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Bungie buffs drop rates for these sought-after raid Exotics

(Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie is set to boost the drop chances of several Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) raid Exotics, including One Thousand Voices, Anarchy, and Always on Time.

According to a recent tweet from Bungie's Andrew Hopps, the "drop chance begins at 10 per cent and increases to a max of 50 per cent over 20 clears".

"This is next week. It is not retroactive. Tarrabah already has these cumulative drop chances," tweeted Hopps, adding cheekily: "I know my followers already have all of them, though."

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Don't forget that next week, June 9, is when we're expecting Bungie to officially reveal the next expansion coming this fall, which has now received three cryptic teasers (opens in new tab)

Earlier today, The Almighty – the Cabal ship which has been quietly hurtling toward Destiny 2's Last City during the Season of the Worthy – was shot down. Fans flooded social media with screenshots of Guardians chilling in the Tower and watching the skies. 

As Austin explained (opens in new tab), The Almighty's impending crash was introduced on the first day of the season but hasn't really been mentioned since, with events like the Guardian Games stealing the spotlight for most of the season. However, over the last two weeks, a silhouette of the Almighty had popped up in the Tower's skybox, and it got considerably closer in the latest weekly reset. In other words, the Almighty was getting closer and closer... until today, of course.

Between The Almighty explosion and the encroaching pyramid ships, it's clear that disaster is headed to Destiny 2 (opens in new tab).

Vikki Blake
Vikki Blake

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