Bruce Greenwood boards Star Trek

We really, really did promise that we wouldn’t write much more about Star Trek, but that cunning JJ Abrams just keeps the casting announcements coming.

The latest to join the cast is Bruce Greenwood, most recently seen on our screens in Deja Vu. He’s signed on to play Christopher Pike, who was the first captain of the Starship Enterprise, also known as the vessel that Captain Kirk ends up commanding. Pike was the character used in the original, unaired pilot for Star Trek, with footage from that ending up weaved back into a two-hour episode. And yes, we realise that was a really geeky piece of information to relate.

There’s no exact word on how Pike will be featured in the film, but since we know the movie follows Kirk (Chris Pine) and company’s early days, he’s likely to kick off the plot in command of the Enterprise or teaching at Starfleet Academy…