Caught in Crossfire

Crossfire, a brand new action shooter for the Xbox 360 and a golden advertisingopportunityfor ATi-powered PCs, has been announced at X06, Microsoft's latest Xbox 360 event in Barcelona.

Pivotal Games, the creator of the Conflict squad shooter series, is developing Crossfire. Like EA's Army of Two, it casts you as a two-strong team of elite gun-toting warriors in an actioner that emphasizes co-op gameplay.

ABOVE: Crossfire offers solo play or the chance to team up with a friend and play the whole game in multiplayer co-op mode

While playing you'll be able to hot-swap between Crossfire's two characters, with the other agent controlled by an AI electro-brain or a friend of the human variety. The whole game is designed around multiplayer co-op mode.

Expected to appear in 2007, we reckon we'll see more explosive screens from Crossfire in the next few weeks. Stick with GamesRadar for the latest updates.

September 28, 2006

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