Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer details leak: check out all the guns, perks & gameplay

Call of Duty's annual fan event, XP, is on as we speak and Infinite Warfare's multiplayer details are trickling out as fast as Activision can ban videos

Here's what's been uncovered so far including new classes, guns perks and a few other new features: 

Infinite Warfare new classes are called Rigs

There are six Rigs that seem to offer a pre-set range of weapons, perks and loadouts. It's hard to see in the video but there are definitely some sniper-like and heavy options and one appears to be a robot.

Infinite Warfare's guns

Most of Infinite Warfare's guns seem to be a familiar looking take on futuristic assault rifles, SMG, Snipers, LMGs and some slightly more fanciful heavy options.  

Assault rifles

  • NV4
  • R3K
  • KBAR-32
  • Type-2
  • Volk


  • Erad
  • FHR40
  • Karma-45
  • RPR Evo
  • HVR


  • R.A.W.
  • Mauler
  • Titan

Sniper rifles

  • KBS longbow
  • EBR-000

Heavy weapons

  • Reaver
  • DCM-8
  • Banshee

Infinite Warfare's perks

Most of these perks are familiar from previous games with only Pin Point and Momentum causing a few head scratches. Current theories are suggesting Pin Point could be a Toughness/Focus replacement, and Momentum either Marathon/Extreme Conditioning or Afterburner analogue. 

Infinite Warfare's map now shows height and call outs

This shot of the game screen suggests Infinite Warfare's new map will show different heights, suggesting more verticality in multiplayer. It also shows call outs, so player-triggered messages to point at areas that need attention mid-match.      

The actual reveal for the multiplayer isn't that far off so we should have even more info soon, but nice to get a sneak peek. 

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