Heavenly Sword FLYING IN THE SWIFTNESS OF TIME - Full PS3 FAQ/Walkthrough Authored by VampireHorde MMMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMM ++ASCII KANJI ARTWORK BY ME! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= _____ ___________ ____ ___ __ _____________________ _ __ / _/ |/ /_ __/ _ \/ __ \/ _ \/ / / / ___/_ __/ _/ __ \/ |/ / _/ // / / / / , _/ /_/ / // / /_/ / /__ / / _/ // /_/ / / /___/_/|_/ /_/ /_/|_|\____/____/\____/\___/ /_/ /___/\____/_/|_/ ======================================================================= ======================================================================= What it does, party pranksters? It's been a long wait and now the PS3 has its first big title (well, second after Ninja Gaiden Sigma). Get yourself strapped and ready because this is gonna be a very short and bumpy ride! NO MORE TALK, FIGHT! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ SEDUCTION & PASSION - THE GAMEPLAY ASPECTS +++ __ ___ ____ ___ _ ___ ___ / /__ ___ __ / _ `/ _ `/ ' \/ -_) _ \/ / _ `/ // / \_, /\_,_/_/_/_/\__/ .__/_/\_,_/\_, / /___/ /_/ /___/ === BUTTON CONFIGURATION === ++NARIKO CONTROLS X BUTTON: PICKUP/USE/FIRE/THROW (HOLD FOR AFTERTOUCH) TRIANGLE BUTTON: ATTACK 2/COUNTER SQUARE BUTTON: ATTACK 1 CIRCLE BUTTON: SUPERSTYLE/DROP OBJECT L1 BUTTON: RANGE STANCE (HOLD) L2 BUTTON: TWEAK CAMERA LEFT R1 BUTTON: POWER STANCE (HOLD) R2 BUTTON: TWEAK CAMERA RIGHT LEFT ANALOG STICK: MOVEMENT RIGHT ANALOG STICK: EVADE SIXAXIS CONTROL: CAMERA/AFTERTOUCH (IF ACTIVATED) ++KAI CONTROLS X BUTTON: USE/VAULT TRIANGLE BUTTON: NOT USED SQUARE BUTTON: STUN ATTACK CIRCLE BUTTON: FIRE (WHEN AIMING/HOLD FOR AFTERTOUCH) L1 BUTTON: HOLD TO AIM L2 BUTTON: TWEAK CAMERA LEFT R1 BUTTON: NOT USED R2 BUTTON: TWEAK CAMERA RIGHT LEFT ANALOG STICK: MOVEMENT/TARGET (WEN AIMING) RIGHT ANALOG STICK: EVADE/ZOOM (WHEN AIMING) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === BLOCKING === Nariko will automatically block if she is not attacking and she is in the correct stance. When enemies attack, they will have colored auras: --Blue Attacks are blocked in Speed Stance --Orange Attacks are blocked in Power Stance --Yellow Attacks are blocked in Range Stance --Red Attacks are Unblockable ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === COUNTERING === When Nariko blocks an attack, she can then counter-attack with a move of her own. Press the TRIANGLE BUTTON as the block is made (if the Stance is correct) and Nariko will strike back with a counter. If the timing is perfect, Nariko's counter will usually kill the enemy. In later chapters, Nariko will face off against faster enemies. The proper way to kill them is to counter their stance attacks to activate a short kill sequence. When this happens, Nariko needs to press a second button shown onscreen (quickly) to complete the counter-attack. If the button is missed, Nariko will get thrown back, so GET IT RIGHT. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === SUPERSTYLES === By performing Counters, Regular Combos, and Aerial Combos, Nariko will gain Style Points. With enough Style Points, Nariko can perform devastating Superstyle moves. Each Stance has three levels of its own Superstyle. All moves are unlocked through obtaining Glyphs. The Superstyle disk is shown on the onscreen HUD as the large circle in the middle of Nariko's health bar. Each circle that lights up red will show the level of Superstyle that can be performed. One Red Circle = Superstyle Level 1 Two Red Circles = Superstyle Level 2 Three Red Circles = Superstyle Level 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === BLOCK BREAKERS === As long as Nariko blocks an enemy attack in the correct stance, she will not take damage. But what about if an enemy is blocking Nariko's attacks? A lot of the bigger enemies tend to block Nariko's attacks and the only way to break their guard is to use Block Breaker Combos. The Combo List below will point out all the Block Breaker Combos. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === AERIAL COMBOS === Nariko can perform Aerial Combos on vulnerable enemies. To perform an Aerial Combo, Nariko must launch them into the air using a Range Stance (L1 + TRIANGLE). While the enemy is in the air, shake the SIXAXIS control to make Nariko launch into the air to begin a Combo. Remember, if an enemy is NOT launched up into the air, Nariko cannot perform the Aerial Combo! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === ADDITIONAL TECHNIQUES === ++KNOCKOUT RECOVERY If Nariko is knocked into the air, quickly shake the SIXAXIS controller upwards to make Nariko recover her fall in mid-air. ++DEBRIS SWEEP Press L1 + TRIANGLE to launch any surrounding debris at the enemy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === STANCES === --SPEED STANCE Press the L1 Button to unsheathe the Heavenly Sword into two chained swords. This stance is very similar to the chained swords that Kratos used in the God Of War games. With these weapons, Nariko spins the blades in a circular motion and can unleash wind-based attacks. Use this stance to block Yellow Aura attacks. --POWER STANCE To enter a Power Stance, press the R1 Button to unsheathe the Heavenly Sword itself. Any attacks that Nariko makes in this stance will inflict heavy duty damage. The only downside is that each attack is slow and can slow down Nariko's combos considerably. To properly utilize this weapon, mix a Speed Stance attack followed by a Power combo. This will break up enemies that swarm Nariko. Use this stance to block Orange Aura attacks. --RANGE STANCE This is the default stance that Nariko uses. During Range stances, Nariko will use her Longsword and can inflict minimal damage on her enemies. To block an enemy's Speed Attack (Blue Aura), leave the stance alone and Nariko will automatically block the attack. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- == COMBO LISTS == +++LONGSWORD SOMERSAULT KICK [][][] REVERSE SLASH [][]/\ TEN FOOTED KICK []/\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) CRESCENT KICK /\/\/\ SPIRAL BLADE /\[]/\ +++SPEED STANCE ANGEL'S FURY [][][]/\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) PUMMELING ANGEL [][][][] ANGEL'S VORTEX []/\[] SAVAGE ANGEL /\/\[] HEAVEN'S WRATH /\/\/\ TWISTED ANGEL []/\/\/\/\ FALLEN ANGEL HEAVEN'S ASCENT []/\/\ WHEN FALLING /\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) ANGEL'S GRAVE []/\/\ AFTER LANDING /\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) TWIN ANGELS []/\/\ AFTER LANDING [] ANGELIC FURY /\[]/\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) ANGEL'S SMITE [][]/\[] HEAVENLY STORM [][]/\/\/\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) HEAVEN'S SPIRAL [][]/\/\[] (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) ANGEL'S HARVEST []/\/\[]/\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) ANGEL'S CROP []/\/\[][] (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) +++POWER STANCE DEVIL KNEELS [][][] DEVIL'S SCYTHE []/\/\ RISING DEVIL [][]/\ DEVIL'S FAVOR /\/\/\ HELL'S ENVY /\[][] HELL'S WRATH /\[]/\ STRIKING HELL /\/\[][] (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) LAUGHING DEVIL /\/\[]/\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) RAISING HELL []/\[]/\ (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) BLADE OF THE DEVIL []/\[][][] (BLOCK BREAKER COMBO) +++RANGE STANCE** DIVINE STORM /\/\/\ UNFURLING WRATH [][][] **As Nariko unlocks levels 2 and 3 of Range Stance, just press the button for each combo numerous times to increase the attack power. +++AERIAL COMBOS** DELIVERANCE [][][] FLYING REDEMPTION []/\/\/\ FLYING VORTEX /\/\[] SOARING BLADE (HOLD R1 BUTTON) [][][] LIBERATION (HOLD R1 BUTTON) /\[] FLYING FAN (HOLD L1 BUTTON) /\/\ OPTIMISTIC FLIGHT (HOLD L1 BUTTON) [] FLYING ANGEL (HOLD R1 BUTTON) /\ /\/\/\ BLADED DOWNFALL /\ (HOLD R1 BUTTON) [][] SOARING EMBRACE [][] (HOLD L1 BUTTON) [] FALLING BLOSSOM []/\/\ (HOLD R1 BUTTON) [][] **To start an Aerial Combo, press the L1 Button for Range Stance and then press the TRIANGLE BUTTON to launch an enemy into the air. After the enemy is launched, shake the SIXAXIS controller to begin the combo. +++SUPERSTYLES** --LEVEL 1 LOVER'S EMBRACE (SPEED STANCE) LOVER'S QUARREL (POWER STANCE) GENTLE SEDUCTION (RANGE STANCE) --LEVEL 2 STARTLED LOVER (SPEED STANCE) COMPASSION (POWER STANCE) LINGERING TOUCH (RANGE STANCE) --LEVEL 3 STOLEN KISS (SPEED STANCE) ADORING TRAVELER (POWER STANCE) WHIRLING PASSION (RANGE STANCE) **Superstyles are all activated by pressing the CIRCLE BUTTON during a Stance. Nariko can use a SS attack when the Superstyle disk on the HUD lights up. When two Red Circles are lit up, she can use a level 2 SS and the same goes for a level 3 SS. Understand how it works? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === LEARNING TO USE THE AFTERTOUCH === Heavenly Sword uses the SIXAXIS controller to a new degree unlike many other PS3 games on the market. When Nariko or Kai launch an object into mid-air, holding the corresponding button will make the object go into First-Person Mode AKA Aftertouch. When the object is in Aftertouch Mode, the screen will enter a cat's eye vision perspective. From there, you can control the object by moving the SIXAXIS in any direction to make it move. Releasing the button during Aftertouch will release the object and make it fall. When playing as Nariko, pick up any item lying around the area and then toss it by holding the SQUARE BUTTON to enter Aftertouch Mode. Or if Nariko is controlling one of those large cannons, press and hold the SQUARE BUTTON to fire a cannonball and enter Aftertouch. Use the SIXAXIS to control the cannonball towards its target. When playing as Kai, the arrows that she flings at enemies can be used in Aftertouch Mode in order to guide them to their target. Flinging arrows from Third-Person perspective is not recommended because she cannot accurately aim. And especially in later chapters when Kai has to shoot at enemies that are a mile away, using Aftertouch is the best and only way to get them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- === UNLOCKING GLYPHS === Each and every section of each chapter has a specific number of Glyphs to unlock. For some odd reason, it's not noted on the Instruction Manual or in the game on how to achieve each Glyph. But from what I have seen in my time with the game, unlocking Glyphs results from a couple of things: --CHAINING A LARGE # OF STYLISH HITS --NO DAMAGE TAKEN DURING A COMBO --FINDING ALL HIDDEN RED/GOLD POTS IN THE AREA A lot of the time, finding all the Red Pots (and cracking them open) usually unlocks a Glyph during a section. Sometimes, all it takes is a non-stop combo to unlock a Glyph. The objective can vary per chapter and section, so try one thing if the other doesn't work. By the time you finish your first playthrough, you should be able to unlock around 75-90 total Glyphs out of 129 (without even knowing how you did it). Stumped? Yeah, you're not the only one. END OF SECTION Now that you know the Gameplay Aspects, let's start this party! YES!!!! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ HARLOT OF HELL - THE WALKTHROUGH +++ ____ __ __ __ _ _____ _/ / /__/ /_/ / _______ __ _____ _/ / | |/|/ / _ `/ / '_/ __/ _ \/ __/ _ \/ // / _ `/ _ \ |__,__/\_,_/_/_/\_\\__/_//_/_/ \___/\_,_/\_, /_//_/ /___/ ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ THE FINAL BATTLE +++ As soon as the cutscene breaks, run into the rushing hordes of soldiers and begin attacking using any combo and stance. When the screen prompts it, press the CIRCLE BUTTON to begin using Aftertouch Attacks. After large amounts of soldiers perish, another cutscene occurs. WELCOME TO HEAVENLY SWORD ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ CHAPTER 1 +++ _______ _____ ___ _____________ ___ / ___/ // / _ | / _ \/_ __/ __/ _ \ < / / /__/ _ / __ |/ ___/ / / / _// , _/ / / \___/_//_/_/ |_/_/ /_/ /___/_/|_| /_/ +++ THE ART OF BATTLE +++ --OBJECTIVE: MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE REST OF THE CLAN It's time to stand up and fight! Follow the directions onscreen and make your way down to the fight below. Use quick evasion and a hard combo on each enemy. Since Nariko is using the Speed Stance, avoid attacking the enemy when you see them attacking at her. She will automatically block their combos and can then counter back with her own combo. Stay evasive! The fight will be over much quicker if Nariko keeps mobile! Gather up as many combos as you can without taking damage to unlock the first Glyph. After the first sets of soldiers are all dead, a cutscene occurs. --OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT ALL OF BOHAN'S SOLDIERS Repeat the same strategies and follow the directions indicated onscreen. After the last soldier perishes, the chapter ends. You should be able to unlock the first three Glyphs by the time the chapter ends. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ NIGHT ATTACKS +++ --OBJECTIVE: STOP BOHAN'S SOLDIERS FROM REACHING THE FORT Its Twing-Twang time, bitch! Aim and shoot at as many soldiers as Kai can see. To the top left of the screen is a tall watchtower, do you see it? Snipers will hide and emerge from under the watchtower, so keep your eye there and shoot them dead. Use Aftertouch Arrows to test out the Sixaxis controls if you want. As for the other soldiers that appear, shoot who you can. The ones that get past Kai will be dealt with by Nariko. Once Kai is done, Nariko will step in and slay the rest of the pawns. Use hard combos and evasion to kill the swarms of soldiers. Also, to avoid getting attacked from all sides, pick up the bodies on the floor and toss them at the soldiers to break them up (especially the ones holding the shields). Once the soldiers are dead, this part ends. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ DAWN SIEGE +++ --OBJECTIVE: JOIN SHEN AT THE TOP OF THE FORT ++WAVE 1: Make your way to Shen and then get ready for some Sixaxis action! There are three Catapults with red weak spots on them (they shimmer to signify themselves). Nariko has three minutes to shoot all three Catapults down or else she fails the objective. The cannon has infinite cannonballs so spend your time honing your Sixaxis skills instead of worrying about how many cannonballs are left. Aim the cannon and then use the Aftertouch to aim and move the cannonball. Each Catapult has three weak spots. When all three are destroyed, a hidden weak spot appears. Shoot the last weak spot to demolish the catapult. Repeat for the remaining two catapults to end this wave. ++WAVE 2: After the catapults are down, Nariko has to kill 700 rushing soldiers within three minutes. Simply aim all over the place and start blasting like crazy. If you want to use Aftertouch, then use it, but be aware that it'll only slow down the pace. Just aim low and blast until 700 of those doofuses are dead. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ THE ESCAPE +++ --OBJECTIVE: ESCAPE WITH THE HEAVENLY SWORD Make your way down the snowy path and destroy the soldiers that appear. Make it all the way to the end to end this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ FOREST AMBUSH +++ Nariko will encounter a few tough baddies here. Instead of unleashing combos on them, use Counterattacks instead. When the enemy attacks Nariko, press the TRIANGLE BUTTON just as she blocks the attack and she will counter back. Use this to kill the big dudes easily. Once all the baddies are dead, approach the shimmering wheel and interact with it to open the gate. Exit the area and then enter the next area with three enemies. Kill them all with easy combos to clear the area. After the area is cleared, search for red pots to unlock some more cool crap! Now exit this area to encounter the cowardly soldier. When he locks the door, approach the ledge to the left and grab some swords. Toss one at his stupid-ass and then one on the large gong to open the door. (Doesn't this seem reminiscent of the first God Of War game?) Continue all the way down the path to finish this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ THE HEAVENLY SWORD +++ STAND AND FIGHT!!! Use Counterattacks on the enemies and mix your attacks. Use light attacks followed with a heavy attack from the Heavenly Sword. This section can be lengthy or quite short depending on how skilled you've become so far. Use every range with the sword and test out different combos. Once Nariko has killed enough baddies, the chapter ends. CHAPTER CLEARED __ __ __ __ ____/ / ___ ____ / /____ ____ ____/ /__ ___ ________ ___/ / / __/ _ \/ _ `/ _ \/ __/ -_) __/ / __/ / -_) _ `/ __/ -_) _ / \__/_//_/\_,_/ .__/\__/\__/_/ \__/_/\__/\_,_/_/ \__/\_,_/ /_/ ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ CHAPTER 2 +++ _______ _____ ___ _____________ ___ / ___/ // / _ | / _ \/_ __/ __/ _ \ |_ | / /__/ _ / __ |/ ___/ / / / _// , _/ / __/ \___/_//_/_/ |_/_/ /_/ /___/_/|_| /____/ +++ FEARLESS +++ --OBJECTIVE: FIND A WAY DOWN TO THE TEMPLE TO FIND SHEN This level is the same one that was found in the Demo. Approach the large rope and press the X BUTTON to begin an RTE (Real-Time Event). This is the order of the buttons: Rapidly Tap X BUTTON --> DIRECTIONAL RIGHT --> X BUTTON --> DIRECTIONAL LEFT --> Rapidly Tap X BUTTON --> SQUARE BUTTON Once Nariko lands on the large pillar, begin using Counterattacks on all the soldiers. Nearly all of them use regular attacks (Blue Aura) so counter them and then follow it up with a Speed/Power Combo to knock them off the pillar to the depths below. Continue this until the area is cleared of threats. Approach the rope on the bottom left and press the X BUTTON to trigger the next sequence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ NO TURNING BACK +++ As the pillar falls, rapidly tap the X BUTTON to run and jump to the ground below. The first waves of soldiers in this area mix their attacks JUST a little bit. Some use Power Attacks but the majority of them use Range Attacks (with the occasional Red Combo). Use lots of Counters on the baddies until more burst through the door. Kill them all to clear the area and to finish this sequence. Exit through the next door and out to the next area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ FIRE FIGHT +++ --OBJECTIVE: MAKE YOUR WAY ACROSS THE DEFENDED BRIDGE As you traverse down the bridge, there will be archers ready to fling tons of arrows at you. To deflect them properly, run down the bridge while in Range Stance (press and hold the L1 BUTTON) and then attack when they fling their arrows. Approach the stupid archers and begin whupping some ass. Again, use Counters on them and a mix of Speed/Power Combos to get them all. Make your way to the end of the bridge and kill off the last three archers with mixed combos and counters. Once that's done, break open the red pot at the end of the bridge and go around the mountain path to the next area. --OBJECTIVE: FIND A WAY INTO THE BANQUET HALL === THE BANQUET HALL PUZZLE === It's puzzle time! TO open the large double doors, Nariko needs to ring both of the large gongs next to the banquet hall doors at the same time. Across from the bottom of the stairs is a large wooden scaffolding contraption. Do you see it? Approach the ladder on the contraption and climb up to the top. Approach the large crate of items and press the X BUTTON to pick one up. Throw the item using Aftertouch into the first gong and then direct the item as it deflects and hit the second gong across from it. It'll take a few tries, so DO IT. Once both gongs are ringing, the doors open! WOOHOO! Now go down the ladder and head up the stairs to encounter your first stupid-ass boss battle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ BEWARE THE FOX +++ --OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT FLYING FOX Get ready for on of the LONGEST and most BORING pre-boss battles in the game. When the Fox arrives, he sends in three waves of enemies at you. As he talks (and talks and talks and talks), kill each wave of enemies. After the third wave, Fox finally shuts his yapper and the real boss battle finally starts! === BOSS BATTLE: THE FLYING FOX === This battle is basically your typical back-and-forth type deal. Fox will attack with either a Speed or Power Attack and all Nariko needs to do is block it using the correct stance. After Nariko blocks his attack, quickly evade and pull any combo you want from behind him. That's pretty much it in terms of strategy, I'm sorry to say. Stay evasive so that Fox doesn't catch you off guard with his Red Combo. When Fox performs a combo, evade him so that he doesn't finish the combo and then smack him from behind. Yeah, that's it. After 95% of his health is gone, the CIRCLE BUTTON will appear. Rapidly tap it to begin the Kill Sequence: CIRCLE BUTTON --> DIRECTIONAL LEFT --> Rapidly Tap X BUTTON --> DIRECTIONAL RIGHT --> DIRECTIONAL UP --> DIRECTIONAL UP --> SQUARE BUTTON --> DIRECTIONAL UP --> SQUARE BUTTON When done correctly, the battle ends in a draw (unfortunately). If you missed any of the sequences, Fox kicks you down and you have to fight him again (with 40% of his health restored). GET IT RIGHT! Once the battle is over, exit the area outside. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ PRISON APPROACH +++ --OBJECTIVE: REACH THE PRISON AND FIND SHEN Make your way past the bridge to the grassy area/waterfall. There is a hidden GOLD pot near the waterfall area, so kick it to grab the goodies. Now make your way up the next set of stairs while dodging dead bodies and crates. Once you make it to the top of the hill, KILL. Kill all the baddies with counters and Power Combos until the area is cleared. After that's done, approach the wheel next to the metal gate and rapidly tap the X BUTTON to start opening it. When it's open, go through the gateway to the next gateway. Open the gate on that end and then head up the stairs to the prison area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ THE PRISON +++ --OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT ALL SOLDIERS AND RELEASE YOUR CLANSMEN When the soldiers drop down from above, kill them off with Counters and Power Combos. After all of them are dead, a really dumb, overacted cutscene occurs. ENJOY. === THE PRISON CELL PUZZLE === Approach the ladder and press the X BUTTON to bring it down. Climb it up to the top and then approach the large lever and activate it to open the doors on the second floor. Once that's done, approach the orange gong next to the lever and attack it to ring it and open the prison door next to the lever. Enter the first cell to find a crate of shields. Grab one shield and go back near the lever. There is another orange gong across the way, so throw the shield at it using the Aftertouch to open the next door. After the second door opens, head down the walkway to find another crate with shields. Grab a shield and toss it at the orange gong next to the second lever to open the door next to it. Now approach that lever and activate it to open the prison doors on the first floor. WOOH! That was stirringly tedious! Now go back down to the first floor to trigger a cutscene with your sonofabitch bastard clansmen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ THE MAIN GATE +++ --OBJECTIVE: USE THE FIRE-ROCKET TO DEFEAT THE ENEMIES Make your way all the way down to the other side of the bridge. The Fire-Rocket is located at the other end of the bridge, so go and grab it! As soon as you see the hordes of enemies rushing at you, start blasting. You don't need to use Aftertouch but be aware that Nariko can only use it FIVE times before it runs out of ammunition. Once all the enemies are dead, approach the double doors at the end of the bridge. Fight off the remaining enemies that appear using Counters and Speed/Power Combos. Notice those two red pots in the upper pillars on the left and right side? Nariko can't reach them, so leave them alone for later. Ignore the pots and make your way to the large gate. --OBJECTIVE: OPEN THE TEMPLE GATES The gates are shut, so approach the shimmering light on the right side to begin a sequence: Rapidly tap X BUTTON --> SQUARE BUTTON --> SQUARE BUTTON After Nariko lands on the roof, eliminate the blue soldiers with Counters. Kill them all to open the metal gateway. Inside is a lever and a crate with shields. Activate the lever to open the locks on the main gate. Now grab a shield and fling it at the orange gong on the opposite end of the area using Aftertouch. When the gong gets smacked, the metal doors on the other side open up. Now jump back down to the ground and approach the shimmering light on the left to trigger another RTE sequence: Rapidly tap X BUTTON --> DIRECTIONAL UPPER-LEFT --> DIRECTION UPPER- RIGHT --> DIRECTIONAL UPPER-LEFT --> DIRECTIONAL UPPER-RIGHT --> DIRECTIONAL UPPER-LEFT --> DIRECTIONAL UPPER-RIGHT --> SQUARE BUTTON After Nariko lands on the balcony, kill off the enemies and clear the area. Once that's done, approach the lever and activate it to open the Main Gate. WHEW! Now enter the gate to the next area. --OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT ALL WHIPTAIL'S PERSONAL GUARDS Can this get any more repetitive? Kill all the baddies using Counters and Power Combos to trigger the next boss battle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ WHIPTAIL +++ --OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT WHIPTAIL === BOSS BATTLE: WHIPTAIL - PART 1 OF 2 === This is a three-part battle that is quite annoying to finish. ++WAVE 1: Whip will start unleashing a Wave Attack at Nariko throughout this first battle. To evade the attack, either use a Range Attack (L1 + TRIANGLE BUTTON) to destroy the wave or roll out of the way at the last second to evade it. After Whip stops throwing those waves, quickly approach her and attack her with Speed/Power Combos and then evade. Use lots of quick evasion and then a Power Combo to confuse her. When you do it this way, she won't have time to counter. After she takes a big hit, she escapes to the other end of the arena and the whole process starts over again. This battle can get pretty irritating because Whip just bolts back and forth so many times. But evade her Wave Attack and then whack her up close to whittle down her health. But be conservative of Nariko's health, though! Use the Red Pots only if absolutely necessary! Once Whip's health is down to Orange, the next wave begins. ++WAVE 2: This time, Whip will start throwing Wave Attacks and then a Tidal Wave. Use Range Attacks to destroy both waves (evading them is not a good idea) and then use the same tactics from the first part to whittle her health to RED. After finishing off Whiptail in the second wave, the game cuts to Kai. Yup, its Twing-Twang time again, bee-hotch! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ SHEN'S ESCAPE +++ --OBJECTIVE: SHOOT THE SNIPERS Get ready for a really long sequence. For this sequence, Kai needs to kill all the enemies that come running after Shen (as he makes his way towards the other side of the bridge). You MUST use Aftertouch Attacks on every enemy or this sequence will end on a sour note. If you attempt to shoot the enemies the old-fashioned way, good luck to you because you'll need it! First, kill the two Snipers on the left pillar using Aftertouch Arrows. Once both are dead, focus on the enemies on the bridge itself. --OBJECTIVE: PROTECT SHEN After the two Snipers fall, Kai must protect Shen from incoming soldiers as he hobbles his way down the bridge. The first wave contains seven soldiers to kill, so get to it! Once all seven are down, take the time to shoot the Red pots in the upper pillars (that Nariko couldn't reach). Now wait as the second wave of soldiers arrive. In the second wave, eighteen total soldiers will rush from the south side (near Kai) and north side (near Shen). You'll need to be quick with the Aftertouch controls or you may end up doing this sequence again. You don't need direct headshots to kill the baddies. As long as Kai's arrows hit them anywhere on the body, they will fall. Copy and paste this URL to see a video of this section: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/107606.html Finish off the second wave to end this sequence and trigger the third wave of the Nariko/Whiptail battle. === BOSS BATTLE: WHIPTAIL - PART 2 OF 2 === Just finish her off already! Once her health is 95% gone, press the CIRCLE BUTTON and then wait for the SQUARE BUTTON to appear to finish this battle. CHAPTER CLEARED __ __ __ __ ____/ / ___ ____ / /____ ____ ____/ /__ ___ ________ ___/ / / __/ _ \/ _ `/ _ \/ __/ -_) __/ / __/ / -_) _ `/ __/ -_) _ / \__/_//_/\_,_/ .__/\__/\__/_/ \__/_/\__/\_,_/_/ \__/\_,_/ /_/ ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ CHAPTER 3 +++ _______ _____ ___ _____________ ____ / ___/ // / _ | / _ \/_ __/ __/ _ \ |_ / / /__/ _ / __ |/ ___/ / / / _// , _/ _/_ < \___/_//_/_/ |_/_/ /_/ /___/_/|_| /____/ +++ KAI'S MISSION +++ --OBJECTIVE: INFILTRATE BOHAN'S TEMPLE TO FIND NARIKO The majority of this chapter will involve controlling Kai through various parts of Bohan's fortress. When the chapter begins, acquaint yourself with the area. Kai can jump over objects and she can only push off enemies when in danger. Make your way towards the middle of the bridge and take cover. When the soldiers start rushing towards Kai, either use Aftertouch arrows to take them out or use up-close arrows. If the Aftertouch arrows aren't hitting anybody, wait for the soldiers to get within mid-distance of Kai and then just start shooting them point blank. The soldiers are stupid enough to let you shoot them like that. Once that's done, a new objective comes up. --OBJECTIVE: TRY AFTERTOUCHING AN ARROW THROUGH THE FLAMES For this objective, line Kai behind a flaming torch (any torch is fine) and then shoot an Aftertouch arrow through the flame. Guide the arrow towards the red barrel to explode the doorway open. After the door opens, exit outside and down the bridge to encounter an armored enemy. This enemy can only be killed by headshots, so either use an Aftertouch arrow or wait for him to get within mid-range and then aim for the head and POW! It's not that difficult, so DO IT! Once he's dead, exit the area and enter the other building. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ PLAYTIME +++ --OBJECTIVE: KEEP YOUR DISTANCE AND DEFEAT THE GUARDS Even though the room is large and provides lots of cover, there isn't enough space to launch Aftertouch arrows at the baddies. Instead of Aftertouch arrows, just wait for them to get within mid-range and then start shooting at them until they all fall. If one of them is about to strike, simply roll back and run away. Re- position Kai and continue shooting all the baddies that appear until the room is cleared. Exit to the next room and access the wheel to open the metal gate to the next area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ SHOOTING FISH +++ --OBJECTIVE: STOP BOHAN'S SOLDIERS BEFORE THEY REACH YOU This section doesn't really involve any special puzzle-solving. When the metal gates are open, start shooting at the rushing soldiers and pick them off one-by-one. No need for Aftertouch, so just shoot! After the first set of soldiers is wasted, another set will emerge from the large metal doors, so continue shooting until all of them are toast. Once the second wave is gone, a third wave will emerge, so SHOOT THEM ALREADY. But if you don't want to fight the last wave, just quickly dash past them and enter the opened doorway. Access the wheel inside the room to open the door and exit outside. Make a right turn (Kai's left-hand side) and go around the corner to the ladder and climb it up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ DUCK AND COVER +++ This next section will be quite lengthy. Numerous archers from across the other side will start shooting arrows at you. Since they are too far, it's time for some Aftertouch arrows up their asses. There are archers that emerge down the stairway and some that take cover on the balcony ledges. Take cover and then start shooting Aftertouch arrows and pick off all the baddies one by one. Once the last enemy falls, take the nearby ladder going up and go around the corner and enter the building to end this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ TWING TWANG! +++ --OBJECTIVE: LOCATE THE ARMORY TO FIND THE HEAVENLY SWORD Enter the elevator and access the wheel to bring it to the top. Exit the elevator and open the next door to the next area. When Kai exits, she will be outside the arena. Notice that there are boxes to take cover behind and bunches of archers ready to shoot at Kai. Well touch me in the morning and then just walk away because its Twing- Twang time again! Take cover and begin shooting Aftertouch arrows at the baddies ABOVE the arena. Ignore the enemies on the bridge and shoot the ones hiding above the arena rooftop and the ones on the arena balcony ledges (to the upper left side). If Kai's aim is accurate, guide the Aftertouch arrows through the torches and then shoot the red barrels to shorten this section a little. Once the area is cleared of baddies, approach the wheel at the other end of the bridge and access it to open the gate to the arena. Enter the arena to complete this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER +++ --OBJECTIVE: SURVIVE BOHAN'S TWISTED GAME This section is not as difficult as it looks. For the battle, Nariko must either KILL or PARALYZE her bastard asshole bitch clansmen. Your best bet is to paralyze them (if you wanna get the Glyphs for this section). Simply wait for them to attack at Nariko and then press the TRIANGLE BUTTON to counter them. After she grabs them, press the two buttons that appear to begin the Paralyze Attack. There are fifteen of your douchebag clansmen to battle, so GET TO IT! If you stink at Countering, then consider this a difficult battle. Otherwise, just paralyze them all to complete this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ FIREWORKS! +++ --OBJECTIVE: LOCATE THE ARMORY TO FIND THE HEAVENLY SWORD Once control returns to Kai, make a left turn and approach the large metal door with the red symbol on it. Approach the door to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, its enemy time! --OBJECTIVE: FIND THE COMMANDER IN THE WEST TOWER TO GET THE PASSWORD FOR THE ARMORY Armored soldiers will rush in from both sides of the upper arena. You can either try to face them up-close or use flaming Aftertouch arrows to shorten this battle. Kai can move from one end of the upper arena to the next using the wooden scaffoldings in the center to her advantage. Run from one end to the other and shoot flaming Aftertouch arrows into the red barrels just as the armored soldiers walk by them. Do it this way so that Kai doesn't need to waste time trying to make headshots. When all the armored soldiers are dead, exit the arena using the metal door on the right (that the armored soldiers emerged from). Cross the bridge and access the door to receive the next objective. --OBJECTIVE: OBTAIN THE PASSWORD FROM THE COMMANDER After the cutscene, make your way back to the arena. Stand behind the opposite side of the metal doorway and shoot a flaming Aftertouch arrow into the room with the fireworks. Be careful! If Kai accidentally shoots the commander, you will have to re-do this ENTIRE section all over again (trust me, it happened to me)! Quickly run towards the commander to obtain the password once he is blown out of the room. Now make your way back to the door and give the password to the idiot doorman to end this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ A NEW THREAT +++ --OBJECTIVE: SLAY ROACH'S PET The enemy that Roach sends after Nariko isn't all that powerful. To kill it, use quick evasion and hard combos. As soon as it starts using a specific aura, quickly roll in and attack it. Don't forget to use counters on it, too! Kill the pet to end this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ RIDING HIGH +++ --OBJECTIVE: RIDE THE CABLE CAR TO THE ARMORY Time to clench the pearls, boys and girls, because it's Twing-Twang time again! When Kai enters the cable car, soldiers will start rushing in on the bridge on the other side. Use Aftertouch arrows on them and pick them off. After all the bridge soldiers are gone, the camera angle switches towards the Armory. More archers will emerge on the upper left side of the Armory, so start shooting! Once the lot of them is gone, more soldiers will emerge on the lower right side of the Armory. Shoot them down with Aftertouch arrows. Once their dead, Kai is safe...for now. Before Kai reaches the Armory, the cable car will snap in half leaving Kai hanging on by her feet upside down. From her upside down angle, Kai must shoot a few more soldiers. The angle of her Aftertouch arrows might disorient you a little but don't hesitate! Kill all the upside down soldiers to emerge at the Armory. Once you approach the Armory, take the time to approach each weapon on the walls and read about their history. If not, then just grab the Heavenly Sword from the upper right section to trigger a cutscene with that goddamn Flying Fox nutbag. Press the buttons in this order: DIRECTIONAL RIGHT --> DIRECTIONAL LEFT --> Rapidly tap X BUTTON ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ ROACH'S PETS +++ --OBJECTIVE: SURVIVE ROACH'S PETS Get in a few combos on these mongrels to trigger a cutscene. --OBJECTIVE: SLAUGHTER ROACH'S PETS WITH THE HEAVENLY SWORD Once Nariko gets the Heavenly Sword, use quick evasion and Power/Range combos to kill all the pets. To make this fight go by faster, use heavy Power Combos to knock the pets out of the arena. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ ROLLING THUNDER +++ --OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT ROACH === BOSS BATTLE: ROACH === This battle (which comes in three waves) is a tad bit easier to deal with than the Whiptail battle. Roach has two special attacks: a Rolling Thunderball and a Spinning Thunderball attack. And he has the occasional Range/Power/Red Combo in between special attacks. The main strategy here is to NOT use melee combat on this bitch. If you use melee combat, you'll waste a lot of time trying to break his guard and it won't work! Instead of trying to fight him with stances and counters, run around the arena! You need to bait Roach into doing his Rolling Thunderball (where rolls towards you like a bowling ball). Run away from Roach and run in a clockwise direction when he starts rolling. If he does the spin move, roll away before he lands on the ground to avoid getting hit. After he charges at you (and misses) with his rolling attack, do NOT attack until Roach fully stops or crashes. If you attack him before he crashes, Nariko WILL get hit by him by accident. After he crashes, roll in and perform a hard Power Combo. Only do ONE Power Combo and then roll away. Do this for the entire battle and Nariko should have no problems defeating Roach on all three waves. When Roach jams his weapons into the ground, run up behind him and press the CIRCLE BUTTON and then the SQUARE BUTTON for the first wave. On the second wave, press the CIRCLE BUTTON and then the TRIANGLE BUTTON. For the third wave, press the CIRCLE BUTTON twice. This is the button sequence for the last wave: DIRECTIONAL RIGHT --> SQUARE BUTTON --> DIRECTIONAL UP --> SQUARE BUTTON to end the chapter. Copy and paste this URL to see a video on the last part of this battle: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/107737.html CHAPTER CLEARED __ __ __ __ ____/ / ___ ____ / /____ ____ ____/ /__ ___ ________ ___/ / / __/ _ \/ _ `/ _ \/ __/ -_) __/ / __/ / -_) _ `/ __/ -_) _ / \__/_//_/\_,_/ .__/\__/\__/_/ \__/_/\__/\_,_/_/ \__/\_,_/ /_/ ======================================================================= ====================================================================== +++ CHAPTER 4 +++ _______ _____ ___ _____________ ____ / ___/ // / _ | / _ \/_ __/ __/ _ \ / / / / /__/ _ / __ |/ ___/ / / / _// , _/ /_ _/ \___/_//_/_/ |_/_/ /_/ /___/_/|_| /_/ This next chapter will be a little bit more difficult than the previous chapters. A new enemy is introduced here and you probably won't like them the minute you try and fight them off. +++ CAT AND MOUSE +++ --OBJECTIVE: RESCUE KAI FROM FLYING FOX The enemies in this chapter are little more annoying and cheaper. After the cutscene, you will be approached by mallet-toting baddies. Your only best bet is to use counterattacks and Block Breaker Combos to break their guard. Don't be afraid to use Superstyle attacks! Kill off the big baddies and then approach the wheel and open the door. Once the door is open, get ready for a new enemy: Ninja Girls. These girls are quite evasive and can jump away from your Power Combos just as fast as you can swing. Instead of combos, rely on using counterattacks on them. When Nariko performs a counter on the ninja girls, she must quickly press another button to finish the counter. If the counter connects, Nariko will kill them off. If she misses, they will throw her down, so DO IT PROPERLY! Once all the ninja girls are gone, kill of the remaining mallet-toting enemies. Once the area is cleared, enter through the doorway to encounter some more enemies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ ON SILENT WINGS +++ Kill off more ninja girls with counters and the large door at the end will open. More mallet-toting baddies will show up, so eliminate them by knocking them off the bridge with a Power Combo. Once the area is cleared, it's PUZZLE TIME!!! === THE DING DONG DITCH PUZZLE === This puzzle is so goddamn easy, I don't even understand why I even call it one. Here's how it goes: the exit to the mountain path is locked. Behind the locked door is a large yellow gong. Do you see it? And next to the doorway is a crate with some shields. To ring the gong, approach the wheel and turn it to bring up a large statue of Bohan holding a shield. As soon as you finish turning the wheel, grab a shield and toss it at the large statue shield and then use Aftertouch to guide the projectile towards the gong before the statue falls back down. RIINNGG!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ HUNTING PARTY +++ --OBJECTIVE: BATTLE BOHAN'S HUNTING PARTY TO RESCUE KAI As you make your way down the mountain path, more mallet enemies and other whatnots will be waiting for you. Instead of fighting them head- on, bait them near the mountain ledge. Use Power Combos to knock them off the mountain. It's so much faster if you do it this way, SO DO IT. ---OBJECTIVE: SCALE THE SCAFFOLDING Climb up the ladders to the very top of the mountain (fight the enemies if you want) to reach the next area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ BEASTS OF THE LAND +++ --OBJECTIVE: FIND A PATH THROUGH THE ORANGUMEN TEMPLE Wait, so Roach's stupid-ass pets are called Orangu-men? PUH-LEASE. At the top of the temple area, you will find a Rocket launcher. Grab it if you want and start blasting using Aftertouch. Just be aware that it's not really effective if Nariko is being swarmed. If you don't want to fight the orangumen, just make your way to the end of the large field towards the temple entrance and enter through to the next area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ THE WRONG PLACE +++ --OBJECTIVE: CROSS THE BRIDGE TO THE DERELICT TEMPLE Exit out through the next area to find a narrow bridge and lots of soldiers. Use Power Combos to knock the idiot baddies off the bridge to the void below. Do this to make this fight go a little bit faster. When everyone is gone, enter the next area to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, you'll face off against a couple of puny archers. Use Range Attacks when they shoot the arrows to deflect them. Approach them and use Power Combos to clear this area. PUZZLE TIME! === THE STATUE-FACE DOOR PUZZLE === In the center of the large area is a wheel. When Nariko turns it all the way, the statue face at the end of the area will rise up and reveal a yellow gong. About 4-5 seconds later, the statue face will quickly drop and close again. Across from the wheel (on the right side) is a hard-to-see crate of shields. Yup, you have to throw a shield on the gong before the statue-face closes. Jeez, puzzle solving is not this games' best feature. Once the door opens, enter through to the next area to finish this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ TEMPLE WILDS +++ --OBJECTIVE: RESCUE KAI BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE This next section is one big RTE. Follow these directions: DIRECTIONAL UP --> DIRECTIONAL UPPER-LEFT --> Rapidly tap X BUTTON --> DIRECTIONAL UP --> Rapidly tap X BUTTON --> Rapidly tap X BUTTON After the RTE, go down the stairs to fight off some more ninja girls. If you don't want to fight them, then quickly make your way to the other side of the area to encounter you-know-who. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ TO KILL A FOX +++ --OBJECTIVE: KILL FLYING FOX === BOSS BATTLE: FLYING FOX (FINAL) === Fox has two new attacks (well, their actually projectile attacks): Range Knife and Power Blades. When he tosses the Range Knife (he quickly tosses it), counter the attack by standing still. If you're quick enough, you can counter and Aftertouch the knife and hit him with it. For the Power Blade, he'll spin and then toss them at you. Use a Power Stance counter to toss them back at him. Other than those two attacks, he's still the same boss from the first battle in Chapter 1 (but in three waves). To be specific, the best way to defeat Fox is to NOT wait for him to attack. Yes, roll in close and perform a Speed/Power Combo on him while he's standing and waiting. After Nariko finishes her combo, IMMEDIATELY roll away and attack him with the same combo again and then repeat QUICKLY. When you do it that way, Fox won't have time to begin his counter maneuver (although he will sneak in a cheap move). You must be really quick with this strategy or Fox will catch you off-guard with his Red Combo. Do it this way nonstop for the ENTIRE battle and Nariko will only lose a little portion health throughout the encounter (though you may need that one Red Pot just in case). On the second and third waves, use this same strategy for his doppelgangers and they will all fall quickly. After the third wave is done, move Kai's bow towards Fox and shoot him to end the battle and the chapter. ++RED POT NOTE: You will notice that there are two additional pots sitting on the high ledges of the arena. Deflect Fox's Range Knife (when he tosses it) and use Aftertouch to guide the knife towards the pot to break them. This is not an easy thing to do, so follow the strategy above to avoid having to use the extra pots. Copy and paste this URL to see a video of the entire Flying Fox battle: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/108184.html CHAPTER CLEARED __ __ __ __ ____/ / ___ ____ / /____ ____ ____/ /__ ___ ________ ___/ / / __/ _ \/ _ `/ _ \/ __/ -_) __/ / __/ / -_) _ `/ __/ -_) _ / \__/_//_/\_,_/ .__/\__/\__/_/ \__/_/\__/\_,_/_/ \__/\_,_/ /_/ ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ CHAPTER 5 +++ _______ _____ ___ _____________ ____ / ___/ // / _ | / _ \/_ __/ __/ _ \ / __/ / /__/ _ / __ |/ ___/ / / / _// , _/ /__ \ \___/_//_/_/ |_/_/ /_/ /___/_/|_| /____/ +++ BOHAN'S ARMY +++ This mission is EXACTLY similar to the cannonball launching mission from Chapter 1. If you've got your Aftertouch skills in check, then this mission will be a breeze. Throughout this mission, there will be various distractions. Shen will tell Nariko to destroy the enemies that are rolling the flaming barrels and to watch the walls, but ignore all that. Nariko's main focus should be on destroying all four catapults in the distance. If you ignore them, they will destroy the fort wall and that's not a good thing. Each catapult has TWO weak spots. Once the two weak spots are destroyed, the catapult will still keep moving. Why? Because there is a third and fourth weak spot hidden inside the catapult! Keep launching cannonballs at the catapult to destroy its wooden exterior and reveal the third hidden weak spot (blast it!). Once it's been blasted, the fourth weak spot will reveal itself. Blast that f*cker down to destroy the catapult completely. WHOO-WEE! Blast the remaining three catapults to oblivion to end this section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ DEATH FROM ABOVE +++ This next section can either be VERY frustrating or simple as hell. All Nariko needs to do in this section is kill a whole assload of ninja girls. Sounds easy, right? F*CK NO! Stay within mid-distance of Shen as the ninja girls battle ensues. Use hard combos and be sure to use Counterattacks on each ninja girl to kill them off properly. If you try to use a Power Combo, expect frustration because they tend to evade you like crazy. Trigger the Counterattack on them and then press the button shown onscreen to kill them off. It's pretty simple but you gotta be quick with the Counter! If you move too far away from Shen, a health bar on the upper right side of the screen for Shen will appear (and you don't want that), so stay within close distance so that you can help him. Also, use Superstyles whenever the chance presents itself and don't forget to break those Red pots to restore health. Once all the ninja girls are gone, the section ends. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ WAR MACHINES +++ The objective is to annihilate 500 enemies. This is a pretty easy thing to do, so get to it! Blast the rocket launcher into the first wave of rushing enemies (use Aftertouch if you want) until it runs out of ammo. From there, rush in and start using Power Combos and Counters. To kill enemies much faster, build up Nariko's Superstyle disk so that it reaches three Red Circles. From there, activate any level 3 Superstyle to annihilate a large number of those suckers. Since enemies are piling all over the place, filling the Superstyle disk will only take about 10-20 seconds, so repeat this strategy to kill all 500 of these blowhards easily. Once that's done, it's time to destroy some more catapults, but from up close! Run up to the first catapult and stand next to one of the back tires to trigger an RTE sequence. Press the X BUTTON to start the sequence and then follow this sequence: Rapidly tap X BUTTON --> SQUARE BUTTON When done correctly, the catapult will be destroyed into a hundred pieces. From there, run up to the second catapult and repeat the same thing to destroy it down. Remember, the entire encounter is TIMED, so be quick! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ FULL CIRCLE +++ Nariko has about a minute to make it towards the fort. Just as you reach the end of the area, try to get in a couple of combos on the enemy to build up the combo counter. By doing this you should be able to get a Glyph (or two or three) before the chapter ends. CHAPTER CLEARED __ __ __ __ ____/ / ___ ____ / /____ ____ ____/ /__ ___ ________ ___/ / / __/ _ \/ _ `/ _ \/ __/ -_) __/ / __/ / -_) _ `/ __/ -_) _ / \__/_//_/\_,_/ .__/\__/\__/_/ \__/_/\__/\_,_/_/ \__/\_,_/ /_/ ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ CHAPTER 6 +++ _______ _____ ___ _____________ ____ / ___/ // / _ | / _ \/_ __/ __/ _ \ / __/ / /__/ _ / __ |/ ___/ / / / _// , _/ / _ \ \___/_//_/_/ |_/_/ /_/ /___/_/|_| \___/ +++ THE GODDESS +++ Nariko will be invincible throughout this entire encounter, so start rushing into enemies and whacking away like its no big deal. Don't worry about getting hit, just rush into them and they'll start flying all over the place. After a few seconds, they'll start running away, so try and catch up with them by running the opposite direction and whacking away until the timer ends. If you can muster up more than 500+ kills, you should be able to unlock another Glyph (or two or three). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ THE RAVEN KING +++ For this battle, it is very similar to the second Flying Fox encounter. Bohan uses ONE attack (his Lightning Bolt attack), which can be evaded by rolling left or right, and then spends most of the time doing Power Combos and dashing away. Use lots of evasive rolls and then use a quick Range/Power Combo and then roll away. The best way to defeat Bohan without too much problems is to use quick combos and then fast evasion rolls. The more Nariko uses fast evasion, the better her chances of not getting hit cheaply (which can happen a lot). Once Bohan's health has been depleted, approach him and press the CIRCLE BUTTON and then the SQUARE BUTTON to end this sequence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ HEAVEN AND HELL +++ Bohan will use a brand new attack that is similar to Flying Fox's attack. When he hovers above the air, he'll either launch Range or Power Lightning Bolts at Nariko. Use the proper stance when you see him launching the bolts and then use the counter to fling it back at him. He'll toss a bunch of them in a row, so deflect them back to decrease his health dramatically. Another attack he uses is his Kamikaze Dive where he flies down and knocks you to the ground. This move is unblockable, so use a well-timed evasive roll to avoid getting hit. Damaging Bohan is the same from the first battle. Use lots of Range/Power Combos to knock him down and then quickly roll away. Usually, the best way to defeat Bohan faster is to deflect his Lightning Bolts. When you deflect them all, he should lose about 30% of his health quickly. Once his health is depleted, press the CIRCLE BUTTON twice to end this sequence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ REDEMPTION +++ WOW! Get ready for a very cheap last battle! Trust me, you'll know what I mean when you get here. It's THAT cheap. For this battle, Bohan mixes all of his attacks from the last two battles plus ONE new attack where he flings a bunch of ravens at you. To avoid getting hit by those ravens, enter SPEED STANCE (press the L1 BUTTON) and then mash the TRIANGLE BUTTON to destroy them as they fly towards Nariko. After Bohan flings 3-4 flocks of ravens at you, he quickly does the Kamikaze Dive to catch you off-guard, so be ready with the evasive roll once he swoops down! Another attack he uses is a Power Bolt, which can be evaded with an evasive roll. When Bohan flies up and then laughs, he will attempt a Kamikaze Dive, so roll away. When he flies up higher, he'll fling ravens at you, so deflect them with Speed Stance. Again, like the previous two battles, use Range/Power Combos to knock him down. Stay evasive and keep knocking him down. When he does the multiple Lighting Bolt attacks (from the air), deflect whichever bolt you can and then roll away if you cannot deflect the next one. Once his health is down to 60%, he will start floating in the air unconscious, so quickly approach him and then press the CIRCLE BUTTON and then the SQUARE BUTTON to fling him far away. From there, wait for him to fly back and then continue the assault until his health depletes down to 30%. From there, press the CIRCLE BUTTON and then the TRIANGLE BUTTON to fling him far away. If the CIRCLE BUTTON does not appear when his health reaches 30%, ignore it and continue damaging him with Range/Power Combos. Once his health FINALLY reaches ZERO percent, approach him and press the following buttons: CIRCLE BUTTON --> SQUARE BUTTON --> CIRCLE BUTTON --> TRIANGLE BUTTON Once you input the last button correctly, sit back and enjoy the not- quite-Final-Fantasy ending. MON CONGRATS, YOU BEAT THE GAME! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ ANGEL OF SIN - THE SECRETS +++ ________________ ______________ / __/ __/ ___/ _ \/ __/_ __/ __/ _\ \/ _// /__/ , _/ _/ / / _\ \ /___/___/\___/_/|_/___/ /_/ /___/ The majority of Heavenly Sword's unlockables lie within the game. As you progress through the game and unlock all the Glyphs, bonus material will be unlocked in the SPECIAL FEATURES section. --HELL MODE Defeat the game once to unlock this mode. Is it worth playing through? I don't know, I could care less about this mode. --THE ANIMATION SERIES There are two unlockable anime videos: LEGEND OF THE SWORD and GUARDIANS OF THE SWORD. Are they worth watching? Nope! --ART GALLERY There are 129 art pieces ranging from original character and level designs to promotional material. You should be able to unlock 75% of the artwork by the time you finish your first playthrough. --UNLOCKED VIDEOS There are 39 videos that are automatically unlocked as you progress through the game. All the videos are the cutscenes from the game (except the scenes of Nariko speaking to the camera between chapters). --MAKING OF HEAVENLY SWORD There are five featurettes that are available for viewing ranging from game design, Mo-cap sessions, ADR and Foley, and orchestral scoring. ++UNLOCKABLES NOTE: While most of the material in the SPECIAL FEATURES section is unlocked via Glyphs, they are also downloadable for FREE at the Playstation Store. This is absolute bullshit! What's the point of even unlocking all of this stupid f*cking crap then? NOT COOL. END OF SECTION ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ BIG THANKS +++ ___ _________ ________ _____ _ ____ ______ / _ )/ _/ ___/ /_ __/ // / _ | / |/ / //_/ __/ / _ |/ // (_ / / / / _ / __ |/ / ,< _\ \ /____/___/\___/ /_/ /_//_/_/ |_/_/|_/_/|_/___/ Big thanks to the following people: --IGN FAQs --Vanessa Hudgens for taking those sexy pics (three words: DEE-LISH-US) --Zac Efron (if it wasn't for him, those Vanessa pics wouldn't exist) --Megan Fox - Looking like a zombie never looked sexier --To the rock band Queen for the title of the FAQ. --And to the one and only Tera Patrick for lending her likeness to the main character. If that isn't the case, then she should sue Ninja Theory up the ass like a muthaf*cker. ++NOTE: This FAQ was originally exclusive for IGN but since the game has been out for awhile now, I'm now adding it to GameFAQS. For all other inquiries that I may have missed, please refer to the other Heavenly Sword FAQ by ResidentEvil719. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= Remember, beauty is only comparable to one's lust for the lewd. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS. It may not be copied, reproduced, or published to any website or publication without permission. If you want to use or post this FAQ, please e-mail me at kroqjock@gmail.com. I have no problems with anyone that asks. September 2007.</p>