Burnout Revenge gets totalled

EA has released a barrage of Xbox 360 Burnout Revenge shots which suggest that the next-gen racer could be one of the most visually stunning games on Microsoft's new console.

UK developer Criterion has always managed to make Burnout look stunning on the current generation of consoles. But now the company has been able to crank up the detail of the particle effects and create even more outlandish crashes thanks to the extra muscle that 360 provides.

After each Takedown, your car will be showered in debris and your rival's vehicle gets torn to pieces in a cloud of splintering paintwork and crippled car parts.

The 360 version will also feature a Live Revenge mode: an online race record that reminds each player how well they have fared against each other in previous races. The idea is to try to create the same degree of spiteful racing that playing Burnout via split-screen generates.

Burnout Revenge will be released for Xbox 360 on 17 March.