Bungie says it's aware of Destiny 2 cross save errors and they will be fixed soon

(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 cross save has finally arrived, but not without some launch day issues. As Bungie acknowledged on its help forums, many players have encountered errors when activating and authenticating their account for cross save, preventing them from finishing the setup process. 

Players have reported myriad hiccups, from the dreaded 500 Error to, in my case, one which literally says "Something weird happened." Players have run into similar issues with the Destiny 2 Steam transfer process as well. In a forum thread covering known issues, Bungie highlighted issues with mobile browsers and the Microsoft Edge tablet in particular, as well as missing licenses (AKA DLCs) in the cross save process. 

Community manager Dylan "DMG04" Gafner addressed the situation on Twitter. "We'll be monitoring/investigating issues throughout the launch window," he said. "Minor hiccups may occur, with so many of you eager to hit the button." 

Some of these issues are no-doubt due to so many players signing up for cross save right the hell now, which is presumably why Bungie deployed cross save and opened Steam signups some six weeks ahead of the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep launch. Better to resolve inevitable launch issues now rather than when players are chomping at the bit to access new content. The Bungie Help Twitter said as much: 

Anyway, if you're running into cross save issues, just know that you're not alone and they should hopefully be fixed soon. 

In the meantime, here's a big Gamescom interview with Bungie to chew on. We asked about raid gear, new Strikes, Artifact Power, and more.  

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