A chain-smoking Luigi is your forlorn guide through life in Ennuigi

You might think you know Luigi, the slim and green-clad brother of Mario. But browser game Ennuigi (a combination of "Luigi" and "ennui," a French word describing a sense of listless despair) is here to tell you that you don't know jack. The Luigi presented here is perpetually miserable as he slowly and aimlessly meanders through a Mushroom Kingdom that is broken and worn - just like his soul - contemplating his life out loud in dramatic, overwrought prose. It's funny though, I promise.

To honor Ennuigi's spirit and join in on the fun, I present my own little slice of Ennuigi, using a quote from the game to kick things off:

"'You're tall,' she said. 'Taller than the other one.'" Luigi took a drag of his cigarette, his eyes half-closed as he breathed in the toxic smoke, sucking it deep into his lungs. "Like a shadow near sundown." He exhaled and pushed the fumes past his moustache, letting them dissipate in front of the dilapidated castle that had once held a princess, a monster, and a man.

He wasn't sure which was which anymore.

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Sam Prell

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