________________________ We had literally nothing when we were here, so now that we have all the tools we are going to get, we can get absolutely everything here. You might as well use the Teleport dude right at the beginning here to go to "The Cannon" because this first section has nothing to offer us. Work your way through this area up the pole covered wall and you'll find your first Cobweb. Now go up the tight ropes in this area and turn right immediately when you get into the area with the trapese's and you'll find another Cobweb blocking the Vault containing the "Oleander's Shame" memory. Now what we need to do is get on top of this area where the Vault we just got was, first get on top of the bump where the Trapese is and then use the levitation ball to jump on top of the area above the Vault. Now if you face back over the area we just came up from you'll see an airplane with a cage sticking out the front of it. Use the ball to jump over to here and walk through the plane to get the Purse. From here look straight out and slightly to the right at the big brick stone wall, down this you should be able to see the last bright pink Cobweb. Jump towards here with the levitation ball and float your way down to the final web of this area. But there is still another area of Oleander's mind. The first Cobweb to get in this area is right after the rotating room, then go to the final area of this level and right by the door (which is now all chained off) the last web is on the ground. Now its time to go back to Sasha's Shooting Gallery! _______________________________________ __/Second Visit - Sasha's Shooting Gallery\__________________________________ If you remember this level is set up like a Cube and as we cleared sides new ones appeared, well now that they have all been cleared you have to go to the sides and press buttons to make the areas appear. Each button has a sign with a picture on it, I'll tell you what side to go to based upon these pictures. First, the bed-side. Directly to your right when you start the level is the first Cobweb, grab it. Thats it for this side, shoot the buttons to close it up. Now head to the "boot" side. Head to the backside of the shoebox tower and jump up a box or two to get a Cobweb. Go to the box right above the first Censor shooting stuff at you for another Cobweb. Thats it for here. Now to the side with all the steps and flames. There is a Cobweb at the bottom of one of the stairs on the backside. **NOT DONE** __________________________________ __/Second Visit - Milla's Dance Party\_______________________________________ Start through this area as we did before, I missed a really obvious Cobweb, sorry about that. Use the ball returns to make your way through hear a lot easier. When you get to the area with the big plunger that launches you up turn around behind the ladder you came out of and you should see the Cobweb just chillin on the wall. The vault we missed is in the room with the big fan that blows you over to the ladder. If you are facing the fan you should see a flower to the left of it and from there you can jump down to an area back against the wall and down a bit from the fan, there should be a green figment by the entrance. Inside you'll find the Vault containing the "Milla's Children" memory. Next let's had to The Milkman Conspiracy. _____________________________________ __/Second Visit - The Milkman Conspiracy\____________________________________ Go to Boyd's house and go straight down that street, near the end of it you'll come to a telephone pole on the right that you can climb up, grind across the rails up here and you'll come to an area with the Hatbox Tag, an item to increase your max projection layers and finally a Vault containing the "Boyd: Hired Again!" memory. Now lets head across the funny road jump here and right after the plumber hole on the left is a house with the Hatbox in the garage. Now we are right next to the graveyard so go in the back of it on the outside of the fence to find the Dufflebag. That should do it for all the levels (except the one door we haven't yet opened of course) so head back to camp where we have some new Psi-Cards we can get since we have all the abilities now. ____________ __/Back at Camp\_____________________________________________________________ You can use any UTS to get to the Kids Cabins area and once you are there follow the path back to the outhouse by your cabin, get on top of the room and you should see a net and a Psi-Card you can get to with your levitation ball. Above here is a ladder you can climb up to get a full Psi-Challenge Marker. I don't know how I missed this before, but go to the outhouse and press 'Y' in front of it to open it up, a card sits inside. Next lets head over to the Main Campgrounds. Right when you enter to the right is a super obvious Psi-Card. Near the bottom of the ramp leading into the lodge is a speaker pole you can climb on, from here look away from the lodge and you should be able to see some far out platforms around trees. Jump out here to where a Psi-Card awaits. From up here there is a tight rope you can walk on to, as you start heading across it you'll get to a tree on the left, look left right before it to see another Psi-Card. At the other end of this rope you'll find yet another card. Now in the middle of the parking lot area here is a card on top of the piece of wood and then start heading back toward the main lodge and once you are out of the parking lot head left and there is an outhouse with the final card of the area. Now into the Reception Area. In this area if you take the left path all the way past pride rock to where it ends you can get up on a log platform and you'll see a Psi-Card right in front of it which is now easily attainable with the levitation ball. You can now jump forward to another similar plat- form and then forward again to a grind rail. The rail will get you another Psi-Card then land you in a cave where another short rail starts with a card on it. Now head down into the cave a bit where another card and a bear await. Down into the cave more for another Psi-Card. At the beach house and lake if you stand down by the UTS log and look out towards the lake and to your left is a large rock, on top of this is a full Psi-Challenge Marker. To get it you'll need to use the ledge with the path on it right next to this rock and your levitation powers to jummp up high enough to get this marker. ..To Be Continued.. _______________________________ __/Thorney Towers - Asylum Grounds\________________________________[##00072] Now, after your done collecting everything you want to collect head back to the Asylum Grounds and you may have noticed there was another guy there with blue hair and wearing a straight jacket, talk to him and he mentions Dr. Laboto...then fully describes what he looks like. If you listen to what he says you may notice he talks about 3 specific things, each similar to items we received from the patients we helped (Edward, Boyd and Gloria). Go into your items and put on Loboto's Portrait, Gloria's Trophy, and the Straight Jacket then talk to this man again. He'll let you into the next area. _____________________________ __/Thorney Towers - Upper Floors\__________________________________[##00073] ----------------------- | Items | Head straight as far as you can over some ----------------------- mattress' at the end of the hallway to find a Psi- | __ 1 PSM | Card. At the top of the stairs head right over a | __ 16 Psi-Cards | hole in the ground and you'll find a door with | __ 9 Brains | boards over it, break in here to get a Psi-Card. | __ 0 Scavenger Hunt | On the opposite side of the room is a door that ----------------------- goes into a bathroom where you'll find a brain. You've probably noticed the rats in this area that are a huge pain in the butt, they do lots of damage and confuse you. The best thing you can do is hold your shield for as long as possible when they start coming, having it upgraded is a noble idea. Shooting them when they are far is a grand idea as well, do what you can to not let them harm you. When using your shield you'll still get confused, but won't take damage so just wait out the confusion once the rats are gone. After this go back out and head down the hall the other way. You'll come to an opening on your left with two poles you can use to get across. You'll come to another opening on the left now, go in here and drop down to get a Psi-Card. Only one way to go leading you up an incline of broken floor. You'll come to another gap with a grind rail to get across, but half way across on the left is an open door, jump over in there and go behind the opened doorway to get another brain. Go the rest of the way across the gap and up on a rock on the right and then up a floor to get a Psi-Card on your way up and one at the top. Now head the other way to some stairs. The floor kinda tilts weird up here to mess with your mind, head right and go out the door. Out here head to the far side where you should be able to see a Psi-Card on some rubble, then go back where you started and get on the ledge above the door you came out of. Up here is a plank that you can use to get over to a brain, then jump to a nearby Psi-Card. From here you can get on a swinging pole to another plat- from area with a cage on it. From here you can jump up higher in the same direction to another area with a Psi-Card on it. Now up here head across the platform along the windows and your path will become blocked, just jump around this to more ledge area. There's an open door for you to enter, then head up the stairs. Straight off the top of the stairs is an open door to a room with a Psi-Card. Back in the hallway is a mattress under a hole in the next floor, jump up through the ground to that floor. Straight through this floor go up the door thats opened like a ramp (this place has kinda shifted sideways it seems) In this area there is a bunch of green sludge, jump over it with the levi ball and you can land on an area going over it right next to a Psi-Card. Next drop down on the ground on the far side of the sludge for another card. Now get back up on that ledge we got the card from and look towards where that last card was on the ground, you should see a section in the wall that looks like an opening, there's a brain in there. Now turn back around and get on the closest thing sticking out of the wall to you. Then up on the checkered part right above you. Turn back around in the direction of that brain and there's a pole you can climb up. Now run across this area to a Psi Card, from there look down and to the right a bit for another card. After floating down to this there's a pole you can climb up. From here you can jump to some grates you can climb on, then you'll be on a platform by a grated opening, climb up to find a Psi-Card. After getting this card you can climb up the outside of this window area. When you get in here look up and to the right a bit to see a brain and a Psi-Card, you can get there with your levi-ball. Now go back to the window area you started at in this room and head around the path, where it stops jump up on top of the wall on the right and you'll see a full Psi-Challenge Marker to grab. Then head across that area again in the same way and jump the gap where it stops to more path. The next time the path stops is at a mattress, jump up to the next floor. In this next area there are two doors, one on the right one on the left, the left room has a brain in it, they both have holes in the ceiling. We can use our levitation to open the right door and go up through the ceiling, then down into the other room to get the brain. Up here is a pole you can climb up to the next floor, then a tight rope you can walk across to a grind rail which will land you right at a Psi-Card. There's a grate over the opening here you can climb up, you should see a brain near the top when you get there. After getting it turn around and head towards the window for a little scene. Ignore her warnings and head across the stairs into the elevater. _____________________ __/The Lab of Dr. Loboto\__________________________________________[##00074] ----------------------- | Items | Head up the stairs and if you get all the way to ----------------------- the top a crow will push a button and the stairs | __ 0 PSM | will fold causing you to slide down a bit, so put | __ 4 Psi-Cards | on your invisibility to get up by the crow. You | __ 3 Brains | can punch the crow when you get to the top along | __ 0 Scavenger Hunt | with getting the Psi-Card and brain that are ----------------------- hanging out right here. Go up the ladder for another scene. If you watched closely you may have noticed who's brains he's keeping close by on his desk...either way to your right now is a Psi-Card. Now leave this area and go all the way around the path surrounding it to get 2 Psi-Cards and 2 Brains. There is also a doorway at the top you can enter in for another scene with this crazy girl, there's some old friends up here as well if you walk in further after the scene. Grab the Birthday Cake on the table then head back into Loboto's area, but don't go into the purple section or else you'll get "caught" and be sent back up by Milla and Sasha. Stand on the side of the turtle tank by where you come in and take out the Cake, Polkeyope will walk over towards you then you can use telekinesis to toss him out of the cage. Pick him up and go back up to the girl for another scene. After the scene go back down to Loboto, use your telekinesis to toss the brain into the tank and even more scenes now! Shoot a Psi-Blast at Lili to free her... ______________________ __/The Point of No Return\_________________________________________[##00075] Scenes... As of this point of the game you will not be able to go back to anything. Let me repeat. You. Can't. Go. Back. After. This. Point. For. Anything. However, the game will autosave for you right before this so if you want to beat it now then worry about extra things some other day, feel free cause you'll have a save waiting for you right here. Otherwise go back now and get whatever you want, then continue on. _____________ __/Tank **BOSS**\__________________________________________________[##00076] First thing we notice is a lot of things get piled around the tank like a shield. There are some wooden planks right up tight to the tank and some blocks around that. In the environment are some rocks along with some green little rivers. The rocks that are stationary you can throw, you can't throw the ones circling around the tank, and the green rivers will hurt you if you step in them. Now, here's what we want to do. Take the small rocks and use your telekinesis to toss them at the bigger rocks, each one you hit will break. However, there are hands that are bringing in more blocks and they will also occassionaly toss one at you, you can tell its coming cause it will get little crooked lines all around it like its charging up or something, just use your shield to block this. After you have several of the rotating blocks taken out you can use Pyrokinesis to light one of the planks on fire revealing the tank, then throw a rock at it to crack the shield a bit. After doing so the barrier will be rebuilt. Everything will then speed up, repeat 2 times. After the third hit run up towards the tank. After the scene you'll be in control of your brain, there's not much to do but toss yourself via telekin- esis into the tank. ___________ __/Meat Circus\____________________________________________________[##00077] ----------------------- | Items | You'll find yourself outsdie of teh gypsy wagon ----------------------- again, enter it to follow little Oly whom you need | __ 94 Figments | to protect. Your first 2 Cobwebs will be straight | __ 3 Cobwebs | ahead when you enter, go out the white doorway at | __ 1 Vault | the end of the hall. | __ Emotional Baggage | ----------------------- Head right when you enter here to find a Teleport dude along with the Steamer Trunk which we don't have the tag for yet, but if we jump on top of the canopy above where we entered we can pick up this tag then grab the Trunk. From looking at the trunk look left out over the edge and you'll see the Hatbox Tag, nearby is a Confusion Grenade ammo increase. Now, notice the guy right by the entrance to the next area in a little "ticket booth" if you will, talk to him and he'll redeem all brains, cobwebs, and Psi-Cards you may have stocked up. Now enter into the shiny glowing aura to learn about your task at hand. Protect Oly from these crazy rabbits. On the ground down here is the Suitcase Tag. Now for what we need to do, the rabbit is running aorund in circles and Oly is chasing after it and crazy rabbits are chasing after Oly. Kill whatever bunnies come to harm him and run close to the rabbit then hold it up with your telekinesis until Oly grabs it. After he grabs it he will move up higher and also regain all of his health. Now go up one of the ladders in the middle of the area and to the middle of the tight rope, to one side (depending on the ladder you chose) you will see a platform you can jump up to, then from there up to another platform with a big fat lady on it you can use as a bouncer to get up to the platform where Oly currently is. Up here is also the Hatbox. Same thing, hold up the rabbit and let Oly get it and he'll move up more. Whoever designed this doesn't know snakes from dildo's because this part really sucks. From off the edge of this meat is a swinging trapese bone you can use to get over to some bone poles, go up 3 of them then turn around and go up some more on to some meat then straight in front of you is a knife throwing rabbit on a platform, shoot him and then jump over to the meat with the spinning wheel, now you need to jump in front of the wheel when he's about to throw a knife but get out of the way when he throws it so it sticks in the wheel and you can swing on it to get up to this next platform. Up there of course hold the rabbit so Oly can get it. Now there are a bunch of meat patties you can travel across to another pin wheel and knife throwing rabbit, same strategy as before. From here its tight rope to tight rope to Oly. From here up a bit higher is another knife thrower just shoot this one and go over to his platform then to the large area wtih a Vault containing the "The Big Top" memory, Oly is also up here and so is the Purse Tag. Head through the curtains after Oly into the... ____________________________ __/Meat Circus - Tunnel of Love\___________________________________[##00078] Looking back at the curtains you came through on the left is a Cobweb, to the right is the Suitcase, kind of behind it by a blue figment is the Purse. Now across from the entrance you entered the area is the entrane to the tunnel which is actually a big grind rail. Along the rail is the Dufflebag Tag. I can't give you much advice for the rail, its kind of a pain, lots of jumps and its quick, may take a few tries, but eventually you'll get through it. At the end is a Teleport dude and the Dufflebag. Head through the curtains when you're ready. ____________________ __/The Butcher **BOSS**\___________________________________________[##00079] Here he is, the Butcher himself. Very very large and wielding to sweet blades. You're going to want to start by running away, maybe even on your levitation ball. He's got a few different attacks right off the bat, one he'll swing low horizontally at you, jump to avoid. Next he'll stop and do some quick chops, just keep running and you should be out of range of this, lastly he'll get up real close to you and kick which is a lot of the time followed up by the horizontal slice. He also has a regular vertical slice, this is the key attack. You can also block all attacks with your shield. So, what we are going to do is dodge a few attacks and then when he starts walking at a "casual" pace stay in line with him at this pace, watch for him to draw his one arm back to do the vertical slice and move slightly to the side. If you successfully get out of the way he will get his knife stuck in the ground and not only will it drop out some health, but you can jump up on it and run up his arm and punch him in the head, this will knock down 1/3 of his life. If you get in close to his feet so he'll kick at you, shield then start running out in front at him he'll kick again and you will be a good distance from him now that he'll do the vertical slice almost every time. Repeat 3 times to take down the Butcher, one of the easier bosses. ____________ __/Dad **BOSS**\___________________________________________________[##00080] Speaking of easy bosses, this will probably not be so easy as it's quick paced platforming that's not made quite perfect. Your dad will basically show you where to go so I'm not really of much assistance, but I'll give you the generic route just for kicks. First, up the ladder, across the swinging poles, get on a knife on the pin- wheel, swing to a meat patty on the left, walk across tight rope avoiding dads juggling pins. Next, bounce on tramp a few times up to meat patty, swing on trapese, jump up tight ropes (keep moving left and right to avoid projectiles) then run across rope without stopping and you won't get hit. Continuing on, across rope, dads being more of a jerk now thankfully. Now there is a wire grate you can jump on to that wraps around with sections missing, these jumps are crappy, you'll stay on the outside the whole time, so keep that in mind, and just keep double jumping towards the next one and trying until you make it to the top; oh and avoid the fire of course. When you get on the last one you'll have to jump to a piece of meat behind you and then use your levitation ball to jump through a fire hoop, behind it are some air bubbles signifying an air stream, use these to keep going through the hoops until you reach the meat patty dad was on. Now you'll have to go through a series of swinging poles with meat cleaver's you'll need to avoid until you get to a tight rope to get over to where your dad was. Now there is a ladder you need to get on and just hold down to travel around this most awesome ladder ever made to conclude the worst part of the game. Woot woot, the dads met each other, hooray. ____________________________________ __/The Butcher - 2nd Encounter **BOSS**\___________________________[##00081] Now we have the Butcher with fire cleavers and your dads juggling skills on the sidelines. Luckily for us the projectiles Raz's dad throws will actually aid us. The Butcher will do the same attacks as before, but you can't jump up on his blades now for obvious reasons. However, if you toss the juggling pins into the Butcher with your telekinesis skills he will fall down and you can punch him in the head to once again do 1/3 damage. Thats really all there is to this fight. Thankfully, the ends of games always drag on for ridiculous amounts of time, so here goes some more. _______________________________ __/Two Headed Dad Monster **BOSS**\________________________________[##00082] You have your dads power combined with you now, so you'll notice when you start the fight you are huge and crazy psychic style. Now if you look under the dad's health bar you'll see a blue/black dude (the blue drains down), while this is blue you will be crazy big, while it's not you'll be normal. You can only deal damage while your crazy big, this meter will empty and recharge constantly. So when your not big all you have to do is run away and shield yourself. The two-headed dad basically runs after you and tries to step on you, just run and shield constantly to avoid. Once the meter is full go after and mash some punches in, you can do about 1/3 damage everytime you fill up. Nothing to complicated, pretty neat being psychic huge and powerful though thats for sure. _______ __/The End\________________________________________________________[##00083] Well, that raps up the game, you'll get a nice little happy ending cutscene plus hints at a....sequel? We can only hope. There's also no more you can do in this game unless you go back to before "the point of no return" at which the game will auto save for you incase you didn't. If you then go back there and complete anything I missed here then to really take advantage of it you would have to complete the rest of the game again (the meat circus). Well, I hope you enjoyed it, sorry I didn't get EVERYTHING, but I did what I could with one play through, feel free to go back again and send me anything I missed, or simply enjoy the beautiful levels of this game. Thanks for checking out my guide! Rock. __ ___________ ___ ___________________________________________ |o/) ____) \ | | / \o| |/( (___ | \_/ | \| | \___ \ | _ | | | ____) ) cavenger | / \ | unt | |_( (___________/ |___| \_________________________________[##SCAVH]_| The Scavenger Hunt becomes available after completing Basic Braining, however you won't be able to get many of the items until you have many of the other Psi-Powers. In the hunt there are 16 items for you to find around camp and after the first 8 you'll get promoted 4 Ranks and after the next 8 you'll go up another 4. To get your rank increases go see Ranger Cruller who is hanging out by the shack in GPC and Wilderness. Here's the list of all the items: ________________ __/+ Golden Acorn +\________________________________________________________ + Where to find: By entrance to Boathouse and Lake in GPC and Wilderness. + Go over to the GPC and Wilderness and to the cave-like entrance to the Boathouse and Beach, head left when looking at the entrance. You'll soon come across the Golden Acorn, but a squirrel will take it and hide in the tree when you get close. Once you have invisibility at rank 30 you'll be able to turn yourself invisible then simply walk over and take the acorn, the squirrel will never even know. _________________ __/+ Dinosaur Bone +\_______________________________________________________ ..Coming Sometime.. __________________ __/+ Diver's Helmet +\______________________________________________________ + Where to find: Boathouse and beach, after defeating Blueprint Tank. + You'll need to work your way on top of the roof above the area where cotton candy haired kid had been blcoking off, then you can climb up as high as possible and jump over to the roof of Cruller's canoe shack, then by the mountain wall you can climb up a few different rock ledges to a cave blocked by a panther, the Helmet is in there. ______________ __/+ Eagle Claw +\__________________________________________________________ + Where to find: Main Campgrounds on a platform on a tree. + Near the bottom of the ramp into the lodge is a speaker pole, get up on there and look away from the lodge, you should be able to see some platforms around trees, one has Psi-Card on it and on this same on is th Eagles Claw. You'll need to use your levitation ball to jump and float to it. ______________ __/+ Condor Egg +\__________________________________________________________ + Where to find: Reception Area on column in water area. + You'll need to have your levitation ball to get this one. Once you do go to where the Reception Area connects to the GPC area and look over towards the water and you should see the egg, jump and float out to grab it. __________ __/+ Fossil +\______________________________________________________________ + Where to find: Sasha Nein's Lab. + Head down the first bend of the stairs and if you look out in front of you, you'll see something glowing, this is the Fossil. There's a section of wall sticking out a bit off to the right, jump up there then you can easily work your way over to where the fossil is located. _____________ __/+ Glass Eye +\___________________________________________________________ At the Isolation Center of the same under the log type bridge thing there is a type of grate and if you use your telekenisis you can get the glass eye. **Thanks to Sarah Peterson for finding the Glass Eye** _________________ __/+ Gold Doubloon +\_______________________________________________________ + Where to find: By the Lodge in the Main Campgrounds. + Around the right side of the Lodge there is a picnic table, left of it a small hole in the side of the Lodge, the Doubloon is sitting inside. __________________ __/+ Fertility Idol +\______________________________________________________ ..Coming Sometime.. _________________ __/+ Miner's Skull +\_______________________________________________________ ..Coming Sometime.. ____________________ __/+ Cherry Wood Pipe +\____________________________________________________ + Where to find: Reception Area back by waterfall. + If you find yourself at the bottom of the waterfall, walk away from it on the left side and you'll come to a blue sign and also a rusted truck, the Pipe is right over there. ________________ __/+ Pirate Scope +\________________________________________________________ ..Coming Sometime.. ________________________ __/+ Psychonauts Comic #1 +\________________________________________________ + Where to find: Beach and Lakehouse off main bridge. + When you enter the beach head down the bridge from Main Campground or from the GPC area and when you get near the bottom of the bridge the railing stops and if you head left from here you'll find the comic sitting under a pole you can swing on. ___________________ __/+ Turkey Sandwich +\_____________________________________________________ + Where to find: Kids Cabins in cave. + After you have Pyrokinesis you can get the Turkey Sandwhich. Get on top of your Cabin and then use the poles to swing up to the netting on the tree, jump to the platform and there is a cave you can enter. Go in the cave and you'll slide to the bottom, open the fridge and thaw out (pyro) the block of ice inside and when its melted the Turkey Sandwhich will be there! _______________ __/+ Voodoo Doll +\_________________________________________________________ + Where to find: Inside the Lodge in Main Campgrounds. + To the right of entering the Lodge there is a table you can jump on, then jump on top of the frame around the door way, then the little pavillion over Cruller's area, then up on the beams and work your way across the beams to the other side of the lodge where the doll is located. ______________ __/+ Gold Watch +\__________________________________________________________ + Where to find: Thorney Towers after Milkman Conspiracy. + After the gates open and you can actually go in the ground, walk up into the first area and get out your levitation ball right by the fountain in the center, jump up and you'll find the Gold Watch floating above the statue. ___ ___________ _________________________________________________ |o / __) ) ____) \o| |/| / ( (___ \| | | | \___ \ | | | \__ ruller's ____) ) hop | |__\ )_________( (_______________________________________[##CSHOP]_| Ford Cruller runs a shop located in the Lodge in the Main Campground where you can buy things to help you along your journey. Each item has a cost and a rank. You'll need to have the amount of arrowheads listed and be at least the Rank listed if you want to purchase the item. When in the shop, use 'Y' to buy, 'X' for info on an item (which I've written about below), and 'B' to exit. My advice is to buy things with the idea that Dowsing Rod is most important, buy it as soon as possible, then buy the Cobweb Duster, the sooner you have it the less backtracking you'll have to do for missed cobwebs, then the Mental Magnet. Buy PSI-Cores whenever you have enough cards to complete one. The rest is up to you if you want it or not. Here are the things you can buy and what they do: _________________ __/+ Cobweb Duster +\_______________________________________________________ Cost: 800 arrowheads Rank: 20 Description: The Cobweb Duster allows you to collect the cobwebs you find in peoples minds (as you've already seen in Oleanders) and then bring them back here to turn in for Psi-Cards. ________________________ __/+ PSI Energy Colorizer +\________________________________________________ Cost: 250 arrowheads Rank: 30 Description: This is really just for kicks, you won't need to ever buy this, but it may be fun to have once you've got the other things you need. It simply lets you change the color of your Psi-Powers like your shield or levitation ball. _________________ __/+ Mental Magnet +\_______________________________________________________ Cost: 400 arrowheads Rank: 15 Description: This causes things like Mental Health to be attracted to you in a large radius. They natural will run at you when you find them, but this will basically cause any on screen to come at you instead of just the ones that you are near. Very helpful when you have the money. _______________ __/+ Dowsing Rod +\_________________________________________________________ Cost: 50 arrowheads Rank: 10 Description: This allows you to find arrowheads that are buried deeper than the surface, these arrowheads are also normally worth more than the ones you find hanging out by the surface. This item is how you will be able to save up enough to buy things like the Cobweb Duster because no one wants to find 800 individual arrowheads. ____________ __/+ PSI-Core +\____________________________________________________________ Cost: 10 arrowheads Rank: 1 Description: Here is the core that you will need to complete those broken Psi-Challenge Markers you have been finding cards for. These are definitly worth purchasing as each one completed is worth a ranking and the sooner you can buy the other items the better! _______________ __/+ Dream Fluff +\_________________________________________________________ Cost: 50 arrowheads Rank: 1 Description: Ever played a game with a Potion? Here it is, if you have these at hand you can use them at any time to regain lost health. You'll store them in your backpack and then just bring them out to use one. It's as simple as that. _ ______ ___ ___________________________________________________ |o| \ | | | | \o| |/| ) | | | | \| | | / | | | | | | | |\ \ ank | \_/ | pgrades | |_| |_\ \_____\ /__________________________________________[##RANKU]_| -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | RANK # | < < ABILITY GAINED > > | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Rank 10 | Pyrokinesis Ability | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 20 | Telekinesis Ability | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 30 | Invisibility Ability | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 35 | Palm Bomb Upgrade > Palm Megabomb | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 40 | Psi-Blast Upgrade > Chain Blast | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 45 | Pyrokinesis Upgrade > Thermal Detonation | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 50 | Levitation Upgrade > Wrecking Ball | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 55 | Shield Upgrade > Offensive Shield | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 60 | Invisibility Upgrade > Advanced Invisibility | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 65 | Telekinesis Upgrade > TK Extension | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 70 | Psi-Blast Upgrade > Super Chain Blast | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 75 | Levitation Upgrade > Rolling Havoc | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 80 | Shield Upgrade > Ferocious Aura | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 85 | Confusion Bomb Upgrade > Sensory Scramble | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 90 | Psychic Regeneration | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rank 95 | Psi-Blast > Infinite Ammo (yeahh) | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ____________________ __/Ability Explanations\____________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | < < ABILITY > > | < < EXPLANATION > > | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Palm Megabomb | Bigger Explosion Area | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Chain Blast | Bullets bounce off up to 3 targets | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Thermal Detonation | Explosion sets fire to surrounding objects | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Wercking Ball | Can hurt enemies while moving | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Offensive Shield | Enemies get hurt when they hit your shield | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Advanced Invisibility | Lasts twice as long as normal invisibility | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | TK Extension | Has a longer reach than normal | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Super Chain Blast | Bullets bounce off up to 6 targets | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rolling Havoc | Spikes pop out instantly | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ferocious Aura | Adds knockback effect to shield | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Sensory Scramble | Confusion effect lasts twice as long | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Psychic Regeneration | Mental health slowly regenerates over time | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Infinite Ammo | Pretty sure this explains itself | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- __ __________________________________________________________________ |o(_ _) \o| |/ | | \| | | | | | _| |_ tems | |_( )_______________________________________________________[##ITEMS]_| _____________ __/+ Arrowhead +\___________________________________________________________ Arrowheads are made of Psitanium, a rare psychoreactive mineral, which makes them very valuable. You can use Arrowheads to buy items at the camp store and other places you find. Which basically means this is your form of currency while in the world of Psychonauts. Keep an eye out for these buriend in the ground. There are a lot of these close to the surface that you can pull out, but you can really start raking these in after you buy the next item on this grocery list that allows you to search deeper than what you can just see. I recommend you buy this as soon as you can. ______________________ __/+ Astral Projection + \__________________________________________________ Astral Projections are kind of like your lives. You'll get so many of them every time you enter a world and everytime you run out of Mental Health you'll lose a "layer of your astral projection," or in simple terms, a life. If you completely run out of astral projections you'll be sent back to the real world. There are different items that will replace layers and others that will increase your max amount of layers. Obviously collecting these would be wise when needed. __________ __/+ Brains +\______________________________________________________________ Finding brains not only allows us to give them back to those who have lost them, but it also increases our total Mental Health! ___________ __/+ Cobwebs +\_____________________________________________________________ When inside peoples minds you'll often come across Cobwebs, these are bright neon pink spiderwebs. You'll want to clean these up because you can turn them in for Psi-Cards to help complete Psi-Challenge Markers. However, you can't start cleaning them up until you've bought the Cobweb Duster from Cruller's shop (see Shop section for more details). _____________________ __/+ Confusion Grenade +\___________________________________________________ You will gain the ability to use Confusion Grenades whiel in Black Velvetopia. They are as any other games grenades are, you toss them out and anything in their explosion path gets hit; in this case they get stunned. Enemies will drop Confusion Grenades just like they drop Mental Health and Raw Energy; the Grenades look like yellow question marks. _________________ __/+ Crow Feathers +\_______________________________________________________ You'll find crow feathers in a few places and after you gain your Clairvoyance ability you can hold out the feather and then use Clairvoyance to look through the crows eyes wherever it may be. _____________________ __/+ Emotional Baggage +\___________________________________________________ In each level there are 5 pieces of "Emotional Baggage" and Tags to match each one. You will have to find the tag and then the bag itself to release it. Each level will have a: Suitcase, Purse, Steamer Trunk, Dufflebag, and Hatbox. _______________ __/+ Dowsing Rod +\_________________________________________________________ This can be used to find deeper, more valuable Psitanium Arrowheads. Equip the Dowsing Rod and what its changing color and vibration. This is how it lets you know that you are getting closer to a deep arrowhead. Once in the right spot press 'Y' very rapidly to extract the arrowhead from the ground. ____________ __/+ Figments +\____________________________________________________________ These are all over every level, tons and tons of them, so keep your eyes out. Each one is worth a certain amount of points and every 100 points you will be upgraded a Psychic Rank and gain new psychic powers. I can't guide you through every one because thats not my intent and it would take a ton of work, but do your best to explore everywhere and find them. You can look at your collected Figments in your Journal. _________________ __/+ Lungfish Call +\_______________________________________________________ After completing the Lungfishopolis level you'll be left with this item. Using it allows you to travel back and forth across the two islands in the game via the Lungfish. _________________ __/+ Mental Health +\_______________________________________________________ Maintaining your mental health is important because if you run out, you will not be able to maintain your astral projection in whatever mind your currently in and then you'll be knocked back into the real world. Mental health look like Blue plus sign exclamation points. You'll know it when you see it. ________ __/+ Nets +\________________________________________________________________ Nets allow you to get some extra bounce to your jumps. All you need to do is jump on them and you'll start bouncing then hit the jump button with some good timing and you'll get a super high bounce off them. Key for getting up to hard to reach areas. ______________________________ __/+ Psi-Challenge Marker (PCM) +\__________________________________________ You'll find these hanging around the camp area. They will present a challenge for you to complete and after doing so your Psychic level will increase and you'll gain some sort of new Psychic ability. ____________ __/+ Psi-Card +\____________________________________________________________ Sometimes you'll only find a card from a broken Psi-Challenge Marker in which case you'll need to find enough pieces (9) that you can put a whole one back together. However, one can't be fully reassembled without a... ____________ __/+ Psi-Core +\____________________________________________________________ This item holds together all the Challenge Marker Pieces that you'll find around. You'll need to buy these whenever you want to complete a broken Psi Challenge Marker. However, even after buying the core and gathering all the cards you'll need to use some of Agent Cruller's lab equipment to put it together. _____________________ __/+ Psychic Arrowhead +\___________________________________________________ Its raw energy will contribute value to your Arrowheads in small amounts, but overtime they will add up. Basically these are arrowheads that you find inside peoples minds instead of out in "real life." _________________ __/+ Pyscho Portal +\_______________________________________________________ This looks like a door that you take from Sasha-Nein's lab. When you use it you are able to get inside peoples minds, it literally becomes the doorway to somethings mind. ______________________ __/+ Raw Mental Energy + \__________________________________________________ After you get your Psi-Blast ability you'll start to notice these pop up, they look exactly like the Mental Health but they are orange. They act as the ammo to your Psi-Blast. __________________ __/+ Smelling Salts +\______________________________________________________ You can use these at any time in a level to pull yourself out of the level. They can be used an infinite amount of times, however, once you've exited you'll start the level back at the beginning, so think twice before you use them! _________________ __/+ Teleport Dude +\_______________________________________________________ Thats my name, and technically he's not an item, but it seems like a good place to put him. When you find one of these guys you'll be able to use them to teleport back to any previously visited area in the current mental world. _________ __/+ Vault +\_______________________________________________________________ Inside Vaults are peoples memories. You'll find a few of these in every persons mind. Simply punch a Vault to open it and then you'll be given the memory for viewing. If you ever want to rewatch a memory you've received then you can do so in your journal. _ ____________________________________________________________________ |o| \ \o| |/| ) \| | | / | | | |\ \ eview | |_| |_\ \________________________________________________________[##REVIE]_| So, what did I think of the game? Here, read this... o-[ 8.9 / 10 ] -o Creativity is a hard thing to come by in this world of sequels, on top of that it often gets overlooked even when its out there in front of us. Games like Psychonauts, Killer7 and Okami often get passed up because they look "different." But I'm not here to give a speech on creativity in games, lets look further into Psychonauts. At its heart its really just another platformer, but its presented in such an awesome way that it stands above all others. It's not the most perfectly coded game, its got a few bugs here and there, but there is so much true game here that it doesn't even matter. Psychonauts puts in the seat of a kid named Raz who goes off to Psychonaut summer camp. A catastrophe then happens and its up to him to recover everyone at camps brains. He must do so by going inside the minds of other people and traveling through their crazy twisted worlds. You'll be traveling through many insane worlds such as on a chess board with Napoleon, the Milkmans twisted town, or the great underwater city. Throughout these worlds he will need to use different Psi powers such as levitation, telekinesis, pyrokenisis and many more. The powers and the presentations of these worlds are what truly set this game apart from others. Although Nintendo makes great platformer games, you always know what to expect from the games because they all follow the same formula. You won't see any typical things while playing through psychonauts. The story is fun and amusing. Its not to often you get a decent story while playing a platformer game so its nice to be able to enjoy this one. You'll find plenty of laugh out loud moments in this game. Between the funny dialogue or the old man who lives in your ear and comes out when he smells bacon. Graphically this game is gorgeous. It really utilizes the power of the Xbox which is nice since theres not much else the system has to offer game wise. On top of it being nice looking the vibrant awkward colors they chose to use in the game really help make the game stand out. If you pick up Psychonauts you can't go wrong. As I said, its a little less than perfect asthetically, but its got so much heart that it can be overlooked and seen as one of gamings greats. Face it, with the lack of creativity going into games now days the world needs more Psychonauts. ___ _________ ___________________________________________________ |o / __) ) ____) \o| |/| / ( (___ \| | | | \___ \ | | | \__ losing ____) ) tuff | |__\ )_______( (_________________________________________[##CLOSE]_| Well, thanks for checking out my walkthrough. There's a few things I need to wrap up here, so lets do that. First off, this is MY guide, not yours! So, if you want to put it somewhere please contact me to get my permission. As of now I give permission only to sites listed below, not you! You can print this for your own use, NOT to sell! If you are selling it I want in, but it's probably not going to net much money anyways sadly. But I put a lot of time into this so at least have the courtesy to ask me if you can put it up somewhere. Sites with permission to host this: + Gamefaqs + IGN Faqs + HonestGamers + SuperCheats If you do need to contact me, go for it! I'm up for questions, comments, criticism, additions, friendly talk, whatever you want! Make sure if you decide to email me to put something that relates to the Walkthrough in the subject of the email or else I'll simply delete it without thinking twice! You can email me at ahhsumx[at]gmail.com! You can also check out my site iam.colum.edu/students/lstebner to see all my reviews, game impressions and this walkthrough! Lastly thanks to the wonderful creators of this amazing game, we need more people to go out and take a risk on games! But I'm not going to rant, enjoy it for all it is, then do it again because it's even better the second time through!</p>