Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020: Sign up, dates, qualifiers, and more

COD Mobile World Championship 2020
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The inaugural COD Mobile World Championship 2020 open qualifiers kick off this week, so if you're a budding Call of Duty Mobile pro player, get ready. Everyone and anyone can compete and qualify for the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship tournament - although the use of any external device including controllers is prohibited - so get your thumbs ready and read up on all there is to know about the COD Mobile World Championship 2020 tournament.

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 sign up

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The COD Mobile World Championship open qualifiers begin on April 30 and end on May 24. For the four weekends in this period, a "Sign Up" option will appear in game. Tap on it and the first ten ranked matches you play will earn you points that contribute towards qualification. In order to progress to the second stage of the tournament, you need to earn 80 points during one single weekend.

Points are allocated based on individual wins and your rank at the time. This means that the higher your rank, the more points you get for a win. Like we mentioned above, you cannot compete in the open qualifiers if you're using any external device like a controller or mouse and keyboard. This also means that desktop emulators are forbidden.

When you register, you'll earn an in-game reward, followed by more rewards as you earn tournament points. If you qualify for stage two, you'll earn another reward, with new items releasing each weekend. So far, there are no details on stage two and beyond other than the fact you'll need to find other players that managed to qualify and create a team with them, and that there's a total of $1 million up for grabs. You can find more information on the official COD Mobile esports page.

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