Cartoon Spin-Offs: The good, the bad and the WTF!?

Street fighter II V - 1995, 29 Episodes

What’s it all about?
First off we should point out that this is not the US Street Fighter cartoon that follows the events of the awful Street Fighter live-action flick starring everyone’s third choice action hero, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Street Fighter II V (aka Street Fighter: Victory) is a Japanese manga adaptation loosely based on the Street Fighter II arcade game from the early '90s. And by loosely, we mean Ken and Ryu are in it.

The series begins with Ryu getting an unexpected letter from his old lover friend Ken Masters, who he hasn’t seen in years, inviting him to come to America for a holiday. After he’s confessed that “there’s only one person who could make me come all this way,” Ryu and Ken are reunited at San Francisco airport.

The show's main antagonist is M Bison, but it’s after Guile gives the pair a major beating that they decide to embark on a spot of globe trotting, hoping to improve their powers of fightery along the way. On their journey they meet Chun Li and Fei Long in Hong Kong, Sagat in Thailand and Vega in Spain.

And it's all wrapped up in lashings of sexual innuendo. Most of it between Ken and Ryu.