Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gets a new map and mode in next week’s midseason update

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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A big new update is hitting Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War next week, and the developer's have dubbed it the "midseason update."

The news was announced just yesterday over on the official Treyarch website, in which the developer chiefly ran down the list of the latest Black Ops Cold War patch notes to be made available for Black Ops Cold War. A smaller section of the blog post was dedicated to reveal the midseason update, which is due to launch for the game on all platforms next week on January 14.

Headlining the new update is the Sanatorium map, a "massive" map that will be used for Fireteam modes like Dirty Bomb. Additionally, there'll also be a brand new mode called Dropkick joining Black Ops Cold War, in which two teams of six players will duke it out for control of nuclear codes.

Additionally, there's new enhancements to the Cranked mode in Zombies, where Treyarch reveals they're "turning the intensity up to 11." If you're unfamiliar with Cranked, it's a fast-paced twist on the typical Zombies formula for Call of Duty, where every zombies slain resets a timer counting down to your team's deaths.

Finally, Raid will be joining the map rotation of the Onslaught mode. Onslaught is the mode that launched as an exclusive for PS4 and PS5 players of Black Ops Cold War, and is a timed exclusive for both platforms for exactly one year until after the game first launched.

For a full list of all the latest changes announced for Treyarch's game alongside the reveal of the midseason update, you can head over to our Black Ops Cold War patch notes guide for more.

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