Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded is packed with new content

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded dropped today, bringing with it a new weapon, a new map, and a brand new mode. It's just the start of what the official Call of Duty blog is calling "the biggest year of Black Ops", and there's a new roadmap to back up that claim.

Here's what just dropped in Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone today:

  • Weapon: Wakizashi - A companion sword to the samurai's katana, this offers better reach than the standard knife. You can unlock it via an in-game challenge and level it up for camos and XP. There's also a blueprint available in the new Disavowed Assassin Bundle
  • Map: Sanatorium - This multiplayer map is for ten squads of four and offers land, sea, and air battles. Head to the low wooded hills of the Ural Plains and fight for positioning in the main "hotel" which is an appropriately brutalist building.
  • Game Mode: Dropkick - The Call of Duty blog calls this "nuclear hot potato" as it features two teams vying for control over a briefcase. Whoever picks up the briefcase is automatically armed with a powerful pistol, but the rest of the team should work to keep them safe. You earn points by controlling and owning the briefcase - first to 200 wins and then BOOM.

These updates are just the tip of the iceberg that is Season 1 Reloaded content, with the roadmap giving us a great idea of what is in store for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. 

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded roadmap

(Image credit: Activision)

Here's what's coming to Black Ops Cold War Season Reloaded:

  • Operator: Zeyna (January 21) - Senegal-born NATO operator Zeyna Ossou joins the ranks later this month. 
  • Map: Express (February 4) - The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 favorite arrives next month for 6v6 matches. Get ready to ride the multi-kill train, as Express is set in - you guessed it, a train station.  
  • Game Mode: Snipers Only Moshpit (In season) - Dropping sometime this season, Snipers Only Moshpit is exactly what it sounds like, offering up Team Deathmatch and Domination games for two teams of six, armed only with sniper rifles.
  • Game Mode: Endurance (In season) - An Endurance variant with ten squads of four will also arrive sometime later this season on a handful of maps. The score limit will be doubled from 500 to 1000. 

Expect more zombie news to arrive tomorrow, especially after Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z map was revealed earlier today. However, some new Zombies content has dropped with the start of Season 1 Reloaded, and the roadmap has more details on the mode's future:

  • Mode: Cranked (live now) - Keep an eye on the countdown timer and the other on the undead swarming you, as you'll need to constantly be killing those rotten bastards in order to stay alive. You'll explode if you don't, as there's a timer that keeps track of your takedowns.
  • Onslaught maps: Raid (live now) and Express (Feb 4) - These PlayStation exclusive maps are all about keeping up with the Dark Aether Orb.

And of course, there's now a Black Ops Cold War Zombies free week running from today through January 21, so if you don't own Black Ops Cold War, you can get the crap scared out of you for free. You love to see it. For the complete Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded road map, head here.

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