Catch new Downhill Jam shots

Wednesday 4 October 2006
New images of Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam on Wii - the more cartoonish, arcadey speed-run little brother to the main series - have arrived, and you can coast on up to the images tab to check them out.

It's almost a companion title to Sega's Sonic and the Secret Rings, with both games going for big speed, big sky and instantly appreciable tilt control - although Downhill Jam's cast have more acrobatic tricks up their fashionably long sleeves than our blue speedster.

Above: Rather than the Hawkster and company, Jam features more caricatured, arcade-style skaters - like this Brit punk

If you've just caught up with Downhill Jam, have a look at our preview here to get to grips with its Wii-mote control method.