Cartoon Spin-Offs: The good, the bad and the WTF!?

Devil May Cry | 2007, 12 episodes

What’s it all about?
Emo-alike Dante is his own boss in devil-hunting business ‘Devil May Cry’. Unfortunately, the start-up and overhead costs for the operation - despite DMC HQ being little more than a shit hole with a desk - has hit the demon slayer's pocket hard. He's constantly strapped for cash and forever in debt to fellow demon hunter Lady. His financial woes are further compounded by his passion for gambling and strawberry sundaes.

Throughout the show Dante encounters a host of miserably weak demons and other supernatural denizens of the underworld. Some of the more bizarre adversaries include a magical mask that grants wishes, a card-playing demon that kills anyone he beats and a possessed motorbike that haunts the highways. Needless to say, most of Dante's adversaries meet their demise at the hands of his trademark shooters, accompanied by a gambling related one-liner. Jackpot!