Episode Name: Pandora's Box</p>

Questions: 1. who is the death doctor? 2. who put the bomb in the conference room? 3. what is the benifit of using the healing touch? 4. why did dr. weaver loose her licsense in japan? 5. who made guilt? 6. what is delphi? 7. is delphi a good guy or a bad guy? 8. how did the secretary get guilt? 9. why is triti a bad version of what the governemnt used to treat cancer? 10. why did tyler join cadeceus if he is the death doctor? Answers: 1. Tyler Chase 2. Delphi 3. Slows down time for Dr. Stiles. Dr. Weaver's heals patients a lot. 4. Dr. Weaver colapsed in the middle of a surgery while using the healing touch and the patient died. 5. Adam 6. A terrorist organization. 7. Bad guy. 8. tyler put it in him 9. tyler took the idea from cadecues. 10. to spy on their cures and develop a counter plan.</p>