Press F to catch a ride: Scooter is gone but not forgotten in Borderlands 3

Credit: Telltale Games

Thanks to yesterday's Borderlands 3 livestream, we now know a whole lot more about Gearbox's looter shooter sequel, which is due to release as soon as September 13 this year. But, amongst everything else revealed during the show yesterday (including details about Borderlands 3 microtransactions and more), fans have discovered one small but heartwarming new Easter egg that's bound to draw a tear from many a Vault Hunter's eye.

As discovered by a Borderlands fan on Reddit, a painting found scrawled across the walls of Sanctuary 3 - your new base of operations in Borderlands 3 - pays tribute to Scooter, the Pandoran mechanic who (Spoilers!) sadly bit the bullet in Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale's spin-off point and click adventure game from 2014. 

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The painting, which shows Scooter riding a rocket alongside his signature catchphrase, is itself a reference to the way in which the fan favourite character lost his life, sacrificing himself to save Tales from the Borderlands' main crew during a testy rocket trip to Helios, Hyperion's moon base, in episode 4. 

This, like that of Borderlands 3's Handsome Jack, does seem to confirm that Scooter is gone for good in the upcoming sequel, though definitely not forgotten. Hopefully we'll still be hearing his voice in our new adventures echoed across the Catch-A-Ride stations throughout Pandora and beyond. Now excuse me for a moment while I go and have a little cry. 

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