Borderlands modders craft an expansion-sized addition to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands with new bosses, abilities, and loot

Wonderlands Redux
(Image credit: Wonderlands Redux)

A gargantuan Tiny Tina's Wonderlands mod is basically a DLC expansion.

Earlier this month saw the launch of 'Wonderlands Redux,' a huge free mod for any Tiny Tina's Wonderlands owners on PC. The mod is basically a complete overhaul of the game itself, promising players new bosses to fight, enemies to best, loot to accrue, and all for free.

The entire mod revolves around an assassin called Athena, who players must take up the mantle for and continue the fight in her stead. Who are you fighting against, you ask? Dangerous Legacy Targets, who're stopping at nothing in their fight to overtake the Wonderlands completely.

It's not just enemies and the world around you that're changed via Wonderlands Redux - the player character also has a big overhaul. The Tiny Tina's Wonderlands mod offers double jumping and dashing as two core abilities, completely changing the pacing of the entire game itself.

The Wonderlands Redux mod looks like it's gone down an absolute hit with the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands community at large. Over 10,000 players have downloaded the new mod in less than two weeks since it first launched on April 15, a pretty hefty milestone for what's effectively an expansion-sized add-on.

Wonderlands Redux is seriously impressive, and that's saying something, considering the calibre of mods we're seeing put out what feels like every day for modern PC games. We'd recommend following the developer's behind the mod on Twitter, where they're regularly posting news of hotfixes and other updates.

As for what else PC players can enjoy going forward, head over to our upcoming PC games guide for a look at releases in the near future.

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