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Buy Def Jam Rapstar, get a copy of Lil Wayne's latest album

The deal, however, is only available in Best Buy during the game's first week, which just so happens to be this week.

The album, "I Am Not A Human Being," reached 108,000 downloads in its first week. It didn't reach stunningly high sales because it was originally slated to be a single instead of a full EP, so there was little marketing backbone behind it. That's where Def Jam Rapstar comes in.

Lil Wayne actually only has one track in the game, A Milli, which isn't even part of the I Am Not A Human album, so it seems more like a cheesy promotional opportunity for Lil Wayne than a legitimate tie-in to the game, but who can argue with a free CD?

This promotion comes right after Soundgarden released its latest album, Telephantasm, as a pack-in with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Telephantasm was instantly granted platinum status because of the huge level of Guitar Hero sales.

The deal with I Am Not A Human Being is different because the album has already been released digitally and on CD. Soundgarden was the first mainstream band to launch a full album with a video game before releasing it standalone.

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