Capcom loads up another classics collection

Mining the past for hits must be working out well for Capcom lately, as the publisher has announced plans for a third collection. Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded will bring 15 old arcade games to the PSP, some of which were featured on the earlier Capcom Classics Collection for consoles.

Reloaded will feature a few "new" titles that haven't appeared in previous collections, though, including the environmentally conscious shooter Eco Fighters and the medieval-fantasy brawlers Knights of the Round and King of Dragons. Capcom hasn't yet given us a full list of Reloaded's games, but Street Fighter II, Commando and Ghouls 'n Ghosts are among those mentioned in the official announcement.

Above: The original arcade version of The King of Dragons, whichtypically pits you against more than one orc -we promise

In addition to offering up an arcade-perfect compilation for nostalgia hounds, Reloaded will feature an Ad-Hoc multiplayer mode, meaning you'll be able to play these games the way they were meant to be played: with (or against) a friend. It'll also feature game sharing, meaning you'll (hopefully) be able to face off against a friend using just one UMD.

Aside from just offering up a bunch of retro games, Reloaded will also pack in a slew of unlockable artwork, new codes and information on the history for each one. Arcade purists won't be left out, either, as they'll be able to adjust the screen to see the games in their original format.

Due in stores sometime this fall, Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded is almost guaranteed not to deliver anything you haven't seen before. But for anyone who wants to revisit classic arcade games on a portable (or whose attempts to use an emulator have been foiled by Sony's software updates), this is one to watch.

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