Capucine, a new Wii-only adventure

A new French development studio is working on a Wii-exclusive adventure game, titled Capucine, and the first screens shed light on thisintriguing new quest.

"Capucine is an exploration / adventure game, formulated as a tale and based on shadow and light opposition," explains the official site (opens in new tab). You play as a girl who has the power to bring life to her surroundings using a beam of light from her hand.

Set in a fantasy world where everything is dead, her task is to revive the world around her by giving life to her surroundings. The interesting twist is that shadows generated by the light beam are the enemies, forcing you to think strategically about how you use your light.

The official site says: "If [the player] doesn't pay attention, the player may put the main character in danger." This will pose all sorts of puzzles and riddles, apparently.

We won't even pretend to understand, but it sounds like it could be cool - unique at the very least. And it looks quite nice too.

Click on theImages tab (opens in new tab)for a look at the first screens, andgowatchthe trailer here (opens in new tab). No release date has been announced.

June 12, 2007