Check out these slick new Borderlands 3 character images from the official Shift website

The stream of Borderlands 3 news has slowed while we wait for the gameplay reveal on May 1, but who needs flashy trailers when we have surprisingly stylish character renders from the back of a website? Reddit user amitkilo noticed that the official Shift website (the service Gearbox uses to distribute goodies to Borderlands players across games) is now using several images of our new gang of vault hunters and they're a treat.

They looked so cool that I felt obligated to frame them up as wallpapers, retaining the Shift site's Creamsicle gradient color scheme the images were originally made to complement. They may even help you notice some new details about your new favorite character(s) - click the button in the upper right of each image to expand it. Let's start off with a look at our new Siren, Amara.

Little did you know that one of the most potent Siren abilities is the power to bring back studded leather vests. Second most powerful: making a bunch of spirit fists to punch fools. I like how Amara pairs bracelets on one hand with a big knuckle-duster laden glove on the other. Next up is Zane, The Operative.

With a wide, confident stance and a tacti-cool gun, Zane is ready to look good and fight even better. Note what he's holding in his non-gun hand - it looks like a detonator or activator of some kind, which lines up with his assassin shtick. Now here's Moze, The Gunner.

I'm not the only one getting strong Tankgirl vibes from Moze, right? It's gotta be the helmet. Also helpful: Moze's knife says "stab" on it so she never mistakenly use it to brush her teeth. Last up is a group shot of the whole gang.

Everybody's here! Even poor FL4K, who doesn't seem to have gotten an image of their own in this particular collection. The squad look like they're relaxing on a chest full of loot, which is the only place in the world that a true Vault Hunter ever feels at ease.

Borderlands 3 will have more endgame content than Borderlands 2, so you'll have plenty of time to get acquainted with your Vault Hunter(s) of choice. Or see if there's something you missed with our video breakdown of the secrets in the Borderlands 3 trailer.

Connor Sheridan

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