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Bullock and Hanks pair up

Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Stephen Daldry, all working on the same project? That’s how we spell Oscar-bait!

Thompson On Hollywood reports that the Billy Elliot helmer will direct an adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s 2005 novel Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close , with Hanks and Bullock on the brink of completing deals to take the starring roles.

The pair will play the parents of nine-year-old child prodigy Oskar Schell, who embarks upon a journey of family-discovery when his father leaves him a mysterious key after his death in 9/11.

The main body of the film will follow Oskar's attempts to unravel his father’s mystery, whilst a parallel plot strand will cover his grandparents, who chip in with various reminiscences including how they lived through WW2.

Sounds like quite an ambitious project then, although encouragingly there’s more Oscar-winning pedigree in the script department, with screenwriter Eric Roth (who bagged a gong for his work on Forrest Gump ) in charge of adapting the book.

At present, Warner Brothers and Paramount will be sharing development costs, having previously teamed up to good effect on The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button .

No word as yet on who will be playing young Oskar, but whoever it is will have their work cut out for them alongside Bullock and Hanks

With the film slated for a January start, we’ve got high hopes that this could be another quirky treat along the lines of fellow Safran Foer adaptation, Everything Is Illuminated . Academy ears will already have pricked up at the prospect…

Do Bullock and Hanks flick your switch, or would you have preferred a more leftfield pairing? Speak!

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