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Bourne Legacy gets director Tony Gilroy

Tony Gilroy

Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum screenwriter Tony Gilroy has been hired to direct a fourth Jason Bourne film, currently titled The Bourne Legacy .

Despite star Matt Damon stating numerous times that he is done with the franchise , and isn’t interested in taking on a fourth adventure without director Paul Greengrass, it is hoped he will return for this third sequel.

The actor has admitted that he would be excited for a fourth film, so that door may not yet be entirely closed and boarded up.

Gilroy’s previous directing credits include Michael Clayton and Duplicity . His history with the Bourne franchise has been a rocky one, with the writer reportedly unhappy with how his scripts for Supremacy and Ultimatum were handled.

Now that he has full control, having scripted Lecacy himself, does he even want Matt Damon back? We’re betting the studio are pushing for their star to return. Can Gilroy convince them otherwise?