Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War leaker suggests new Zombies mode is coming

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We might be getting a brand new "open-world Zombies" mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies if this leak is true.

This new mode has been rumoured to be "coming soon" by prominent Call of Duty leaker Okami, who took to Twitter to explain what they had heard so far. 

Okami's tweet (opens in new tab) mentions that the mode will supposedly be called 'Outbreak' and that it's supposed to be a "Treyarch style, co-op zombies on a large scale Fireteam map," adding that it's been described as "open world zombies".

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Replying to someone in the comments of the tweet, Okami also added that it is supposed to be a "co-op only" game mode, so you wouldn't be fighting other players as well as having to deal with zombies roaming around the map. 

At the moment, this purported Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode hasn't been acknowledged or announced by Treyarch or Activision but, since Okami's tweet, more Call of Duty leakers have come a cropper backing up the rumour.

While all of this is speculation and rumor at this point, it would be an excellent step to bring the Zombies mode to a new level of hectic taking place on a much larger scale as this leak suggests.

There are no other details about this mode floating around other than this rumor, but usually, these sort of big announcements pop up in games to give players a hint at what's to come.

Either way, since Okami doesn't mention any more details and the post seems fairly speculative, we'd take this information with a grain of salt.

If this new Outbreak mode is, in fact, in the works then we could probably expect to see some form of announcement over the next few weeks.

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