Call of Duty: World at War - level guide

Burn ‘em out
There’s not a lot of strategy to this level. You’re basically told to burn your way through the Japanese trenches, and that’s what you should do. If it moves, flame it. Keep an eye out for enemies above the trenches and in the trees as these are the ones that will catch you out. Also, don’t forget that you do have an M1 Garand as a second weapon, so if you need to take cover and pick off a few distant enemies do so.

This is another classic Call of Duty level, so basic tactics apply. During the first part of the level take cover behind trees and watch for banzai chargers trying to skewer you. The trench gun you start with isn’t very useful until the second part of the stage where you go into the tunnels, so stick with the MG-32 (it has loads of ammo) and use smoke to move forward. Once you’re in the tunnels get the trench gun out and storm forward. If you hang about you’ll get bogged down in grenade battles with the enemy and this is when you’ll start to die a whole lot because there’s no room to run from the blast-radius. Use smoke if you still have it to get closer and make your trench gun more effective.

Blood and Iron
Possibly the least tactical level in the game. You’re in a tank so your movement is heavily restricted. Despite this, make sure you keep moving at all times because there are plenty of things in this level that will crack your armor. Remember that the flamethrower will only fire out of the front of the tank, and that your turret will take time to align itself with your sights – so don’t fire until it has lined up.

Ring of Steel
This stage is deceptively tough. The first fight through the ruined houses requires caution – rush in with a machine gun and you could easily be picked off by enemies in other buildings or at higher levels. Once you’ve taken the first house you need to pick off the Panzerschrek troops before you can move on, so prioritize them.

Next up is the fight into the asylum. Here you have to grit your teeth and push forward because you don’t have the benefit of smoke grenades for cover. Stick to the right hand side, pick your cover carefully, and use holes in the walls to take pot-shots at the machine gun nest. You need to move forward here because your comrades won’t do it without you… When you’re finally in the asylum track down the double-barreled shotgun (just before the first bunch of enemies) and go nuts with it. Keep a rifle like a Gewehr handy for any long-range shooting, because you will be going outside on occasions.