Box Score: The Podcast 010 Parts 1 and 2

On the cusp of E3, we've got a two-part show breaking down NCAA Football. In Part 1, Rich Grisham and Ben Haumiller discuss everything NCAA Football, including what it’s like to be ‘the face’ of the game, the differences between old style ‘climb-the-QA-ladder’ game designers and newer ones that come from design school, as well as dive into the core gameplay updates to this year’s game.

In the second part, they chat about the web and mobile tools that will help recruiting in NCAA Football, how the Madden and NCAA teams have consolidated some core features, the impact of the real-life changes to conferences on the game, and tons more.



Post Date: 5/30/2012

Podcast length: Part 1 47:14 | Part 2 58:12

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