Boyfriend Dungeon is OK with you saying 'screw it' and sticking with your cat

Boyfriend Dungeon is a dating simulator, dungeon crawler hybrid, and during our PAX East 2020 livestream Kit Fox's Victoria Tran chatted about some of the romantic options. Men, women, non-binary or... cat?

"If you decide you want to stay single and you don't want to mess with anyone, you can say 'screw it, I'm just going to hang out with my cat,'" explains Tran.

Boyfriend Dungeon actually lets you choose from nine partners, who are actually sentient weapons, that can be leveled up by romancing them. There are dancing swords or Lasersabers, and you can woo them with trips to locations like a club or the beach. 

"This is just all our thirstiest dreams put on to this game," laughs Tran, as she introduces the Lasersaber who - in human form - is a K-Pop star. 

The game has an isometric style mixed with a strong anime aesthetic and merges genres just as much as it merges visuals. 

"I think originally we were going to try and focus more on the dating aspect but we realized people are so used to combat games that you have to have a good combat portion to complement the dating sim aspect. So now it's like we're trying to make two games into one."

Boyfriend Dungeon will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch later this year. 

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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