Catherine Hardwicke finds Twilight

You can’t throw a wooden stake in Hollywood at the moment without hitting a vampire movie either festering away in the development crypt or about to attack cinemas.

And now the genre is also biting into the high school drama. Lords Of Dogtown director Catherine Hardwicke has agreed to direct an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s young adult fantasy series novel Twilight.

Step Up’s Melissa Rosenberg is penning the script, which finds 17-year-old Bella moving to a small town with her father. She befriends a pale mysterious classmate who is (surprise!) a vampire from a long line of fanged fiends.

Summit Entertainment is stumping up the money to get it made, and is clearly smelling a franchise the way a vampire smells blood- Meyer has written two follow-up books, New Moon and Eclipse, so the company will no doubt be hoping that the kids love the teenage tooth-barer.