Burnout Dominator slams into PS2 and PSP

Although your adult diapers are heavy and there's hair growing out of your ears, you lovable, hopelessly datedPS2 and PSP owners will be able to suffer new heart attacks when Burnout Dominator speeds onto your quaint pair of rusting antique consoles. Pull your pants up to your forehead, stomp on the pedal and ram every whippersnapper riding in a wheeled thing within your whereabouts.

We can't yell into your hearing aid any details about the game just yet, but we've got two tasty high-fiber treats to make your poop come out smoother. One: this current-gen exclusive will ride with the infamous "World Tour" mode. Two: the game's being developed by EA's studio in the UK, and will be released in 2007. They told us to tell you, "Try not to die before we're done, you old wanker."

December 7, 2006