Borderlands 3 has a new loot farm, and it's a giant tree on legs

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For a game all about vault hunting, it's odd that Borderlands 3 saves its best treasures far away from the recesses of Pandora's mystical strongholds. The latest Borderlands 3 loot farm, for instance, isn't a Vault, but a sentient tree being with a serious bullet sponge condition.  

The Graveward is a mid-tier boss that appears about halfway through the Borderlands 3 campaign in Eden-6, and killing it guarantees at least one (usually more) of the best Borderlands 3 Legendaries in the game. 

The character's large size and slow attack speeds make it one of the easiest bosses to exploit for loot, and the latest Borderlands 3 anniversary celebrations have only upped the chances of it dropping some seriously great weapons, shields, grenade mods, and skins upon being defeated. 

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(Image credit: Gearbox / RedxYeti)

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Naturally, Borderlands 3 players have quickly clocked onto this loot farming exploit, with some boasting to have defeated Graveward over 500 times in a single weekend. 

You can understand the demand; as Gearbox recently nerfed the game's most powerful weapon (the Borderlands 3 Porcelain Pipe Bomb) in its latest set of Borderlands 3 patch notes, leaving fans hungry for new overpowered loot to conquer the galaxy with. 

A previous Borderlands 3 loot farm derived from hunting down the game's Loot Tink enemies in a specific zone, but that quickly got shut down by Gearbox in the first major hot fix following the game's launch last month. With that in mind, it's unlikely that farming Graveward will stay this lucrative for long, so best to head to Eden-6 while you still have a chance. 

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