Cameron Crowe dismisses Say Anything sequel

Cameron Crowe must wish he’d never opened his mouth. Having made a brief comment earlier this year saying that 1988’s Say Anything was the only one of his films he’d consider making a sequel to, Crowe was bemused to see the news that Say Anything 2 was definitely on the way spreading left right and centre.

Now, in an interview with IFC , Crowe has finally put those rumours to bed with the revelation that talk of a sequel is simply wishful thinking on the part of the fans.

“I was very surprised that [ my comments ] got picked up and repeated so many times,” he said. “It’s a personal thing for me, that movie. It’s probably my favourite thing I’ve ever done.

“The last thing I would ever dream of doing is touching something that I feel so proud about in any way. I just love the characters and I was sort of musing out loud with this really cool person that had asked the question.”

That said, Crowe did admit that he would love to find a way to revisit some of his favourite Say Anything characters, although any such project would likely be a fairly low-key production.

“I remember those characters and I keep thinking that there’s more that I could write about some of them,” he said. “If anything, it would be a side character or some story where there was some kind of linkage.”

“I love Mike Cameron, I love the poor drunk that they drive home on the night of the grad party. As a writer, there’s just more there that I always thought, ‘Well someday.’ Maybe it’s just a short story. Maybe it’s a miniature kind of thing that I write some day.”

So there you have it – there will be no Say Anything sequel. However, we suspect there’s enough meat in those last two paragraphs to keep the rumour mill ticking along nicely.

George Wales

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