xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mass Effect Achievement Guide Version 1.2 =============================================================================== Table of Contents =============================================================================== 1. Spoiler Warning [SPW] 2. Revision History [VHY] 3. Introduction [INT] 4. Execution Achievements A. Distinguished Service Medal [DSM] B. Spectre Inductee [SDN] C. Search and Rescue [SAR] D. Medal of Heroism [MHR] E. Honorarium of Corporate Service [HCS] F. Council Legion of Merit [CLM] G. Medal of Honor [MHN] H. Long Service Medal [LSM] I. Scholar [SCH] J. Medal of Exploration [MOE] K. Paramour [PAR] L. Rich [RCH] M. Tactician [TAC] N. Charismatic [CHA] O. Renegade [RGD] P. Paragon [PRA] Q. Power Gamer [PGR] R. Extreme Power Gamer [EPG] S. Completionist [COM] 5. Difficulty Based Achievements A. Distinguished Combat Medal [DGS] B. Medal of Valor [MOV] 6. Collection Based Achievements A. Pistol Expert [PIS] B. Shotgun Expert [SHG] C. Assault Rifle Expert [ASR] D. Sniper Rifle Expert [SNP] E. Throw Mastery [THR] F. Lift Mastery [LFT] G. Warp Mastery [WRP] H. Singularity Mastery [SNG] I. Barrier Mastery [SHG] J. Stasis Mastery [STS] K. Sabotage Specialist [SAB] L. Damping Specialist [DMP] M. Overload Specialist [OVL] N. AI Hacking Specialist [AIH] O. First Aid Specialist [FAS] P. Dog of War [DOG] Q. Geth Hunter [GEH] 7. Character Based Achievements A. Soldier Ally [SOY] B. Sentinel Ally [SNY] C. Krogan Ally [KRY] D. Turian Ally [TUY] E. Quarian Ally [QRY] F. Asari Ally [ASY] 8. Legalities/Credits [LGL] =============================================================================== 1. Spoiler Warning [SPW] =============================================================================== This is an achievement guide and by nature there may be references to plot secrets related to the achievement completion steps. If a section will include plot spoilers the following text will be present in the section heading, ***Spoiler Warning***. Be warned that labeling something as a spoiler can be subjective and this notification should be treated as my best effort. =============================================================================== 2. Revision History [RHY] =============================================================================== Version 0.75 (11-25-2007) -Initial Draft Version 0.90 (11-27-2007) -Added Completionist details. -Updated some formatting issues -Reordered suggested groups Version 1.0 (11-28-2007) -Restructured and bolstered Completionist details considerably -Fixed formatting issues with header widths. -Added Scholar achievement details, thanks to XxTnT3CKxX. Version 1.1 (11-29-2007) -Fixed some Virmire typos. -Added more Achievement ingame UNLOCKS. -Updated Collection achievement targeting specifics, thanks to Robert Joyce. -Clarified Completionist). -Updated Difficulty based achievements. -Added details to Paramour, Charismatic, Paragon, Renagade thanks to Shane. Version 1.2 (12-05-2007) -Added Confirmed walkthrough for Asari Ally Achievement. =============================================================================== 3. Introduction [INT] =============================================================================== This is a great game! Realize that a minimum of 3 full play thrus will be necessary for 100% on achievements. You should preplan all 3 of your play thrus before you start. In order to get all the Character Based Achievements in only 3 play thrus you will need to pair up the 6 characters into 3 groups – then select what class you will want to play for Shepard in each group. Keep in mind that over the 3 play thrus Shepard will need to be able to accomplish all of the Collection based achievements. Another thing to keep in mind is difficulty… The first play thru will be on Veteran, the second will be on Hardcore and the final will be on Insanity. So now you will need to select which of your 3 groups is going to be used for each difficulty. Finally consider that on subsequent play-thru you will be able to carry one skill into the next play-thru. Here are some suggestions but play style and personal preference will be key in your decisions. Just be sure to save your best group for last because Insanity is not trivial. Group 1 Veteran --------------------------------------- Shepard Soldier Tali [open locks] Kaiden [enough biotics] Group 2 Hardcore --------------------------------------- Shepard Engineer+[versatile weapon of choice] Wrex [heavy armor] Liara [biotics] Group 3 Insanity --------------------------------------- Shepard Adept+[versatile weapon of choice] Ashley [heavy armor] Garrus [open locks] =============================================================================== 4. Execution Achievements =============================================================================== These achievements can be completed on any difficulty setting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Distinguished Service Medal [DSM] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Complete the mission on Eden Prime. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Spectre Inductee [SDN] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Find proof that Saren has gone rogue to become a Spectre. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Search and Rescue [SAR] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 AP Travel to Artemis Tau:Knossos:Therum and rescue Dr. T’Soni. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Medal of Heroism [MHR] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Travel to Feros and defeat the Thorian. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Honorarium of Corporate Service [HCS] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Travel to Noveria and defeat Benezia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Council Legion of Merit [CLM] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Travel to Virmire and complete the quests. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G. Medal of Honor [MHN] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100 AP Complete the game on any difficulty setting. UNLOCKS: Hardcore difficulty and Character levels 51-60. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H. Long Service Medal [LSM] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Complete the game twice on any difficulty setting. UNLOCKS: Weapon damage increased by 5%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Scholar [SCH] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP You should have this complete before you leave the Citadel for the first time. Aliens: Council Races Asari Automatic Salarians Automatic Turians Automatic Aliens: Non-Council Races Batarians After you’re a spectre, ask Anderson about his past mission. Elcor Presidium, Embassies, Volus and Elcor Office, talk to the Elcor. Volus Presidium, Embassies, Volus and Elcor Office, talk to the Volus. Geth After Eden Prime, ask Anderson during the debrief. Hanar Presidium, Emporium, talk to the Hanar shopkeeper. Krogan Presidium, Do the quest to obtain Wrex. Quarians Do the quest to get Tali. Keepers Avina Terminal II, ask about the Keepers. Extinct: Races Rachni Presidium, Avina Terminal III. ask about the Rachni War Prothean Beginning of game on the Normandy before Eden Prime during the briefing with Nihlus. -thanks to XxTnT3CKxX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. Medal of Exploration [MOE] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 AP Land on any planet other than Eden Prime, Noveria, Feros, or Virmire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K. Paramour [PAR] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 AP Male: Ashley, Liara Female: Kaiden, Liara Talk to the appropriate members on the ship after Eden Prime, Noveria, Feros, and Vermire missions and then also on your way to Ilos. And it is advisable to choose dialogue that leads toward the romance, because of the romance does not occur, neither does your achievement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- L. Rich [RCH] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Accumulate 1,000,000 credits. It helps to max Intimidate if you are going Renegade. Otherwise just be sure to loot a lot and sell a lot. Refrain from buying high priced items until after you get this achievement. UNLOCKS spectre weapons for purchase at C-Sec and Normandy quartermasters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Tactician [TAC] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Complete the game with total amount of damage to your shields greater then total amount of damage to your health. It is unclear if your NPC are factored here but this is pretty easy to get if you just make sure your characters have at least 4 shield bars and you actively keep your shields recharged during combat. UNLOCKS increased shield strength by 10% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N. Charismatic ***Spoiler*** [CHA] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 AP Use Intimidate or Charm to alter major game plot direction. The simplest way to get this achievement is to keep either your Charm or Intimidate maxed and use it every chance you get (indicated by Red/Blue response option). Some specific places to try are: Virmire, involving Wrex. Virmire, involving Saren. Citadel at end, involving Saren. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- O. Renegade [RGD] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Accumulate 75% of Renegade points. The simplest way to do this is always answer the Bottom response option if it exists. This should execute people/things at all junctures and get you the most Renegade points possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P. Paragon [PRA] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Accumulate 75% of Paragon points. The simplest way to do this is always answer the Top response option if it exists. This should forgive people/things at all junctures and get you the most Paragon points possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q. Power Gamer [PGR] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 AP Reach level 50. Start a second play-thru with the same character to continue leveling him/her to 50. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R. Extreme Power Gamer [EPG] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 AP Reach level 60. Start a second play-thru with the same character to continue leveling him/her to 60. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S. Completionist [COM] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP UNLOCKS: Experience rewards increased by 5%. In order to get the Completionist achievement you will need to complete Missions and Assignments until you get it. I started the game and picked up the 2 allies that I was going to try and get Ally achievements in parallel to Completionist. I did not do any Assignments until after I had the 2 I was going for. (go get liara if you need to then come back) From that point forward, they never left my party. First, I did Citadel Assignments A-M. Next I did Feros Missions and all the Assignments there. Next I did Noveria Missions and all the Assignments there. Next I went back to the Citadel and did a sweep looking for all new assignments, I found N- O. Next I just started working my way down the Planetary Assignment list. Before I knew it, I had Completionist and also Ally Achievement for Kaiden. Ally Note: For Liara and possibly Wrex, you will need the Ilos and Citadel final Missions to get the Ally Achievement, but otherwise the steps are the same. Just be sure to do MINIMAL Missions before getting your Ally and don’t do ANY Assignments until you get your Ally. See ASARI ALLY below for a semi-detailed quest map… [Citadel Assignments] There are Citadel assignments that need to be completed before you go to Virmire. As you complete main story missions more assignments will open up in the Citadel. Assignment How to obtain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A.Scan the Keepers In Tower after talking to Council first time. B.Jahleed's Fears In W portion of C-Sec Academy. C.Presidium Prophet In W side of Presidium in center. D.Asari Consort SE portion of Presidium. E.Family Matter Presidium, W of Bank. F.Xeltan's Complaint NE Presidium after Septimus in Chora’s Den. G.The Fan Upper Markets at top of stairs. H.Reporter's Request Upper Wards near stairs up to Flux. I.Signal Tracking Upstairs inside Flux. J.Rita's Sister At the bar inside Flux lower level. K.Homecoming Outside Embassy after you get proof against Saren. L.Schells The Gambler Flux front door after you get proof against Saren. M.Doctor Michel Medical Clinic after all of the above are completed. N.Planting a Bug Emily Wong, Tower by rapid transit after 1 story planet O.Old Friends Fitch, outside Chora’s Den after ???. P.Negotiator’s Request Mr Keeler outside Flux when you meet Anderson. I would like to call out Asari Consort and Xeltan’s Complaint – do not turn in Asari Consort until after you have completed Xeltan’s Complaint – this will insure that you get an item from Sha’ira. It is a key for a Prothean ruin on Attican Beta.Hercules.Eletania. Note that you will need to return to the Citadel a few times to complete The Fan. [Main Story Assignments] These assignments will need to be completed on the Main story planets. In some cases you must complete the assignment before you are locked out of completing it. I will try to call these out – send me an email if you have examples of other cases. Planet Assignment Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feros Power Cells In vehicle room between 2nd and 3rd water pumps Feros Varren Meat In vehicle room between 2nd and 3rd water pumps Feros Water Restoration Activate 3 water pumps Feros Geth in Tunnels Destroy the transmitter Feros Data Recovery ExoGeni (can NOT return to ExoGeni later) Noveria Smuggling Opold is in plaza area Noveria Espionage Help out Mallene Calis at the hotel. Virmire Wrex and the Geno Convince Wrex to chill. Virmire xxx Team Rescued xxx depends on a choice you make. [Planetary Assignments] The easiest way to complete all the planetary assignments is to visit every planet that supports landing and investigate each waypoint on the map. Note that you do NOT have to have an assignment in your log first. There is no need to track where you get the assignments in a guide. You can complete the assignment first and then the game will retroactively put it in your log and give you credit. The general rules are 1 assignment per land-able planet or board-able ship and 1 land-able planet or board-able ship per system. Relevant exceptions are called out. Some clusters are not available at the start of the game, unlocks are called out. Initial Cluster/Systems available Cluster System Planet Assignment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Argos Rho Hydra Metgos UNC: Distress Call Armstrong Nebula Gagarin Rayingri UNC: Geth Incursion x of 4 Armstrong Nebula Hong Casbin UNC: Geth Incursion x of 4 Armstrong Nebula Tereshkova Antibaar UNC: Geth Incursion x of 4 Armstrong Nebula Vamshi Maji UNC: Geth Incursion x of 4 Armstrong Nebula Grissom Solcrum UNC: Geth Incursion 5 of 4* Artemis Tau Macedon Sharjila UNC: Asari Diplomacy Artemis Tau Sparta Edulos UNC: Missing Marines Attican Beta Hercules Eletania UNC: Lost Module Attican Beta Hercules Eletania Use the Prothean artifact** Gemini Sigma Ming MSV Worthington UNC: Lost Freighter Hades Gamma Antaeus Trebin UNC: Missing Survey Team Hades Gamma Farinata MSV Ontario UNC: Hostage Hawking Eta Century Presrop UNC: Major Kyle Horse Head Nebula Strenuus Xawin UNC: Privateers*** Kepler Verge Newton Ontarom UNC: Dead Scientists Voyager Amazon Agebinium UNC: Espionage Probe Local Cluster Sol Luna UNC: Rogue VI**** * The Grissom cluster opens after all 4 Geth Incursion planets are done. ** The Prothean artifact key is acquired on the Citadel. *** UNC: Privateers will require you to search the nearby asteroid belt for the MSV Majesty before you can land on the planet. **** This assignment appears to unlock the prestige classes. Unlocked Clusters/Systems via plot communications on ship over course of storyline or by completing other assignments. Cluster System Planet Assignment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voyager Yangtze Binthu UNC: Cerberus Voyager Columbia Nepheron UNC: Hades’ Dogs Gemini Sigma Han Mavingon UNC: Hostile Takeover Part 1* Hades Gamma Dis Klensal UNC: Hostile Takeover Part 2* Horse Head Nebula Fortuna Amaranthine UNC: Hostile Takeover Part 3* Styx Theta Erebus Nepmos UNC: Listening Post Alpha Styx Theta Acheron Altahe UNC: Listening Post Theta Maroon Sea Matano Chasca UNC: Colony of the Dead Maroon Sea Vostok Nodacrux UNC: ExoGeni Facility Argos Rho Phoenix Tantau Wrex: Family Armor** Argos Rho Gorgon Space Facility UNC: Depot Sigma-23** * These clusters are unlocked by speaking with Helena Blake and accepting her mission. She is outside the Bank in the Citadel. ** Phoenix and Gorgon systems are unlocked by completing UNC Listing Post Alpha and Theta Collection Assignments These are assignments to collect Minerals, ID Tags, Insignias, Medallions. Here is how you can methodically get it done. As you go to a new system first thing is check all non-land-able planets for Survey option. Next check all asteroid belts for survey-able asteroids. Finally land on the land-able planet and hit every way point on the map. If you see a node of Ore show up on your minimap then take the time to go survey it. Do not move to the next system until you have completed each of these steps. It is monotonous no doubt – but it fits the Completionist achievement that you are going for. =============================================================================== 5. Difficulty Based Achievements =============================================================================== These achievements are completed if you set the difficulty setting during character creation and never change it. Joe Peters confirmed that you can start as Game+ and as long as you update your difficulty to Hardcore/Insanity before you finish Eden Prime – then never change it, it will count towards these achievements. Thanks Joe! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Distinguished Combat Medal [DGS] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP When you create your new character, set the difficulty to Hardcore and do not change it for the duration of the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Medal of Valor [MOV] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 AP When you create your new character, set the difficulty to Insanity and do not change it for the duration of the game. =============================================================================== 6. Collection Based Achievements =============================================================================== These achievements are completed by doing something X number of times. In all cases it seems that only Shepard’s actions count but that counts are tallied across multiple play-thrus. In addition to the targeting specific, Robert Joyce had the confirmed idea to cast and reload a save repeatedly to avoid waiting for cooldowns. Thanks Robert. On subsequent character creations after a single play-thru you are able to select 1 bonus skill for your new character. The available skills for this bonus skill are UNLOCKED by completing these achievements. In the cases where the skill doesn’t have its own tree, you unlock the parent tree (ex. Sabotage unlocks Decryption) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Pistol Expert [PIS] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 AP Get 150 kills with the pistol UNLOCKS a Marksman duration increase of 25%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Shotgun Expert [SHG] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Get 150 kills with the shotgun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Assault Rifle Expert [ASR] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Get 150 kills with the assault rifle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Sniper Rifle Expert [SNP] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Get 150 kills with the sniper rifle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Throw Mastery [THR] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Throw 75 times. This can be cast on a wall, the floor, or the air to register counts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Lift Mastery [LFT] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Lift 75 times. This can be cast on a wall, the floor, or the air to register counts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G. Warp Mastery [WRP] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Warp 75 times. This can be cast on a wall, the floor, or the air to register counts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H. Singularity Mastery [SNG] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Singularity 75 times. This can be cast on a wall, the floor, or the air to register counts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Barrier Mastery [SHG] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Barrier 75 times. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. Stasis Mastery [STS] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Stasis 75 times. This must be cast on a target enemy. It counts when you see In Stasis on enemy. I have also heard that you can cast it on movable crates. (ie. crates that would be destroyed if you shot them for a time.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K. Sabotage Specialist [SAB] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Sabotage 75 times. This can be cast on a wall, the floor, or the air to register counts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- L. Damping Specialist [DMP] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Damping 75 times. This can be cast on a wall, the floor, or the air to register counts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Overload Specialist [OVL] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Overload 75 times. This can be cast on a wall, the floor, or the air to register counts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N. AI Hacking Specialist [AIH] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use AI Hacking 75 times. This must be cast on a target synthetic enemy. It counts when you see Hacked on enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- O. First Aid Specialist [FAS] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 AP Use Medi-Gel 150 times. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P. Dog of War [DOG] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Register 150 organic kills. UNLOCKS: Increased health by 10% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q. Geth Hunter [GEH] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 AP Register 250 synthetic kills. UNLOCKS: Increased shield strength by 10%. =============================================================================== 7. Character Based Achievements =============================================================================== These achievements work the same as Completionist but are for your Allies instead of Shepard. Like Completionist, your Allies will need to be in your group for 45 Assignments and 15 Missions. See the Assignment lists up in the Completionist section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Soldier Ally [SOY] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 AP Play with Ashley in your party as listed above. UNLOCKS: Damage Reduction improves by 10%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Sentinel Ally [SNY] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 AP Play with Kaiden in your party as listed above. UNLOCKS: Lift and Throw recharge time improve by 10%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Krogan Ally [KRY] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 AP Play with Wrex in your party as listed above. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Turian Ally [TUY] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 AP Play with Garrus in your party as listed above. UNLOCKS: Damping and Overload recharge time improve by 10%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Quarian Ally [QRY] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 AP Play with Tali in your party as listed above. UNLOCKS: Sabotage and AI Hacking recharge time improve by 10% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Asari Ally [ASY] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 AP It took me forever to get this, so I wanted to give a semi-detailed walkthru to assist others. Note that names used are once completed and may vary, this is ok. Also note that some people might have got this other ways or with less effort. The point here is NOT to provide the easiest way with least effort, the point is to provide a way that works. If you miss anything or if you don’t go in order -- then it probably won’t work. It’s a very touchy achievement. You should get the Achievement just as the Shepard/Saren dialog starts after he throws the grenade at you. I WOULD SUGGEST KEEPING A SAVE AT EACH STEP [First Step] Enable yourself to leave the Citadel. --Missions-- Prologue: Find the Beacon Citadel: Garrus Citadel: Wrex Citadel: Expose Saren --Assignments-- NONE [Second Step] Get Liara in your party ‘forever’ --Missions-- Find Liara T’Soni --Assignments-- NONE [Third Step] Get some story missions out of way --Missions-- Feros: Colony Saved Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan Noveria: Lorik Qui’in Noveria: Peak 15 Noveria: Reactor Repair Noveria: Contamination Noveria: Quarantine Noveria: Rift Station Noveria: Death of a Matriarch Noveria: The Hot Labs --Assignments-- Feros: Water Restoration Feros: Geth in the Tunnels Feros: Varren Meat Feros: Power Cells Feros: Data Recovery Noveria: Espionage Noveria: Smuggling [Fourth Step] Go do all Citadel Assignments available --Missions-- NONE --Assignments-- Citadel: Scan the Keepers Citadel: The Fourth Estate Citadel: Jahleed's Fears Citadel: Presidium Prophet Citadel: Asari Consort Citadel: Family Matter Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint Citadel: The Fan Citadel: Reporter's Request Citadel: Signal Tracking Citadel: Rita's Sister Citadel: Homecoming Citadel: Schells The Gambler Citadel: Doctor Michel Citadel: Planting a Bug Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things [Fifth Step] Complete all planetary assignments that require Citadel --Mission-- NONE --Assignments-- Asari Diplomacy UNC: Missing Marines UNC: Privateers UNC: Hostile Takeover [Sixth Step] MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE ABOVE DONE then Virmire --Missions-- Virmire: Base Destroyed --Assignments-- Virmire: Kirrahe’s Team Rescued Virmire: Wrex is Convinced [Seventh Step] One straggler on Citadel --Missions-- NONE --Assignments-- Citadel: Negotiator’s Request [Eighth Step] Put on some music, and jam through assignments --Missions-- NONE --Assignments-- UNC: Rogue VI UNC: Missing Survey Team UNC: Major Kyle UNC: ExoGeni Facility UNC: Geth Incursions UNC: Colony of the Dead UNC: Collection Complete (Prothean Artifact) UNC: Survey is Complete UNC: Lost Module UNC: Entire Collection Found (Medallions, Tags) UNC: Collection Complete (Turian Emblems) UNC: Collection Complete (Asari Writings) UNC: Distress Call UNC: Cerberus UNC: Hostage UNC: Besieged Base UNC: Hades’ Dogs UNC: Espionage Probe UNC: Listening Post Alpha UNC: Listening Post Theta UNC: Depot Sigma-23 UNC: Derelict Freighter UNC: Dead Scientists Garrus: Dr. Saleon UNC: Lost Freighter Wrex: Family Armor Tali’s Pilgrimage [Ninth Step] Now go smack Saren in the tooth --Missions-- Ilos: Find the Conduit Race Against Time: Final Battle --Assignments-- NONE =============================================================================== 8. Legalities/Credits [LGL] =============================================================================== This may be not be reproduced or redistributed under any circumstances except for personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited. Name: Armando Castillo E-mail: Xbox Live: BecomingJudas This is my first guide so be nice. I had a blast making it and I look forward to making more! Credit to oldschool312 After using his Achievement Guide for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, I was inclined to use the same format for my future Achievement guides. Thanks to oldschool312! Credit to GameSpot team The GameSpot Game Guide for Mass Effect was key in confirming some thoughts I had and clarifying some stuff I had wrong in my head. Credit to XxTnT3CKxX For the detailed and correct list of which NPC grant which Codex entries. Thanks for taking the time to post this info.</p>