Catch self-destructing Munchlax on new Pokewalker route

Starting tomorrow, May 6th, the Winner's Path Pokewalker route will be available via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. We were excited about the first WFC downloadable route,Yellow Forest (opens in new tab), with its Surfing and Flying Pikachus,but Winner's Path is even more awesome.

Some Winner's Path highlights:

Catchable Pokemon: Munchlax, Beldum, Horsea, Duskull, Bronzor,and Magikarp.
Pokemon hold items: Leftovers (Munchlax), Shuca Berry (Beldum), Dragon Scale (Horsea), Reaper Cloth (Duskull), and Occa Berry (Magikarp).
Items: Focus Sash, Choice Scarf, Choice Band, Choice Specs, and Power Herb.

Most notably, some of the Munchlax will know the move Selfdestruct, which Munchlax/Snorlax gets a STAB for, making it a pretty good choice for Snorlax in a pinch. (Side note: Snorlax is the best, isn't he?)

Also (stay calm), some Magikarp will also know the move Bounce. A Magikarp that knowsa move other than Splash/Tackle/Flail seems blasphemous, but we like it. Plus, Bounce is the only Flying-type move that Gyarados can learn, so that's useful. Isn't it weird that Gyarados is Water/Flying but wasn't able to learn a Flying-type move until Gen IV?

Winner's Path will be available until June 25th, and you can find full details at theofficial Pokemon site (opens in new tab).

...Oh by the way, did you guys hear that another newGen VPokemon is going to be revealed on this week's upcoming Pokemon Sunday? Yup. We'llbe sure to have the details as soon as they're released.

May 5,2010

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