Captain Britain versus a literally unbeatable Swordbearer in Excalibur #14 preview

The first major clash of swords in the current X-Men crossover event 'X of Swords' seems about to begin in this preview of November 11's Excalibur #14.

The preview features Captain Britain (wielding the newly-forged Starlight Sword) preparing to battle the Swordbearers of Arakko's Isca the Unbeaten (wielding the sword called Merc) on Otherworld. Before their physical battle, they've already started a war of words.

The name Isca the Unbeaten isn't just pro-wrestling-style hype - Isca has the mutant ability that renders her effectively unbeatable. As established in X-Men #12, Isca possesses tychokinesis - the ability to work luck and chance to her side to win. It's similar to Domino's mutant ability, but obviously amped up.

"Two swords. Two cups. Two must answer," reads Marvel's solicitation for the issue.

Jubilee and her son Shogo  (the dragon) are re-established in this preview as well, waiting outside of the battleground. 

In Excalibur #14, Captain Britain witnessed the murder of an alt-universe Jubilee at the hands of her brother, Jaime Braddock. While that doesn't affect our Jubilee really while she's living, if she were to die while still on Otherworld it would throw a wrench into the X-Men's method of resurrecting mutants. 

Excalibur #14 is written by Tini Howard (and 'X of Swords' co-architect with Jonathan Hickman), with guest art by Cable artist Phil Noto. This is the fifteenth chapter of 'X of Swords,' which encompasses the entire X-line – X-Men, Marauders, X-Factor, Cable, Wolverine, X-Force, Hellions, New Mutants, and here with Excalibur. The finale of the event comes November 25 with the one-shot X of Swords: Destruction #1.

Excalibur #14 goes on sale on November 14.

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Chris Arrant

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