Call of Duty: Modern Warfare story trailer puts a Price on loyalty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases in about a month, and players have already had the chance to experience its multiplayer gameplay with September's two beta weekends. Now we're finally getting a look at the single-player campaign with the new Modern Warfare Story Trailer, and it focuses on a mustachioed Captain Price and co. trying to keep chemical weapons out of terrorist hands – you know, the usual.

The new trailer officially debuted at Sony's new State of Play event. As advertised, the story trailer gives a better look at what to expect from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare single-player campaign than we've seen so far, also featuring a return for Modern Warfare OG John "Soap" MacTavish. The cinematics are predictably gorgeous, and Captain Price's beard looks as magnificent as ever. I won't spoil anything else, but it's two-and-a-half minutes of gun-blazing glory and you should absolutely check out.

As for multiplayer, Modern Warfare just wrapped two weekends of betas, and crossplay has officially been introduced to the Call of Duty franchise. There's still a month to go before we'll have the chance to jump in again, but you can prepare for battle by heeding the lessons we learned in our time with the beta. It's also familiarizing yourself with how crossplay works in Call of Duty Modern Warfare before it launches October 25.

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Jordan Gerblick

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