Buttons and beasts

Ever since we learned that Henry Selick – the animation genius who brought Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to life – would be tackling Neil Gaiman’s cracking kids’ tale Coraline, we’ve been eagerly anticipating footage. We’ve been teased with quickly withdrawn commercial promos, but now the first proper trailer is online. And while it doesn’t give much away, it does make the movie look great. 2009 is just too… far… away. Check out the footage now at Cineplex.

But if a massive, effects-laden epic is more your style, the latest trailer for Roland Emmerich’s 10,000 BC is also online now at Yahoo Movies . More of the effects are complete, so there are more “money shots” on display. Those who love Sabretooth tigers and mammoths should have their excitement glands well and truly squeezed.

Sources: ( Cineplex ) ( Yahoo Movies )