Call of Duty: Black Ops launch center

Like it or not, there are few launches bigger than the launch of a new Call of Duty game. Black Ops apparently pushedalmost one millionplayersto Xbox Live on the morning it was released, and it's already receiving flurries of compliments and criticisms. And by "criticisms," we mean indignant rage.

To make it all a little easier to digest, we've gathered up all of our coverage and put it in one place. Where? RIGHT HERE. That's how simple this is - you're already where it's at. Check out our review, guides, and all the latest newsy news on the series below.

We might even update this page as new things happen! That's just how committed we are to the stuff our user experience/SEOguy told us to do. Tally ho!

The Review

Treyarch almost step out of Infinity Ward's shadow

The Guides

Secret zombie modes, movie references, double rainbows, teddy bears and more!

Acquire all 42 intel items with our walkthrough videos and screens

Secret zombie mode and a hidden computer full of goodies are available from the moment you start the game

The Features

Everything you never wanted to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops, the best new franchises of this console generation...

Junky remote-control car eats up an hour of our day, so you might as well see what we did

There's more to it than just helicopters and explosions

Sergio Leone, Steven Spielberg, the USSR, and our love of ballistic accuracy

They'll set you back, but for good reason

The News

Sweeping PS3 bug fixes being deployed

J-Pop is now the official music of the Cold War

More controversy for Black Ops

5.6 million copies sold in one day

“We’re not interested in making mini-celebrities out of douche-bags”

CoD goes to space? Guess we ran out of interesting wars on Earth

At 4:00 in the morning... don't these people sleep?

Activision's online call for proof of glitches brings in a doozy

Miss the YouTube leaks? Here's our sneak peek at JFK, Nixon, Castro and McNamara's undead nightmare

Well, at least it's better than stealing Hello Kitty Adventures

Activision Blizzard confirms next installment in the series for the second half of 2011

Swastikas removed from zombie mode to comply with CERO ratings board

Real, Cold War politicians are your Black Ops Zombie heroes. Surprised much?

Nov 9, 2010

Probably not. That seems like quite enough. But you can get even more onthe game page.

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